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And the Winner in the I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Is....

I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Results!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2009 05:53 pm EST

Entry #17: The Scent of a BlackBerry!

Yup, that's right... the Grand Prize Winner in our I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest is Matt Galo's amazing video production, The Scent of a BlackBerry. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it above and be blown away! For his creativity, efforts, and wicked video, Matt will be taking home a new Macbook (in honor of the launch of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac), his choice of BlackBerry Storm2 or BlackBerry Bold 9700, and the Schlage LiNK home system!!

Our 1st runner up was our wild card pick, APPLECALYPSE, which drew in a lot voter support, capturing 24% of the vote compared to 26% of the vote for The Scent of a BlackBerry. 2nd place will get Kevin Leung his choice of BlackBerry Bold 9700 or Storm2. From there it was CrackBerry Therapy followed very closely by BlackBerry... A Love Story for third and fourth place respectively, each getting 11% of the votes. You can view the finalist voting breakdown below.

ALL OF OUR FINALISTS Will be receiving some great prizes, including a $50 coupon code for accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com, a free custom battery door cover from Coveroo.com, and a 1-year subscription to both SmrtGuard and Slacker Radio Plus. With the finalists and grand prize winners taken care of, we still have some shout out awards that'll be hitting the blogs over the next few days. To all our participants -- we'll be following up with all of you soon as everybody will be getting prizes (stay tuned for a big thank you to our sponsors post too).  BIG CONGRATS go to all our our finalists! 

The Voting Breakdown

View All Finalist Videos Here >>



well done to everyone for the awesome vids, and to cb for such a wicked prize


im glad to see my vote helped! this movie was great n well done. good job

tony bag o donuts

I just wanted to say congrats to all the entries...each were deserving....
It just ups the ante for next time......

Best part of the scent video? him using the worst LG phone Verizon ever put out LOL


Thank you so much! Ahhh! This is so exciting! Thank you to everyone who voted for me! And thank you, Crackberry!

I wish I could stay glued to the computer, but I am actually teaching Girl Scouts how to use a video camera at a training seminar! lol

Thanks, again!


aper chapazants urakh em vor du shahetsir shnorhavorum em


i love the music you put in the background. its what made the movie. also loved the special effects.


i guess my perception was jaded because i live in hollywood and see countless student films ALL the time. i forget the rest of the country doesn't have that same "pleasure."

regardless...congrats on winning, matt. and also congrats again to the rest of the finalists.


This was HANDS DOWN the best vid made!



Congrats on this win! I love this video!


Goes to show that these days videos are voted based on their "pretty" factor instead of the creativity and originality. Congrats to those who won.

But it's disappointing that viewers are actually blinded by the "fancy" hollywood style videos, instead of looking at those that really ARE unique, instead they pick the ones that are NOT. Just being honest.


I totally agree. In the end, I was pushing for "Getting Away with BlackBerry Love" as the top winner. It was short, sweet, to the point and appeared to be an average couple with an adorable baby.
I guess all these years as a photography student and professional photographer I should have used my access to high-dollar equipment to enter amateur photo contests. I ultimately restrained from entering any because I felt I had an unfair advantage. I guess class comes second to money nowadays.


Congrats everyone! And thank you again to Crackberry for putting this contest on!


What a mind-blowingly close race!! Congratulations to Matt, you've definitely earned your grand prize! The first time I ever stumbled across your film, I knew that if there was a serious contender, it would be Scent of a BB. Now you can make even more awesome flicks with your Mac...you better put em up on YouTube ;).

I'm very honoured to have been voted runner-up in what I consider the best CB contest in history. I've been suffering for five months, waiting for the Bold 9700 to drop...and now, I'm just yards away from sliding towards home base for a home run. Many thanks to Matt and the 8 other finalists for participating; CB Kevin and the CB staff; and most of all, a huge THANK YOU to the CB community. The excitement to finally own a BlackBerry is growing inside of me by the second.

Special shoutouts to trjnberry for keeping the contest so interesting, as well as shona67 for your hilariously super-loyal comments (seriously, if I know you...msg me so I can thank you in person!).

I'm off to read up on the 9700 user guide!

-Kevin aka ACD :)


You earned it! Great Job! I told you your video was the one to beat! Febuary, June, or August, I think Scent would have blown you out of the water, but Halloween is the right time of the year for zombies! haha! I think the challenge with this contest for the CB community voter was that there was no clear set of guidelines as to what we should be looking for in evaluating who deserved to win. So, basically, it became a vote based on individual interest. As I battled you constantly throughout the contest, I kept calling attention to your video. But, I was also calling attention to Matt's video when I was trying to stand up for him against the "professional" label. Like I said in one post, people want to say they voted for the winner, so they will vote for who they think has the best chance to win. With all the attention on your video and Matt's video, from not only my comments but from you and Matt actively participating in the community feedback, perhaps the community felt it was a rat race between you two and voted acoordingly.

There's the other issue that you and Matt used social networking to garner votes and whether that was fair to the other finalists. When I called your blog voting link into play with 3 days of voting to be done, I gave the community a chance to object. Once the community said your promotion of your video on your blog was OK, that your asking of non-CB users to vote for you was OK, then everybody knew they could so the same thing. At that point, everyone had a fair chance to gather their votes. So, you and Matt won fair, IMHO.


Thanks again, trjnberry. I must disagree with you about front-runner status though, I always saw Matt as THE Caesar of this contest haha. And rarely do front-runners maintain steam, so extra props to him. :)

Anyway, I'm just relieved I can get back to my normal life of university. I'm not in pre-law or debate, but I do want to get into law school! ;)

One final thing: I must point out the huge irony that my friend Sam (the iZombie) is the ONLY person in our group of friends that owns a BB (the Pearl in the vid was hers)!


i knew it from i watched it.


It was the one lo0ng video i watched to the end.... All of the videos that were made were awesome... great job eneryone that made one... truely pieces of art... Great work... look forward to the next round when ever that may be...




congratulations to all the winners. Although i know the 2 winners have great videos, i can't help but say that the integrity of this contest has been lost. It seems obvious that those with blogs, twitters, and facebook groups with 300+ members have taken over 50 percent of the vote. Now, I know it's understandable to tell your friends and family to vote for you, but i have never witnessed this level shameless campaigning. There's no doubt that the two winning videos were good, but i dont feel like they won because they were better than the others, i feel like the won because their makers campaigned the hardest. and that really sucks for those individuals who were under the impression that this was an honest competition, IMHO.


Charlie, I'd like to respectfully disagree with you. I worked very hard to film, edit, and promote my video and garner votes. Yes, I actively used blogs, Twitter, and lots of Facebook -- plus further campaigning in person. (Clearly, I didn't work THAT hard because Matt bested me hehe ;)

However, this WAS an honest competition; despite random unfounded accusations, no illegal activity took place. It was an online poll open to all 7 billion people of the world, and if CB wanted solely the CB community to vote, they would have closed the vote by hosting it in the forums.

Speaking of the CB community, I don't believe that social networking played such a major part in influencing the vote; CB has over 1.7 million members, which I'd guesstimate equates to tens (if not hundreds) of millions of hits a year. Getting your best friend's little bro to vote is not going to be a game-changer.

Matt Galo won on pure merit. If I were him, even if there was no contest I'd promote the hell out of such a fine short film!




First, I'd like to say that I really admire your diplomacy, not only in response to my comment, but throughout the blog postings. Next, I would beg you to reconsider the impact social networking had on this competition. Hypothetically speaking, someone could create a facebook group and invite all their "friends" to vote. Someone could make several posts on their blog or ask for votes on twitter. Now, this could have a severe effect on the integrity of the competition because those people are now going to vote on a video because of popularity rather than merit. Doesn't this put the other finalists at a disadvantage? Again, I'm not saying you didn't have a great video to begin with you have to understand that by creating facebook groups and inviting 300+ friends or posting on your blog means that those friends or fans that you might have are going to vote for your video despite the fact of it being the best. Whereas without campaigning on third party websites, it forces the voter to make a decision on their own.


I freely admit that I launched a massive online campaign on Facebook, amongst other techniques. Its effectiveness is highly disputed because most people (including myself) normally don't bother with FB events especially if some non-important action is involved. I'd say I had a 4% success rate, which means that only 1 out of 25 invitees actually voted for my video -- frustratingly low, but understandable because the event wasn't for an truly good cause like fighting poverty.

But think about it from this perspective: I had many friends who came up to me on their own expressing strong opinions that I should win over the 9 other finalists (I can't believe they also took the time to watch!), not because they knew me but because they thought my film was the best. Should they have been allowed to vote? Should they have been allowed to invite their friends to vote as well? Many of my voters probably never saw my vid, unfortunately, but just as many were excited to see me win.

No matter what type, from the POTUS down to CB, elections will always have countless sources of influence. Maybe I gained votes from a vocal presence on CB; maybe I lost votes for the same reason. Maybe I gained votes from friends who don't care about the contest and just voted because they were told; maybe I also gained votes from CB members who don't care about the contest but saw my film title and just voted for fun! It's impossible to conceive of an election system where "strangers" can't vote-and-run without also affecting the "locals".

In the end, I truly believed that I would never be able to pull enough votes to swing the results in my favour WITHOUT the overall support of the CB community, and I have a feeling that my theory is correct (objectively speaking). I am actually curious as to what the total vote count was.

I base my part-time job on networking (making my necessity for a BB so much greater, can't believe I've survived for this long). It's only natural to me that I apply the same concepts to everything I do, though this time around I didn't have my usual "SWAT team" at my disposal and clearly I didn't work hard enough on my own ;).


I feel it is a great video, but in a way, it gives the message you must have access to stunt professionals, pro sound and video gear to win such contests. But it was great work and I enjoy this video. :)


Hey first of all congratz on winning!! And that music in the background of the car chase sounds really familiar. Is it from James Bond or something?


The song was from "shoot em up"!


Haha I was pretty far off but thanks!!


Had to be... Well done Matt, I know a winner when I see one lol. Congrats to all


Nice job you can tell you worked hard on it, you deserved it!


After 2 American Idols and a So You Think You Can Dance, my choice finally wins the big contest! :-) Congratulations to Matt for a very entertaining video and to Kevin for putting up a strong fight! I would have commented sooner, but I think I had the Zombie following me around the forums earlier today. :-) A Crackberry Genius didn't appreciate the help I was giving to the OP and I almost got killed trying to justify my reply to the thread. Thank goodness the OP was vague enough for me to have a defense. So, be careful out there, I think Kevin's monster is on the loose! hahah!


I was really bummed I didn't make finalist, but I voted regardless.. We're all CB family here, so I'm not bitter lol.. But to be honest, I voted for the therapy video. I bust out laughing every time I saw the cop hit the ground! Nonetheless, the top 2 were excellent quality and very desserving. Maybe too desserving lol!!! Maybe in the next major contest, they should lower the bar so that the average blackberry user has a chance at winning also.

Congrats to Matt and Kevin, excellent job!!! I knew I didn't stand a chance next to either of you anyhow! LMAO


I was really bummed I didn't make finalist, but I voted regardless.. We're all CB family here, so I'm not bitter lol.. But to be honest, I voted for the therapy video. I bust out laughing every time I saw the cop hit the ground! Nonetheless, the top 2 were excellent quality and very desserving. Maybe too desserving lol!!! Maybe in the next major contest, they should lower the bar so that the average blackberry user has a chance at winning also.

Congrats to Matt and Kevin, excellent job!!! I knew I didn't stand a chance next to either of you anyhow! LMAO


I was really bummed I didn't make finalist, but I voted regardless.. We're all CB family here, so I'm not bitter lol.. But to be honest, I voted for the therapy video. I bust out laughing every time I saw the cop hit the ground! Nonetheless, the top 2 were excellent quality and very desserving. Maybe too desserving lol!!! Maybe in the next major contest, they should lower the bar so that the average blackberry user has a chance at winning also.

Congrats to Matt and Kevin, excellent job!!! I knew I didn't stand a chance next to either of you anyhow! LMAO


big congrats to all of the winners.


All the clips were good.
But this one had extra.
Cool effects etc.
good job.


Seriously WTF? No one else stood a chance! LOL
Phenom job, PHENOM!!!


Shooting a guy in the head for a cell phone? Even a BlackBerry? While I appreciate the quality of the video, I object to the level of casual violence in this particular choice.

IMHO, it's in bad taste for an all-ages safe website such as CrackBerry.


LOL great vid, but yeah a bit overdone on the violence... but well done!


Good job to everyone. So how do we collect on the accessories? I mean I need to go get my supplies now :)


hey matt, i voted for you and congrats! had to after our discussions over the green dot tour hahah. have fun with the new macbook!


Congratulations, great production, i vote "APPLECALYPSE" but the winner its so good.
Congratulation to all finalists

sorry my english, is ugly, jajaj


Congratuations to all partipicating entries.

But the ALL of you FLUNKED!

Where are the CAPTIONS??

There are plenty of DEAF Crackberry users and members in here.

Next time, please be sure you add CAPTIONS to your videos so you can have our votes.


Thank you.


This movie was funny as can be. "WHAT!?! NO EMAILS?!?! Must be a BIS power outage. lol Where is ALL OF YOUR creativity??? This was very deserving. The others were definitely note-worthy but geez, this took ALOT of work to do, Im sure. CONGRATS DUDE...


You guys obviously put a lot of effort into this, and you were a deserving winner. Enjoy your prizes!


VERY WELL DONE! I Liked the battery pull at the end.


Congrats! You deserved to win more than anyone! We are so so proud of you, as always! :)


While I like the video I have one comment, if he really loved his BlackBerry he would spell the name right. I think he should lose just based on the premiss's of that. Thats like forgetting your girlfriends name or her eye color!

For those of you that are clueless in title of the movie he spelled it Blackberry with only one capital B The proper spelling of the device is BlackBerry

Just sayin' !!


Really dude, I bet you don't even have a girlfriend to spell her name wrong.


Congrats to all of the winners, but EVERYBODY did a really good job on their vids!! I could see how much effort and Blackberry passion went into each one. Thanks for the entertainment...and thanks CB for such a unique contest.