AMC Mobile makes its way to BlackBerry 10 smartphones

It's an Android port but Saul Goodman

By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2013 08:38 pm EDT

Like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or Comic Book Men? The AMC Mobile app and BlackBerry 10 have you covered.

If you're looking to stay up-to-date on all the news, clips and even episodes then there really isn't a better way than making use of the AMC Mobile app. Having now arrived in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices, the AMC Mobile app offers access to sneak peeks, behind the scenes video, cast interviews and tweets in addition to access to Facebook groups for all your favorite shows.

Need to know when a show is on? No problem! The AMC Mobile app also offers access to their broadcast schedule so you can be sure to never miss an episode. Keep in mind though, the app is only supported in the US and Canada. You can grab AMC Mobile by hitting the link below.

Download AMC Mobile for BlackBerry 10

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AMC Mobile makes its way to BlackBerry 10 smartphones


I don't care about most of the apps that are posted in the newsfeed, BUT it's cool to see the list of apps growing and growing. It's nice to see support for BB10 grow, because some people will love the AMC app and be pleased BB10 has it. Yay for BB.

What is it about shared file access? Seriously. BlackBerrry World reviews are littered with comments like yours but no one seems to grasp what it exactly means.

Where do you think it caches the files it downloads? Hint: it's in your shared files. Hence why you often see images from Android apps cached in your photo gallery. It's been this way since the PlayBook was released. (Someone should fix that, lol)

It's like asking why an Android ported music player needs access to your shared files.. it's to read your music. Why a photo editor app needs access to your shared files.. to read your photos.

I get it, people are looking to be cautious and safe - that's a good thing. But again, BlackBerry World and often the comments here are based on misunderstanding of the actual permissions being granted vs. actually being cautionary measures.

I understand what your trying to say, but it's quite clear from the reviews of not only this app but a whole host of other ones, that Blackberry users, in general, are quite annoyed at the amount of permissions that certain apps require especially if the app does not actually indicate why it want's/needs these permissions. And from the tone of recent reviews, the annoyance is bordering on frustration and anger from some people.

The only solution I can see is either one, don't download these apps/delete them as some people are already doing; or two, developers should make it clear within their description of the apps why these permissions are needed, i.e, what they are for. Some have already done these which has been very helpful in deciding to purchase/download an app. Perhaps if more developers took the time to include this information, it would alleviate the anger that is being displayed within BBW.

Anger? Maybe we should go back to the legacy OS way of doing things and not ask. Then this "Anger" wouldn't surface. I wonder what iOS and Android users think.

I agree with is it doesn't even really ask for permissions, once you click install that's it.

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I have an STL100-1 and it shows up as unavailable as well but I think it has more to do with the fact that this application is region locked to Canada and the US.

Same here. Well, need to tak out the SIM and connect it to the good old US VPN router...

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Me too!

Clunky navigation at times, a la Android, but I expected that so no biggie.

This is how you CB10, son!

what can happen if you let them have access to it? Reason ask is because I have amazon Kindle on my z10 and it has access to some of my storage. Wondering if I need to delete it

White BlackBerry z10

Coming to read these blogs get more and more irritating because people really seem to not grasp the reading and comprehension that comes with first world problems. *sigh*

I was just hoping that someone would answer my question directly instead of sighing and bitching about reading comprehensive. Does the app have to access gps because it is locked to the US and Canada and should I feel safe about giving the app this access? Thanks! And I'm not a newbie, I've had every BlackBerry since my first Pearl in 2005. I'm just wary about the permissions.

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