America loves a comeback story. And if RIM can pull together the BlackBerry 10 story, people will buy it.

BlackBerry... Getting Ready for a Come Back!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Apr 2012 10:01 am EDT

Following Research In Motion's depressing Q4 earnings announcement last week, there has been no shortage of articles and commentary out there voicing skepticism against RIM's prospects for the future. We've also witnessed a lot of hope and support for RIM, especially from the BlackBerry faithful, yours truly included.

Adding balance to their reporting, yesterday Bloomberg News put up a great article looking at RIM from the position of the BlackBerry loyalist, which includes some quotes from CrackBerry members. Be sure to check out the article below and send it around. And remember, it ain't over yet. #TEAMBLACKBERRY

BlackBerry Fans Cite Reliability as They Snub Competitors

from Bloomberg News

NEW YORK - For BlackBerry fans, these are dark days. Research In Motion is losing market share to Google and Apple. New chief executive officer Thorsten Heins has even said he would consider a sale or partnership. That has BlackBerry fans fretting over their favorite phone's future.

Like fans of many iconic products, BlackBerry loyalists love the design of their phone. They praise its fast messaging features and, perhaps most of all, the tactile pleasure of typing on a real keyboard. BlackBerry loyalists come from all walks of life, from high-powered CEOs to freelance artists and students. They all have one thing in common: They can't imagine a world without BlackBerrys.

"As long as I stay involved in this type of job, I'll need a BlackBerry," said John Yester, who has been a firefighter outside of Pittsburgh for the past 15 years.

Yester, 31, started using his BlackBerry's instant messaging service three years ago to coordinate with fellow firefighters when responding to emergencies. He likes that it's fast, with a notification system, and easy, with a physical keyboard.

"BlackBerry is reliable in my line of work, especially with the dispatch center and in any emergency," Yester said. "I tried Android last year and the email capabilities were actually very frustrating. I switched back."

BlackBerry phones aren't likely to go the way of the Palm Treo, Kodachrome film, or Saab cars anytime too soon.

Fortunately for RIM, there are 75 million others out there like Yester, including U.S. President Barack Obama and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

While the BlackBerry has lost its top spot in Canada and U.S. to the iPhone, it continues to grow in emerging markets. The Waterloo-based company still has seen its stock slide 74 per cent in 12 months, and the challenge for CEO Heins is to recover the magic in North America before it's too late.

Kevin Michaluk, who founded fan site after "crackberry" became Webster's 2006 word of the year, says traffic has stayed level as international users replace those in the U.S. RIM outshipped Apple by a margin of more than 3-to-1 in the Middle East and Africa last year and BlackBerry outsold iPhone in Latin America 5-to-1, according to research firm IDC.

Michaluk said he likes that a BlackBerry allows him to be more efficient, by emphasizing fast messaging, as opposed to helping him waste time with games.

"People's priorities are so messed up because if they actually knew the BlackBerry experience and how much faster it is, they wouldn't use the other phones," he said.

That's all that Michael Hayes, a 32-year-old investor, says he needs. As he works from home in Tampa, Fla., he can step outside and run errands, staying connected to work to the extent that he has calluses on the hand where his phone sits. His girlfriend makes fun of him.

"I don't use my phone to play Draw Something or Angry Birds or anything," he said, referring to the games that take advantage of touch screens on iPhone and Android phones. "If I'm doing something, it's pretty important."

Some customers are hanging on for BlackBerry Messenger, a system that comes loaded on the devices which allows any two people to communicate instantly for free. Clyde Berry, a 45- year-old music producer in Fall River, Mass., uses the service to communicate with all his clients. You couldn't pay him to give up his 2007 BlackBerry Curve in exchange for a new iPhone, he said.

"I'm able to keep in contact faster with clients, and we can actually have real conversation," said Berry, who describes himself as a "crackberry addict" in his Twitter profile. "I also use the password protector a lot and keep a lot of personal and confidential information."

BlackBerry continues to thrive overseas. In Saudi Arabia, teenagers have embraced RIM because they can flirt using its encrypted and free BlackBerry Messenger, which allows them to avoid local religious police who restrict interaction between unmarried men and women.

In Venezuela, where the device is ubiquitous on the streets of Caracas, President Chavez has dubbed his BlackBerry and Twitter account his "secret weapon."

RIM is also popular in Indonesia, where the company is planning to add 4,000 retail stores, kiosks and other outlets to keep up with demand. Rioting broke out at a November event in Jakarta, sending 10 people to the hospital, when a promotion for RIM's latest BlackBerry Bold phone ran out of devices.

RIM could still make a comeback in the U.S. market, its loyal fans insist, especially with the planned release later this year of BlackBerry 10, a new feature-rich operating system.

"BlackBerry has a strong brand," Michaluk said. "America loves a comeback story. And if RIM can pull together the BlackBerry 10 story, people will buy it."

Reader comments

America loves a comeback story. And if RIM can pull together the BlackBerry 10 story, people will buy it.


The success of Blackberry lies with the developers. It isn't enough for RIM to ship BB10 without a hitch. If the apps aren't there at launch, it will be over fairly quickly. I would hope, and assume, that RIM is feverishly working with the devs behind the scenes to insure this happens.

I totally agree. I dropped BlackBerry because the apps are horrible compared to Android...I LOVE WP7, but compared to Android the app selection isn't very good, so I use Android (I hate the iOS UI, so I don't use it or include it in my examples).

# of apps are available for IOS ~500,000
# of apps available for OSX, The Mac App Store (MAS) started out last year with ~1000 apps!

No wonder Apple is bringing IOS apps to the desktop...the dektop Mac has no apps!

Actually, only the top dozen or so apps and games are critical to success. RIM should share the development cost of Skype, Netflix, AVID`s video editing suite and other must-have apps for BB10/Playbook.

That's enough to get the ball rolling and generate positive buzz. Everything else will follow.

It doesn't really matter if there are 100,000 apps for iOS, because 99,000 of them are absolutely awful.

yet RIM has failed at this up to this point...and I doubt they can manage it for BB10 because:

1. BB10 is a new platform with absolutely no user base contrasting with the mature market for android and iOs
2. relying on current BB fans would be pretty unpredictable because fans of BB may not be fans of BB10 and the number is small regardless
3. Many of these key apps are U.S. based and a chunk of those key apps that provide certain content can't even function outside of the states due to copyright, and RIM is dying in the States

1. And yet the iPod was a "new platform" with no user base and Apple managed it....

2. And the number of users of the iPod when first launched was small as well.....

3. And Apple was dying in the States as well (17% of the PC market down to 6%) and yet....

I get that you don't have a lot of faith in RIM and that's OK. But every reason you give for why RIM can't/won't succeed could have (and was) said about Apple and many other companies out there.

Time to maybe look at the glass as half full for once?

1 and 2. the current app market didn't exist before then...It's pointless to discuss about apps before they existed...

3. we are not talking about the computer market and neither is RIM switching to another market like Apple was. Mac is still not doing as well as PC, so RIM will never recover according to your example.

That's exactly my point. Apple created demand for something that wasn't there before, but you think RIM can't create demand for an OS that hasn't existed.

If Apple isn't doing well in the PC market I'd like to know why your definition of well is. Are they dominating it? No, but they're making money at it, that's for sure. And my point was simply that something they HAD been doing well at, they weren't and yet they turned it around. Again, something you seem to think is impossible for anybody else to do.

RIM is creating an os, not a new product in a new market. Before Apple popularized the iPod/iPhone market, there were effectively no apps, it wouldn't be a factor for consideration because there were effectively none.

RIM is not heading that way; RIM is entering an existing market with a os; that is the point, apps are a considering factor now that the market is matured.

As for the personal computer market, Apple adds in all these compatibility and syncing and their computers with exceptional technology such as MacBook Air which was literally something we have never seen before in terms of design and MacBook Pro which was really the top notebooks available in the market in terms of specs and all Apple's computers still have a very limited market. RIM is doing none of those things, they are catching up in a very passive and slow way, there's just no chance that it can make any sort of comeback with what it has been doing.

BB10 isn't even really competing with iOs and android as the people here like to believe; BB10 is competing with Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 for whatever small market is left. If RIM lose then they will be gone in a few years but if they win, they are pretty much just stuck in status quo.

It is difficult to compete with iOs and Google and largely's not because they have fanboys, and yes, the people here need to wake up, android and iOs didn't get to where they are because of fans; certainly not the bulk of Earth's population are illogical. Google literally has information on everything and its other services are indispensable to the majority of the population. Apple spent quite a bit of time and money in the past few years to buy the top patents and companies that have spent literally decades on researching specific functions and among them are military developments which are much more advance than general public's technology.

These are not strategies that RIM can take because the information market is a natural monopoly, it's convenience to have Google but inconvenience to have Google divided into 2, and all these top companies are already bought by Apple. Yes there's still the QNX, but QNX is just a platform, there's no additional functions from QNX alone and RIM hasn't really done anything...RIM can modernize their os but in the end of the day, a majority of the population are going to stick with the functional phones. But if remaining in the current situation is a success to you all mean...yes, if RIM releases an exceptionally well BB10 that surprises everyone then it might be able to remain in its current.

so android and the android market never had a chance either against iOS app store?
iOS and it's pool of apps was well founded before android...

For me it's BBM, I'm seriously considering gettign the Lumia 900, but I likely won't because my family lives abroad and they are all on BBM.

I am horrified that RIM is considering porting BBM to iOS and Android. Although you can make an argument as to the benefits, I still believe that BBM should be Blackberry only as a differentiator,

Did I miss something here?
BBM is RIM's ace in the hole, why would they port that to anyone?????

"BlackBerry continues to thrive overseas. In Saudi Arabia, teenagers have embraced RIM because they can flirt using its encrypted and free BlackBerry Messenger, which allows them to avoid local religious police who restrict interaction between unmarried men and women."

Still no CMO!?!? Are they just gonna wait until BB10 is ready to hire one? If they market BB10 like they did for OS7 and the Playbook no one will buy them except us loyal users and they need more than word of mouth to reclaim losses the US.

They just let go the CMO. They can't get any Tom Dick Harry to be the CMO. They must find someone suitable, someone with the experience, ability and skills. I would rather have that position empty for 6 months rather than hiring some Tom Dick Harry to fill that position.

Actually they have been without a CMO for almost a year. That is when Keith Pardy left. Jim Balsillie was supposedly doing the job of the CMO since then, but he did that as well as he ran the company. When Thorstien took over 10 weeks ago he said that they would fill the long open position.

All they need is massive marketing and a much more more vibrant app ecosystem and it's right back to number one . . .

Why waste your time and money...just hold on to my iphone until you guys get it together...a company should show me the goods...not ask me to stay loyal while we work out the bugs and I suffer lol...Nahhh I'm good.

I don't recall them asking anyone to stay loyal... True many of us (by our own free will) have decided to stick with them and hold on till better days... Each to their own - but don't accuse them of asking you something they never asked you - if you didn't like there current phones, your free to use your iPhone (which you've done) - but please stop with the useless comments on a blackberry fan site.

The loyalty to BB comes from my Canadian roots and my desire to see a Canadian company succeed. Beyond that, it just so happens that BB (Pearl and Playbook) fit my particular use cases perfectly - they meet my needs for performance, portability, and privacy.

+100. Totally agree! In my case it's Torch 9810 and Playbook for personal entertainment and corporate needs.... And it doesn't hurt that my BB devices are priced competitively and less than the "iStuff" out there which everyone is paying a premium for and lining Apple's coffers.

+1 plus I love the fact I can bridge to use the net on my tablet and not have to pay extra to tether or get tablet data. $50 saved a month, thank you very much!

Good article.. What we need is the media to start reporting positively for RIM, its been negative for far to long - and this is hurting RIM more than we may realize...

I don't know what holds RIM from releasing the BB10 until later this year. Of course die-hard fans and fanboys can wait. But the market wont. By the time RIM announces BB10 phones (and subsequently for PlayBook), the market will be flourished with lots of new gadgets and OS updates. Let alone about BB10 supported apps..they gonna take more time to compete with iOS and Android. Even the latest OS2 for PlayBook still have unforgivable flaws (random browser crashes, unstable WiFI and lousy Android App Player) despite after a year of "development".

Alright, let's give RIM another chance to prove itself "worthy" this time. Hopefully they won't do any blunders once BB10 is released. I'm saying this because, if RIM keep losing market shares, one day we gonna end up like Palm OS. I love my BlackBerry, but the idea of losing seems pretty much unsettling.

"I don't know what holds RIM from releasing the BB10 until later this year. ..."

They're waiting on the chipset from Qualcomm; a single chipset that will work around the world, simplifying product lines and production considerably (rather than, for instance, the HSPA+ 9900 and the CDMA 9930...)

I'm not sure this particular chip will combine CDMA and GSM (HSPA) technology, but rather 3G with 4G (well, LTE really). I may be wrong though so don't quote me on that.

I never heard of this so called chip, I do love the idea though because I've been thinking that the whole time--why not make the phones worldwide? That would simplify manufacture and streamline it.

Are you sure? I'm quite certain the articles on most sites including this one said the chip in development was just an efficient 4G chip that would save battery consumption....

it would be a very stupid excuse to delay BB10 if it were this combined chip...since it makes absolutely no difference to the they are delaying a generation of phone and using it to compete it with the next generation just to simplify their production...

But either way, they really get nothing out of that new chip for consumers...since the battery consumption has been solved, Motorola has its RAZR MAXX and HTC is having XL...both of which have a huge battery giving smartphone the battery life of old dumb phones...

As I say everytime...introduce today's technology today...RIM is very good at introducing today's technology tomorrow

This is along the lines of what I heard, but I think what makes it more "efficient" is that it requires only one radio versus two separate ones for the older tech (3G and below) and LTE.

The huge battery on the Maxx is a breath of fresh air, but it's more of a band-aid than a permanent fix. Sure upping the battery size will offset the drain from current chipsets, but I think RIM's approach is to tackle the actual problem itself by waiting for a more efficient chip. Now, I hope they don't use that as an excuse to gimp the battery, but it would be great if the BB10 phones had Maxx-like batteries AND were more efficient with battery use, which can only help to save more battery power.

The way I see it is without seeing any of the leaks or read anything about the proposed BB10 phones, I will guarantee they will not be able to compete with the iPhone 4 lt alone the iPhone 4s or the iPhone 5 & that will be the problem.

I feel That although BlackBerry have by far the best keyboard on any phone (but unfortunatley all the top phones are now touch screen anyway so no one is really competing on the keyboard side of things) I feel they are just not in touch with what people want & what the needs of today require. Say what you want about Apple but they are successful because of innovation. Something BlackBerry have lost touch with.

Men lie, Women lie numbers don't.

Each device has its strengths and weaknesses. Yes, Blackberry doesn't have a strong app presence. But iOS isn't an effective communication tool.

Think about this: 4 generations of iPhones were released where the algorithm for signal strength was incorrect. That's 4 years worth of dropped calls, lagged emails and confused customers when they didn't get their friend's text.

There are SEVERAL websites dedicated to iPhone text messages that were autocorrected with hilarious results.

The first 3 generations of iPhone when covered by AppleCare did not cover anyone if the screen was damaged, accidental or otherwise. This leaves the customer without a phone.

I couldn't type on my sister-in-law's iPhone 3GS at all, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Say what you want about Blackberry and apps, much as a better app expierence will improve the general view of the devices, but for those of us who want to actually COMMUNICATE, I believe we'll keep our Berries, thanks.

"Think about this: 4 generations of iPhones were released where the algorithm for signal strength was incorrect. That's 4 years worth of dropped calls, lagged emails and confused customers when they didn't get their friend's text"
. . .All those flaws din't stop them from taking over the market space. . .general consumers unfortunately don't care about the quality of the product. If everyone has one and it looks flashy and they can play games with their friends then it's a hit. My friend keeps telling me how he misses the great call quality and the speaker phone on the Blackberry but still won't give up his 4S cuz blackberry don't have words with friends. . .sometimes you just have to give people what they want (if it's sub par handsets then so be it. . .lol)

Love my BB, but I will not consider it the best communication device until I can do VOIP, the best invention in voice communication since mobile phones IMHO. How can it be the best communication device without VOIP?
Before being called a troll, I insist: love my BB, but it is getting really late for RIM to release BB10.

I read yesterday :)
"Michaluk said he likes that a BlackBerry allows him to be more efficient, by emphasizing fast messaging, as opposed to helping him waste time with games."

I still see tons of people using Blackberrys. If RIM can come out with a compelling product they have a good chance of a comeback. I still worry though because as good as Playbook is we still have not seen any BB10 hardware or software demos. If they miss back to school 2012 - it will be just that much harder to gain traction. Really hope to see BB10 devices in August, I am ready to buy day 1.

BB10 should be a big success but lets not forget that the OS7 phones and for me the Bold 9930, are pretty awesome.
I know what they don't do and I don't need to have someone point it out but I also know what they can do and my Bold is pretty awesome.

Best Keyboard (I love my keyboard)
Best e-mail and messaging
Best security
Awesome look and feel

Free organic voice navigation
Free BlackBerry Protect
BlackBerry Music
Free BlackBerry Travel

Great bridge feature for the Playbook
Great remote feature for the Playbook

Awesome shortcuts and customization

Yes, I know that some people can't live without Netflix between their home and their office or some other app I don't need but for the rest of us the Bold 9930 is an awesome option. Just saying.

A standard yes for any improvements in hardware and software but to succeed what RIM really needs is some great marketing.

I live in the country and my old CDMA phone always had problems getting a signal, so I never really used it while I was at home. Now I have a Bold 9900 and I get 5 bars HSPA+ ALL THE TIME. It's fantastic, iPhones have lost the signal completely and I'm still getting 5 bars. I love my 9900.

Here! Here! I also have a Bold 9930 (Sprint) since day one 08/21/11 and I couldnt be happier! It's all you've mentioned and IMO, the best BlackBerry today. But I have got the best of both iPod touch 4th Gen and an ipad2 for my media fun (Netflix, Brighthouse Cable and Hulu +) so I wish RIM the utmost best with the launch of BB OS 10....but understand, consumers control what lives and what dies.

um...RIM will need a lot more than just great marketing to survive...

What you said certainly doesn't cater to the mass and are considered quite outdated by the general public:

Best Keyboard (Yes)
Best e-mail and messaging (not really, except the keyboard)
Best security (since no one's smartphone has been hacked yet, it makes no difference to anyone really and considering that the general public uses Gmail, etc, it really makes no difference since hackers could still hack Gmail, the fact that messages passes through RIM too may actually additional security risks for normal consumers)
Awesome look and feel (considering that the general public consider the iPhone looks gorgeous, this is not really a very good selling point)

Free organic voice navigation (certainly not the strong point of BB)
Free BlackBerry Protect (can download similar on iPhone, android makers/carriers usually include apps with same functions)
BlackBerry Music (far inferior than all other oses)
Free BlackBerry Travel (certainly not a daily app and useless to most people since roaming is insanely expensive and all other oses have apps with inferior functions in their stores)

Great bridge feature for the Playbook (not required by other oses, because whatever the bridge does, the tablets do them automatically)
Great remote feature for the Playbook (I know Motorola has it, but really the entire benefit lies only in the keyboard, so it's really the same as point one, though questionable due to it not being feasible on the go, but bluetooth keyboard are available on all platforms)

Awesome shortcuts and customization (shortcuts: android and iOs can launch and do pretty much anything in 1/2 keys which makes shortcuts redundant...and customizations like widgets don't even exist in BB)

so stuffs like shortcuts, customizations, bridge actually shows that BB is so far behind that they need them...when other oses do them automatically or have intuitive and quick ways of accessing

I don't just hope but do believe RIMPIRE will strike back with BB10. Even if the apps aren't of the same numbers as IOS or droid, the large BB community will migrate to newer devices anyway . These people like me don't care about games on their phones. I love my applications on appworld which are productive. And there are plenty right now. Eventually all the useless applications, more of games actually, will follow.
With launch of fusion on IOS and DROID platforms, RIM will start getting stronger in the enterprise market. Eventually when BB10 hits the market, they will be in a very strong position in both enterprise and consumer market.

Let's rock and roll this. ....

Most folks with blackberry in the US are still on OS 5 or 6 phones. . .the community usually does migrate to newer phones but for some reason they did not this time. . .it may have looked a bit different for the 4th Q report if they actually did make the jump. . .

That's because everyone is waiting for BB10 and hoping it is great otherwise, they too will move to other platforms. That is SPECIALLY why it is crucial for RIM to get it right or go home.

RIMs long term advantage is the fact that people love to hate both Apple and Google on a large scale. The only people that HATE RIM are internet fanboys. I've never actually met someone that says "I hate RIM" in person. However, I do know that there are a lot of people that hate Apple and Google for various reasons including privacy (google) and labor violation and excessive control over their devices (Apple).

Granted, there are obviously a ton of people that love both Apple and Google, but hate grows at an alarming rate sometimes.

People will hate Google and Apple.
People will feel bad for RIM.

That leads to a great comeback story.

This is delusional - nobody is going to buy a blackberry or other device because they 'feel bad for RIM'.

No, but people should buy BlackBerry because unlike Google or Apple, RIM doesn't invade your privacy and doesn't snoop on its user base.

considering that all your messages passes through RIM...I think that point certainly does not work in RIM's favour...

Agreed, they will move to the next sexyest thing...WP8! I have to admit, even I am considering it and WP popularity is growing REALLY FAST.

RIM needs stores in countries where their number 1 like the UK and especially US. Hopefully BB10 will the professional style to it but we still want entertainment

Yeah, just like 7.0 and 9930 (which I do like) was supposed to bring back masses. I fell for that one along with Playbook promises. Not again, will go with an already developed product next time, not hollow promises. As for BBM, most of my BBM contacts have already jumped ship to other brands. If RIM products are out when it is time to upgrade will consider them but wil not hold my breath, their credibility is shot.

7.0 was never supposed to be named 7.0. It was actally set to be 6.1, but they bumped it up so customers wouldn't be confused. It was created to be a fill in until BB10 comes out

Actually the majority of people I meet tell me they hate blackberry and will never buy it, or they hate blackberry but they carry one for work or for bbm alongside their personal iphone/android. I'm happy with both blackberry and apple :)

My wife and I are the only 2 in my circle of friends and family that have blackberries. We both love them. Neither of us are gamers and such. I want to use mine to get stuff done. The only things I wish my 9800 had was a bigger screen and a faster browsing experience for the occasional web search. I thought about going to the 9860 but I decided not to waste my upgrade on a os7 device when BB10 is right around the corner. I occasionally have lunch with a friend of mine who is a IT consultant and always tell him you might want to check up on things on the crack berry site because such and such is happening. He uses a android device but I think if blackberry was a little further along he might come back. Being the type of person he is and in the business he is in he loves to be able to tinker and stuff.

As a long time BB User, (I have flirted with the iPhone, WMP7 and Android, Still have an Motorola Xoom) and computer techie (I specialise in Mobile solutions and Apple Tech) I don't think I could do without my Blackberry Curve 9360 and Playbook. As a team they are unbeatable for business, not not that bad for pleasure (Well the Playbook is good for games)

I use my Playbook for all my PIM needs as they are best on any mobile device (Including the iPad) and only use 1 data connection as it is bridged with the Curve, Memopad on the Curve for important info (Again accessible via Bridge on the Playbook), Facebook and Twitter on the Curve as its the best at notifications of all the 4 major mobile OS's.

For news I use a mixture of the playbook and the curve, mainly use Blackberry News (again free with the Blackberry) and sideswipe (In Beta ATM) on the curve.

For light entertainment I have some of the best games I have played on a mobile device on the Playbook. And what was one developer said, 'The Playbook is very fast because it is not loaded with bloatware like my Galaxy Tab 10" is' and 'RIM's support for Developers is superb'

Yes I can't wait for BB10 to come out, but BB7 with a Playbook is a very good team now, all RIM needs to do is get its marketing sorted out, until it does sites like this one and my blog will have to do, #TeamBlackberry will support Blackberry all the way ! !

Loved RIM, but iPhone had the social apps.

Foursquare and Twitter doesn't count. BBM games were terrible for obvious reasons. Games in general are terrible.

Consumers want games. Social games. Give us a BB10 with Zynga games, and $1 games, then we're golden.

Most people want to fit in and full screen touch toys are where it's at. For the non-followers we want a phone to get things done. All smartphones are an amazing technological leap when you look at the big picture but negativity spreads faster than positivity. BlackBerry will never wither away and die like Palm or it would have already. As far as gaining market share in the U.S and Canada I highly doubt RIM is worried because they have a great product with amazing potential.. There will be a day that everyone will be grateful just to have a phone, we've gotten spoiled and we want companies to cater to our wants rather than our needs. It's no surprise that modern mankind is dependent on technology and without it most people may not survive so we are very attached to our pc's, smartphones and other gadgets. CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

OK, here's the problem...BB10 is STILL 6 months away at minimum. And by the time it finally rolls out, Apple will have released another new phone, Windows 8 phones will get a toehold, and Android phones will continue to be released. We keep talking how great BB10 will the time it's FINALLY here, it will be a dated system with still no apps. I see zero people under the age of 40 who have a blackberry. I simply don't see how this get turned around....

How will BB10 be a dated system when it is released? BB10 is not/will not be PB OS2. It may very well be just as innovative and fresh as any new release of ios, android, or windows or more so. All the os makers have developement cycles during which they may be leapfrogged by competitors regarding feature set, or may in turn leapfrog past their competitors. As far as app availability, BB10 will have growing pains just like every new os before it. Hopefully RIM is courting devs big time right now. That and ease of porting apps from android will hopefully make the app situation grow a bit quicker.

Agree 100%, how come I never read when BB10 is launched it will be iOS and Android that will be outdated?

Remember BB10 will have over 10,000 apps at launch.

Rim was years ahead of Apple. Using you logic, Apple would never have succeeded because RIM was too far ahead. This tends to be a fashion business, where new fashions, i.e. the new BB10 comes along and everyone wants it. There is a chance that Apple has become too much of a cult and this will not happen, but I do think Apple will realize eventually that it is not going to stay where it is for ever.

RIM was years ahead of Apple because iPhone didn't exist yet...

Apple and android literally works at lightspeed and their technology progressed in speed that we never imagined possible...but RIM isn't...RIM fell behind because it consistently progressed in snail speed...

The man certainly has his reason when he questions the technology that will be released with BB10 handsets...

Look at RIM's excuse for not being able to release BB10 in early 2012, new LTE chip to ensure battery life...but the problem is solved by Motorola already...whatever solution released in late 2012 is redundant and the development costs are effectively wasted because they are so slow...

We have consistently seen RIM releasing "new" and "innovative" functions/technology that are 3 quarters behind their competitors... and sometimes even inferior despite the huge gap in time frame...

You need read Steve Job's biography... Apple hasn't, and never will, work at light speed. Steve was a perfectionist that prized form and function and has created a compnay with that same culture. He obsessed over the smallest detail. If you're absolutely honest about Apple, it actually hasn't "invented" anything, they just perfect a few things. What Apple has "created" is a user experience that a lot of people want.... It looks nice and it works and it's cool. What that gives them, is the TIME to continue perfecting their products. But to say that Apple works at lightspeed is a bit of stretch.

We in the states don't just want an under dog. We want an under dog that can fight. If RIM can be Ali to Apple's George Foreman, we'll be back.

In other words BB10 should make the competition call emergency meetings where they're scrambling to catch up (much like what was done in 2007 when the iPhone was released). Don't just meet the bar...they must exceed it...period.

You know the sports fans that sport the Jersey of the team that won the latest championship and next Championship they are sporting a whole new team logo, those are people with iphones and Androids, I have nothing against people switching teams but I do when they talk trash about that team later.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Everyone seems to be missing the point here. RIM couldn't get positive press no matter what...

They now get a new CEO who likely didn't fail to notice this. We now see more or less a 'press release' from Bloomberg extolling the virtues of the Blackberry users. Koinkeedink? I think not.

No doubt first order of business for the new CEO was to hire a decent PA firm and this is the first salvo of regaining positive press around the world. Watch for a well orchestrated series of articles and other similar 'press release' up to the launch of BB10.

@Kevin -It would be great if you can start a thread here (not in forum), to check what do you think that lacks in current BB7/PB which you expect in BB10. For say, what are the primary apps(Top 50), what will be some good strategies(safe) that RIM should take etc. That will be a hot topic. In short, what makes it as good as iOS/WP7/Android.

The other issue here is that many businesses spent money switching FROM RIM to Apple products, and they're likely not going to switch back.

Consumers will need save RIM.

If consumers are required to save RIM, then it really is over. Especially when they've specifically said they are back to targeting their enterprise customers. The general public will NOT choose a blackberry. Simple as that. For them, it's all about the apps. RIM sneered at this concept a couple of years ago and it probably cost them their existence.

A few weeks back I went into a cell phone repair shop to look at their selection of phone accessories. When the manager came out front, I started chatting with him about various things (mostly accessories) and I thought to myself: here's a guy that fixes iPhones, Androids, Wp's, BlackBerries, every cell phone available, for a living; if anybody knows the strengths and weaknesses of all the various cell phones, this would be the guy. So I asked his opinion on the best cell phone available. At which point he reached into his pocket and pulled out a BOLD 9900. Now in my opinion, that's about the best endorsement a phone can get. Right after that I went out and bought one and I don't regret it one bit.

In his pocket? That is where Apple does well, here in NYC there is a high theft rate of Apple products because most users don't put it away. If BB10 can have enough junk that will keep users playing with something, it'll assist in creating the buzz. Nowadays it seems as if the calling part of the phone is the least driver of purchases, buyers want "the extra stuff".

That's what I've never understood about iPhone fans: the iPhone is essentially an iPod Touch with a really crappy phone built into it and Apple charges an extra $450 for that really crappy phone. I guess iPhone fans aren't the brightest bunch, are they?

If you look at things that way...then the general public will consider BlackBerry at most a feature phone that's borderlining a dumb phone which should really be free with a very short and cheap contract period...

Look at things what way? Your comment makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Are you saying that a person with intimate knowledge of the quality and craftsmanship of the various cell phones on the market, isn't in a position to provide an informed opinion as to which is the better cell phone?

Either BB10 is a game-changer with vigorous marketing or a buy out for cash value + patents etc... or RIM / RIMM is doomed. Rising to half its 2011 high will be a miracle I'm sad to say.

I wish RIM the best of luck. Competition is great for us all no matter what phone we carry. I'd hate to see one less OS.

That said, I saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship to Android two years ago.

Kevin, its senseless cheerleading by people like you that also played a part, a miniscule part, in the bad situation that RIM is in. RIM missed the boat thanks to Mike and Jim, then they became way too arrogant to realize their mistakes and not seek a partner Then Thorsten made idiotic statements when he became a CEO. Now these clowns in Watrerloo are destroying RIM's value everyday. They just dont get it. Ther are very bad, stupid and evil people.

I needed Skype on my phone. I can't get it on AT&T Blackberry. I had hoped that PlayBook would get it when we were able to get Android Apps. No such luck. I went and added a 2nd line - a Samsung Galaxy Note which I was originally going to use just for Skype and a couple other stupid things (yes WWF)that I can't do on my 9810. Well, the other day the SIM cards were switched because the more I used the Note, the more I liked it.

Its not true that BlackBerry messages better than other phones. My company uses an exchange server and my email comes to my Note as quickly with ActiveSync as it comes to my 9810. I get Skype on my phone where ever I am. LTE gives me downloads at incredible speeds when I am in LTE areas. The only thing my BB does my SGN does not is BBM and once it comes to the PlayBook I will consider dropping my BlackBerry service if BB10 is not compelling enough to bring me back.

I am not saying this to brag or hate - I am a case in point. I have had a BB since the 7520 and have taken every major upgrade since and never thought to try anything else. But the former CEO's and their short sighted approach has seen me more productive with an Android phone than with a BlackBerry something I never thought would happen. The Galaxy Note is a better tool than toy and it's a pretty good toy.

The moral of this story is that RIM has it's work cut out here when they risk losing guys like me who never considered anything else before.

I have been retailing mobile phone accessories in the UK for the past 12 years and the BlackBerry has single handedly saved my business, and that's a fact. We sell accessories for the iphone, Samsung and of course the BB, and our BB out sells all others 10-1. I hope and pray they don't stop making there amazing products otherwise I will be unemployed. I also hope that they don't sell out to android like Sony Ericsson did, we all know what's happen to them!

As a proud Apple fanboy, I can comfortably say that I would absolutely love to see RIM become something again.

Good luck with BB10, RIM, I'm rooting for you.

There's alot of Valid points about what the BlackBerry offers no is disputing that, but at the end of the day if they aren't getting the Sales numbers then the company's gonna fold. If people wanna play games then give them what they want, if they want to FaceTime give them what they want, if they want loads of pointless apps that helps them pass the time during the day then give them that. Because say what you want about dropped calls, autocorrect mistakes, iOS failings etc etc etc Apples sales are through the roof & in the end if RIM collapses the fact the had great Email & a good keyboard will be little consolation. I'd love to see BlackBerry back up there but I lost patience after 4 years because the new handsets that came out just werent keeping up. I switched to iPhone & I've never looked back.

I once had a BlackBerry (as a matter of fact, 2 of them). I loved the way I could store my needed business on them and use BBM. The problem was they did not have the memory capacity I needed. When I tried to get to my schedules, it would take way too long to come up. When the BB7 devices came up, many I knew loved them and had no problems but some of them did and they switched a few times for a new unit. I then decided not to get a third BlackBerry but go with a Samsung Galaxy S2. I love it very much because it does what I need it to do which is store business and I can get to it very quickly. I WILL NEVER say I hate BlackBerry nor get another, that may be a lie. I may not have one now but I do hope RIM is successful when the BB10 system, devices are introduced (and I pray soon). It will be a sad day to see it bought out by anyone else and made into something other than what it should be and that is a great device. Like other comments I read, I'm not going to puff my chest out and say you should've done more to keep people like me...this is not about me but contuined existance of RIM to create great products and get back into the thick of things. One thing I did learn, if you left something you truly love for whatever reason (and the love is true, nothing crazy), you'll be back. Again I wish RIM nothing but the best during this time and I got my eye on you rooting for the best!!!

I'm a Blackberry loyalist ... however .... RIM needs to follow Apple's lead ... ONE SUPERIOR DEVICE ... not 6-8 devices that just confuse consumers. Make one killer phone and make it your flagship device that everyone must own for "this" reason....... no curves, torch, bold, etc ... ONE DEVICE .. load it up and if offering internal memory like the iphone then just provide a memory option like the iphone ...... otherwise you confuse your marketplace.

By doing that, they cut out the markets that are actually doing well, emerging makets. I don't think everyone should copy Apple's strategy. Samsung hasn't and they are raking in money. They should stick to 3 handsets, low end Curve and the flagship Torch & Bold lines.

Just simplify what they already have with BB10. I for one, DO NOT want a full touchscreen device without a keyboard, and I know there are a lot of BB loyalist out there like me. Make the BB10 Bold for us with the "iconic" design, the Torch full touchscreen (London), and Curve for emerging markets. Just my $.02.

I have an iPhone 4 and Bold 9900.on the road at speeds over 80Km/hr my maps on iPhone can't load.the irony is that at that speed I have to use the smaller screen of BB for maps

i have a blackberry storm 9530.i can not change my battery i have brought two batteries but it cannot change.anytime i change my phone five minutes the light goes off and i cannot turn the on again.this the seventh time is doing that

Apps are lacking, but really PRODUCTIVITY apps are what RIM needs to target.

For instance, Docs to Go needs to have an easy, fast way to sync with common cloud drive services such as Dropbox. This works perfectly with Android.

Forget Angry Birds.

Can't RIM pay $$$$ to Dropbox and other PRODUCTIVITY app developers to make it happen?

That would boost things tremendously.

I have an iphone and bought my son a bb9900 so he can bbm all his friends. What's funny is that I look around and see alot of teens with bb and Iphones but what I'm understanding is the hip crowd amongst teens love bb. This may be a Canadian phenomenon but it's big. I have a nephew who got a iphone 4s for Christmas and quickly sold it on ebay for a 9900. He told me who wouldn't be caught dead with the Iphone. When I was a teenager it was the same deal. We never listen to what was on the radio it was lame. I don't know what's happening in the states but there is underground movement that leads.

Ya, it doesn't take kids long to figure out what works and what's an over-hyped piece of junk. I'm not surprised to hear that teenagers are the first to see through Apple's smoke and mirrors act, after all, as a demographic teenagers probably make more use of cell phones then all other groups combined. When teenagers start shunning something, it doesn't bode well for the object of their ire either, because they are the adults of tomorrow and they also have an amazing amount of influence with their parents. I've often thought that the Police should never need handcuffs with a teenager: just give them a BlackBerry and their hands will never come apart. :D

I've said it before and I'll say it again...RIM needs to completely give up trying to gain any traction in the United States. They should disappear from there completely.

RIM needs to think outside the box like Apple and Google did. They created their own music stores, Media Players so you can literally use them as PMPs. Google created its own Nav App with voice guided etc. RIM STILL doesn't have a REAL Voice guided NAV. They created their own Cloud service, RIM still doesn't have one. Another thing RIM still doesn't have...All the major Book Stores Nook, Amazon Google or Any of the major Instant Messaging apps on their PlayBook to make voice/video calls- OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger nor does RIM have any of the major movie streaming services on the PlayBook- HULU, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, (I'm not even gonna mention Netflix cause they suck and their losers). Although RIM is getting better with the apps they need to desperately fill those gaps because some people want those or see those as a major concern to make the move to BB10 or PlayBook.

Of course you can dream about RIM making a fantastic comeback on the scene by that is actually just a pie in the sky !
It's all about Apps ! On the IPhone and IPad you have Skype, Netflix,Flipboard, Zite, Sky Grid, Infinite Blade , BBC iPlayer, just goes on and on .....and people love them.
If they are not on BB10 then .......RIM is finished. It's that simple.

Nothing wrong with my BB Bold 9930. All I ask is that when OS 10 arrives is that the device look at and feel like my 9930. It must have the same unbelievable keyboard. If I wanted an Android or i phone, I would have one. It is as simple as that. BB is unique and should stay that way. I have plenty of useful apps and really need no additional ones.

Sprint BBBold9930 and happy with BB, phone and Sprint(Since 1999)

Mr. Bill(W)

As a business user it has been disappointing to see RIM in a free fall over the past couple of years. Shrinking US market share has been an ongoing concern as RIM has seen the dominance it once held here evaporate. I am am and have been beleiver and supporter for the past decade. Not only have I purchased new BlackBerry smartphones every two years but I was one of the first to take delivery of a PlayBook.

My biggest concern is can the RIMpire come back and will it survive?

"...America loves a comeback story.."; "...says traffic has stayed level as international users replace those in the U.S. .."; " continues to grow in emerging markets.." ; "..People's priorities are so messed up because if they actually knew the BlackBerry experience and how much faster it is, they wouldn't use the other..."

imho, it is the consumers of the u.s.of a. (and to a lesser degree Canada) that are continually suckered by marketing vs real world application (not to be confused with duh app'count !! classic marketing ie nfl vs CFL :)

doug c