And the winner of the 'Guess my Picture Password and win contest' is ...

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2014 12:48 pm EST

It was one of the quickest contests we've ever run, but I think it was a fun one too. I'm a big believer in Picture Password on my BlackBerry. So much so that I flat-out showed my password on video for the world to see. Over a thousand of you took a stab at my password and maybe surprisingly, quite a few of you got it dead on. I promised the first person to get it right would be the winner, and so with that in mind the winner of our Guess my Picture Password contest is ... 


Congrats bobshine! We'll be reaching out ASAP to get you your prize so you can have a night out on us! 

Now, as for what my Picture Password was... the secret here was to move the #8 to the orange marble in the bottom row. Watch the video again here and you see it in action:

In hindsight, I'm thinking maybe *maybe* my password was a little obvious in this case for people who know me well. Of course I'd pick a CrackBerry Orange marble to drag the number to. And if you know about my love for efficiency, picking a location on the bottom right corner of the screen to drag to also makes sense, as I can do it *most times* easily with my right thumb. Next time I do it up on video, I'll have to be a little trickier. That said, Picture Password still rocks! Wayyyyy more of you guessed wrong rather than right. :)

Thanks to everyone that entered — we'll be back soon with another contest.

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And the winner of the 'Guess my Picture Password and win contest' is ...


Unfortunately you can not use encryption with it. Therefore, in my opinion, it is of little use.

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I disagree. Do you know how many options there were? I had several guess based on 80% of the people basic habits (i.e. Common numbern or placement center of a marble) but those are guesses.

After 5 miss tries, then you have to put the password in. I think for the average Joe that is good.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Oh wow, didn't even notice that, you landed on the yellow one below your finger perfectly I was sure that was it.

Me getting stumped makes me feel that much better about picture password, i'm totally impressed :)

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Kevin.... What's weird about this is that my guess of the 7 Marble to the CrackBerry orange marble - three up from the bottom - to celebrate "CrackBerry's 7th Anniversary" this Month... makes more sense than your "random 8 to the orange"....


CB from the Z30

How does that make more sense? Kevin explained his choice that wasn't so random after all.

Congrats, bob shines :)

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When I get back to work next week, I'm going to play this game with my work colleagues and see if they guess it.

By the way, since the last post, I managed to set up the picture screen lock. Thanks to the guys who helped me out on this.

Catapulted from my Z10.

My friends never get it. So I don't even do a competition anymore. Mine is harder because my number is on a space between 2 balls and not on a ball. They can never guess that in their lifetime

From Zarafet my Z30.

Kevin - this is an awesome picture to lock with, would you mind posting just the image so I could use it?

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Well that is the easiest win, because that is the focal point and anyone who has taken courses on how the brain works would know to choose the largest marble, or the stand alone car in the village... so don't pick the standard attraction for your brain :P

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I think a really interesting number would be how many times did bobshine (and all those who got it right) have to watch the video before getting it.

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Congrats boobshine. Hope you have a nice Valentines Day evening.

Of course none of us can know if that was the actual combo or just the member someone wanted to be the winner. Anyway, it proves BlackBerry solved the graphical unlock dilemma in a creative way.

Boobshine lol

Why would "someone" want a particular member to be the winner in such a contest. That's just ridiculous.

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I did not accuse anyone of cheating however, in some jurisdictions this contest would need an independent audit to verify the pattern used on the video was in fact the pattern required.

I thought for sure you would have picked something more difficult... I mean, on the center of the marble?

Just kidding, definitely better than a pattern that if someone watches, they will get it right every time .

Nice contest.

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Ok maybe some folk guess it right... but we had a full high resolution view on the screen while you where unlocking it, ...and we still had doubt in mind.

Now just try a similar contest using other pasword method (full password, PIN, Swipe pattern...), ....Quite sure all of us will found the answer quickly.

Heu! Maybe you could trick out the contest..

Contest using a full alphanumeric password, where the password is: First
...No one will be able to post the answer ;)

its not really that suprising that some got it. It looks like there are roughly 60-70 marbles and each marble has 10 possible options (10 digits between 0-9), so the number of possible combinations is 60 x 10 to 70 x 10, ie., there are between 600-700 possible combinations, one of which is correct. Any given guess therefore has odds between 1-600 and 1-700 of being correct. If 1000 people randomly guess, the probability is therefore very good that at least one will guess correctly.

In the present case, you have to reduce the number of possible spots that typical user normally use (eg. most user will locate their number in the center of a marble). When we look at the video, with the final number pattern location we could eliminate a lot of possible marble.
But unless you watch a couple of different unlocking gesture, you will only guess a possible solution.
Note also, that a lucky guy may found itself lucky enough to randomly try something an unlock it ...but still this will not means that he knows the answer time it lock back, chances are he will not get it again.

Congrats to you, bobshine!

I managed to guess it right too but yeah, had a slim chance only due to watching the vid 5 or 6 times and hoping Kevin kept it simple with centre of a CrackBerry orange marble. It could have been much harder.

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;) don't do that again with your real PW ;) !
Hint : it's not more difficult to choose nothing but a "in the middle of something" spot ... just our imagination think it is !

! Congrats to bobshine, the winner !

This contest is great because it is actually a good lesson in how to make your password stronger.
Lesson 1: Don't choose a number that's obvious
Lesson 2: Don't choose a location on the screen that's obvious!
Still waiting on 10.2.1 for. My Verizon Q10, but I have a good idea on how to make my password stonger once I receive it!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Thanks, 3_M4N.

Haven't tried it on the Q10 yet, but the more screen real estate (pixel count), the more secure this password solution seems to be.

Less space on the Q10, so less options to place it. Looks like Z10 and Z30 are more secure!

Maybe they decrease the size of the positioning circle in a later revision, and add letters (alpha numeric offers more computational challenge with any password solution than just numeric characters) .

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Lol I never thought I would had guess this one right! Perfect.. . Its going to pay for those Valentines day roses i bought !

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There is a way to make it more secure. Add upper and lower case letters, and symbols.
Also each time screen is turned on, four previously chosen pictures with same character different spot, different character and spot etc.,appear without a grid. User taps unwritten picture to fill screen. At pre chosen interval, all characters change colors and positions on screen.
So using the winning example, let's say it is a blue 8 on that marble. If interval was four seconds, every four seconds all characters change places and colors. There is always a blue 8 somewhere on each screen, except there are a few random constants scattered around as well. Such as a red @ and a green $ and say a yellow €. Every four seconds these random constants change places but not color like the blue 8. After the unlock, the next batch of few random constants change. Except the blue 8. Or it could be ANY color 8.
So user chooses cycle of grid change, character, whether color is same or can vary, and where it goes to unlock. NOW THATS SECURITY!! Lol. Hello Mr. Chen, add this please lol.

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That's ridiculous lol, Kevin took a video and majority still couldn't guess, it's not like you will be taking videos and sending them to people to grace your lock screen password

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Congratulations Bobshine!

I dunno, I still think this Picture Password has great potential. I can leave my phone out and no one will be able to crack it, at least not before I catch them using my phone! It also depends on the picture you use. Mine is of cheetahs... Good luck finding the right spot! LOOL.

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with pictures like this, we can make our picture password more secure just by choosing the space between the marbles instead of picking a marble.

How about you explain why iphone and android users get a better version of BBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!!!

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