And the Winner in our Win Your Choice of BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Contest is...

BlackBerry 7 Contest Winner!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Sep 2011 07:12 pm EDT

September 1st is here which means it's time to announce the winner of August's Win Your Choice of BlackBery 7 Smartphone Contest. I'll keep this short and sweet.... the lucky CrackBerry winner is... drumroll please....


Congrats bicsung! We'll be following up soon via email to get you your prize. Big thanks to everybody who participated. And you know how it is here on CrackBerry... we're never far away from another contest so stay tuned. Another chance to win free BlackBerry stuff is coming right up! 

Reader comments

And the Winner in our Win Your Choice of BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Contest is...


Congrats fellow Blackberrian!!! I finally got a chance to hold the Bold 9900 in my hand today and it fits like a glove. I gotta own it one of these days.

am I reading that right? I didn't win??? Kevin you didn't pick a cool fellow canadian like me??

Congrats Bicsung

I didn't think I was gonna win so I went ahead and got the Bold 9930 early lol. Congrats Bicsung!! Pic the bold 9900/9930 you'll love it!

I never won a contest in my life. Even if there are two persons only me and other guy. He will get the price.

so i guess i now have a better chance to win the lottery.. cause winning two things in a week would've been awkward. :D congrats.

Damn, just got back from Rogers and their customer retention team saying "go ahead and cancel" instead of giving me the 3 year upgrade price on a new Bold. Saying that to a customer who spends $200/mo isn't exactly the smartest thing to do (for all you other carriers out there who may be reading). There's no "calling my bluff", I want the best price hardware and will reward you with my hard earned cash each month. An extra $100 over the average user not good enough? No problem, it's all yours Telus/Bell.

Congratulations to Bicsung... I hope u enjoy whatever blackberry 7 smartphone it is that u won! I guess its loss number i lost counts ages ago now!! This is super depressing! I really felt as though i had this one! I'm giving up... i can never win! :( come on crackberry... come on kevin... do a next blackberry 7 giveaway... let it be the Kaotik_187 wins a Blackberry 7 Smartphone contest... so no one else try to enter cause its over! hahaha

It's relevant because it's just a ghost name made up by a Crackberry Admin, probably Kevin, to get everyone excited about possibly being given a new phone, when in reality, never had the intention of giving anyone anything. The same thing happened with the Playbook giveaway. Someone with 1 post got it, and we never heard form them again.

That can't be right? That's not my name! Somebody from CB needs to get on this right away! All joking aside, congrats bicsung!

And the winner is..........not me-AGAIN!!!!

Congrats Bicsung anyway! Enjoy your new berry as much as I would have! lol