Amazon UK slash the price of the SIM free BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 26 Jul 2013 02:10 pm EDT

It looks like Amazon UK are having a purge on BlackBerry Z10 sales. You can now pick up the all touch BlackBerry Z10 for only £292.99, which is a real steal if you ask me. Stock is limited so if you fancy what may be 'bargain of the year' head on over and get your order in quick.

Why they are doing this is anyone's guess but I'm pretty sure this is just a promotional thing as most UK retailers sell the Z10 for over just under the £500 mark.

Either way - if you want the BlackBerry 10 flagship and want to save a ton of money - Amazon is the place to be right now.

Pick up the Z10 from Amazon while stocks last

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Amazon UK slash the price of the SIM free BlackBerry Z10


I haven't looked, but UK retailers selling the Z10 at just under the 500 mark?! I haven't looked, but that's very steep considering the length of time that it's been out, that's very steep!

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that is so not fair i buy a q5 last week for £319.99 then this happens just my luck :( i am so gutted but i do love my q5 lol

That's $387.00 US dollars v. the current Amazon US price which is $399 or Amazon direct is $429. Nearly a $50 savings. Also $200+ off the launch price. It pays to wait.

This is the right price for the device. Good on amazon! Hopefully the other retailers will follow suit. The overblown prices BlackBerry is setting is killing sales.

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Just a word of caution, buyers should check if it's the STL100-1 version. Für those who mind, that is.

LTE may be important for some customers.

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I can, got my brand new white Z10 about 3-4 months ago for $350, which is about £221.

Legit, not from a 3rd party. ;)

I wonder if this a price drop pre-A10 launch? Perhaps they're clearing out some stock in advance of another BB touch-screen phone? (fingers crossed)

Just a bit more than the Q5. Not bad :)

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

US $350 is the right price point. If it was released at that price point (also released in Jan) would have been a very different 2 quarters for BB. Would have sod millions more devices, had allot more positive press, developers would have seen the numbers of new users and the writing on the wall and apps would have flooded in early. Businesses use lost leaders all the time. Not BB they just use cheaper materials and sell for higher margins. So tell me TH - How's that working out for you?

In reality, all phones should be in the $350-$400 price range for top of the line phones. I know the market should set the price, and they do sell at the current prices (kind of, contracts make it tricky to say...), but I actually see it as collusion by the major carriers. Google made a move to break the trend with the first Nexus device, bypassing the carriers, but the carriers still won. Prices for new devices keep increasing, or staying the same (with minimal improvements) while service prices are increasing. Also, the world is becoming more and more dependent on smartphones which gives the carriers even more power. Either the cost of the devices needs to drop overall, or the service charges need to drop.

People's salaries have not really increased over the past 5-8 years, yet we have seen gas prices double and cell phone service be required (pretty much) for anywhere from $50-$80+ a month. Eventually people are going to realize they can't really afford all these required expenses.

Not sure what the solution is, but something is going to have to change eventually....

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I totally agree with you on that. As BBRY investor (loosing BIG money right now) I closely follow every BBRY action. Here is my personal opinion on Z10 launch.

BBRY had unique chance with its new full touch device equipped with BRAND NEW OS to attract really HUGE number of new customers. Those NEW customers could have been recruited from the Android and iOS users who NEVER had and will NEVER have qwerty (BBRY) device.

What BBRY should have done to attract these NEW customers?

1.Set the right price for Z10.
2.Properly promote Z10.
3.Set up EFFECTIVE partnerships with carriers and stores.

What BBRY did?

1.Set the price which was SIMILAR to price of the iPhones and Galaxies and totally UNCOMPETITIVE with other handset vendors – especially Nokia.
2.Z10 advertising campaign was WORST of all already released BB10 devices. Most of the consumers DIDN'T even KNOW the Z10 was released.
3.Z10 did NOT negotiated sufficient support from the carriers and stores. Some of the carriers decided to skip Z10. Some of the carriers don't promote Z10 the way they promote competing devices. Some of the carriers don't offer customers all available colours. Z10 display at stores was not as good as display of the competing devices. Sales people were not trained and motivated enough to sell Z10's.

I think that Z10 launch was BIG missed opportunity and classic example of mismanagement. I just ask myself if the mismanagement was not from the beginning INTENTIONAL.

In Britain, that is ridiculously cheap for a brand new phone that has only been on the market several months. I hope the rose coloured spectacled editorial opinion on the reason for the price cut is true and it's not a means of drumming up sales of a poorly performing product.

I seriously hope it IS a way of drumming up sales. And I hope it's working! We need more users to be seen by the media as "legit"

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True but the worry is no business sells something for £290 if they can easily sell it for £390 due to high demand

Phone has only been out for 7 months with price cut like this I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing

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It's good in my book. Get them to the hand of the people the more the merrier. Get them hooked with CrackBerry. Then they'll beg for more.

I remember getting it for merely £480 from cpw on launch day (before they jerked the price up to 500+)...

But I do hope they cut the price for q10 soon I need one of those!!

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The Z10 is my phone for the next while (possibly a long while) so I guess I shouldn't lament paying almost double on launch day 4 days short of 6 months ago. Seeing as the ideal BlackBerry device for me isn't even a rumour, it'll probably be a long time before I purchase another BB device, and then I won't be getting it on launch day that's for sure.

I paid full price for mine too and like you I don't feel bad at all. I think this is a good move. Google is selling their ChromeCast half price compared with its competitions out of the gate because they want to get everybody hooked. Instead of spending money on random marketing, sell the phones cheaper to more consumers and use their word of mouth.

Don't amazon drop prices on the amount of people clicking on the product? Not a good sign, price will be back up soon as this is all over the interweb.

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That's great - hope it means that loads more find out how great the Z10 is - then great news for us all who use it - more apps etc

Got mine yesterday for £250! Loving it!

This is nothing new, though the so called "Anti-BlackBerry" crowd with perceive this as a Negative where they would claim without facts that the Z10 is not selling and therefore, the price was slashed to empty shelves.
Here’s what is really happening. Just like the iPhone 5 and the S3/4 that got there prices slashed, it’s a completely normal procedure, all retailers do this after an extensive length of time of high pricing. Whether BlackBerry has anything to do with this is anybody’s answer, but nevertheless, this is fantastic news. Get as many Z10’s into people’s hands as fast as possible. It’s the best mobile experience they will ever feel.

Not positive for blackberry. Major excess inventory yet they didn't even ship that many.

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It's not new things, it's good move to be more popular, and always the new arrival price difference that 6 months price, very good move, who needs to get any product new he will pay full price and who needs sale price he should wait some time

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Good deal but it seems Z10 is worth only about 50% of its starting price. It is happening just 6 months after the launch... That's not good, not good for BB :|

[...] new mobile hero:

Good deal. Will it work with Canadian carriers? I saw koodo is raising the price of the z10 since launch. Now that is madness.

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Aww that's so nice of them. Too bad there's no Amazon app for you to use once you buy the phone from them.

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Just go on the Amazon website. The mobile interface is very good. You don't need apps for everything

Kind of pissed me off that I'm paying a lot more than that ( on contract) and it wasn't even that long ago..

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I would have (and actually have) paid any price up to 1000€ to have one quickly.

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Hi guys, do people know if this phone is unlocked? Will it work on any network? :S

Also, I know there are four variants of this phone. And the UK usually sells the STL 100-2. I'm actually thinking of buying one for my brother who's in France. Now, I know that wiki says that France uses the STL 100-2 but I have two questions:
1. Can I assume Amazon UK will be selling the STL 100-2?
2. Can I trust wiki that France uses the STL 100-2 as well?

Any help will be greatly appreciated guys! Thanks. :)

Yes, a SIM free phone is unlocked. SIM free is just another way of expressing unlocked. A SIM free phoone will work on any network. Just slip in the SIM card of your choice and away you go.

I can't comment for the Z10 but I did buy my SIM free Q10 from Amazon UK.

The side of the box shows it to be an SQN100-3
Regional EU qwerty

A sticker on the side of the box reads "This equipment may be operated in all European Union member countries. When operated in France, this equipment uses non harmonised frequency bands"

It isn't specifically identified as a British model or varient. My past experience of buying SIM free phones from Amazon UK indicates they often supply European wide models rather than specific country varients. I assume this enables them to buy large stocks of one varient and then sell the same product in all the European markets the operate in, which simplifies things for them.

This phone was way overpriced. What was BlackBerry thinking? I'm guessing supply and demand is the cause of the price drop, as usual. Demand is low (can't deny it) so naturally the price is low as well.

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Wow, what a great deal. I have just checked on Amazon UK now and there are some suppliers selling them as cheap as £277.99. Think I will bite when it hits £250!

I'm not biting until it dips under 200 GBP ... probably in another three months or so by which time BB10 OS will have moved on a couple of notches. Looking at the decline in prices on Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, which I could also be tempted by, the Z10 is just following a similar trajectory for a phone that is about 6 months in the marketplace. Even for a phone that will be 9 to 12 months old by the time I might purchase, it will still have a good enough feature set for what I intend to use it for i.e. calling people ;) ... and browsing, email, music, video player via HDMI, some apps.