Analyst hints at upcoming 5-inch BlackBerry 10 device

But who believes analysts, amirite?

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By Simon Sage on 16 Apr 2013 02:11 pm EDT

Analyst Peter Misek recently estimated that we'll see two to three new BlackBerry 10 devices this year, including a mid-range device (likely the R-series), a similarly-priced all-touch device, and a 5-inch device more like the Z10 around the tail end of 2013.

The last time we heard about a 5-inch BlackBerry, it turned out to be an April Fool's joke, but we're feeling pretty confident that this rumor will pan out. 

Misek also chimed in on the whole Z10 return rates kerfuffle, and refuted the claims that the first BlackBerry 10 devices have been sent back at abnormally high rates. Misek isn't alone in shooting down the bogus report from Detwiler Fenton; Ed Snyder from Charter Equity Research also said that accurate data on return rates is really hard to come by

In any case, we'd love to see a wide range of sizes in BlackBerry 10 devices, including tablets.

Would you guys buy a 5-inch BB10 device, or would a BlackBerry 10 update to the PlayBook be good enough for you at that size? Could such a BlackBerry go head to head with other phablets, like the Galaxy Note II? 

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Analyst hints at upcoming 5-inch BlackBerry 10 device



Excellent. Now if Sprint would get any of these devices, I'd be a happy camper! I read that Dish is trying to acquire Sprint for 25.5 billion. Just offer a BB10 device already! :)

Oh I'm just the .9. I was trying to speak on behalf of all the stars in the universe so that they may bestow upon me a BB10 phone from Sprint...In other words, the comment I was replying to made me happy and I agree with it...or in even other other words...its a joke dude, chill the fuck out!

Sprint has already confirmed the Q10 and will also carry a "Flag Ship" BB10 Device Q3 2013.

I don't see what the DISH deal has to do with anything.

it will be intersting to see how this deal, if it goes thru & they get the Japanese company to fold on their deal, to see what effects there are...

agreed. im looking for them to make the bb10 smaller without sacrificing the screen size. why in the world would anyone want a phone like a galaxy is beyond me. I ll never understand it.

Agreed, Z10 is great, but personally any bigger would be uncomfortable and I couldn't use just one hand.

Yeah Z10 is perfect for me! Just give us the BB10 update for PlayBook and what else do you need?

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I agree, don't want to go back to having a ridiculous amount of devices. Spreads everything too thin.

5 may be too small for me, but will have to see.... love the current PlayBook size. Travels well. Easy to read and work on our Web based systems. When blackberry does come out with another 7"+ tablet, I will be buying one.

BlackBerry 10 on PlayBook would be good enough for me. Love my Z10 but gotta admit, the seamless experience between iPhone and iPad has some serious advantages.

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Indeed. This is EXACTLY why BlackBerry needs to get BB10 for PlayBook out and FAST!! The synergistic nature would be perfect and beneficial to the hordes of Q10 users toting around a PlayBook.

5" screen..
I am happy with the screen as it is now, but something more phablet like.. 6,3" and even bigger with BB10 would be my ultimate machine.

Agreed. As my daily user, my Zed10 is as big as I want to go. However, at home, I'd use a larger device.

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When will the phone makers finally understand that another segment is being completly forgotten: many, many users are waiting for a compact smart phone (3" display). There is currently no concurrence at all (no recent Android device, no IOS) and the marketing would be so easy and efficient! I hope that Blackberry thinks about it!

Have you considered the Q10 coming soon with a 3" (3.2) BlackBerry has always kept that in mind. The "R" series will probably have a similar screen size. Let's look forward to it. I am still getting used to my first large full touchscreen (Z10 of course!) I have always preferred the smaller screen on the legacy BlackBerry 's, however the 4.2" works flawlessly!

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Sure, I like it. But the phone is still big, in my opinion. Smaller size (less than 12x5cm) and one-hand typing (without permanently looking at the screen) is a very common use case which has been given up by all phone makers. I really think that's a big opportunity for a phone maker.

There are limits to how small you would want a device that is touch-orientated and while this ever-increasing size may be driven more by the hardware manufacturers than customer demand, it is clear that customers do want touch devices.

Well, if it makes the market happy, I'm happy. And while I don't think I will use something that big gladly, I used to say that I would never own a smartphone without a physical keyboard and look at me now with my Z10; anything is possible...

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Agree with others here. It was tough enough to transition (size wise) from a Bold 9930 to the Z10. I am still getting used to it, so I don't see myself grabbing the larger version. I'd be more interested in the specs though compared to the Z10. Nonetheless, there is obviously a market for "phablet" devices.

The 4.2" on my Z10 is comfortably at the biggest I would want in a phone. Just a couple of days ago my wife and I were looking at somebody holding a phablet to the side of her face and trying to understand why anybody would want to do that.

4.2 is the perfect size for me. BlackBerry10 on the PlayBook would just fill any void of a larger screen

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Z10 is good enough for me, but would love some BB10 functionality on my PlayBook!

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The size of the Z10 is as big as I'm prepared to go. Any bigger than that, and you won't be able to operate it with one hand anymore.
I would love a 10" Playbook running BB10 though....

The key with making a "phablet" device at this stage of the game is battery life! This thing should pack a 3,000 mAh battery for all day battery life!

A bonus would be if its a QWERTY phablet!!!!

Agree with the battery life. It needs something huge, even if it adds some weight.

And an awesome camera would seal the deal for me.

bring it on.... BlackBerry is now catering to the needs of ALL. some want smaller screen and physical keys (Q10) some want larger screen and all touch (Z10) and some want a even bigger screen (5") so there is something for all

Indeed, bb10 still needs to establish itself so it just makes good sense to release models that expand the potential audience, this was an error they made with some of the bb7 devices, they were mostly only competing with themselves.

The addition of a 5" model along with a cheaper device both do this job well and will be smart additions when they show up.

Not for me but it would definitely be a device to attract android users. The Z10 seems to be more geared to attract iphone users.

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The more the merrier I suppose... whatever floats your boat... . So long as my new platform of choice is alive and supported I'm good with it.


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I'd be more than happy with a 5" device. I have big hands and have a hard time typing on virtually everything I've tried short of the Playbook.

Then again, I've never gotten to go hands-on with a Z10, so we'll see if it works better for me than others.

It takes a couple of days for the device to get used to the way you type. I was doing fine with the Dev Alpha, but when I got the Limited Edition Z10 there were a lot of typing mistakes for the first two or three days. After that, it just became better and better and a week later if was working perfectly for me.

For me, the display is a good size as it id right now, But 5inch can also do the trick. Only the the action bar beneath needs to be more smaller

They need to make money from hardware, which simply isn't something you can readily do in the tablet market unless your name is apple, so I would not expect them to prioritise making a new tablet over a phone that they would expect to sell a lot more.

I expect that when they next release a tablet it will not actually be an attempt at making a mainstream product either, it is more likely to be targeted at the business market and will not be given away for cheap like they had to do with the playbook.

I am sure there is a segment that live these large devices. I for one think the z10 is the perfect size. BB10 on the PlayBook is what I am waiting for. However,, with only 1gb of ram I wonder how well it will run am May be partly the reason why we haven't seen it. Definitely a lower priority than z10 and Q10 but wonder if they will be able to port bb10 to the PB.

Z10 + PB 64GB = Keep Moving. Posted using CB10 App

Nooo. Who really needs that much for a 'phone.' Although I can understand the logic someone mentioned that it might attract the S3/S4 crowd. But would they honestly migrate that many? Honestly I'd rather them come out with a BB10 updated slider! That is what would truly give me, 'happy happy joy joy!'

They would need to do more to make a new playbook stand out and make them money than just being higher spec, especially in the smaller tablet market, also a combo of 32gb and micro sd card slot makes far more sense too since it gives people the option of more memory if they want without pushing up costs too much for those who don't want it.

Na, 5 is too big. In my opinion the Z10 has the best screen size and the Q10 will have the best everything :D

It wouldn't necessarily be an upgrade if the specs are the same. More like a change or switch. :) In fact, with a bigger screen the PPI may be lower.

Simon wrote: "The last time we heard about a 5-inch BlackBerry, it turned out to be an April Fool's joke, but we're feeling pretty confident that this rumor will pan out. "

Why are you confident this time?

I would say this is supported by what we've been hearing before - mid/entry devices to ship mid year, big screen "Aristo" device in the works. I couldn't believe the April Fool's pic when I saw it, prayed it wasn't true and thankfully it wasn't.

Not very funny, but actually cyclists have 3 pockets on the back of their jerseys. I put my phone in a small zip lock bag and carry it in one of those pockets. I can't say what runners do about their phones.

Sorry for the bad joke. I use that jersey pocket as well. I couldn't imagine a 5" device on my back while I ride or run. I would like to see 7-8" tablets continue to improve on extending phones in the way Bridge does, so that I can keep a smaller device on me during exercise or while wearing more tight fit clothing etc.

Would like to see it come out but would never buy one myself. I personally feel that phablets do not combine the best of the two world, but rather sacrifice the best of two: less portability than a mobile and less screen real estate than a tablet.

But certainly there is an audience for phablets that has other criteria and they work for them. In that respect I believe that a bb10 phablet would be a great competitor to the existing devices bringing all the BlackBerry 10 pros to the category. I will stick to my pb for when I want the larger screen though.

The price of such BlackBerry device and the app ecosystem when it comes out I believe will ( the two factors that can make it a blind buy and very successful if they are well positioned.

Looking forward to it!!

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About 4.7 or 4.8 would be about as big as I would want to go, I just think 5 is slightly to big.

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Q10 plus a new 7" PlayBook with smaller bezel would be perfect... don't like big devices as they are not very mobile. a phone has to fit in my pocket and a tablet in my jacket.

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My thoughts as well. If they could keep the same dimensions, shrink the bezel and give a little more screen space (maybe 8"), or just make a smaller 7" tablet I'd be happy as a clam.

Then make a super awesome BB10 Bridge! I love Bridge on BBOS, but they really nerfed it with BB10.

The more devices out there the better! A lot of phablet people out there who like them so it just makes sense to be in that space.

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Phuk the phablet. Z10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook (with BB10) would could should be perfect.

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hell no. Way to big. that's one of the reasons I never went on Galaxy-s. I have my 7inch Playbook if i'm in need of bigger screen. Z10 size is just right!

It's ... ummmm, .... a size reminiscent of what I know of the 1970s ... oversized "boom boxes" carried around on shoulders (see: so 'the cool' could listen to some music AND impress their homies.

I say, IF BBRY starts natively building-in & processing 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound in the phone, "yes" I'll consider a big-screen phone < a PHONE!!! > to browse, work, sure "play," commincate - and watch movies on.

Until then, I BEG YOU for a Q10 to Z10-sized slider like my/our beloved Torch 9800/9810. I KNOW I'm not the only one ...

You may consider this request to have been filled out in triplicate.


I'd be in. I paid full pop for my Z10 even though I could have paid an early upgrade (extra $100) for my biz plan's annual device upgrade, thinking I would save the upgrade for either the Q10, or the "rumored" / end of year premium Berry.

A little bigger is fine with me, as I rarely use my phone AS a phone without a BT headset, conference speaker, or in car BT. I have always used my BBs for show and tell via pics, docs, videos, PPoints, etc., both on the screen or now HDMI with the Z. The PlayBook has been my virtual proof-book for sales presentations and engineering consultations (10" welcomed here for shared / shoulder to shoulder screen viewing), and my Z serves the same purpose on the golf course, tennis court after a match, or at a restaurant waiting/bar area .

A little bigger screen wouldn't hurt, but I wonder what the pocket / holster experience would be? Transportability / ease of carry would be my only concern . . .

I have to say the 4.2 screen on the z10 is perfect for video viewing, making and receiving calls without looking stupid n out of place... I see people with galaxy notes and have to admit its to big... they have to take it out of a bag rather than from a jeans or jacket pocket... phones are suppose to be small and compact... not big and bulky... I'll stick to my z10...

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I would definitely want to upgrade to the 5" BB. If BB makes a 5" BB10 device is one thing, but whether Virgin Mobile Canada will carry it, now that's a whole new discussion.

You, know, if they made it a 15" screen (just a little bigger, right?) and added a hinged keyboard with a little track pad, then we would really be onto something . . .

I'm just kidding, sexy!

lets go for a 5.75 inch super smart phone with mobile computing features with all the great app's and android player integrated in the phone. BBRY should design a sleek and efficient ear and headphone with kick ass blue tooth access. yes I would buy this monster super smart phone

All you guys are saying 4 inches is big enough, I bet your wives and girlfriends aren't saying the same thing :)

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I'd rather see the Playbook OS updated to BB10 before a 5 inch device. However, there are obviously a lot of Android users that prefer the larger size screen so it can't hurt to cater to this demographic.

I'd also like to add that I dislike cases and always go the skin + holster route. Imagine how awkward it would be to have a 5" device in a holster on your side.

Imagine the instant increase of the users on the platform if and when BB10 comes to the WiFi incarnation of the PlayBook. I think releasing BB10 in some form (Lite or other) for the PlayBook is the single best thing that could happen right now to the ecosystem. It would increase the user base of BB10 by millions instantaneously. Get it done BBRY!

Playbook numbers are simply not high enough to be a big deal either way and it is not like they are making any money on that hardware either, their focus is on new products that will actually make them money and given the million sold in the first month of bb10, they would expect to have easily surpassed pb sales by the time they do their next quarterly update.

Depends of wether is to placsticy biggish don't like the Galaxy S3 so it will have to be different,- one of the things I like about the Z10 is that it's that it's the first time I have a device that's easy to use and Looks great - I liked my SE arc but my motoroogle droid razr's have been yick

Went there cos I didn't want Apple and I like/prefer european amarican / Canadian by design

No "phablet" for me because the PB with BB10 will definately do! Besides I hate the word "phablet".


I'm sure there are a good number of people out there that would like to have a 5" BB, it would certainly be enticing for all those Android users that seem to like the bigger screen, but I feel fragmentation would hinder BB's progress. With the Q10 coming out I think having two different screen sizes is enough if not too much. I know it is necessary to have the keyboard so I accept the need for two different sizes, but more would not be better I don't think.

Not into the tablone craze, but I'd welcome a larger full-screen BB10 device around 4.6"-4.7". Same physical size as the Z10 but with thinner bezels.

That'd be nice.

While I do agree with BlackBerry coming out with more devices, I don't agree with going head to head with Samsung's phablet. Blackberry should go ahead and stay focused on what they set out to do. All of this trying to keep up with everyone else is what got them in all the mess in the first place. They set out a course of action. Unless developing a phablet was part of that plan of action, then developing one would be a deviation from that plan and could ultimately out them back to where they started. I believe that they are back and these new devices are what's going to put them back on top. Thor's planning and execution have been on point thus far. Let's not get off course by having a pissing contest with other manufacturers. Keep with the current plan and update the Playbook with the bb10 os. Maybe, come out with a 10 inch Playbook and there would be no need for a phablet.

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Yes, I would buy a 5" BB -love my Z10 too.

But dont build the 5" for me and some of the BB users - build it for the 50+ million buyers per year of the Galaxies - there is clearly a market for this form factor - as well as the 4.2" that many BB users prefer.

The "Old BB" made the mistake of assuming that the market would want what Mike & Jim wanted - the market is fragmented - there is a big enough market for both camps. Just dont make the mistake of offering too many handsets that dont differentiate sufficiently - that becomes a logistical nightmare. There is also an arguement to be made for the Apple approach - 1 or 2 handsets sell 35 million units in a quarter. Speaking as a shareholder....:)

They need to offer the right amount of handsets, the apple approach simply isn't workable for any company that doesn't have that level of cultish devotion.

One thing I think that the analysts have wrong is this idea that we are always going to see qwerty and all-touch paired up at every price point, right now it is tougher to see how they could save enough money to make a cheaper z10 unlike a cheaper q10 seems easier to see and similarly there is a clear market for a larger all-touch, but less so for qwerty.

I'd like to see a new tablet (7 or 10") to pair with Z10 and/or Q10. Loved how my 9900 and Playbook worked together. Hopefully, we'll see the same functionality with BB10 later this year.

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I would not buy a larger phone as it would prevent the one handed operation I enjoy. I would much prefer an upgrade to my PlayBook.
And to those that say "The more the Merrier" wasn't BlackBerry criticized for having too many products that just confused consumers?

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Their issue in the past was that they released too many that did not have distinct markets, a larger phone would appeal to people that considered the z10 too small rather than stealing sales from it and the pair of them together could conceivably boost sales for both as some would try one and then end up with the other rather than another hardware maker.

If they get a BB10 update to the PlayBook, I would be happy enough with that. However, I do have a friend with the Note II, and while I enjoy making fun of him due to its excessive size, I must admit it's a cool phone. I'm definitely sticking with my Z10, but come upgrade time, if BlackBerry were to release a phablet, I'd seriously consider it for my next upgrade.

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Im not a fan of a huge screen I think that the Z10 is the perfect size for a cell phone any bigger an it will feel like you're holding a brick

White BlackBerry z10

Update the playbook with BB10, more RAM, SD card slot and more features (especially via Bridge) and I'll buy it. 7-8 inches is perfect. Wouldn't buy a tablet sized phone.

BlackBerry has no choice but to respond to market trends. They will release some sort of high end device with a display between 4.7 to 5.5 inches.

I would only buy if the bezel around the screen is much thinner compared to the Z10s bezel. Because a phone still has to fit into my jeans pocket. So the max hight of an phone is 13.5cm.

This must be the atristo. If only they put a quad core in the z10 with a bigger battery, more memory And a better camera. The market would be forced to concede to BB10 greatness!

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Plz dnt fuh get the playbook! It needs tht bb10 upgrade ! I use my playbook on a daily basis, n I love my playbook! Now I hav tht z10 , c'mon blackberry dnt u think all of ur devices should b on the same level?!

This device can be really popular in Asia because for many people, especially the young, their cellphone is their only entertainment device. So having a larger screen is ideal for watching videos.

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I would prefer an update to BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook. A five inch BlackBerry sounds intriguing but is too big for my liking. A colleague of mine has an S3 and loves it - the home screen is amazing and can be completely customized, looking forward to Z10 having those options. But again that form factor on a phone isn't for me. The size of both the Z10 and the PlayBook is perfect.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10

I thought BlackBerry did all these studies and thats how they came up with the Z10 size we have today? As a tablet I wouldn't want anything smaller than my Playbook to view a movie or read a magazine. I deffenitly dont need a phone I need to hands to hold up to my ear either.

5" phones are clumsy & gaudy, imo,,, the "Z", for the few minutes i messed w/ it,,, seemed to be a good design,,, 4.5", maybe, but more than that gets uncomfortable to carry conveniently,,, PB10 + Aristo @ 4.5" = SHUWEEET!!!

A 5" phone is too cumbersome for me personally. I find the cons far out weigh the pros. I'll stick with my Z10.

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My Z10 is good enough that my PlayBook is only used as a media center now. BlackBerry needs to get rolling on the promised bb10 update for the PlayBook, and make us loyal BlackBerry fantastic happy we invested it the tablet.

Viva BlackBerry

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A 4.5"-4.8" (maybe up to 5") all-touch phone w/ the Q10's black brushed stainless steel frame and also w/ the Q10's contours/curves (not as boxy and rectangular like the Z10) would be perfect.

I'd like BB10 on PlayBook, but I'd like an upgrade path for the PlayBook hardware too. Sturdy as they are, they're bound to wear out or get broken some day. The Z10 is the perfect size phone for me, but it is too small for my taste to replace the PlayBook entirely.

BB10 on PlayBook is all I'm interested in right now. But I'm starting to get impatient...
I'm confident it's coming but they need to pull their finger out pretty sharpish. My PlayBook is starting to become a little redundant.

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I think I like the idea of analyst's speculation on a new BlackBerry device. People are really starting to pay attention to BlackBerry.

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I'm happy with my PlayBook but would like to see a BB10 update. As for a five inch BB, I gave up my Galaxy S3 because I found it too big. I find the Z10's size to be perfect for my needs. Granted, that's my opinion, i'm sure others might prefer the larger screen size

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I'd just like to see my PlayBook on BB10, a plan let sounds good but I like my 7 inch...... and when the bridge is back up to par I could even use a smaller phone.

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Would love a 5 inch BB10 phablet...I say go even a tad larger. There is definitely a market for it.

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I would likely stick with my z. I would like to see it have the bridge functionality of OS7 and PB because it was sweet. PB is in need of the z browser too.

I think there phablets are suited to larger hands...

Funny how phones were huge, then got tiny, and are now getting huge again!

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

Build it and they will come.

I'm hoping for a new PlayBook but I actually think my old ones work great, if is just had the z10 browser.

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A 5" device wouldn't be large enough to attract phablet users. The Mega with a 6.3" screen is being released very soon. The Note is larger and has the S pen function. I still think it would be a very complimentary device for use with a PlayBook. That is if BB gets the Bridge working again. That's something I care about more than the BB10 update. I would be very interested in a 5" BB10 and PlayBook combination.

Coming from an S2X -> S3 -> Z10, personally for my hands I prefer 4.6" screen of my old S2X

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I think current z10 users love the size and shape of the z10, but a 5" might be great to grab the Samsung crowd and bring them to bb10

Just make sure the battery is big and the screen is energy efficient

I love my z10 but would likely buy the 5" as well to add to my collection

Powered by BB10

Big Phone, Big Excitement, Big Ideas, Big Apps, but the Biggest of them all is that they just need to WORK!!!!!!!! That would be EPIC

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i would buy one as soon they have it out.
the only reason that i haven't buy a z10 is because am waiting for something in that size

I'm happy with the size of the z10, but a larger screen would sell well. I know 5 people with the note2 and they love the big size.

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The need to break away from the PlayBook and come up with something new, even if it's the next iteration of the play book, they should call it something else to start fresh.

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BB10 on PlayBook and bring back the full bridge functionality

I'd also be interested in a version of the Q10 with a larger screen

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Make another z10 with a bigger battery. oh and update PlayBook. No plan let for me. This is as large a phone as I deem use able really.

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I say bring in the big developers first, fix the apps in the BlackBerry World, and remove the Android port apps before dreaming of another hardware. It'll be useless without the proper apps. Concentrate on the Z10 and Q10 first.

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I've never owned a PlayBook but if one was released tomorrow with the 10 operating system I would buy it in a heartbeat. Let's hope they announce plans to put one out!

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Open up more API's so that the developers can improve their apps...A five inch smartphone is useless without high quality business and productivity apps.

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I honestly think BlackBerry should focus on the hardware they have now and improve app world instead of coming up with million of new smart phones. focus for gods Sakes.

4.2 is a perfect size, five is great as well, but they should skip the 5 inch and put out a new tablet.

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I think many people here miss the point: It's not so much about what we want anymore as we already figured out the number of loyal BlackBerry fans (= customers) is simply not large enough to keep the company alive in the long run (how many of us are going to buy a new BlackBerry every single year?), meaning BlackBerry needs to attract users from other platforms. But in order to do that, they will need to keep up with what the competition offers. The next high-end BlackBerry device will certainly be compared to the iPhone 6 (unless, of course, our folks from Waterloo will only deliver their next high-end device when the rotten Apple guys have already presented the iPhone 7), so no matter what we like or not, what we regard as useful, the next top-level BlackBerry has to be at least as big as its rotten Apple counterpart as this will set the trend for the market.

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As an android fan on a world full of 5in phones I hate to see this happen to BB10 i love the z10 cause of its midsize so to speak.

I think the Z10 is as tall as it should ever be. If they can make it a little wider and use the space on the top and bottom more efficiently I think a 5 inch screen would be great.

I would not buy a 5 inch phone that is taller and wider than the Z10.

We need bb10 on the pb two months ago:(

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I would like to have a BB10 that is much smaller than Z10, it is borderline unwieldy. Typing would be compromised though so maybe introduce a BB10 keyboard that is Sure Type. Also shape the thing, give it some curves so it is comfortable to hold like BlackBerry of old.

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If Blackberry chooses too release a 5" device then they would have optimize for a slim bezel design, much like what Samsung did with the S4 design. But I still prefer my Z10 as of the now.

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Considerable updates to the PlayBook and continuing support i would buy my mother one and my high school bound son gets my 16 gig. Me. A new 64. So. Please go forth and impress me.

Signed. In love with his Z10. It's a multitasking beast. Thank you.

Perhaps I'm not understanding this but why is BlackBerry coming up with all these different devices? What almost killed them was the different models that made it hard for developers to create standardized apps. And different models made it hard for consumers to choose...

What am I missing?

Oh. As for the 5inch. Why not. The better the selection of one quality device in different sizes is awesome and qnx will be what carries BlackBerry there. I forget if there was another topic you asked for feedback on. Cheers

For me, my Z10 is a perfect size phone. I think the market for "phablets" is just not large enough to be concerned with at this time for BlackBerry. If I need something bigger I go to my Playbook. I would love to see a BB10 update come through for my Playbook, although I'm losing hope that one actually will.

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I just left Samsung and this was a major reason for leaving them. I will probably move away from smartphones if I have no choice of a 4.5 or less inch screen.

A Curve version for mid to low price finaly BB10 for older playbooks and After that what ever you bring i buy it.........but before you bring Out anything....bring me my Z10 Multimedia dockingstation!!!!!!!

The only thing I care about is getting BB 10 on the PlayBook. If this helps my cause then go for it. Only two inches difference between the phablet and my fab tablet. Quick like a bunny, make this happen...

BB10 for my PlayBook first. 5" Z10-like device, that is the one Sprint will go for. It will be good for the youngsters, since it will have a big screen. Is a good idea anyway to come up with new devices with different sizes. Just bring it on BlackBerry. I love them all. :)

I will be happy with a PlayBook update or a new PlayBook with better specs than the current one. I am a woman. I carry a bag always. I don't need an all-in-one device.

I personally love the screen size of the z10 and won't switch anytime soon. Still, i'll definitely be interested to see what BlackBerry churns out.

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Same here, I love the size of my Z10. My S3 was just alittle to big for my taste. Bring BB10 to my PlayBook and I'll be one happy camper :)

+1000000 This is an ideal device for me. I love my Z10, but the browsing and media experience would be enhanced greatly by a larger screen. I've changed from the S3 to the Z10 as my daily driver and I won't go back, but I see no reason to revert to bizarre Apple reasoning defending smaller screen sizes -- a la, if your hands are freakishly small, you won't be able to use it one-handed. 5 inches isn't a phablet, it's the same screen size as the S4, which is likely to be the first or second bestselling *smartphone*. The Note 2 is a phablet at 5.5 inches and the rumored Note 3 at 6.3 inches is a phablet. 5 inches is just a great smartphone size -- particularly important when phones are valued for playing apps, media, and browsing.

I will buy anything with a blackberry logo on it lol. Waiting for the Q10 at the mean time loving the Z10

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The playbook was doomed from the start and that's BlackBerry's fault for releasing it to early without some of the most basic common functions. It only made the public turn away from it. I see no point in a phablet phone, but a new playbook built from the ground up with BB10, 2gb ram, and a higher duel core processor will do just fine.

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What happened to having only a few standard screen sizes in order to make things simpler for the developers?

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Galaxy note's size is really good for work purposes, I don't think it would hurt blackberry to have something in the same size range!

I'd be super happy to get BB10 on my PlayBook and a 10" tablet instead of a 5" unit.

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I think the Z10 is the perfect size for a phone. It's not too big and it's not too small either. I say, get the BB10 OS to the PlayBook instead. :)

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The zed 10 screen size is as big as I want to go on a phone. Anything larger would just feel and look awkward.
Now, having OS 10 as an upgrade to my PlayBook, or perhaps a new Os 10 PlayBook with a touch more screen area (keep the pb the same size , perhaps get more screen real estate out of the black screen bezel?) would be mind blowing...
Love my zed 10, love my Os 10 PlayBook would be a game changer in the tablet world...the Os is that good..

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A colleague with S3 sent me the article and said the 5" BlackBerry might be enough to get him to switch.

I'd definitely give it a try and, if I like it, the wife would get my Z as her upgrade ;-)

Big phones are selling well so it would be dumb for BlackBerry not to serve that market.

Screen size shouldn't be an issue for developers since BlackBerry has committed to keeping the same resolution.

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Sounds very interesting. Before I bite I want to see a larger pool of apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform and I'd like a couple of the existing 10 apps not feel like crippled versions of the older OS versions. Take sharing in Facebook for example. Their latest fix is still half the functionality we had before. Okay, venting over. BlackBerry 10 is great and lightning fast, but there's still some tweaking to be done to get it where it should be and then I'll explore a 5" model.

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After using the phone since launch day in Canada, The size is just right. I doubt I would buy a 5" device. To me, that's getting into tablet territory. I actually enjoy using the Playbook for it's size and what it offers. It's all you need for web browsing and the occasional game with your other half.

Blackberry people have real lives and that company has built products to accommodate those people. Now, there just showing off.

Also, for the people who use a physical keyboard model, once you see how much screen real state you gain from that large keyboard disappearing, well it sells itself. My GF finally gave up her 26th place in pre-order for a Q10 for a white Z10. She was pro keyboard. She too, wouldn't have got the phone if it was any bigger.

4.5" is the ideal size IMHO but that is too close to the current FF. So unless they are going to bail on 4.2" then 5 is likely the new normal.

They may be able to get away with a 4.8 and still keep the 4.2. Samsung's success with 5 will pave the way or close the door.

PS - A 10" BB10 Playbook which exceeds or at least matches Nexus 10 or latest iPad would be great as well.

BB needs a something like the HTC One as their flagship device. Z10 will be the midrange device by year end IMHO.

It'd be cool having 5" as it will mean not needing to carry 2 devices (phone + tablet). I'd give this a try!

Well, I'd prefer smaller one for my gf... It's impossible to find replacement for HP Veer... And with UX similar to webOS BB10 would be winner. And yes, she likes my LE! BB10 is shelter for all webOS and N9 refugees...

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I started a thread in the forums on this suggesting BlackBerry should release a 5 inch device and I got shot down in flames. Looks like I was right. I'll be first in line to get one.

I love my z10, but a five inch would be even better.

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All I keep reading is that 5 inch is too big for me, the 4 inch is perfect - well good. Clearly the new device is not aimed at you with your small hands.

What I don't understand with some of you respondents is why do think just because a device doesn't suit you it shouldn't be made.

Don't you understand that this device is not being made for you but for the millions on non blackberry users who do want this device.

Stop being so selfish and thinking about me me me all the time.

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Z10 is the right size. I don't know how the big Samsung phones are really used. Instead of bringing out a number of devices, BBRY should concentrate of maybe 4 or at most 5 devices at most (the sweet spot is two or three) and focus on the user experience. The difference between apple aand most of its competitors is pretty simple: they owned the market with one great product which they nurtured and developed with the phone and then the app store and so on. Everyone talks about how much market share android has but one should keep in mind that this market share has been achieved across a number of phone brands and models within a brand, apple on the other hand got to where they r at with one device at a time. AMaybe BBRY can look at building a more definitive winning model without obfuscating its product positioning. Don't take me wrong I love BBRY. Always owned BBRY phones since the 8300 series. Then BBRY had a product positioning: business, email, corporate, etc. Today BBRY seems lost. They have a winning product in the Z10 and the soon to come Q10. Maybe if they focus on these products and build an experience ecosystem around them, it could mean getting out of the doldrums and back to being the tech darling that it was and I believe it still deserves to be.

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