Anders Jeppsson on BlackBerry 10, Canadian developers, and the golden age of gaming

By Simon Sage on 30 May 2013 08:24 am EDT

Ahead of the Ottawa International Game Conference, I got some time to talk with Anders Jeppsson, the global head of gaming at BlackBerry. Between GDC and BlackBerry Live over the last couple of months, we’ve been in pretty regular contact, but there was still a fair bit to talk about.

He’s recently completed his move from Sweden to Canada, so we touched on the differences in developer ecosystems and culture. We also talked about Unity going free for BlackBerry 10 developers - the private beta just wrapped up, so expect to see an influx of some awesome 3D games in BlackBerry World soon. Anders went so far as to say that we're in a golden era of gaming because initiatives like this really level the playing field. I prodded Anders before we started rolling about whether they’ll have something in place with Havok, who announced a similar program for mobile devs at GDC, but all he had to say was a coy “We’re talking with everybody.” Speaking of teases, Anders also hints that we'll see some cool stuff for gamers in the 10.2 software update coming up.  

Then we broadened up a bit, and talked about BlackBerry’s larger strategy for winning over developers. He surprised me when he said that there are many that are looking to develop on BlackBerry first and go from there since the toolsets for BB10 are standards-compliant and accessible, making it an easy jumping-off point. 

Anders is giving a talk at the conference here in Ottawa, so I’m excited to hear how many developers will be hooked into getting on board with BB10. 

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Anders Jeppsson on BlackBerry 10, Canadian developers, and the golden age of gaming


I think developers will be attracted to make apps on BlackBerry OS 10 because it really does have potential. Well done BlackBerry!!

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not just that, its easy developing for BlackBerry too. afterwards you can use unity or something to release into other platforms

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There's a remote out for the blackberry!! The no go remote that hooks to your phone through bluetooth and you could play all your games on Your flat screen using a HDMI cord! You Z10 is a gaming console also. Word to batman and spiderman!

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Moga actually. I bought it. Doesn't work yet. It appears some sort of drivers need to be set up. I tried sideloading the android ones but it still doesn't connect. The bluetooth pairs ok, but it doesn't actually connect. :(
Dying to play the gameloft releases on my tv!

I think it only makes sense from a financial standpoint to develop for BlackBerry first because of exactly what was stated, the tool sets are very accessible and are industry standard, so it makes porting to other platforms easier than starting from say iOS and porting to other platforms

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A bit off topic, and I'm sorry, but...
Why does CrackBerry always say "Unity going free for BlackBerry 10 developers" when in fact, it's now free for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10? It's a half truth and gives the (false) impression that Union is somehow favouring BlackBerry when they're not. We complain about when other news sites twist news to favour one side or another, and yet, here CrackBerry is doing the same thing to make it sound like BlackBerry has a leg-up on the competition, when in fact they don't in the slightest.
It really annoys me! When the news broke, I fell for the half-truth headline as I'm sure many did. But as I looked into it and realized they released it for all major platforms, I lost a little respect for the site.
(and yes, I'm well aware this is a BB fanboy site and everything is seen through rose-coloured glasses)


I'm pretty sure the article about it said it's free for all mobile platforms. And anyway, since it's a BB site, of course they aren't going to announce "Unity free for iOS". That would be stupid and if we wanted to know about iOS we would go to iMore.

As I said, the title's a half-truth made to skew the subject matter into BlackBerrys favour, and I find it annoying. Maybe you don't, which is fine.

You took it that way.

I took it completely the other way. I assumed if it was free for BlackBerry it would be free for others.

Terms are often tied together in blog titles for search engines - subject relevance is often based on the proximity of terms in a passage of text.

I wouldn't read too much into it.

The first paragraph of the story itself says Android, iOS, and Windows Phone are included. If I was writing a headline for a generalist site, sure I'd mention the other platforms, but since I'm writing for BlackBerry fans here, the other platforms are of secondary importance. Or that was my thinking, anyway.

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Don't apologize. I appreciate your comment, in fact I thank you for it. It's added value, allowing to put the whole thing in perspective. If what you say is true, I hope Simon corrects his post.

I have a headache now.
There was nothing wrong with the OP. You took something and expanded it beyond its intended audience.
I also sincerely doubt you are sorry.

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watch the video. To watch videos on the CB10 App, just click on the image.

PS: Crackberry should make it more clear that there is a video in the article by adding a Play button over the image.

Huh? "He’s recently completed his move from Sweden to Canada, so we touched on the differences in developer ecosystems and culture."

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I am waiting til RPG/MMO games from Gameloft and Gamevil come to BlackBerry.

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the Golden Age of gaming was when Street Fighter 2 was in arcades, along with NBA jam, Mortal Kombat, WWF Wrestlefest, Spiderman, Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, 6-player X-Men, etc.
it's all been downhill since.

I agree street fighter and all those games were the best time in gaming,and I only needed a quarter back then,haha

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I'm as formal as the next guy, but let's face it. Anders is the director of GAMING! It's not exactly a role for "stuffed shirt" types-lol.

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you know i never really thought about this to much but anders talked about BBM going cross platform as big for game developers and as he was saying BBM going cross platfor and gaming i was like BBM GAMES, that is use for the blackberry scene and could be a place where blackberry could possibly charge for, its nice to have all the features of BB10 on a blackberry device but games can be a feature where blackberry could hit the cross platform with a fee. this is an easy cross platform gaming tool that folks cane game with their friends on any device and may be soemthing people might actually pay for