And's Most Downloaded Wallpaper is...

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jan 2008 12:22 pm EST

Plain Black's free BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker Tool and User-Contributed BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery have been big successes, with hundreds of wallpapers being generated each day and shared with our member community.  The Wallpaper gallery now has thousands of wallpapers in it with many more on the way (it's become a full-time job just to moderate and publish contributed wallpapers - the queue is huge!).

With all that selection available, I just couldn't help but laugh when I noticed what the Most Downloaded BlackBerry Wallpaper in the 320x240 (fits Curves and 8800s) category was... Plain Black! I guess sometimes the most simple things are best - a plain black background used with the standard BB Dimension Theme really does look quite nice!

Surf around the gallery though... you may find something else that catches your eye (the Babes, Sports, Scenery, Technology and Travel Destination categories definitely get a lot of action!).

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And's Most Downloaded Wallpaper is...


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I suppose it's not TOO surprising that plain black is popular. Any store that sells dozens of flavours of ice cream will tell you that the most popular ice cream is vanilla. For wallpaper, I prefer something that doesn't interfere with the icons. It has to be subtle at the most.

I have gone through a zillion wallpapers...and keep coming back to the "Plain Black" one for my Crimson 8310. The black background makes the icons "pop" and lets them be seen clearly.

Like they say: "Once you go black, you'll never go back!!"