And the winner of a BlackBerry Smartphone of choice in our Twitter Contest is..

Twitter Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Aug 2011 12:07 pm EDT

OK @crackberrykevin twitter followers.... the moment you've been waiting for is here. And the WINNER of a new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone of their choosing is......

Spencer Levine @sml20exel

CONGRATS Spencer! And big thanks to everybody who's followed and retweeted. I use a paid service to track the contest and pick the random winner. We had awesome up take on this one, so keep on following @crackberrykevin and @crackberry for more chances to win stuff.

And don't forget, you still have until the end of this month to leave a comment on our BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Contest. Go to that post now! Thanks again for participating in this one, and good luck!

Reader comments

And the winner of a BlackBerry Smartphone of choice in our Twitter Contest is..


HOLD THE PHONE! LITERALLY! In my hand, I have a filthy magazine containing Spencer Levine posing nude and as such should be disqualified! How I acquired this dirty magazine is neither here nor there. Time for a re-draw!
[edit:] I am not saying that *I* should be the one disqualified for possessing the dirty magazine, but that Spencer Levine should be disqualified for posing nude.

OK guys, Let me just say that I am SO sorry and that I've been here for three years and have never won ANYTHING. I'm sure there were 4000 people more deserving,

Now that that's out of the way... OMG THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU SO MUCH KEVIN AND ALL OF CRACKBERRY! This is the best birthday present EVER!!!

PS Wow... Everyone knows my name now. This is quite daft.

9850!!! Kevin's probably so pissed. Don't get me wrong, the Bold keyboard is G-DLY. I just love that big screen though.
Thanks again for the congrats guys!

Congrats on your win and Happy Birthday (I know its gonna be a great one for sure)... I hope u enjoy your new 9850! U are so lucky... Now that you have won your phone please pass on the good luck to me! My turn to win my 9900 on the Crackberry Blackberry 7 Giveaway! It would be a great Bday gift for me as well (i'm mid september)! Give me at least 90% of the luck remaining so i can be as happy as you when the other contest is said and done! lol

Hi @Daidumbace,

Alex from RIM here. Congrats on the win! To echo @pmccartneym – do you know which new smartphone you’re going with? I personally use the Bold 9900 because I love the touch screen and larger keyboard, but some people really like the slide-out keyboard and larger screen of the Torch 9810 or the all-touch display of the Torch 9850/9860.

They’ve all got their advantages, and you can read some early reviews on all of the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones on our Inside BlackBerry Blog: Bold (, Torch 9810 (, Torch 9850/9860 (, and Curve (

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Can this College kid here ever win something, Disappointment dulls my bright future of OS7 goodness again, Huuuu! Congrats to you sir, you deserve it!

that's garbage he portly won't even use it and here I am bout to die from not having a 9900...he'll, if I could get one for att I would but they're being bastards and everyone online wants $700+ which is ridiulous

Congratulations!!! Excellent win I'm sure. Please make sure to write back a review so we all know what an everyday user thinks about the phone. Again, congratulations and enjoy!!!

amm this is the twitter contest right ?..who one the crackberry contest ??? the results were supposed to be out today but they aren't ..who won the crackberry contest ?