Analysts Claim BlackBerry Storm To No Longer Be Sold By Verizon?

By Bla1ze on 23 Feb 2010 10:49 am EST
Analysts Claim BlackBerry Storm To No Longer Be Sold By Verizon?

Needless to say, we're gonna stick the fat rumor tag on this one. But, according to the folks over at The Street it seems investors and analysts were given reason to worry about Research In Motion at some point in time. The worry coming from what is yet to be confirmed news that BlackBerry Storm orders have either been drastically reduced or cut off entirely.

While we speculate all day about the reasons why this may be, it's best we just ride this little piece of information out for the time being and see what, if anything actually comes out of it. Seems every year as we count the days down to WES rumors come from everywhere, all spelling Research In Motions demise. But none of them ever seem to become reality. That said, what do you all think? Original Storm series saying goodbye or still around for a while yet?

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Analysts Claim BlackBerry Storm To No Longer Be Sold By Verizon?


my thoughts exactly. HOw can this fall into the same bin as the "Demise of RIMM" rumors? This WAS a faulty product. Thats why they rushed to get another storm into production. Look at the iPhone, it was so successful that they waited almost 2 years before coming out with the 2nd generation iPhone, and even since that was successful they only "Tweaked" it to come out with another phone, which people are still competing with today.

This is good for RIMM, as even they admitted to the Storm being unsuccessful.

Everything that's wrong with it, its probably a good idea. There are SO many things they have yet to address. Can't wait for my upgrade.

That Blackberry devices are the best handsets on the market. If only they offered as much memory as the iphone. I think the storm would be more popular. People are afraid to download too many things on their devices because they are afraid of memory leaks, slowing down their phone, etc. With 60GB, that would be unheard of. My opinion, anyway...

rim has to allow apps to run off the sd cards, and stop using ram. rim has to do a lot to catch up..... but when you focus on spaming end user mailboxes with ads. instead of trying to make them happy ....

That's not really a fair comparison IMO.
Blackberry apps are small compared to iPhone apps.

My BIGGEST apps clock in around 1.5-2MB on my 'berry.
My SMALLEST apps iPhone apps are about the same.

It's been my experience that iPhone apps are roughly twice the size of their BlackBerry equivalents.

Also, don't forget that the iPhone is designed primarily as a media and gaming platform, whereas RIM's devices are designed primarily for business and e-mail.

Personally I think the Storm concept has been flawed since the beginning.
It's trying to compete with the iPhone, but it's really no different than a standard 'berry with a touchscreen and motion sensor.

you are right with that, but with the opengl games that will come i dont think apps will stay that small. plus apps are mostly small because of the lack of visual appeal imo.

anyways to be real honest. ive jumped ship back and forth in the past 2 years.

have had both iphones, a curve, bold 9000 and now bold 9700. and i think i am finally ready to jump ship and not look back anymore. well see what is announced in october. and if it is the same old crap from rim. im gone for good

I think it is a fair statement. RIM has made it clear they're trying to complete with those areas, and so they should be held to those measures.

I only have Content apps like Viigo, Bloombger, BusinessWeek, Sticher, etc.... Not a game, I've even removed the games that came with my blackberry and I still have memory leak issues and have to removed the non essential news clients. Had RIM had more memory, or at least the ability to run apps off an SD card I would have been able to have the apps I really want on my phone. What strikes me as odd is that WinMobile has had the ability to run off of SD since forever.

Now hopefully when my storm craps out again I can get a storm2 from Verizon cause I dnt see an update no time soon for us storm9530 users

They are trying to sell the Storm 2 and the Droid and whatever other new device comes out, that's all.

Nothing to see here, folks...move along now.

The Storm 2 is the newest series of RIM touchscreen why sell the Storm 9530/9500 anymore? Seems logical...just like any other business would do. Out with the old obsolete products just like every other business out there.

Verizon still has both Storm models and I see no point in that. The Storm2 is a decent phone and I don't see it going away anytime soon unless a Storm3 is ready.

I say Storm 1 disappears right about the time Storm 3 arrives. :D sense in having 3 generations of a phone in the store.

My local Verizon store had all the (original) Storm accessories 80% off last week; I could tell from that what was going to happen. Nothing fit my Storm2, though! :(

Why would they continue to sell both the storm 1 AND storm 2? Do you go into car dealerships and have to decide between the current model and last years model?

Liquidate the inventory and move on. Jeesh.

As long as this only refers to the 9530 Storm, then fine by me. It's my current phone, but with the 9550 being the newer and superior phone, there's no reason to keep the older one around as well.

They are removing the 9530 and making room for the Storm 3 with slide out keyboard :) Just makes sense to stop producing the 9530 at some point. I still love mine, minus the 18MB of memory at bootup.

Yer and it's a RIDICULOUS idea! It's a touch screen phone for god sake. All it needs is Flash 10 and it'll be perfect. The best alternatives to the iPhone are the phones not trying to be an alternative. Go figure RIM.....

I hope Verizon releases the .419 OS before they drop the 9530. I'm already running it but some don't want to use it unless Verizon releases it.

Although I am a diehard 6 year(not 6 yrs old LOL) blackberry user and abuser. the fact that Iphone has upped its game with the 3gs may get me too go to the other side. I know lots of people swearing by the technology that Rim and Big Red are lacking for the Storms and other units. so will I migrate from my storm to whatever soon??? we shall see

I can confirm this, VZW has designated it as an end of life device, along with the 8330, 8230, and 8830. This means that they have ceased ordering any more units. Hopefully it doesn't spell the end of OS support for these devices.

Could it be these "analysts" are just to dumb to know there's a difference between Storm and torm2, and hearing that the old Storm is being formally phased out they think that's end of the line for both?

If its just the 9500 and 9530, that is logical.

I mean, the Curve2/85xx series has come out and they then discontinued the Curve/83xx series, right?

Since the Storm2 9520 and 9550 have been out for a while, why keep the older 9500/9530 around?

Now if their discontinuing off ALL Storms 9530, 9500, 9550, 9520, then I'd start to wonder.

I will say I agree with smnc, how the Storm idea was flawed. Billed by many as an iPhone "killer" or at least competitor, it was never anything more than a good Berry with its physical keyboard and track ball replaced by a touch screen. As such, it disappointed many. Then add in some of the software problems fixed by later releases, screen issues many encountered, etc.

NOTE: my original Storm stayed in service for over a year, and still works perfectly after doing the "electrical tape inside the battery door" trick

I would be extremely dissapointed if the Storm 2 was DI'd. After having the 9530 for about 9 months I can say it was a dump. However, the Storm 2 has been perfect. Just look at the addition of Slacker 3.0. This is great news. This is a solid device that is at the top with build quality compared to the 9700. I am very happy with the 9550 and will not see changing to another phone soon. The problem is we are not sure what to compare it to. As others mentioned, it is not the Iphone or the Droid. It is not for the novice users for sure. Is is somewhere in between those phones and a Bold. If we stop trying to compare it to a class it's not in, we would be very content with the device. If you want a Droid or Iphone type device, then go get it and be happy. I love the 9550 and am glad RIM righted the ship with the device.

Blackberry Storm 2
Customer Services Communications -

There has been a great deal of noise in the media and on customer forums about the Blackberry Storm 2 and speculation that Vodafone is no longer stocking the device. This is not the case and in the event that you receive any enquiries on this from customers, here is some information you can give to them:

*The Storm 2 is now available to buy online through and we continue to receive a steady supply of stock.

*We're also continuing to provide support for customers who have purchased the device through Vodafone, as we do with all other devices in our range

*In addition to the Storm 2, customers can choose from a wide range of smart phone and email devices from Blackberry, Nokia, Apple and other leading manufacturers and this range will continue to evolve to keep up with the fast-paced development of handsets.

*We constantly evaluate our handset range to ensure it meets customers' demands for the latest and greatest phones and we will continue to introduce new devices moving forward.

I just migrated from the Storm 1 over to the Tour 9630. I loved my Storm however like many are stating there were a lot of problems. If the rumor is true it will be sad to see the Storm go. I am going to keep my Storm ready at the waiting so if I get sick of my Tour I will have the trusty Storm ready to go.

I'd hardly call this a confirmation or anything close to it, but Sat I did try to buy a set of screen protectors from a VZW corporate store and they were out. When the gentleman tried to order them he said he was unable to do so, he seemed confused and surprised himself and said they were showing as unavailable for order.

Again, hardly a confirmation of any kind, but interesting.

It IS the original Storm that is being discontinued, and only to my knowledge the Verizon 9530. This is fact.

UPDATE: Although for discussion purposes my argument still stands below, I have confirmation that the Storm 1 9530 is on the End of Life list.

AGREE: on a device standpoint I understand dropping a predecessor to focus on the new model. Dropping the old one will open up more marketing and monies focus on a product that was developed for a reason.

DISAGREE: on a sales and revenue standpoint, I am sure that Authorized Retailers and Premium Retailers like the profit margins over the Storm2.

Altogether, I would say that retaining the Storm1 would keep retailers content and also customers happy that don't need WiFi or 16GB of storage. And $130 - $180 cheaper. I say keep it until the margin scale tips.

Maybe it's because the Storm (1) SUCKS? and SUCKS HARD? Just a thought. It looked interesting for a while (2 years ago?) but is no match for android phones, and we all know the iPhone is by the hand of god him (her?) self. I'll be moving to another device about 5 seconds after my 2-year contract expires this summer, and given RIM/Verizon's near total neglect of us early adopters, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL UPGRADE TO A STORM 2, EVER (no matter how much better than "totally mediocre" it may be). They had one chance to earn my brand loyalty, and, well... that was it.

Completely agree with every sentiment of your post. Good riddance to this piece o' crap. Shame on me for buying into the hype that was the Storm.


couldnt agree with you more. i actually took it a step further and dumped verizon all together (and paid an ETF) just to get away from the Storm1 because they wouldn't let me upgrade early. based on that if I were verizon I'd get rid of anything branded "Storm" as well (both 1 AND 2!!).

Now I'm on AT&T and couldn't be happier. I'm still using a RIM product (Bold 9700 is FANTASTIC!!!!) but I will NEVER, EVER for as long as I live, ever purchase another RIM touch screen turd.

They messed up hardcore with the Storm1 and from my experience with the storm2 it's just barely above mediocre at BEST. all of you fanboys saying otherwise are absolutely delusional.

I love my Storm2. I doubt they will get rid of that. All of this is pure speculation. They probably put the rumor out themselves to see what the market response is. The storm2 works great. I think if Verizon did a better job of informing its customers about OS updates the devices would be much better. Not to mention, they are ALWAYS the last to put out an official OS update.

My feeling is that IF anything at all happens, is that A, the exclusivity will go away, that is other carriers will be able to sell touch screen berries, and B, the Storm name may go away, and we MAY (and this is just 1 guy who knows NEXT to NOTHING) see RIM start adding the Touch designation to other lines for the hybrids, such has releasing a high end Bold Touch, and a lower end consumer Curve Touch, and maybe the Berries without keyboards would just be the BB Touch, or just have model numbers. I think the problem is the Storm name itself and all the negative press it got. But we shall see. And remember I know next to NOTHING. I am so far from an insider it's almost laughable!

... and we'll continue to see the 9550 shipped.

And really, is this big news at all? We knew that would happen at some point.

And normally, if Verizon is going to discontinue a model, we would see prices drop to try to clear inventory. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 9550 hasn't dropped in price since it arrived.

Now you can pick up a storm for $29.99 if you order it from verizon's website that should tell you something. My 9530 just went crazy actually the camera quit working, it started freezing...called verizon and they are sending me a storm 2 at no additional cost. Can't wait to play with this thing.

I see that you had problems with your Storm 1 and called VZ to get a replacement.

My Storm 1 is messing up. It's still under warranty. Had it for 8 months. Was your Storm 1 under warranty? Did you have to pay a deductable to get your replacement phone?


Same here. I called with screen and OS glitch issues and they said they are sending me a new device. However, I don't think I am as lucky as you, as they did not mention it being a Storm 2. They only said it would be a "certified like new" device straight from the manufacturer. How did you manage to swing a Storm 2?

RIM: Every VZW BB had some kind of problem. Then think about it. Every BB that's come out was delayed or had a problem and had to be scrambled at the last minute with bugs/errors etc.

Memory leaks, trackball problems etc etc etc. Look at Toyota! if Rim had to do factory recalls they would be broke.

People make fun of the Iphone. But they get it right the first time.

RIM is in trouble! we all knw you never buy a model that has a #1. You wait for #2. Or if they scewed you over enough they just change their model name.

Screw you RIM<

It took 3 years to get the iPhone to MMS or to tether, 4 years to get AT&T to upgrade its network so it could handle the iPhone. iPhone still doesn't multitask with apps.

RIM may not be perfect, but no smartphone manufacturer is.

I don't see the issue here. I actually thought the Storm 9530 was dropped when the Storm2 came out anyway.

I thought it was odd in the beginning to have both the Storm and the Storm 2 at the same time. That's not the only thing they have multiple versions of--just take a look at the Curve as well. It's EOL..., move on. It costs much more to support so many different versions of devices. To claim the demise of RIM because they're liquidating and old version of hardware? Hardly. This market is moving way too fast in terms of new features getting introduced. Smartphones age quickly. Got to keep them fresh.

I would assume that this, if in fact true, would only apply to the S1 due to all the bugs and what not...hmmmm let's wait and see, I'm keepin my eyes on this one

This would make sense if it is just storm 1? but storm 2 also even if it wasn't selling great it would be worth it for them to ride it out, they haven't even reduced the price that far on still most expensive BB on VZW

Unless there's a storm 3, I would not deal with blackberry anymore. The only reason i got the BB is for the the touch. Keep making the touch screens BB. If not hello DROID Incredible.


The Storm2 has been an awesome device for me, Podtrapper auto downloads my podcast at night, BB Media Sync, syncs my iTune songs to be listened to or used as ring tones for free. Where locates my location by GPS then let's me look up local yellow pages, movies, restaurants, weather and much more. NBC mobile let's me watch a show for free while waiting. LastPass let's me have access to secure information. Phone is rock solid don't have to pull the battery once a week like a Windows mobile I had. Great messaging device. free reads from, subject, and part of a message received in email and SMS through my blue-tooth. Use YouMail for free visual voice mail and other features.

Yes, please make this one go away!
If I could afford to upgrade now, I would...
August is so far off :-(

Seriously is Verizon really going to pull the only touch screen BB on the market, unless they are planning to offer a Storm 3 at WES, now that would be interesting.

If it's just the original 9530, then that's acceptable. 9550 is better choice anyways of the 2. There is a learning curve. I would hope this is just for Storm1, which I assume. If it isn't and it's discontinuation for Storm2 also then RIM would be losing a user. Hello, Nexus One.

For all of it's minor flaws, the Storm I and II are still the best thing going for BB users that want the most screen real estate available. I will consider switching to another manufacturer before I will go back to a BB keyboard device.

References to this article have been posted on a few Blackberry blogs already but the article isn't clear if Verizon is just discontinuing the Original Storm 9530 or both the Storm 9530 and Storm2 9550. If they're just discontinuing the Storm 9530, we shouldn't be so surprised because it's been available for 15 months and if they just stopped ordering them from RIM, they probably have enough on hand to sell for a few months more. I'd be surprised if they're also discontinuing the Storm2 9550 because it's a great phone.

I have had the Storm 1 since it came out and I haven't had one complaint about it. I don't know what people expect out of a phone. Nothing is perfect. The only thing that I want and need for this phone is the webkit browser.

If they mean the Storm 9530 then I would not be too suprised. They do have to get rid of the older devices some time or another. It's already been replaced by a new model I see no reason whey people would want to buy it over the Storm II.

Just got my Storm 2 and a replacement and no one seemed to try to steer me away from it at Verizon. BS flag big time.

I got my blackberry storm back in Sept. of '09. Should have waited for the storm 2..but my old phone was on it's last leg. not even two months go by and the phone freezes up. I took it to Verizon, they couldn't fix it so they offered me a brand new storm 1. I had to travel over 40 miles to another Verizon store becuz they were the only ones who had 3 in stock! Should I just pay the extra money and upgrade to the Storm 2? I left AT&T becuz my job offers an employee discount at Verizon.

is since they are taking the first one off the market, or so it seems, they should make a version of the Storm for Sprint without the click screen so they can get around the contract.

Either way, take it for what it's worth, I had asked Sprint if they would be getting the Storm and they said no, becuase it's too buggy and they don't want to deal with that.


If they dump the Storm I hope they have another touch screen ready to go. I've wanted this phone since the release of the original Storm but waited for my upgrade to get the Storm 2. I know some people have had problems but I love this phone.

Seems perfectly logical to me. I've been through a few 9530s now and not having the option to get a refurb 9530 when I get tired of the screen not clicking again would be great (of course I don't think that this is actually going to preclude them from using replacement refurb 9530s). However, it coudl allow the price of the 9550 to decrease for upgrades.

Other than that...I'll be going to Zune Phone for personal device and assuming I'll have a BB for business.

Good Riddens to that piece of crap! The storm was such a desaster its going to take a lot for RIM to gain back our trust before we all hand out our hard earned cash for another Blackberry touch phone. Iphone destroyer? I think NOT!!!

Trust me when I say that out of the box(with the original OS), the Storm 1 was 10 times the phone that the iphone was or is. Once the buggy software issues were worked out, the Storm performed great(even though it took about 5 upgrades to get to that point.)People should really stop making this comparison since the iphone doesn't hold a candle to ANY Blackberry device.

If RIM stops producing and selling the Storm 1, it can only enhance the reputation of their company. I am a former owner of the Storm 1 and I am a current owner of the Storm 2. The Storm 2 is vastly superior to the Storm 1. Marketing this product exclusively will provide customer satisfaction and confidence in any other future products from RIM.

This rumor could be true, but if so, it will only help RIM, not hurt them.

Since sprint (excluding Boost) and verizon both stopped selling the curve 8330, why not let an older model stop production? Makes sense to me.

Hey i'm glad, i have Storm 2 and that's the best one, i have to say everything works, and i love the mem space that is has...they better not discontinue this Ver ( Storm2) cause RIM would be making a BIG mistake, the BB Storm 2 is the best..and with that new Web-kit & Flash coming, all i have to say is OMG...


I dont' think it's the end of the Storm, nor the end of RIM as a whole. I mean, they're the only ones who have a reliable, stable device and platform for which businesses and governments around the world rely on for communications for their personnel and now with the Pearl and Storm, they're even hitting the consumer market even more.

Now, if they made a Storm with touch screen, on screen keyboard (like it currently has) AND had a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard when held horizontally (landscape) then I'd be all over it!

I think all this is the result of a miscommunication somewhere along the line. Vzw still sells the storm 1 and I think they will be discontinuing the storm 1. I can just see somebody seeing the following "Verizon to discontinue BlackBerry Storm" and then taking it and running with it.

People used to say that one's computer is "ancient" after a few years... apparently, BlackBerrys are too.

I want a new BlackBerry, but why pay so much money for a device that RIM can almost guarantee will be replaced within a year or so? I am not feeling the love.

If they are retiring the Storm to make way for the 9650, then I say DO IT!!! I have been waiting for the 9650 aka Tour 2 since the first sightings near the end of last year. I have postponed my upgrade to the Tour as I would like to have Wi-Fi on my phone in order to print directly to Wi-Fi enabled printers.

So again, get rid of the Storm so you can make room for the Tour 2...

I'm curious as to why they would have the storm and the storm2 available at the same time, especially if everyone touts the storm2 as being the phone that the original storm "should have been."

we saw the curve 8900 discontinued soon after the release of the 9700. Why then, did the Storm2 not replace the storm?

I would expect them to eol 9500/9530 and push everyone to droid or S2 (technology lifecycle)

I run a 497hybrid shrunk version on my storm1 and it's pretty good new (all the major issues like crashing when taking a photo, etc. have be cleaned up).... While I agree it needs more memory and I still need to reboot once in a awhile in the it's current state I don't need to jump to Storm2. I have 2 iPod Touches in the house and I just hate doing email on them - Very hard.. Rim is heads up winner in this area vs. iPhone/iTouch in my opinion... Haven't tried droid but I had the form factor when I handled in the store, Maybe CDMA version of Nexus 1 or just he S3 will be next.

I don't understand, doesn't Verizon let you upgrade your phone after 1 year? I had my storm 1 for a year and it was a piece of shit so I upgraded as soon as one year is up. Yeah you have to sign an extension but I am not into switching phone companies. Verizon has the best service.

I am a huge Storm fan, I also love the Bold & Curve devices very much. But I am an instant person and nothing is quicker than touch and effect. Maybe it has had it's bugs and unhappy customers, especially the Verizon customers that always run to what they expect to be the Big V's best phone. Too bad half if not more of the ppl who purchased the original Storm had never owned a BlackBerry and claimed it was broken when it was them who were broken bc they didn't understand how it operated. Don't let stupid people be the cause to the end of the Storm device RIM. It's not fair to the huge touch screen junkies that have adopted the device.. my thoughts.

I myself had a storm for 3 months and I hated every minute of it. I was so happy when the tour hit the stores and got it the next day after it dropped.
I don't care if they stop making the storm cuz I and others that I know that had it agree that its a peace of s**t and was a waste of time for RIM.

I love my storm... Maybe not at first and with OS 5 I loved it even more. When I upgraded to the storm 2 I fell in love all over again :) do what is right verizon keep making the storm!!! Yes it may suck to some that don't want to take the time to use it or get used to the keyboard!

I've been looking into this. It's not confirmed at this point but this looks like it'll be for both the Storm 1 AND 2. Reason being is that Verizon already got some exclusive toughscreen smartphones that are a bigger seller than both the Storms. So it would actually be Verizon's best interest to stop selling the Storm all together. The DROID is selling more than the Storm. Let's wait 'til we get confirmation on this from either Verizon or RIM.

Is there really any shock here? Why would they continue to sell the storm when the storm2 has been out for so long anim sure most people that want to be touchy-feely on their blackberry would buy a storm2 instead of the original. I'd be shock & horrified if RIM didn't already stop production of the storm like they did 8900 and older models

I had the s1 for about 10 months and moved to the s2 about a month ago. Awesome phone. However I had a problem with it and took it back to the store to replace with a new one. The tech brought out a box and realized it was the s1 and immediately got confused. He said he thought they sent all the storm 1s back. I think some stores have already stopped selling them. But its no surprise. How many out of date phones (any model) do you see in the shelves after a few months. I don't think this necessarily means a new phone is on the way.
And as for getting any information from an in-store associate, I asked the tech about the Verizon iphone rumor. He said that they don't give store associates information about upcoming deals or phones because they don't want the associate to tell people to wait to buy a new phone. This way their numbers stay consistent. All in all I love my s2 and even though I don't see it as an "iphone killer" it does have better business features. Security, docs2go, etc. Plus I can listen to Pandora radio while I write an email. Try that iphone.

My Storm2 works as expected and meets my real daily use needs, contacts, calendar, email, IM, BBM, GPS, etc. I have the iTouch and despite owning a lot of Apple products I just won't get the iPhone. The interface doesn't work well for me the fact that Jobs has it so crippled you cannot do anything with it other than what they say you can. I bought it I own it, not Apple.

So if RIM offered a 32GB version then what, what exactly do you need 32GB for on a BB. I can see the 2GB of memory they offer internally as the primary memory with a 32GB microSDHC card included. That to me is what they need to move to.

Both the Storm and Storm2 are officialy not being sold in vodafone stores as of last monday, and as verizon is part of vodafone they will be geting rid of it too. my suspicians are that they are doing this too push the iphone as apple has told vodafone UK too push a 'X' number of handsets. The storm 2 is still available via the online store untill stocks are gone. Hey even the Bold 9000 has stopped being sold by Vodafone stores as well and no one noticed.

Vodafone is failing to meet their agreements with RIM and if Verizon were to do the same, what is the gain for them they don't sell the iPhone and contrary to everyone's belief there is a large install base that doesn't want the iPhone, Android and BB are more their interest.

Was in my local Verizon store yesterday and noticed the Storm 9530 on display with a sign that said "special order only". Don't know who would want to do that...


I decided to leave blackberry months ago. I am just waiting until July when my contract expires. I am so tired of my POC Storm. Add RIM's lack of improving on so many things to make them even close to being in the same market.