Android 4.2. iOS 6. Windows Phone 8. I want BlackBerry 10!

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 30 Oct 2012 08:49 pm EDT

Anyone who knows me or cares to find out, knows I'm not strictly a BlackBerry user. I use numerous OS' throughout the run of my day. A lot of the time, I take some heat for that. People get mad and unfollow me on Twitter and say things like 'Dude, you're Android..I thought you were BlackBerry'. I always chuckle a little and wonder why I have to be anything other than what I am. I'm person who can find greatness and flaws in all the current mobile operating systems.

Over the past few months, BlackBerry customers have had to sit back and wait while Apple announced the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and even more recently, Google's unveiling of the LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Microsoft's coming out with Windows Phone 8. It's been a rough ride, no one likes waiting.

For me, I've been sitting back and waiting for BlackBerry 10 to arrive for a number of reasons. Personally, I want RIM to succeed and show people what they're truly capable of but besides that, the current operating systems out there are no longer filling me with the excitement they once did. They're all starting to feel old again and iterative and I'm tired of carrying two (some days three) devices around with me, to complete what I need to do.

  • Android 4.2: Android as an operating system is great. It allows for A LOT of user customization, so much though, it can often cause problems. Many folks spend days just working on their devices to get them set up so that they work, perfectly. Which is great for those who enjoy that stuff, but it makes the out of the box experience hindered. Plus, software updates are a mess on Android in my opinion unless you buy into a Nexus device, where you have a better chance of getting updates to at least the next version or more. Think about it.. only 1.8% of all Android devices are currently running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right now, and Google just unveiled Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • iPhone 5 / iOS 6: I have an iPhone 5. I dunno why. There was nothing wrong with my iPhone 4S. it could run Apple's latest and greatest OS just fine. I'm certainly not an Apple hater and I do recognize Apple is a leader for very good reasons but for me, at this point Apple's iOS is starting to feel a little stagnant. Actually, it's more than a little stagant - I'd say iOS is downright boring .Maybe this has to do with their recent executive decisions and iOS 7 will bring a huge revamp but that's just a guess. Rene, chalks it up to me just getting older. I'll continue to use my iPhone 5 for its great selection of apps and superb camera.
  • Windows Phone 8: Looks appealing to me. If nothing else, it reminds me BlackBerry 10 is coming. I've never been involved with Windows devices. In fact, I don't own any. Microsoft lost me with Windows Mobile. One of my first experiences with a smartphone was on a Windows Mobile 6 device, I'm sure some will remember the AT&T Tilt. It was pretty bad and since then i've never looked back at Windows. Oddly enough, it seems as though Microsoft never came looking for me either. I'm not in their ecosystem and they've done nothing to try and get me there. Maybe they'll seek my attention with Windows Phone 8.

I want BlackBerry 10. I'm truly excited for it because it's brand new and RIM has something to prove, meaning they're putting all that got into it. Unlike the past, this isn't a simple revamp of the BlackBerry OS and as we've heard from RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins, this is a next generation mobile computing platform. Honestly, I have no idea what that means for BlackBerry 10 as a whole but I'm hoping it means I no longer have to carry multiple devices when I leave the house.

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Android 4.2. iOS 6. Windows Phone 8. I want BlackBerry 10!


well when my torch 9850 never got an update for the speakerphone issue after installing 7.1 OS update it difficult understand why they are rushing new phones but apple and other competitors dont have a problem with that. I feel blackberry put pressure on themselves and make people wait for updates. honestly as a fan i shouldn't have to accept that. oh well. i spend $ on new cells for speakerphones issues. useless!

I respect your right to choose, but I definitely don't understand why you use other devices/os. I mean for me a "fanboy" is all in or nothing. You will not catch me dead with an iPhone or android device. I also don't support the Celtics and also cheer for the heat but that's just me.

Actually he's not a 'fanboy', which is exactly why some of us like his commentary; because he is fair, balanced, and well informed by his varied experience.

How can you have a meaningful discussion about the differences, if you've never experienced the differences for yourself? You'd just end up sounding like you were talking out of your ass if, for example, you complained about iOS or Android yet, never laid a hand on either OS for any amount of time.

I'm not a fanboy of any one OS, if anything, I'm a fanboy of technology and in that I'm open to everything with some flashy buttons and ports to plug things into. Been that way since I laid hands on my first computer, not gonna change.

and I respect and get that, that's why I regular crackberry and like your articles. I guess its different when its also your job.

Anyway at the end of the day we are in the same boat. Itching to get our hands on that BB10 device.

Ya, the amount of questions I get certainly increases so.. helps to have an all around understanding. :)

You don't have a Windows Phone? You're missing out. It's the most refreshing mobile OS out there today. It would have been good to obtain one for comparison sake instead of saying you know nothing about it.

Here's hoping you get your hands on the Lumia 920, which is said to have the highest quality camera in smartphone history.

Really you need 3 devices to get your daily duties done? I find this hard to believe.

What do you use each device for? Perhaps this would be a good part 2 and give RIM a good idea of what features to use from each.

Let's see here... I write for iMore, Android Central and CrackBerry. Yup, that about covers it. Really not that hard to believe. :)

I own a 9900, Iphone 4, and htc sensation, however I only use my bb because I am a huge bb fanboy! Blaze you make it look like in order for people to have an argument on which OS is better they must first use the OS on a daily basis which is just not the case. As long as you have some experience with the platforms you are talking about you havethe right to argue... You don't have to own a device to bash or defend it...

Just my 2 cents

"Blaze you make it look like in order for people to have an argument on which OS is better they must first use the OS on a daily basis which is just not the case."

Nah, I agree with you. You don't have to use it daily in order to know or understand it or for that matter, converse about them. But from my experience, those who tend to speak the loudest are also the ones who played with one at a store for 3 mins and drew their conclusion. It's like taking a car for a test drive and then recommending it to all your friends based on that drive.

Hmmm... not a good example Bla1ze, but I understand :) A vehicle test drive will reveal wonders about the vehicle in a very short time because most controls in a car are relatively simple and very familiar.

Learning to use a different smartphone is actually a more complex task as each smartphone will vary a great deal more in philosophy and function. The virtual world allows for more paradigms. To really use a smartphone, you need to understand the UI metaphor -- that takes more than 20-30 minutes with the device itself (not playing with any apps) -- at least with some of the newer OSs. iOS is probably a bit of an exception because it is very app-centric and most people easily get into that as this metaphor is similar to a PC -- find app, point, click (or tap).

With BB10, users will have to become familiar with some new gestures. It won't take too much time to learn them, because they will empower the user to achieve greater functionality with simple actions. For example, I can share data and extend my function across several apps by gesture swiping. This isn't to say that BB10 is not simple to use but RIM took a different approach to achieve greater function. Can't wait for it!

One thing I do wonder... BB10 is designed to optimize use with one hand. How will that work for a PlayBook? It does excite me to know I'll also get BB10 on my PlayBook even though I will miss the iconic PlayBook (and webOS-like) app switcher.

I disagree, for a start most people can't afford to try all platforms and the internet is full of video reviews, you don't need to hold and use a phone to realize something important is missing. No brownie points for you lol

Great Article!!!

You wont have to wait any longer to carry multiple devices once the BB10 is released.

Three platforms in One - BB QNX, iOS and Android capable.

Great Article!!!

You wont have to wait any longer to carry multiple devices once the BB10 is released.

Three platforms in One - BB QNX, iOS and Android capable.

Kevin is the #1 BlackBerry fanboy and he has had an iPhone for how long now?

Owning and using the different platforms is good. It helps keeping things based on fact and not sheer fanboyism (I have a feeling I just made a word up...).

Before I could say Android doesn't appeal to me, I played with every single Android phone I could find. Besides the apps, with very little effort, my 8520 could put tough competition. My 9780 managed to do a lot of things better (and faster) than ex-employer's iPhone 4S.

But I only know that because I care to put them to real use. And if Kevin and Bla1ze didn't, we would all be drinking "there is nothing wrong with RIM" koolaid.

It gives Blaze perspective that us single device carriers wouldn't have. I appreciate his insight so the fact that he's able to praise and criticize the fallicies of BB and other devices, serves to some degree raise our awareness of other alternatives should we look for one.

When trolls come about CB and comment on BB's without actually owning or operating one for any reasonable amount of time, they're criticized by fellow CB and BB supporters for being plain ignorant.

So as a multiple device owner and operator, Blaze's comments are surely worth considering.

+1. Looking forward to BB10 (if I can get it.)

I need to ask something and hope someone can answer this. I read yesterday BB10 was going to require a data plan or you can't get it.

Can someone please clarify for me if means you can't get BB10 for the wifi Playbook? Will our wifi Playbooks be getting the BB10 upgrade since you can't get a data plan on wifi Playbook?
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Thanks for the clarification. The way yesterdays article was structured could be taken either way.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Well, that wouldn't even make any sense. Who in their right mind, would even consider paying for a data plan on a WiFi only device? Thought that was pretty self explanatory.

Obviously no one, but they didn't clarify if wifi Playbook was included. All they said was ''all BB10 devices.'' Just happy my common sense hunch of wifi Playbook being excluded was correct.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

This is what I see at a high level

iOS: The modern mobile touch screen app OS. Really the basis for everyone else

Android: A good copy of iOS with more customization options

Windows Phone 8: iOS with an monochrome skin

BB10: iOS + Flow (new way for apps to integrate and be seamless with other apps)

hahahaha so your saying thatttt all os' are BORING!?!?

in the article Blaze states that iOS is just down right boring and stagnant..

so if ur saying all the os' out there are iOS+something else.. your saying the root of other os's are BORING!?

i dont think so buddy! apple copied WAYYYYYYY more then they innovated.. well i am over exaggerating.. but besides the touch screen and the app grid and how annoying it is that you have to do everything APPLE's WAY.. i don't see them being as important as u make them out to be..

then you would have to say that EVERY OS out there that ANY PUSH notification, emails and DATA compression is a copy off RIM... cause they started that

Mobile Computing....Here's to hoping BlackBerry 10...erm.......maybe 11 or 12 will allow me to only need one device for all my computing needs.

I'll honestly say that I don't use my pc nearly as much as I did before I got my PlayBook. If RIM can build a OS that will allow a user to be free from the computer desk, it would be a remarkable thing. If your calling it mobile computing make sure it's truly that. I think RIM can pull this off. This is were BlackBerry 10 is going and I'm joining in on the ride :)

the same here, i am not using my laptop once i arrive to the hotel room when i travel... however, writing and some web navigation still not as fluid and easy as i would like... with bb10 i hope this is addressed well and then, i won't use my laptop except for specific licensed software tasks that need to be done in the laptop (until i get the licensed software i use for work running in the playbook one day...)

Bla1ze did you say "iterative" ..because I had to stop and go back and re-read the word "iterative" and then check what "iterative" I know.....carry on.

I can appreciate that, iOS was nothing more than an applications device. I can't stand using the OS and the only thing they have (apps) don't appeal to me. Would I like to see more apps come to BBOS's? I'd be retarded if I said no. Of course I would and I think they need to work hard to bring apps over. The bottom line is that people are using apps more and more and the time will come when other OS's will be able to offer me what I find appealing in my BlackBerry while offering the apps as well. That time hasn't come yet, but I'm not ignorant about the fact that it is coming.

I'm glad BlackBerry is making BB10, but I hope they don't sacrifice what we existing users like about it.

I agree with you Bla1ze, use what you like or rather need. There is no need to be dedicated to just one platform. But like you I'm excited for the BB 10 any will try it out once it is released.

I can't express how frustrating it is waiting another 2-3 months for BB10. All I can say is it better be awesome or I am going to buy a Windows phone.

So sad to see MS, Google and Apple all release new product for Christmas and absolutely nothing from RIM, not even mildly updated Playbook hardware. So hard to keep the faith.

I agree completely.

I've dabbled in every mobile OS under the sun. I left iOS early admittedly and never really got caught up in the ecosystem because the OS in its early days was so lacking, and really it pretty much still is. I've played with iOS 6, and it's just catching up to BB 6 in terms of features really, and can't hold a candle to BB 7.1 in terms of functionality out of the box. I don't want to NEED an app for that, I want the OS to do what I need.

I've used Windows CE, Mobile and Phone. I don't like the aesthetic of Windows Phone. I don't like Metro and I believe wholeheartedly that the UI is to polarizing to ever be a huge success. Some love it, some loath it, and there ain't to many people in between. That's a problem if you want to be a mainstream success. There's a reason Vanilla is number one selling flavor of ice cream, because even though it's very few people's favorite flavor, almost no one doesn't like it.

WebOS was cool and fresh and the OS really had potential. To bad Palm was poorly managed and didn't have the means to really make it a success. But, there just isn't room for everyone.

Android pretty much picks up where Symbian left off. The two have allot in common and Nokia learned the hard way that Symbian customers aren't the least bit interested in playing in a sandbox. But Symbian, while truly the Swiss Army Knife of Mobile OS (really, just try and name something it can't do), was not well implemented on capacitive touch screen devices. Now that wasn't the OSes fault as Symbian Belle is downright decent on newer hardware, but Nokia didn't get in the game soon enough and dismissed touch screens for years after the iPhone came out.

BlackBerry has always been my go to OS of choice though. It's been customizable, stable, and secure. It's also had it's rough edges and possibly the worst browser out there. But BB 10 looks to fix all of the traditional BB OS shortcomings (though the loss of themes is really sad) and will have a best in class browsing experience. I hope the UI continues to be polished as personally I think it is only half baked and a little disjointed in places, but it is at least slick and not hideous like those tiles in Windows Phone. But it's new so I'll cut it some slack and assume RIM will be successful enough that when they are back around 20% market share, version 3 or 4 of the new Platform will be just about perfect.

Maybe, but I don't care what OS my TV runs or is in the hotel terminal. Open WebOS is great and all but the chances of us ever seeing it on a phone or tablet again are slim to none.

I'd give more of a chance to Sailfish then WebOS at this point and I think Sailfish is dead in the water.

Even the mighty Samsung is on to Tizen version 2 and has yet to release a consumer product that runs the OS. Samsung users want Android, not Tizen.

Unless you have an installed base of 80 million or so users who WANT you to release a new OS, getting into the OS game is hard. RIM might be the last company out there today who can really pull it off with an all new mobile OS.

Great comment, and I mostly agree. I'm not an Apple fan, but can acknowledge what Apple does well. And while I agree that iOS looks and feels stagnant--if not boring--I have a hard time reconciling whether or not that really matters. Do regular users really feel that way? I think some like the simplicity, and I'd say that most users don't use a phone to play with the OS: the OS is just a gateway or vehicle for the apps they need. Sure, some of us like to customize the look and feel, but I don't think most users do. Despite the myriad launchers available, when you look at most Android phones in the field, there's not much customization beyond wallpaper and maybe a widget here or there. The tech enthusiasts among us might do more, but we're the minority.

At first, I customized my Android phone because I could, but then started customizing it to make certain things less annoying to me. The BB7 UI is also feel comparatively stagnant but I've learned that that "boring" feeling can be fleeting--the novelty of customization wears off. While the OS isn't exactly intuitive, I find that BB is much less annoying for my workflow and that functionality is more predictable and discoverable.

Basically, all mobile OSes are still based on the same in-and-out paradigm. Some have added things or taken a different slant on that approach, but BB10 seems like the only platform with a different paradigm. I really like the Peek & Flow idea as it seems thoughtful and builds upon the efficiency that I like about BB. But is it enough of a differentiator to sway users? All things being equal, maybe. But, all things are not equal as app ecosystems and--more importantly--mindshare vary across platforms. Even if users don't use or need a million apps, it's the idea that an app you really want might come out only for iOS and Android. So, unless you really don't care, you take a gamble when you go with something other than iOS and Android. This forces users to prioritize "needs" and make compromises, which automatically puts platforms like WP8 and BB10 at a competitive disadvantage. Basically, it changes the conversation.

Outside of the enterprise, app availability on Mac OS is not nearly as much of a disadvantage as it used to be. But how long did that take? And it happened because of a general paradigm shift to more web-based computing. I really want RIM to succeed and am looking forward to BB 10. At the least, it would be great if BB 10 wins back users who really are "BlackBerry people" at heart, but got tired of compromising. But, it's a chicken-and-egg problem when it comes to apps. Developers don't want to develop for less popular platforms, but users won't adopt those platforms without apps. WP7/8 is struggling because of this. That's why, to really take off, I think these other platforms really need some kind of major differentiator--a "killer app" so to speak--that is compelling enough to draw attention away from iOS and Android.

I love this article, although this should be common knowledge, you shouldn't have to defend yourself. But, at some point we all have to break down at some point and put it to everyone straight after taking too much iterative criticism. I enjoy the fact that you use multiple devices and platforms. As a blogger, like you said, you can't sound educated about something if you haven't taken the time to use/understand it. One reason why I'm not buying into the whole "black sheep" phenomenom (although I respect what it represents. I have blackberry pride all the way and always enjoy sticking it to someone when they're so arrogantly wrong), but that would make me no different than an iSheep. Black or white, doesn't matter.. I'm still a person and have the freedom of choice. Ask me what I choose and I'll choose my trusty BB all day every day, not because it has the BB logo on it, but because it does what I want it to do. Call it ButtBerry for all I care lol ButtBerry by choice. Thank-you, good night!

I think BB10 will kick alll their a$$es.. Ofcourse iphone fans will stick wit I products because they're already heavily invested in the ecosystem.. Androids cool I'd prolly have one if I wasn't a BlackBerry User & Abuser.. Also windows phone looks pretty nice but I think BB10 is gonna past by them.. (I hope)

Wow, pretty good post. Just helped me clear my head about getting an iPhone 4. A friend offered me one in mint condition at rock bottom price, but I was thinking am a BlackBerry fanboy, but I love technology, instead of only reading about iOS from other sites or from what my friends tell me about it, am actually going to give it a spin. (Will be my secondary device)
Good post!

I Agree Blaze. look at The PlayBook, it was rushed and turned out to be somewhat of a flop until 2.0... BB10 is taking its time to be perfect. I have had Windows because I am a Nokia Fan and got the Lumia 900, The Moment I tried to change my ringtone and found out it could not simply be done threw me off. I said if they did not master the setting sounds, imagine what other features it might me missing. Windows is still new and has a lot to go its premature, BB10 seems to be going over EVERY detail to make it perfect. I cant wait. I currently have a Nokia 808 Pure View (AMAZING PHONE) I don't know why no one gave Nokia Symbian a chance, Nokia to me makes the BEST feature phone ever. I'm patiently waiting for BB10 QWERTY, Blaz1e Check out the Nokia 808, the Video Sound will blow u away.

200 million people gave Symbian a chance. Symbian had 35% of the entire mobile market at the time of the now infamous "Burning Platform" memo. The thing is, Symbian users like yourself are used to personalizing their experience and, like your self are turned off by artificial limitations on an OS designed to sell you something - like making it impossible to change your ring tone to a song in your library.

So Symbian users bought Android phones instead of sticking with Nokia and buying Lumias. Nokia suffered the most cataclysmic drop in market share that the Mobile Computing market has ever seen since abandoning Symbian.

But Good on you for buying an 808. You're part of the reason even today Symbian with one phone is outselling Lumia with many phones.

MeeGo would have retained customers because MeeGo was what customers were asking Nokia for - a capable and personalized OS that follows in the Spirit of Symbian where the user is in control of their own content. That and Asha uses the Symbian/MeeGo iconography and fonts, and is more open then Windows Phone in managing content. So it would have been a familiar jump for their current feature phone customers to move to MeeGo then for them to switch to an OS that looks and acts completely alien to what they are used to in Nokia products.

This is why I am so confident RIM chose the correct path. BlackBerry users and many of the people who left BlackBerry don't want RIM to switch to Android or Windows Phone. They want the BlackBerry experience minus the drawbacks of the legacy OS. BlackBerry 10 will still do many things the BlackBerry way with a fresh new interface. This approach will be allot more successful in retaining existing customers then a complete change to some other platform altogether. The only example we have is Nokia, and the change to Windows Phone has not done anything good for that company to date.

The longer RIM waits, the more people who switch to iOS or Android because their phones are broken or their contracts are up.

RIM: Everyday you wait, the more customers you loose. Get BB10 out asap !!!!!

Great post but one thing I think BB10 has going for it is exactly what ugbadboy mentioned "...but I love technology".

I wonder how many Bla1ze's there are out there that will have different devices for different uses and will just need to try BB10 or how many people out there that will just need to "try" BB10 when it comes out because they love technology?

It's quite an amazing industry this smartphone (or mobile computing) industry. People will change their phone for no apperent reason other than to get the greatest and newest release when what they have is perfectly good. I read somewhere that the turn around for getting a new phone is less than 1 year? or was it 2 years? I'm not sure but it was an eye opener.

I feel that BB10 will eventually make it back but it's going to take some time. For ROW not so much but for the US market it's going to be tough. In order for BB10 to make it back sooner, I think the other OS's have to falter in some way. One way that could happen is for people to find that their devices are (and as Bla1ze put it) "downright boring".

But if the turn around is 1 year and all these new OS's have just been released then BB10's turn might not be until Christmas 2013 and then the question becomes, can they survive until then. I believe they can but I'm sure many media outlets have a different take.

Almost November, then December then Q1 2013 and BB10....just in time for my

I think a lot of people will want to try BlackBerry 10 simply because it's new. I'm sure I mentioned it in the forums somewhere but people are no longer really 'loyal' to any smartphone.

These days, they jump to whatever is shiny and pretty at the time, even if they do ultimately go back to where they came from, they at least tend to try something if it piques their interest enough.

If RIM gets the right marketing out there, and get people to just try BlackBerry 10, that's a great start!

I absolutely agree with you..
I myself have two android phones a blackberry 9780 and an iphone..

My current day to day phone is GNex because of the screen size as well as the number of various application that there is in the play store.

I am very fond of Blackberry and Nexus devices.. iPhone ah not that much for various reasons..

For the past few months there has been flurry of high quality android devices yet I have subdued my excitement and waiting patiently for BB10 to strike..

I really want RIM to succeed this time around as they have showing the effort that they are putting behind new platform..

So, best of luck RIM and very good post..

I recommend you get out there and try WP 8. I've owned the first Samsung WP based device and it was quite good.
What I fear is that people, like you, who have had bad first time experiences won't even want to glance back - and therefore wont ever try BB OS10.

Thumbs up on the great post! "Fan of technology" is just the best way to put in the crowding competitive market. Having to carry 3 devices are hectic to say the least. I have my 9900 used daily for the majority of tasks, my Nexus S for the better camera, eReading, web design testing, graphic/illustration output, and used to study products images (I collect images everywhere I go and study them), the PlayBook extends the reading, web design testing and browsing experience for other settings. Let's hope BlackBerry 10 at least removes the larger portion of use with the Nexus S!

Yep. Which is why it's great to have others on the team feel the same way and write it too!

I love BlackBerry... but I'm not a blind believer in anything. When I like something, it's for a reason. And I do LOVE BlackBerry for it's historical strengths -- they resonate with me -- and also am looking forward to BB10 as I know where BB needs to get better. I use everything else...there are features I like on other platforms, but everything else I always find lacks the "soul" of BlackBerry.

I want the TEN! 

great post! and if you really want to get the purest of the pure android experience, rooting your device is the way to go (I rooted a webOS touchpad to ICS) as you can spend a ton of time customizing every little detail but that level of choice reminds me of my BBs (pearl » curve » style » curve » N-Series...)...and I agree with most of your other points; however, I haven't had the chance to mess around with a windows phone

Will it have FOLDERS? Such a simple thing. Will it? In standard 'open file' dialog which is used by most third party software - will it have folders? Playbook does not. All your files in a single list without even a hint on which from where. And this is REALLY stupid.
Will it be able to OPEN TWO FILES? Two files, yes. At the same time. I've got two pdf's and need them both open NOW. Will it be able? Because ios isn't. Android isn't. Playbook isn't. This is basic stuff. Comparing. Looking up for something mentioned in another part. Am I in DOS? Why such a cool device can't do basic stuff? It's not like QNX does not allow that.
Will it have USB STORAGE mode? Will it? Because hey, I'm not at home this is not my PC and I'm not feeling like installing some fancy drivers in it. I just have some files, right here in my bb10 device and I need to copy them to this PC. And I get a big NO with my playbook. And it sucks.
And BB10 would be coooooooooool if it has basic stuff like that. But it would not.
What's wrong with you people?

What's wrong with you? You have to keep in mind that yes while QNX may have the architectural grounds to do such this rollout is still new in its infant form and there will be changes to come. The OS isn't designed to replace a desktop so maybe you should stop comparing a full blown desktop OS to one that fits in your pocket. For folder viewing there are free apps to fit this bill. On the PlayBook I use AirBrowser to organise. USB Storage mode is something from Android's OS and by this I believe you want to offload apps to it, but given the storage capacities 16GB should be enough to hold without hindering usage space. There is also file sharing as another way to connect wirelessly and emailing it to yourself as well as Bluetooth'ing it to the computer if its supported.

well i once wanted that dell streak, but i don't want samsung galaxy (i don't know the quality of the handset but i already have an image planted in my mind for a quite long time that i don't like samsung cd/dvd rw, i don't like samsung tv, i don't like samsung ac, etc lol). i'd buy an iphone if it's not overpriced lol. i do want to try one of those lumia. but what i need is blackberry ;)

off topic, anyone hear anything about mozilla's handphone? i haven't heard about it for a while now..

Gee Whiz, Bla1ze! I just get calmed down, and ready to wait for the 107 days til launch, and you go and mess me up again! (Why 107 days??? Feb 15 is the middle of the first quarter other reason...don't read anything else into those tea leaves) 1. You've used a BB10 device 2. You have experience in the other mobile os's 3. You have NO axes to grind, as you get paid by mobile nations (you do get paid, right?) and write on the three platforms mentioned. (Other than WP) So, as I pace, looking at my watch, wondering why it still says October, Thanks For wrecking my calm pre Christmas period!! (ok, that last part was a joke, for those too serious to get it)

Bla1ze, I have a question for you. Since you have used every platform, other then Windows Phone, which platform would you use if you didn't have access to an app store?

The number of countries where there is no access is getting smaller but they are countries where you cannot install any apps from any platform. If you were in one of those countries, which one would you choose?

>> why I have to be anything other than what I am. I'm person who can find greatness and flaws in all the current mobile operating systems.

I so like this statement. Perfect; why should I be bounded to a company/OS.

Cheering for the new phone because of being a "fanboy" is not what interests me. I want a phone that is snappy and has a solid, physical keyboard.
By their nature, glass slab phones are fiddly.
Even with a BB 9650 bold, I can run circles around anyone with a slab phone of any sort....and with one hand.
For entertainment and web browsing, I am assuming that OS 10 will work fine.

I can understand the argument b1aze makes. Within the last two weeks I jumped ship to iOS for a few reasons. First off is I had to change cell providers. I could have went with a 9930 after being with a 9900 for the last year and previous BB's for the last 7 years. But I didn't. Why? Because I got bored with BB os and got sick and tired of waiting for BB10. The whole PB early release fail (which I still own and use - for now) left a bad taste for a people, and it might not be until BB11 that all the new bugs get ironed out. Also, i feel in my gut that BB10 will be late - again. iOS is very fluid, and jailbreaking this will be an interesting experience. That being said, if I am wrong, I can always come back......

Sorry man but gave up on BB almost a year ago for GNex and won't be coming back.
BB 10 is doomed and I was a diehard BB fanboy and got many people to buy BBs. Heck at one point I had 5 BBs in my house.
This phone was to be launched over a year ago and should have been out 2 years ago.
I am almost certain it will be delayed again and they will promise late Q1 2013 then early Q2 2013.
The problem is quality apps and they still don't have it.
I don't think this phone will ever make it out the door.
People waiting will be disappointed and the media will say great phone but no apps so they cannot recommend it.
Good luck BB fans but I said it way back that they would say Q1 2013.

I hope the final case hardware has some distinguishing characteristics besides the BB logo, because it is a pretty unattractive package. It looks like any Android phone. Still excited about 10 though.

"who can find greatness and flaws in all the current mobile operating systems."

Love the open-minded unbiased outlook. I share the same sentiments, everything now seems a bit stale and in need of an overhaul. Which is making BB-10 look very appealing right now..I believe the over due wait will be worth it.

A thought....

Are we prepared for a the lack of success of the BB10? I mean do we have a plan B? Like most of the Crackberry members I am eagerly waiting for its launch and I am holding on to my 9900, even though its starting to fail me, in order to upgrade to the new platform once its out. Personally I doubt that it will be launched within the time frame put forward by RIM, but I guess if we have waited so far, it won't be a few more months that will bring down the house, at least for me.

However we might have to prepare ourselves for the contingency that the platform just won't work as we so much would like to, using the Playbook as an example but not limiting to it, it's a great platform, good size, but it just didn't work sales respective, that is the crude fact. From the lack of applications, which don't bother me as much, to bugs, to the lack of the most needed basic features that arrived a year later, etc.
We might have to brace ourselves for more of the same, surely one would think that RIM would have learned the lesson, and certainly the effort is there as we have witnessed day after day on the Crackberry site, but will that be enough today, will it not be too little too late? I know I will buy the BB10 regardless, but I am hardly number enough to satisfy Wall Street...

I read thread after thread by certain members on the shortcomings of RIM only to be dismissed by the majority as them being Apple fans and if they don't like it buy something else or why are they here posting, well I don't use Apple and I don't want anything else, I want for BB to work and provide me with what I need nowadays, the truth is that RIM has failed us in the past and more recently by postponing the launch of BB10 and not by a couple of months. Sure I would agree that I prefer to have a finalized product than an half baked one (some would fire that one straight away), surely I don't want a reprise of the Playbook, but lets not forget that it wasn't myself nor you who set the date for the original launch in first place, this shows the struggle within. It seems that at times, here, some are over zealous of the brand, as if its above any flaws, I don't agree, Wall Street certainly doesn't agree, neither certain corridors at RIM.
If I complain if DHL delays deliveries to my company, if I don't agree with my business partner on a particular issue, why shouldn't I say it, why do I have to be politically correct and pretend that RIM is not to blame?

Constructive criticism never hurt anybody, and I have given some thought to what if things don't work out, not because I don't believe, but because I look back to recent doings, analyze recent efforts and weight both, and I cannot help to think that the new CEO and his team, might not be the all true solution to RIM problems as we would like them to be.

So, the question remains, is there a plan B? Looking forward to read and welcome your thoughts and points of view.


freedom of expressions is overrated imo. but that's just me lol.

your words are too carefully crafted so those won't looks and feel like offending. that i can thank you because most of your words looks and feel like you are willing to support RIM to continue giving their services to you, and not demanding them to loose more of their profits which in the end will one way or another caused them to unable giving service to you. so here's from me:

if the worst case scenario happens, which that is RIM has to shut their operation down and not making smartphone anymore because they go bankrupt, i can tell you my contingency plan. i will put my blackberry in a glassbox on my desk ;p after that, i will pick the most appealing gadget for me that i can afford.

other than that, i only have plan a. support RIM in anyway i can. because i'm not just wanting to use blackberry. i NEED blackberry to support my daily activities. that's why i need to make sure they won't go bankrupt just because negative sentiments from people who want RIM to go down. because for me, if BB10 fails it's really not the end of the world lol.

which is why i thank you because you are supporting RIM too, because you want them to not only keep on staying alive, but to be better.

so i thank you for not looking at the past anymore, as RIM will go to a new fresh start with (almost) everything new. i thank you that you, want to support RIM because you want to use blackberry and not other brands.

let's give our constructive critics for RIM, not to make RIM lost their revenue, but to make them grow. not by blindly demanding things that can crippled them down, but by giving alternatives of what they can do without decapacitating their strength or lowering their strong points.

anyway, what about your plan b? i hope i didn't missed it from your long comment ^^

I totally agree with bpfontes. What if BB10 flops? The idea that it is a good possibility will keep many from buying BB. To me, it all depends on apps. Even if BB10 ends up being the best OS out there, it may be possible that it fails due to no app support. I certainly don't want to shell out $200 (my guess for the price of a BB10 devise on contract) and be stuck with a dead platform for 2 years. Especially when I can buy an iPhone 4S or a Samsung GS III for $100 right now and they both have thriving app support. There are certain things that I like better about my current BB (which is running BB6 btw) than iOS, but overall, at this point I'd give the nod to iOS just for the apps. So the decision becomes is BB10 worth the wait. I'm undecided at this point.

Well thought out post & question bpfontes. I appreciate the honest opinion and critism. What bothers me about some posters here such as "the_consumer" if you're familiar with his posts,they are ALL negative attack posts with NO constructive cristism or nothing positive at all to say.

As for your question, should RIM fail, I will try one of Samsung's halo phones such as the SG3 or Note 2, as it looks interesting. If I don't like it, I'll move towards an iPhone. Just give me something that works and is fast. Lol

But with bated breath, I'm waiting for BB10!

That said, big news today! RIM has "passed a milestone and BB10 phones are now with 50 carriers for testing"!!

RIM is certainly pinning their success on a new and innovative experience with BB10. I truly hope that's the case as well.
As much as I've kept up with the tidbits that's been released by the CB team, I am really looking forward to Q1 and getting my grubby hands on one.
In all honesty, I hope BB10 to be better, flexible, faster and more slick in every way imagineable. What that means exactly, I don't know. But if BB10 is anything like what RIM has described and its potential, I will be quite happy.

I just noticed the version numbers match the order of how much I like each platform:
Blackberry 10 > Windows 8 > Blackberry 7.1 > iOS 6 > Android 4

ok so iphone 5 for the camera cool. i respect that. but you saying windows 8 isn't gunning you down makes you sound like a complete moron. exhibit A) nokia lumia 920 --> best camera phone out there. exhibit b) its less customizable then android but more so than ios. i personally stuck it with RIM and feel like an idiot hence my decision to switch to a windows phone.

I'm excited to see you write an opinion article, Bla1ze, I think you've got great insight into the various platforms and always bring meaningful commentary to the podcasts and forum threads. Hope to see more from you!

If the price were the same across the board, I'd agree. But the Nexus 4 changed everything. $300 is about the most I'm willing to pay. That's what I paid for my Lumia 710. I paid $100 for my HTC Touch. $200 for my Nokia 5230, $100 (I was on contract anyway) for my N95 8GB, and so on. Realistically, the first BB10 device will launch at $500-$600. I'll have to wait quite some time for it to drop in price. Or I could get the Nexus 4 now and enjoy it for 5-6 months before BB10 is out.

It's not a hard decision to make. It's still pretty clear that BB10 will offer the best user experience, and when it's down to $300 I'm not going to compare specs, I'll just look at what it can do. Until then... I've got a PlayBook, I'll happily use BB10 on it for a while.