Could this be the most awesome weather app we have seen so far for the BlackBerry PlayBook? Animated Weather HD + Voice

By James Richardson on 10 Oct 2012 04:25 pm EDT

When I got sent the link for Animated Weather HD + Voice I wasn't initially very excited as we already have a pretty nice native weather app on the PlayBook. My thoughts soon changed though once I had actually used the app - it is awesome!

When you first load up the app you clearly need to enter your location. The app will then show current conditions and a forecast using tabs at the base of the screen. You can toggle these tabs between a seven day forecast and an hourly one. Once you have a location stored the app will speak the current conditions to you when you open the app. You can also add plenty of other locations if required.

Over on the right side of the screen is a weather map. You have the option of a few different styles ranging from Google maps with layers to regional temperature maps.

Settings can be quickly altered using the small tabs at the top of the screen and overall the application is both beautiful, smooth and user friendly. This one is staying on my PlayBook for sure. You will need to pay for it I'm afraid but I think it is worth the money. It will set you back $2.99/£3.00.

Features of the app include:

  • You can add an unlimited number of cities
  • Very good international and USA locations support because it uses 3 different location providers simultaneously
  • Local Radar (available ANYWHERE in the world, to enable it go to Maps and select Animated Radar)
  • Weather maps for any country(International support) including clouds layer, temperature maps
  • You can add your own URL to display such as webcam, other maps, etc.
  • This is the only app for PlayBookTM that has international weather map support!
  • UNIQUE feature: Weather Voice! - the application reads to you the weather, temperature and current condition! The quality of voice, pronunciation is like SIRI assistant on IphoneTM.
  • How it feels temperature(RealFeel)
  • Hourly Forecast
  • 7 days forecast
  • Humidity
  • Ultraviolet index and skin cancer risk meter(like "High risk","No risk" etc.)
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Probability of Rain
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius scales (metric/imperial units)
  • Beautiful HD background slideshow with pictures that change according to current weather conditions (HD Videos are coming in next update)
  • Manual refresh button
  • Offline Mode(It will still display the last retrieved weather even if you don't have an Internet connection at some times)
  • Swipe from top bezel to enter settings, swipe towards top bezel to close the settings page
  • Weather forecast refreshes automatically (15 min - 3 hour)

More information/Download Animated Weather HD + Voice for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Could this be the most awesome weather app we have seen so far for the BlackBerry PlayBook? Animated Weather HD + Voice


Yup I am downloading it now.... if your review is correct, its just the app I have been looking for.


This is one of the best PB apps since Blaq!!! I am NOT KIDDING!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOW

Now this is what a PB app is supposed to do!

Good review. I've actually been using this app for several weeks now and I have been very impressed by it. I don't mind paying a few dollars for quality apps for my PlayBook.

looks like a sure thing. the other day i was thinking that having an app dictate the weather for me every morning would be great... i will download when i get home for sure

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Do the weather maps or weather radar work for Canada? In a lot of the weather apps, there is no support for displaying Environment Canada weather radar.

not all that impressed only because this was shown off by TAT well before playbook launched sadly enough the app never came out and was supposed to be free which is what sort of annoyed me. never the less was interesting to see this made by another developer.

i was gonna comment, the image shows Winterpeg already haha no need to even watch the video to know it supports Canada

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

I typically use the website for weather - i'm able to view all the maps, and even get into weather models just through the browser. This is probably the only weather app i'll pay for.

I'm Andrei Avram, the developer of this app.

Guys, I'm really blown away because of your awesome responses!!

Sure, I've seen the good reviews, but I never thought that people will like my app so much!! Thank you all!! For people like you I develop my apps. :)

Thank you James for the very nice review!

PS: Please leave some nice reviews on App World also, not just here :) Thanks again!

Dude this is a serious High Quality App...

If this is your standard level app, I eagerly look forward to additional apps of this quality and integration.

Its seamless, it operates on a dime, and the visuals are stunning... And its very user friendly.

You sir, stand up and take a bow... I am 5 starring your application this evening!


I do have a request if you are reading...

Is it possible that you can make a Google Earth clone or similar app native to Playbook that uses KML/KMZ files uploaded?

Do that I would GLADLY pay $50 bucks for such an app for my Playbook... Google refuses to do anything for the PB.


Love the APP, only have one issue. I would just like to see the background itself animated, and not have to change UNLESS the weather changes. Or just a way to turn OFF the backgrounds all together would be nice in the next upgrade.
Really not a fan of it changing on an interval at all.

Does the icon show the current temp? Can it show the temp on the wall paper? If not, I'm not interested. Get either one of those two things and I'll gladly pay $5 for it.

Awesome app. I don't check weather on my PlayBook but I'll buy this application, to support any developers who create quality native apps for BB. Sick of all these ported Android applications.

Sorry, but it is technically NOT POSSIBLE to show the current temp on the icon or the wallpaper!
When it will be possible(maybe in BB10) I will surely add the feature :)
That's why I struggled to create the best in-app experience and use what is available to deliver the best quality.

No, it's not an Android app. I'm 100% dedicated to PlayBook and BB10. And I hope to be able to stay this way a long time. The community of Blackberry fans is awesome and this very important to me, as a developer. :)

I want to check this out, as weather is a huge safety concern for me in the winter.
Two Questions:
Will this update when bridged with my BB?
How is it on battery life? (I'm thinking I would set it to only update manually).

Does your app use Underground Weather or another weather provider? The app looks amazing, good job on it. I will definitely supporting this weather app.

Thanks for your quick reply! I downloaded and agree with all the positive comments. It is slicker and more convenient tha the old weather app on the PB. I think I will be wearing this out this winter! I like to support developers that work so hard to please and bring us quality apps.

Not sure why I bought this. I never check the weather. Maybe today is the first day of the rest of my life in a knowing what the weather is doing sort of way. Glad to support APP development.


PS If you leave it open every few minutes you get the audio.... "15 degree's and cloudy".... If you live in Chilliwack BC at the moment anyway..

I got the weather eye and the playbook one. But I'm buying just to support BB app developers. It's only $3.00 not gonna break my bank. It will be a nice addition if there's a local time reflected on each city.

Beautiful app - best weather app I've seen. Thank you Andrei! Keep up the good work. Great review as well by James.

its a nice app.. but why is it called "animated" weather? I was hoping for some animation lol. Maybe like how apple computers scroll through desktop images. Just just static pics changing every 15 seconds. Oh well, still a nice app :) its on my pb now

This is really awesome! So easy to set up, use, and add additional cities... Thanks! I will be leaving feedback.

Andrel, This is awesome.... very nice app.
Just a suggestion, if it's even possible, have the ability to zoom in or an option for a closer range range on the animated radar. I use a weather app all the time on my torch when I'm on the boat and it has a 75 mile or 25 mile radar and this is very helpful when showers are in the area.
It would be nice to have this option.

Thanks everyone for the nice reviews and comments.
Right now I've centralized all the feature requests and started the work on a new update.
I hope that until the end of the next week and updated version will be pushed to your devices.

Thanks again for your awesome support !!!

really like the UI of this app and the on screen map is excellent - looking forward to the updates - not wanting to be picky but some of the descriptions above each day or hour could be better phrased (eg. "some rains") or I am finding some of them cut off mid sentence.

I am currently running this along side Weather Eye HD which I still favour slightly as proving to be a little more accurate on forecasts but definitely liking the look and feel of yours so hoping within the next few weeks I can live with just the one.