Ambos - A Darker BlackBerry Theme From Hedone Design

Ambos - A Darker, Premium Theme From Hedone Design
By Bla1ze on 25 May 2010 10:47 am EDT

Not everyone likes bright and flashy themes. Ambos, is one of those darker themes that has some bright colors mixed in that adds great overall styling to your BlackBerry smartphone. Using Hedones description:

Ambos is a new product that will energize your BlackBerry Smartphone, and give you new options, quick access to desired programs and of course Today Preview. Clean and sharp design, speed and easy customization are the main advantages of this Ambos theme. With 5 predefined and 6 user defined icons on homescreen, fast animated hidden menu and sharp graphics, this theme is something your BlackBerry Smartphone will love!

That sums up the feel, functions and design of the theme quite nicely. If you love darker themes and want to check Ambos out, you can grab it now for only $6.99. Ambos is designed to work with 89xx, 90xx, 95xx and finally 97xx series devices. More screenshots available at the link below.

Reader comments

Ambos - A Darker BlackBerry Theme From Hedone Design


Some of Hedone's other themes are better than this one. Sure, it has it's own unique features that make it worth the money, but some of their use of the different shades of grey make some text hard to read.

Overall, a good buy if you've got strong eyes.

I agree with the bad use of grey's. I had to switch back to another theme because the font size was so small and the grey's so close that I could not read it. Almost impossible to read in sunlight.
Very nice theme tho from a technical side. Surprisingly fast also. I would go back to it if I could change the font colors and maybe the sizes. At least change colors.

One of the best themes on the vast market today. Stunning, clear Icons and extremely smooth theme. The best theme I have put on my phone bar none.

I had the luxury of Hedone letting me see this theme before it's release. It is hot! I stick between Ambos and FAON. Almost like I get stuck between minds for about a minute before I make a decision. lol. I do agree that the grey can be hard to read at times, but I have good eyes. So all is good :)

I'll admit, the $7 pricetag seems a bit much for some themes, but these themes are executed so well I have no problem shelling the dough out. To this date, I have purchased 5 of their themes.

So far, my favorite is Metalic.

...expensive themes; namely, Bla1ze. Hedone Design is my favorite designer right next to cocky culture. I've only personally purchased one of HD because developers usually make their fonts too big and I am pleased to say that they nailed it on the head! Plus, I won a contest and got another. These guys are great! Nice job Hedone!! :)

There are three BlackBerry add-ons I will pay more than $2 for. BerryWeather, QuickLaunch and MLB At Bat. $7 for a THEME is absolutely ridiculous.

My thing about the cost is this. If you don't want to pay that much for a theme that you really like, take the time and learn to make one yourself.

Then, after you have developed your talents a little, you can start marketing your themes and make some money off of them.

Currently working on my first theme.