Amiga updating their BlackBerry PlayBook titles to support BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 1 Mar 2013 06:36 pm EST

Looking through the new arrivals in BlackBerry World on my BlackBerry Z10, I happened to notice quite a few retro titles from Amiga were showing up as new. Looking into it a but further, it looks as though Amiga has transitioned another batch of their BlackBerry PlayBook titles to support the BlackBerry Z10 and ultimately, BlackBerry 10.

On the new list you'll find such releases as Zool, Zool 2, Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Chaos Runner, Speedball, Speedball 2, Gods and many more. If you're a retro gaming fan, you can hit the link below to check out Amiga's full list of available titles in BlackBerry World.

Amiga game catalogue on BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Amiga updating their BlackBerry PlayBook titles to support BlackBerry 10


Little signs here and there that the major update we're all waiting for will soon be here. Glad i bought the 64gb.


Ummm from this?? No. All this is is Amiga converting current Playbook titles to run on the Z10. They've also added a few new ones for both.

While there is no doubt that BlackBerry10 is coming to the Playbook we still have no idea in what form or when it's coming. No signs of soon.

I'd really like to see more CODEC support on the PB and BB10 as well. I'd also like to see USB hosting supported along with all the missing features of Bridge.

These retro games look so fun, but I likely won't be buying them until they have gamepad support. ALL games need to add gamepad support ASAP..... Please. Not only would gamepad support make playing games much much easier, but it'd also make hooking up your device to a big screen tv much more appealing.

Do they not have gamepad/joystick support? That's unfortunate. I had just started scouring the internet for a Bluetooth version of my old Wico Command Control baseball bat.

Oh, the version of Xenon 2: Megablast is worth it for the soundtrack alone.

Looking at it again on a laptop, it looks like it's just the lighting actually... but on my Z10 it looked like the table lol

I'm just wondering... Now that have finally moved on from the Amiga altogether and have no interest in all those Copyrights, Tradmarks and IPs that they own regarding the Amiga computer...

Then why don't they stop holding onto the aforementioned and release them to those whom could and would like to actually do something useful with them for the Amiga community, instead of forever paying lawyers to prevent even something as simple as the kickstart roms from being freely available online that can be used by genuine Amiga users...

C'mon, you had your chance with the Amiga and blew it and now you have zero interest in the Amiga, so how about releasing the aforementioned into the Amiga community where they could be used by people whom would actually like to use them... instead of holding onto them forever and leaving them to rot...