Anders Larsson demos Cascades at BlackBerry 10 Jam

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2012 02:37 pm EDT

Anders Larsson, Product Manager for Cascades and Christopher Smith, VP Handheld Application Platform & Tools took the stage during the BlackBerry 10 Jam keynote to give everyone a look at just how powerful Cascades is. In the video, you get a better look at what exactly Cascades can offer, how it looks and the basic use functions for it as well, you can see how fluid the navigation and sharing functions are. This is what developers will be working with for BlackBerry 10 out of the box. Needless to say, great things are coming. Check out the video and drop some comments.

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Anders Larsson demos Cascades at BlackBerry 10 Jam


Congratulations on your "First" achievement. Can you also comment on what you seen? lol

The stuff that TAT is showing off is pretty cool. If they (RIM) can get BB10 to the market (fully baked) before the iPhone5 and the many Flagship Androids then they will do very well with BB10 flat out.

Needs polishing in the smoothness, which I am sure will come too.

Looks like a lot of duplicate touches. Nice framework, but for production, it needs to be extremely smooth and fluid without a user having to swipe three times to get a reaction. I know it's only alpha... but...

Definitely agree. When the user touches, the device needs to respond immediately. Let's hope the final build will be significantly smoother.

You know it's alpha, so you state the obvious. Alpha phone is alpha. :P.

Not even iPhone/Android can escape these types of things. Happens from time to time. Even iPhone's keyboard lags. Android has the WORST keyboard lag. (Off topic).

This isn't about the keyboard. This is specifically about the touch response.

Take an iPhone, and as soon as you touch the screen you'll see a response (ie: the table row highlights, or the button highlights, etc...).

Take an Android pre ICS, and you touch a row or a button, and there's a small lag between the touch and the response.

From the video posted, there appears to be the same lag with BB10.

From a UX perspective, this is very unfortunately since touchscreen phones don't have haptic feedback and so an immediate visual feedback is what will give the best UX.

Yes, it is only alpha, so let's hope that this gets fixed. Unfortunately I doubt it will. PlayBook has been out for well over a year now and experiences the exact same issue.

I swear this site is king of techy nitpickers. I watched this video 3 times and have yet to spot this "lag" you speak of. I saw maybe twice the user went to tap the screen and may have only made contact with his thumbnail, so he had to tap twice...big whoop! It's nothing worth all this "they need to fix this fast" talk. Perhaps if you post exactly the time in the video where you see this "lag"?

It's not nitpicking. If you have any significant experience in UX, you will definitely understand how important attention to detail is, particularly when dealing with response to user input.

Here are the times:

0:56 - misses touch input
1:10 - choppy scrolling with the picker (scrolling looks identical to how it is on the PlayBook, it's not fluid like on other platforms)
1:19 - misses touch input
2:22 - misses touch input
2:42 - misses touch input
2:48 - misses touch input

Yes, it's alpha, let's see if they can fix it up. Based on previous experience and based on PlayBook OS v1 and v2, I don't see much indication that RIM has anyone who is focused enough on the details. Instead they seem to have a bunch of people like you (no offence) that don't seem to think this type of attention to detail is important/needed.

It was definitely missing touches - I found it extremely noticeable. WiseShepherd is right: it's attention to details like this that differentiate Apple from the vast majority of other companies. They focus heavily on UX and this behaviour would be unacceptable.

And I think Cascades is out of Alpha. It has a lot of promise, but the responsiveness and lag really need to be cleaned up.

Nice to see this video up. After listening to the podcast, I wanted to see a bit more of the Jam to relate to Blaize's excitement. This is def. something to get excited about. Almost makes me want to start dev. apps myself!

Wonder how many old webOS designers went to work for RIM's Cascades team? The card metaphor for multi tasking, all the gestures, and now even the sliding panels of webOS 3.x. I'm excited about BB10, but man am I still angry at HP for totally screwing the proverbial pooch when it comes to was so ahead of the curve.

WebOS is pretty cool. I hope to see webOS fans join this community and enjoy what BB has to offer. There is incredible advanced innovation coming down the pipe, it is a great time to get on board.

That being said TAT has done some incredible stuff with Cascades and it goes beyond the card paradigm of webOS. Credit needs to be given to TAT as Cascades is no clone.

I think its very important for them to show how they're implementing cascades into bbos10.. how the browser, music, video and bbm apps are going to be working.

Most of these events always show "what you can do" and not as much as "what has been done" with what we have.

I wanna see how RIM is implementing cascades into the core of their os.

Cascades is gonna be something SERIOUS when BB10 is complete....very special and about the lag remember this is a prototype there is gonna be some type of lag but I for one can not wait for BB10 "LET'S ROCK N ROLL THIS" #fistpump

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