And the winner of a FREE BlackBerry Z30 is ...

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2013 02:54 pm EDT

Here we go! Our first BlackBerry Z30 contest was a big success and finished strong with over 10,000 comments! All of you are super excited for the arrival of the BlackBerry Z30 and one lucky CrackBerry reader is getting a personal IOU from me to receive a shiny new BlackBerry Z30 as soon as it's officially released. We're still sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for a release date, but hopefully that's in the not too distant future. 

So without further ado, the winner of a brand new BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry is ... 


So congrats to you EauRouge! We'll be reaching out to you with more details soon so keep an eye on your inbox. 

As for everyone else that entered but didn't win - don't worry because we'll have plenty more great contests coming your way and even more chances to win!

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And the winner of a FREE BlackBerry Z30 is ...


I'd rather have won, but my second choice would be someone named after the greatest turn, at the greatest track in Formula 1.

Congrats, EauRouge!

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Congrats and enjoy. Flaunt it like bit was your first born.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

1 down and over 10,000 more to go. Crackberry Nation is strong and growing.... Congrats to all involved.....

Well, damn. I'll keep saying I have never won something in my entire life.

Congrats, sis/bro.

C0001BBF0 - BlackBerry 10 help channel.

Well, happy for you EauRouge! if you don't want it, I will be happy to take it off you any time.

......not me. once again :(

However, congratulations to the winner... well done and enjoy the Z30


Kevin why didn't you post the winning comment aswel. So that we can see what exactly make it so special.

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...

My heart says kill him but my brain says congrats

The Gamer's Network- C00015A3 || From my Z on .1047

10k people want the z30 but few months ago people were talking crap because of the spec and the screen was to big. smh.

10k strong tho huh? lol

lol what u dont realize is that 10k want it as a free/win device, not purchase it, there will e hardly 1k out of these 10k that will purchase this device. i just hope it doesnt make my z10 a history :/


Sorry thats my terets kicking in not spell check on the terets word!!!

Congratulations PIIIIIIMP!

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Soon as a saw that pop up me heart was pounding haha a really wanted one n congratulations mate!

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Congrats on the win!

Maybe you could post a 'winners' unboxing and review for the Crackberry faithful!

Enjoy your Z30


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At least if I didn't get the z30 it's going to another F1 fan with the name of my favourite corner! Eau rouuuuuuuge!

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Oh pants. And there was me thinking I was the special one of 10,000....

Congrats to the winner, can't wait to have a play with the Z30 when it comes out!

Congrats EauRouge :)
May you be content with the new phone and refrain from entering future contests so that I may have a chance ;)

slug in a ditch!!!! you son of a motherless goat. boot sucking garbage recycler...............your father smelt of elder berries...

just kidding. !!. congrats !!!!... it should have been me... i mean enjoy it!!!!!!lol

p.s. i am very

Congratulations EauRouge on winning the Z30... and thank you CrackBerry for giving all of us an opportunity to participate and win such great prizes...

Congrats to EauRouge.

And Kevin: you say "you'll 'll have plenty more great contests coming your way and even more chances to win".
How much is 'plenty'? In my definition it would be a prize for everyone of the participants :-D

How about giving away a Bold 9900? Looking to get my hands on one for cheap. Feeling nostalgic for BB given the recent news/rumors about finances etc.