Analysts weigh in on Thorsten Heins: New CEO but same old problems?

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By Bla1ze on 23 Jan 2012 04:07 pm EST

Thorsten Heins is now President and CEO of Research In Motion. The internal structure change alone is something investors have been calling for, but what that means exactly for Research In Motion in the long run remains to be seen.

Analysts have been weighing in on the change since the news broke and while the consensus thus far has been mixed, there is a general feeling that Thorsten Heins isn't exactly going to bring the needed changes to Research In Motion.

Many analysts see Research In Motion's change as a missed opportunity for the company to make some drastic moves at a time when they need it most, while Thorsten is under the belief that internal overhauls aren't needed. 

    Atlantic Equities’ James Cordwell - New leadership at RIM was clearly required given the co-CEOs had lost credibility with investors after a disastrous 2011. However, initial commentary from the new CEO suggests there is unlikely to be a material change in the company’s strategy, which is disappointing but perhaps unsurprising given he was part of the prior management team. Heins highlighted improved consumer marketing and better execution as his key areas of focus for turning the company around. Whilst we agree that these areas require improvement we fear that RIM‟s problems require more structural solutions.
      Barclays Capital’s Jeff Kvaal - Heins is relatively unknown by the investment community. We thought some video clips made available by RIM last night were not particularly compelling - though admittedly they were not likely geared for an investor audience. We also believe RIM missed an opportunity to acquire some outside perspective by turning to Ms. (Barbara) Stymiest and Mr. Heins.
      Jefferies’ Peter Misek - 1) By making a break and bringing in new blood RIM is able to start a new chapter. 2) By allowing the Board to become truly independent, RIM and its Board can now have a more open strategic review. 3) This opens the door to other companies who were considering partnering with RIM to reconsider. 4) It allows shareholders to place all of the share price woes on the departing management team. We believe Thorsten Heins, a seasoned Siemens executive, is the smoothest near-term replacement. While it does not necessarily change anything overnight, it does create a fresh chapter and open doors and possibilities.
      Stern Agee analyst Shaw Wu - In our view, a CEO with a strong consumer electronics and supply chain background would have been ideal. The fact of the matter is that RIM is a consumer company whether the company likes it or not. We estimate that 60%-70% of its business is consumer vs. 30%-40% for enterprise. What has changed in IT over the past few years is that consumer is increasingly driving innovation and buying decisions. This is one of the key reasons why Apple and Google have been so successful in the smartphone space. We frankly would not be surprised to see RIM implement further senior management changes in the future.

      Needless to say, only time will tell what this particular transition will mean to Research In Motion as a whole but we'll be watching very closely as it unfolds as I'm sure many analysts and investors will be. From a personal standpoint though, I'm not sure where this feeling of immediate change stems from -- no matter whom RIM appointed, nothing just happens overnight and rushed changes are never good. We're excited to watch and see what Thorsten can do and wish him the best of luck at it.

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        Analysts weigh in on Thorsten Heins: New CEO but same old problems?


        What does 'whether out' mean. It's more of the same drivel, the major shareholders don't want to admit that even though they invented the category years before anyone, they sat on their laurels thinking they would be the kings of the hill forever. Someone is always out to gain the top spot, and Apple and Google/Android have. It would take an act of God for RIM to come up with something to change the inevitable, and it sure isn't OS10.

        First? Grow up. Back to topic. I knew RIM was in trouble when I read that the new CEO called Kevin. I love you Kevin, but you are a fanboy. Most of the people here are fanboys. The new CEO should keep away from Crackberry as much as possible. The people here see things through rose colored glasses. If he wants the true picture of the state of RIM this is the last place he should be visiting.

        You don't need Crackberry fans, YOU OWN THEM ALREADY. They will find a way to praise your phone if it ran on AA batteries. You, as CEO, need to reach out to those that are complaining and leaving your phones in droves. No, they are not sheep. No, they are not blind consumers. They are people that are willing to spend hundreds more to get another phone than get yours FOR FREE. You cannot build a viable business by stock piling subscribers in third world countries. The stock holders get this. They also get that you "don't get it".

        I was in awe, when I got my first Blackberry. I couldn't believe a phone could be so efficient. A las that is like a billion years ago. I constantly have to pull the battery of my phone. The push email is no longer a selling point. All the top phones have them, and have them working better than yours. FACT. I currently have 3 phones; a Blackberry, an iPhone 4s, and a WP7 HTC Arrive. Guess which one is the least efficient? Guess which one has the worst media capability? I love your keyboard and battery life. However, it is getting incredibly difficult to keep making excuses for you. Never mind though, there are hundreds here that will make excuses for you and call me names. The problem is, they are not the people that matter. YOU OWN THEM ALREADY. Make a serious attempt to get those that are not crackberry readers. Those that want to buy your phones because they meet their needs and not just because of allegiance.

        While I agree with most of your statement I disagree heartily with one thing and that is your understanding of the new CEO reaching out to Kevin. Without Crackberry RIM would be already in the grave. It is in here that RIM has been able to hold on to a key segment of their dying base of business, and that is people who own a Blackberry and will purchase one again no matter what.

        The first rule of sales is to keep the customers that you have first and foremost, and then go out and try to find new customers. In reaching out to Kevin its almost a "Thank you" by RIM for keeping the faith and staying with them. This is incredibly smart as it shows that RIM actually understands that a place like Crackberry helps keep RIM somewhat in the game by hanging on to their core customer base and then looking to build outward from that base of people.

        I agree with you about reaching out to Crackberry nation. I also feel like it is ok to reach out to your base. My concern is that he sounds like someone that reads Crackberry. That scares me. It is ok for Kevin and the rest of the people here to sound like that but he, on the other hand, is entrusted with leading RIM to newer heights. He cannot afford to wear rose colored glasses. Unfortunately, his conference call did nothing to dissuade me from that assumption.

        While I agree with most of your statement I disagree heartily with one thing and that is your understanding of the new CEO reaching out to Kevin. Without Crackberry RIM would be already in the grave. It is in here that RIM has been able to hold on to a key segment of their dying base of business, and that is people who own a Blackberry and will purchase one again no matter what.

        The first rule of sales is to keep the customers that you have first and foremost, and then go out and try to find new customers. In reaching out to Kevin its almost a "Thank you" by RIM for keeping the faith and staying with them. This is incredibly smart as it shows that RIM actually understands that a place like Crackberry helps keep RIM somewhat in the game by hanging on to their core customer base and then looking to build outward from that base of people.

        @ jbestman:
        Wow! Atlast, a fantastic unbiased post. Thank you. You just echoed my thoughts. If the new CEO indeed follows Crackberry, I pray he comes across yours. We need more Blackberry lovers like you rather than Blind, Fanatic Fanboys. A friend is someone who is honest enough to let you know your drawbacks and not just a lackey who keeps praising you irrespective.
        I strongly believe that to some extent, it's these fanatic fanboys who are responsible for RIM's downslide. When RIM gave them a latest phone with a downgraded battery life, they gladly embraced it. When they realized that it doesn't have an autofocus camera, they loved it even more. Now obviously RIM would have concluded that customers don't mind if their future phones don't have an autofocus camera and a good battery life. Though be ready for name calling like iSheep and iFool. The fanboys are little slow today with Monday Morning Blues. You'll fire them up with your post.


        You sir are dead wrong, first off, they do not own us. CB goers are not like Apple buyers, who simply eat up everything said, they actually give constructive criticism with a side of optimism. Sort of like BB is our own child, we see its faults better than anyone else (Apple or Droid fans) but we also know what it needs to work on best. And we state that every time a phone is released.

        When BB released the underwhelming storm then storm2. Or refreshes the Bold series, CB are the first to tell it like it is, they still enjoy the product, but they know it can be better. Kevin doesn't make decisions, so don't treat him like a useless dog.

        But he is more influential than any RIM brass is to anyone here. When is the last time you went to the BB website when you had an issue? IF you didn't call your carrier, you came right here...prolly on your BB phone!

        Apple users already have that, they have Apple stores, BB users aren't so lucky, so we have CB!


        You sir are dead wrong, first off, they do not own us. CB goers are not like Apple buyers, who simply eat up everything said, they actually give constructive criticism with a side of optimism. Sort of like BB is our own child, we see its faults better than anyone else (Apple or Droid fans) but we also know what it needs to work on best. And we state that every time a phone is released.

        When BB released the underwhelming storm then storm2. Or refreshes the Bold series, CB are the first to tell it like it is, they still enjoy the product, but they know it can be better. Kevin doesn't make decisions, so don't treat him like a useless dog.

        But he is more influential than any RIM brass is to anyone here. When is the last time you went to the BB website when you had an issue? IF you didn't call your carrier, you came right here...prolly on your BB phone!

        Apple users already have that, they have Apple stores, BB users aren't so lucky, so we have CB!

        The article is 'spot on'.

        Everyone hoped that a new fresh face would emerge, grab Blackberry by the RIM, and charge into a new year with exuberance that would return RIM to the almighty posture it once held in the industry. Unfortunately, Jim and Mike won't give up control. And who can blame them; they built and own a large majority of the company.

        So, the stock market investors have voted today with the stock losing $1.44; down 8.35%. Why did it go down when many people wanted to see new leadership and they got a new CEO? I completely agree with the article, the market didn't get what they wanted. With Jim and Mike pulling the handle behind Waterloos curtain, everyone expects the company to continue on its present course. The present course is what has caused the market and consumer to abandon RIM.

        That being said, there still is goodness in the lurk at RIM and it is still a good investment.

        The stock went down because many were buying RIM based on the idea that they were going to sell the company.

        No, the stock went down because 99% of the analysts on wall street know that nothing is going to change, and we just have a new front man at RIM. They needed a BIG change to excite the market, and this wasn't it.

        The stock went up 5% when RIM announced a new CEO. It starting tanking once everyone found out the two old CEOs not only continue in the company but one of them leads the INNOVATION Committee. Wow!

        havent' had time to reach much stuff today, but has anyone attributed the drop in today's share price not because they don't believe in the new leadership, but it signals the fact that RIM does NOT want to sell themselves?

        Close, but what would anybody buy? Subscribers? If RIM fails the competition gets them anyway as they need a new provider. They have a great patent portfolio to sell, that is it. Like Kodak. They actually invented the digital camera 20 years ago, but sat on it.....and you know the rest.

        When I read the headline this morning that they appointed a new CEO, I thought to myself "Yes, a much needed shake up is what is needed". But then I heard the conference call. Don't get me wrong, I like the "new blood" as we'd say where I grew up. But when the man says that RIM is fine as is it just needs to execute more...I feel like maybe he doesn't really get it (i think the financial markets feel the same way). But we'll see. He has a few markers that we can measure his tenure by (playboook OS 2.0 deployment and subsequent updates, overall marketing, new hires, and of course the deployment of BB 10).

        This is the problem as I see it. He was part of the previous management group that thought everything was "fine". Clearly, it's not. He won't change things because he's still working for Mike.

        I don't think it's so much the fact that Heins is 'internal': the market reaction was positive before the conference call: the stock was up 4%. The reason it dropped is because the conference call revealed that the 'status quo' will be upheld: no major changes at all except for (maybe) licensing.

        I think the investors are a joke for the most part. Aside from the idiot consumer as of late, who seem to be RIM's largest enemy (yet they claim to be fans or supporters), I really think the investor isn't helping at all. I get that the company has lost credibility, but there are two US companies (Apple and Google) who are constantly getting favoured, and since most of the investors are American, it just seems like patriotic bullshit to me. It has seemed that way for over a year now. It's so fucking tiring defending the BlackBerry environment from dogmatic idiots who don't even know what they're talking about for the most part.

        Ew, apparently I like to say "for the most part". And I apologize for the colourful language.

        Joski, you give Americans too much credit. I don't think they have any idea where RIM is located :)

        I will say that I think Google and Apple manipulate the internet searches as well as media to their favour. RIM could do a much better job in manipulation of the public perception.

        I too hate defending RIM products from the Apple and Android sheep. I finally gave up in my workplace.

        American's know RIM is Canadian. The media has made sure of that fact.

        But yes I agree it is a very one sided media story out there, and people have no idea what is available for Blackberry anymore.

        But I gave up to on the Apple/Android discussion.


        I couldn't have said it better myself. They are already tanking the man without seeing what transpires. What bullshit.

        Seriously, it's so irritating. I'm getting a little tired of having the same conversation with the idiots around me who think they know and understand the tech world because they happen to own an iPhone. It always ends the same with them saying "Oh... I didn't know any of that. But what about apps?". What's the number now?... 600 000 apps? That many useless apps hardly seems like a valid argument anymore.

        Anyway, give the man a chance before writting him off completely. No one seems to really know this guy. Who knows, he could do just what everyone is expecting/hoping for.

        As much as I agree with the spirit of what you're saying, I think you may be wrong. Consumers are driving the market now. So if the average consumer doesn't know what Blackberry can do, I can't blame the consumer. I remember talking in the elevator to someone about blackberry. She heard me "voice dialing" by speaking to the phone. She was amazed and asked if my phone was hacked?!?!? I can't fault her with that. That all rests at the feet of RIM.

        Absolutely fair. I was just pointing out that these people in particular trash talk RIM and BlackBerry with a smirk on their face meanwhile they actually know nothing more than what they might have heard through the grapevine. It's just annoying is all.

        Investors invest to make money.....and Apple and Google make zillions of dollars, as reflected in their stock prices, even if somewhat inflated. RIM's stock is in the toilet because their business is in the toilet.....did you read deeply to find out that the oft quoted number of 75 million subscribers, while perhaps true, are mostly in third world countries, where BB's are the lowest priced smart phones available. They cannot afford Android or iPhones, so they get BB's. Money isn't patriotic, it's green in the USA, or the color of whatever country it's are there to grow, not care about what country a product is from. If Iran made a non nuclear smart phone that was great, it would sell, and the stock would fly. It's called capitalism.

        Ironically the same investors that look to make money cause the failure in both their pockets and ultimately confidence in a company. RIM has a great deal of innovation in store yet a perception of their worthlessness is perpetuated by analysts and clueless investors. RIM sucks at marketing. That is a known fact by everyone on this blog. The analysts and investors fail to comprehend this fact in my opinion. Heins made it clear that this weakness is deep and is being addressed. It is infuriating to me that there is an expectation that RIM has to somehow dump everything to make their viability worthwhile. Twisted, fried mentality. Apple and Google put their name out to the masses very well. However this doesn't make their products better than anyone else's. Marketing is the missing link here. Not a lack of innovation.

        "Perception of their worthlessness is perpetuated by clueless investors." At least investors put their money where their mouth is. I totally agree--RIM's marketing efforts in the US are terrible and this has greatly contributed to the decline of company's products in the public eye. But I am sick of listening to this crap that RIM's products are just so crazy good and no one else knows it. Let's just be real here--the BlackBerry 7 smartphones with their "liquid" graphics, 5MP cameras, and 1.2 GHz processors barely arrived on the scene in time to be immediately eclipsed by every other competing product. The unreliable Java-based OS continues to lag in capabilities when compared to its competition. And there are still no apps! Having like 5 cool apps that RIM can list on it's website (that are typically much less cool than versions of the same apps running on other platforms) does not a market-leading smartphone make.

        So let's stop deluding ourselves. The company's marketing efforts have been a disaster AND it's products are out-classed by the competition, hands down. No one in the US cares about BBM--none of our friends have a BlackBerry anymore! Look I love the platform, my 9850, PlayBook, etc. But this phone I own ain't the best thing on the market. It's really not even in the top 10. I really hope BB10 is a smash hit, but Thorsten's horrible CNBC interview where he was channeling a fiesty Lazaridis ("we're still #1, everyone loves our 'iconic' products!") really didn't do anything to help us.

        The market's reaction was justified. I hope he can execute as he says and I hope he get's his "top talent" CMO. But a little more humility. A little acknowledgement that the Street (and your customers) aren't a bunch of crazies who somehow don't see how wonderful RIM is. A little "I know we f'd this up the past two years, but we are on the march, on the mend, heads are gonna roll and we're gonna show you how good we can be once again." This woulda gone a hellvua long way compared with what we got today.

        I have had all these competitors allegedly "superior" phones. News flash, they don't outclass BB.I am relatively new to BB, having arrived here by the fact that BB was the only brand I hadn't tried. I can tell you that BB is the only phone that I haven't desired to wing out of a window. From my perspective BB has to address the marketing hole and straighten out the issues which cause deadline delays.

        Im living in the so called third world(caribbean) and you're very misinformed.Their is more money to burn in the island that im living than you could imagine.while you are able to get discounts on phones(we dont) we spend upwards of 700(us)plus for a bold and i do have a bold. so its not so difficult to afford an iphone or an android.(actually some of my friends have both):) however what i like about bb is the different price points for eg if you dont have the cash like i do you can atleast afford something cheaper rougly 300-400(us) for a curve.

        Yes blackberry they have their work cut out, Cause the only thing thats keeping us third world people is bbm. When i spend that kind of money on a phone i expect certain features that should come as standard offerings i shouldnt have to purchase via an app so rim get your act together im already a fan of whatsapp:) not the best but .......

        I'm glad you said this. People have to understand that outside North America...most people pay full price for their phones.

        One of RIM's problem is its message. They honestly believe that if you make a better product that it will sell itself. That mindset may work in the enterprise where function is valued over style, but not in the consumer market. Consumers want an experience. That's why the Playbook adds touting flash failed to attract consumers while the iPad ads about the Apple experience won. Make a better product...ok. But you gotta have a story.

        So you're point about the "idiot consumer" is really not the consumers fault. Marketing 101: It's up to you as the advertiser to educate your consumers. If you wont, someone else will. Till now RIM has decided they don't want to educate anyone. Well, guess what...Apple and Google have. And even though the lesson being taught are false in many regards (i.e. you need apps as opposed to a device that has a fully functional browser), because its the only one being taught...people believe it.

        RIM will be fine. I suggest they market their new line at a lower price point than all the other manufacturers. Also advertise in a way that draws distinct similarities with competing hardware/software in capabilities as well as the differences that are also their strengths over that competition (i.e. Blackberry can do that, too but it can also do this which that cannot.)

        We all know app development and availability is lagging behind, so hire talent dedicated to it. Distinguish between the competitions mass amount of worthless apps (fart, brostache, etc) and draw comparison to extremely useful apps for Blackberry in AppWorld. Or, have the devs create versions of those and/or create new silly, fun apps to compete.

        Maybe ads that get across how it works and the advantages of BIS, and the fact that RIM maintains all 9's month after month, year after year are needed. I agree with Mr. Wu, like it or not RIM must cater to the regular consumer and targeting them in a new, fresh ad campaign may be required.

        Sorry, but price is almost irrelevant, at least in NA, where there is little practical difference when you buy on the never-never plan, as most do. BBs need to compete on features, and they don't. When BB10 arrives, it has to blow the doors off the reviewers and consumers, or BB is dead, and that's a very tall order. That is their last chance, if it is not already left too late, and all the new talent can't change that. I agree about the almost non-issue of apps.

        There are too many low to mid range android phones on the market now with subsidized price points in the free range... Lowering subsidized prices won't do crap in the US.

        Analysts and investors are fickle. Google reported a 25% revenue increase over last year's 4th quarter. But since it didn't meet what was expected, their stock took a hit.

        People may laugh, but innovation is not RIM's problem. It's execution/delivery. What is preventing them from delivering are internal process', and divisional management issues. You can have a tank full of water (innovation), but if the tap to release it is broken, nothing will come out.

        RIM has smart people working for it. The internal structure needs to be fixed and under-performing managers given the boot. That's why externally, people can't figure it out.


        Exactly, you hit the nail in the head.

        They know what they have to focus on and improve. They are no longer sitting on the side as the fire has been lit on there ***.

        But now they need an execution fix.

        Innovation is a MAJOR problem at RIM. Could someone please tell me exactly what they have innovated on in the last 5 years? Nothing. Maybe BBM was the last innovation. everything else has been copying the innovation of others and, I would agree, that's where the execution and delivery comes in....

        @westex74.... You couldn't be more wrong. What you you are seeing is exactly the symptom that I'm talking about. It's not their ability to innovate that's the problem. It's their ability to define the product, develop it, freeze the specs and focus on delivery that is the issue. Once that is fixed, you will see a marked improvement.

        PlayBook was a major innovation. The QNX OS is fast and smooth and the hardware is far more complete and better quality than virtually anything else on the market.

        The problem? Implementation. It was shipped without features that many have said were critical. It was shipped without a robust ecosystem. It was shipped at premium prices, and because of Poor Implementation, late updates we are still waiting for, it has been treated roughly in the market. Many of these decisions were by B+L who overruled their subordinate management.

        RIM can innovate. But they also have to deliver on time and exceeding expectations. Overdeliver.

        If the new CEO can get RIM to implement, they will address the biggest issues. They are on that path, and he must ensure they do it.

        100% agree with what you're saying here. How many videos have we as customers seen of the innovations to come? Get us all excited about what is to come then we here the "just wait and see, it will be amazing" Then we either see nothing, or so far from the now we forget all about it or some other company has already done it. It's disappointing and angers potential/current customers. Show it, do it. This is that way things need to be ran @ RIM. I understand with the way everything works with device PINs and communication with the NOC and all the security can be complicated, but if RIM has an idea, I don't want to see it until a few weeks prior to being implemented. Not 10 months before. At that point it just feels like false hope, and it gives another company the opportunity to copy it.

        Boldly sent from my 9930

        Well put, both of you. Unfortunately, there's nothing beyond OS 2 that's in the pipe (meaning in the next 3-6 months). Next fall is frighteningly far away for OS 10, when we already know what the competition has on the shelves.

        "there's nothing beyond OS 2 that's in the pipe" - that we know of.

        Often we form opinions based on what we know, not knowing what we don't know. There may be an OS 2.5, OS 3, BBTV, etc...or maybe they buckle down and deliver OS10 with a feature set that can hold its own with iOS6 and Android 5.

        We are talking abou Research in Motion me--there is nothing in the pipeline of ANY significance. This a company who announces things way too early then fails to meet its own deadlines. Not a company that has a history of secret products it's planning on rolling out that surprise everyone.

        I'm sure a lot of "buckling" will be going on in Waterloo, the tough part will be riding out the next 10 mos. Big marketing blitz will not improve BB7 sales significantly, but hopefully will lay the groundwork in consumer's minds that their is a 3rd choice (not just AAPL and GOOG) and prepare the way for the BB10 rollout...

        Sadly, I agree with the analysts. The 2 big problems moved upstairs and promoted their flunky, who seems as oblivious to RIM's situation as the Co-CEO's. Investors are looking for an outsider who realizes what a sinking, burning ship RIM is, and will go to "Emergency" status with "all hands on deck".
        Heinz seemed like everything was just peachy and RIM just needed a few tweaks here and there. Plus, I would bet that Laziridis and Balsillie are just down the hall with their fingers in the pot.

        & how did that work for HP?
        I can think of a number of companies that got new CEO's who imediatly made drastic damaging changes

        "...while Thorsten is under the belief under the belief that internal overhauls aren't needed."

        Psst, Bla1ze... one too many "under the belief" in there, it seems. Or is he just really, really (really) under the belief that internal overhauls aren't needed?

        This stock price is no surprise to me. Look at the video statement from him. I don't expect any good news from him. He helped to work our the current strategy.
        Furthermore, the videos were definitely not helpful. I did not see an strong executive with a clear idea about the next steps.

        I see 3 possible reasons why the board has chosen Heins:
        1. An absolut brillant manager
        2. He agreed to be Mikes puppet. Mike and Jim continue to run RIM.
        3. He is ordered to brush up the bride to sell it.

        Number one is unlikely. Siemens Communication was a huge loss maker. I think number 3 as the most plausible.

        "while Thorsten is under the belief under the belief that internal overhauls aren't needed"

        Ooopsie :D

        It doesn't matter. The BB10 phones will wow or they won't. It's really that simple.

        What analysts don't get is a new CEO will have very little impact on BB10 the die has already been cast, and bringing in an outsider while your trying to get BB10 out the door is pointless and likely counterproductive.

        There will never be a BB10 phone.....ever. They haven't even come close to starting it. Oh wait, it's those new chips that haven't been invented yet that are holding it up!!!!! That explains it. C'mon, the ship sailed, I've had my BB since the first one, but at some point you need to move them or not, the Android and Apple phones are cool and innovative, with 1000's of new apps daily. We get poker and updates to updates to updates on software that do nothing new. Berryweather......I live in NYC, and the temperature reading is 10 degrees different from locations literally 1/4 mile apart. Very accurate, for those of you who know NY, it isn't colder on 58th Street than 68th Street.

        There will be a BB 10 phone. My fear is it will at best be playing catch-up in most consumers' eyes. In the meantime, tens of millions of Samsung phones will have been sold.

        That is where the BB10 planning and strategy come in, BB10 has to be unique enough to differentiate itself from iOS and Android, while being impressive enough to minimize the impact of feature gaps between iOS and Android.

        The BB10 roadmapping would already have been completed so Thorsten sticking with the strategy is simply him committing to deliver BB10. Radical changes at this point would either push the BB10 phones further out, or kill BB10 development.

        The bright spot here is that the board, decoupled from Mike and Jim's control believe in BB10 as a platform.

        Yes, he did it all single handedly, he even designed all the new products.... by hand... himself. All of the other shmoes at apple sit around all day and do nothing, boy I sure would have like to work at Apple when SJ was there doing everything single handed, but then he's GOD so he actually could. Heaven must have been a messed pu place when GOD was running Apple....

        New Flash... He's DEAD... and the stock over the last few months hasn't exactly faltered.. that shows his value.

        Somebody said something twice. RIM is in no problematic situation outside of a fake, created problematic situation - caused by greedy economists and financial analysts. Guess what? They're liars. How come this isn't obvious to confused people? Because they're confused. Most people (the confused ones) believe whatever they're fed by the liars, and develop these uneducated reflex opinions about the lies they're told.


        in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

        If a person capable of thinking uses a blackberry 7.1 device to it's potential and pair it with a playbook running 2.0 - they would be telling lies if they said they were missing out on features and powerful, compelling solutions that work great. Seriously, reply all you want with a bunch of "whatever" - I won't read it, lol.


        in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

        I've been thinking about this all day. My final thought is, It's just makeup on a pig. RIM can not go all year without anything good. Why release BB10 at the end of the year ? this is a killer.

        Let me be an analyst and say Thorsten Heins is directly to be blamed for RIM's shitty shape today. He is not going to be RIM's savior, but the person who will finally kill the company.

        Look at it: he shows up in 2007 at the height of Crackberry mania, and since then, the company is in a downward spiral that just gets worse and worse.

        The reason for the failures? Most people can attribute it to poor product management, poor public relations, poor marketing, missed one delivery date after another, building the wrong products, completely blind to consumer trends. ALL of these are directly under the jurisdiction of the COO.

        The guy sounds like a lame duck with a stupid smirk on his face. I don't know how many times I've heard him say "I love it" in the video interviews he's done so far, that I'm beginning to think he's the brainchild behind the failed "Love" ad campaign.

        A missed opportunity would be too kind to describe what happened this weekend.
        I feel so sorry for what once was a great company.

        That was one of the most pessimistic posts I have seen in a long time.

        Sometimes the forums reflect the clusterf*** of opinions there are out there.

        What doesn't make sense is why the "new CEO" would even say that other than marketing nothing is wrong with RIMM. If that were the case then he wouldn't have been the "new CEO, and the two guys he replaced would still be there. After reading articles the whole day about this it's really hard for me to understand how this is really a change. The "new CEO" is just going to be doing what the "old" people in his position were doing. What a shame. I talked so many of my friends into buying Playbooks.

        If anyone here goes to stock trading websites or forums you will see tons of people shorting RIM. This is hurting them since thousands of people are doing it.

        All these analysts have done is prove to me that no matter what RIM does they will continue to bash and do what they can to drive the stock down. Most people know that the stock market is corrupt. Nothing is certain and these douches do all they can to control the market, or theyre just a bunch of paid sheep wjo are told what to write. I dont care or believe anything analysts or journalists say anymore.

        Team Blackberry 4 Life.

        American media is the devil. i have spoken to people who have nothing to do with rim ( their not shareholders or own bb phones) and they have commented on how much negative media has surrounded rim in the past 6 months. i am a shareholder and have followed media about rim daily and know that no other (20 billion in sales) company has had to defend every aspect of there business the way rim has. its the few high profile short sellers linked to the assaults controlling the flow of media and everyone in the chain gets paid along the way.

        I realize I could be wrong. It seems Jim & Mike still run the company and this move was used to pacify the stock holders. Another problem is this will give Jim & Mike another reason to be more removed from the buisness while still making bad descisions. I also believe Jim & Mike are waiting for the right offer to come along before selling their portion of RIM. It's obvious Jim & Mike are not interested in bringing RIM to a pinnacle in the world of smart phones, 2011 makes that crystal clear. But they are interested in the optimum cash-out and this descision to bring on a new CEO was not made by Jim & Mike and would have never happened if not for the other investors. Having a new CEO also provides Jim & Mike with a monsterous bleeder valve when it comes to deflecting criticisim from the other share holders.

        After the internal auditor's report, the cards were on the table for all the board to see. I think the board said to Jim and Mike... "We 'suggest' that you pick someone to replace you who the board will approve of." Any free will by Mike and Jim would have been constrained.

        Prem Watsa will be a terrific influence in the board room and will not be swayed by Mike and/or Jim.

        Its been funny listening to various analysts around the world offer their two cents on what this all means. The latest I heard was Michael Levy, investiment advisor and analyst, for CKNW - a news radio station in Vancouver - offer his take.

        His evidence is that RIM products are primarily for the "grey haired" and "lack sex appeal" to which younger individuals want. Had RIM really wanted to change and catch up; they would have hired someone else, he argues. He believes that RIM hired this CEO for the sole reason of cleaning up the company in order to make it presentable in order to sell it to someone else. RIM also has a number of patents that are attractive to the major players in the market which, he argues, may be worthwhile to sell.

        Thanks for putting this up it really illustrates how dumb these people are. Even his logic is flawed the market wants RIM to be sold so if they believe this is the guy's job the stock price would go up.

        This is pointless, nobody can predict the future or somebody would be very rich. All this negativity is doing is feeding more negativity about how RIM is "dying" and "can't innovate" without being able to give facts that back up those vague statements.

        Everyone talks about innovation with RIM. What about innovation at apple??? Can someone tell me the major differences between the iPad 1 and 2? The major differences between the iPhone 4 and 4S? Either than some enhanced specs?? For god sakes, Apple just picked up on the BBMesque imessenger. RIM does, and always will do the communication thing quite well. If I want to play a stupid game, I'll pull up my iPad. If I want to send out a business email, I'll do it on my blackberry. Can anyone really fathom typing a two hundred plus word email on an iPhone??

        Blackberry will live on, we all remember Apple in the late 90s

        what everone is failing to remember is that RIM has already made a major decision and that was to move from BBOS to QnX. this transition is not complete, let RIM launch BB10 with the necessary ecosystem of apps, social and entertainment media. Only then can you pass judgment on RIM.
        so.relax, enjoy your BB7 devices and soon to be released PB OS 2.0.

        At reading these comments it seems no matter what Rim does, its always going to be a failure in the eyes of the wall street idiots. I think for 1, its a canadian based outfit. Secondly, the US debt are in the 100's of trillions of dollars and in soon to reach the debt ceiling. Its no wonder US investors and media are always spinning negitives about Rim. Google and Apple generate billions for the US economy, and so wall street investors have to protect their investments. Rim could come out with the best handset and its still gonna get trashed by the idiots analysts and media.

        I have used blackberries for over five yrs and still loving it. And playook is still an amazing tablet and will be more amazing with os2 in february. Rim just needs to focus and forget media baises and investor concerns. Only Rim truly knows Rim and what it needs to do to make it work. They have all the pieces to make it work. Qnx is a very solid OS and has yrs of proven usage. I'm sure if Apple or Google saw that first they would have aquired qnx. Apple and Google were so interested in trashing each other, it enabled Rim to look outside its own os and saw potential in something unique as qnx. I believe Google and Apple understands this ( imho ). Think its coincidence that Apple is releasing ipad 3 round the same time as os2. ios and android is today's mobile os but qnx IS the future in mobile tech. How can it not be? i believe this is Rim's saving grace

        The potential and power of qnx is huge. Rim just need to market it properly and get developers interested, which they did at devcon. Rim will hit its stride, its just a matter of time. Now with the new ceo, its definately down the right path. IMHO its gonna be an awasome turnaround, simply cus its Rim turn. BTW not a blackberry fanboy but a proud canadian who's stands by Rim.


        I agree with you about the potential of qnx.
        But 99% of the tech Blogs and Newspapers do not care about qnx or BB10. For them RIM is done. And i know a lot of people (here in germany) who like the Playbook OS but will never buy a Playbook or a future Blackberry device, because the have heard that RIM is done and the platform will die soon.
        RIM has to WOW them with some extremly cool stuff to change the mind. And even then they will think the platform will die.

        And thats a very sad fact. Rim also needs to remember that @ the end of the day to focus on the prize which is the enterprise market, not the comsumer because the enterprise is also the comsumer. When the enterprise goes home after after working hours THEY become the comsumer. If they work with a good product ( which rim need to have )they will be confident with the one they have,which should be a blackberry. Honestly, who really wants to carry two devices i dont and i suspect most dont.

        And that will be the selling point for Rim, simply keep focus on the enterprise. Win the enterprise, and the mindshares will follow And add that to great marketing and Rim will lead again.


        To me the Analysts and Meteorologists are pretty much the same: They go to University for their training to predict the unpredictable and still get paid for it.

        As far as the media, they are all about negativity.. that's their bread and butter.
        While watching my regular newscast on TV, they reported at least 10 full minutes when RIM had issues during the numerous occasions during 2011, saying Oooooo, Ahhhhhh how BAD this is for RIM, etc.... but this week when a new CEO was announced, it got a 20 sec. mention and basically brushed aside. It seems good news doesn't pay their salary. This is what we see... this is what we believe. We are all sheep in humans clothing.

        RIM needs marketing. It needs to be plastered in our minds so that when we go to bed at night and close our eyes, that's all we see dancing in our heads. Marketing is brain washing. You can sell a rotten oyster to someone if you tell them often enough that it tastes good.
        We know who's been selling rotten apples for years..... SJ may have been an innovator but he was a marketer first. He wouldn't wait around to ask what you wanted... he made it and TOLD you THIS is what you need. Not GOD, just a good marketer.

        Clearly, there are issues at RIM that is not in dispute. And yes Apple has some pretty cool products and a fairly stable OS but most importantly they have one hell of a marketing engine. I have an apple product and interestingly enough its that product that made me ultimately choose BB.

        Apple has used marketing to make the world believe that their product is the best despite issues with itunes, no flash, needing apps to take the place of regular sites and no expandable memory slots or replaceable battery and short battery life.

        When was the last time you saw a BB marketing campaign? As its been pointed out RIM has some great features but who else knows of them besides BB users?

        Every product has their cons and pros but each company has done a better job of creating hype despite any flaws than RIM has.

        I am from Canada and despite people converting to iphones I happen to know more people with BBs tban iphones and I usually see more BBs than iphones most places I go. So RIM still has marketshare andthere is still hope and supporters over here. Hopefully RIM can get there act together one way or the other People need alternatives to cookie cutter iphones.