And We Thought Touchscreens Were Cool... Try Touchless!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Oct 2008 01:16 pm EDT

CRAZY. Just saw the video above and had to post. For all of you who love having a big display on your smartphone but hate the thought of fingerprint-smudged glass, you'll be glad to hear there is a company working on the solution to your problem... enter eyeSight.

The video above features Itay Katz, CEO of eyeSight, as he explains and demonstrates eyeSight's touch-free smartphone technology. Now all we need is a BlackBerry with a forward facing camera and to get these guys developing for the BB platform. RIM? BlackBerry Partners Fund? We reading this??! Let's get it done! :-)

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And We Thought Touchscreens Were Cool... Try Touchless!


i don't think driving ould be that much of an issue. if the device was "mounted" then simple hand gestures would be a normal flow of dily activity like reaching to change the radio station, adjusting mirrors, holding someones hand or putting your hand on someones leg.

I still like touch screens much more, and i do agree that somehow in the future we will have smugless and fingerprintless screens somehow, or at least i hope we do someday.

This howevr is a good idea for a start out idea it has many applications and possabilities

that is kinda neat lol!! but i agree with the pp what about when driving? also I didn't see him make any calls on the phone I'd like to see how that would work as well. The things people come up with

Too much effort imo...touch is good, and im sure in the future we will see smudge-less and fingerprint-less touch screens.

RIM's Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is into Quantam Physics more than anyone... $10 bet says RIM already has a thought-controlled BlackBerry in the works!

Now if I could get this on the Bold, I would be set. Finger prints on the screen drive me crazy!!! If you haven't guessed it, I'll be passing on the Storm.

I talk with my hands even when I am on the phone and I can easily see myself hanging up on people all the time with this tech.

this has to be one of the most impractical products i have ever seen. it seems like so much more work to move your hand than to push a button...

Seems interesting. One of those things I think you'd have to try and see how you feel about it. Overall, there's no way it could match the convenience or features of a touch screen. Not even close. I still prefer the standard QWERTY though.

Seriously this is really cool but there's no way they'll keep the name eyesight without a lawsuit from apple hanging over them if they release it with that name. Isight is the name for apple's camera's in their screens so they'll need to change it. I honestly thought when he said wii he would start moving the phone arround. Guess I'll have to settle looking like an ideot moving my hand up and down with people thinking I'm going wth. lol. Nice find though. Can't wait to see more of this and how they'll improve it. Maybe with that camera there video calls won't be too far away.

just like bluetooth headsets a couple of years ago...people will look like psychos flailing their hands around like an idiot

make me a phone that is on my sunglasses and is controlled with a finger tip transmitter...that will be some wicked futuristic shit

That would definitely be cool, but I can just picture myself trying to call someone in a public place and people looking at me like I'm crazy. Or, I would prolly try to text someone and my motions would send something totally mean. Or, I would prolly wave my hands and accidentally hit someone in the face or throw my phone...sooo maybe this isn't the best phone for me.

I kinda like the concept but the interface seems very simplistic and raw. Doesn't seem like u can do much with this type of technology.... Yet!!

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Could lead to some very embarrassing moments. Your phone is on the night stand you forget its there, and start doing something you dont want anyone else to know about, and inadvertantly video conference call every one in your contact list. " OH my GOD MARTHA WHATS LITTLE JOHNNY DOING TO HIMSELF!!!" "Ewwwww turn it off"

Interesting concept! Honestly, If i were to guess, it seems like the sort of thing that would come to Android first.

My biggest concern would be taking it into a crowded area: Think Metro. In my opinion, there would be too many motions that would throw off the device and not enough room for the hand motions.