Amazon says they don't support the Appstore on BlackBerry 10, but 'please enjoy it'

By Adam Zeis on 21 Nov 2013 11:07 am EST

Loading up Android apps is all the rage thanks to the OS leak, and luckily there are plenty of ways to do so. One of the more popular ones seems to be the Amazon Appstore. While it's been a mixed bag for us as far as actually getting apps from the store to run, some users are reporting that they've had success -- even with paid apps. 

One user reached out to Amazon regarding their support for BlackBerry 10 and received a pleasant and quite positive reply. 

I understand your concern and there isn't to worry I'd love to help you out. 

As you already know officially Amazon Appstore is not supported on any blackberry device, but if you are getting the service please enjoy it. 

Please be rest assured, by using the Amazon Appstore on your blackberry device you are not violating any law. 

Please be informed as this device is not supported under Amazon Appstore if you have any issue with the app, I'd suggest you to contact the app developer for further assistance. 

I hope this information helps ! We look forward to seeing you again.

So Amazon doesn't actually support BlackBerry 10 but they are far from discouraging users to take advantage of their services. The one bad aspect is that they are directing BlackBerry users directly to the app developer for support, but that dev may have no idea that their app is being used on BlackBerry. So that kind of sucks and could cause big issues in the long run.

Again, we've had some issues using the Amazon Appstore and prefer the 1mobile Market for Android apps, but hey -- if it works for you, please enjoy it!

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Amazon says they don't support the Appstore on BlackBerry 10, but 'please enjoy it'


the main idea is why wouldn't you want to let other to buy your products? is idiotic. As a developer, why would I want anyone to buy my app but iOS and Android users?

Ahhh.. because you're there to make money or else what's the point in making an app in the first place? Just for recognition and an atta-boy?

Ahhh... He is obviously saying that no dev would want their apps to be sold ONLY to BlackBerry users and NOT to iOS and Android users. He is implying that'd be idiotic since the devs wouldn't make too much money. The same happens the other way around: no dev would want their apps to be sold only to iOS and Android users, leaving BlackBerry and Windows Phone users out. Making an app available to all the aforementioned platforms means you reach almost the 100% of the mobile users; hence, more money. So morpho4444 is saying Amazon's reply makes perfect sense.

It's kind of obvious you have reading comprehension problems.

That was a poorly written post by morph. Not nearly enough punctuation to make his point clear. It is certainly no reflection on the comprehension skills of the reader that his post is so difficult to decipher.

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+1. Switchfoot 3r if you got that from morph4444 post.. all the power to you for your astute powers of deduction.. it's not that clear if that was his intent.

Why would they discourage anyone at all from buying from their store.

It's all just gravy is BlackBerry Nation is on board.

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BlackBerry should somehow link BlackBerry World to the App Market on the back end so that all downloads still flow via BlackBerry World making is seem as if BlackBerry World is the source. The current solution works for me but the average person will have a hard time getting their heads around the "multiple store" work around

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Yea but BlackBerry doesn't want to do that. It's still focusing on delivering more native apps to their customers.

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Agree but in the interim, may as well. Good chunk of apps currently are ports. If and when they become "native", all they have to do is change the pointer on the backend to point to the native version. To the average user, app gap has been fulfilled

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BlackBerry should have their own Android App store that works on both BlackBerry and Android devices.

Yes, and while that is true, BlackBerry does not state anywhere in that article that this feature is intended for commercial use, nor has it been BlackBerry's official stance that they want consumers to sideload apps onto their devices (native or Android). And I wouldn't count on them ever explicitly stating so (though obviously they must be happy with the response from the 10.2 1 leak, outside if the fact that it was leaked in the first place ;) ).

Actually their point of view is that you should download apps from a trusted source like the Amazon store to ensure the APK is clean. For now they know people want apps and will continue to build the app store for BB. The dream was to use Android for BB10 and not QNX. It was outside BlackBerry's budget. This is the second best option.

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"The dream was to use Android for BB10 and not QNX. It was outside BlackBerry's budget."

Er, what is the evidence for these two claims, if any?

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Does it ever shock you when inane nonsense like what you just wrote appears in your head? Do you ever just sit back and say "Wow. I'm really am completely clueless!!"?

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Anybody ever tell you that saying negative things in a nice way is a much better approach?

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Who gives a shit?

If there is an issue take it up with the people at BBRY... the poster had an opinion you disagree with. BBRY has provided you with a device and partnership strategy that has resulted in these workarounds which suck for the 'average' consumer.

Too bad there wasn't more prosumers interested in their devices and workarounds to lift them into 3rd place.

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I'm not too sure that BlackBerry has ever admitted such a thing, as they would essentially be telling their shareholders (and the Stock Market) that they spent money buying into the wrong OS and spending the last 3+ years developing it for nothing. No, that won't ever come out of a company that isn't on the verge of bankruptcy (and contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry isn't going bankrupt yet).

But, I could be wrong, and if you have a source of that particular initial goal (that Android was their first choice but they couldn't afford to invest in it), or that it's BlackBerry's official point of view for us to download apps that aren't designed or optimized for BB10 devices, then I would love to get it from you to read.

DEV isn't obligated to offer support, but some may see opportunity to develop for BlackBerry 10 if demand is there. Never know.

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sooooo, we're not able to offer any kind of support for you... but we're happy to take your money. Got it!

Trust me if it adds could figure out how to make money off of BlackBerry Nation, while at the same time bashing it, they would do so as well.

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BlackBerry would be considered an unsupported platform.

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So...just curious...why if you are doing something/loading an app that isn't support, why do people feel the need to send emails to the company for support? I've never understood that. It's like complaining to BlackBerry about what's wrong on leaked OS's. It's not official. I use leaks and apk's since the Playbook, but I never ask for support when it doesn't work.

"please feel free to spend money with us but if something goes wrong... well you are on your own".

For some reason the Amazon app store runs fine but nothing has worked that I downloaded..

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Adam, I'm not sure I see your point. Redirecting support to the dev is fantastic as the devs will soon see the need to port or write apps for BlackBerry. Porting apps is a relatively simple process and publishing to BBW is what we would prefer them to do - that way the consider the differences of the BB10 platform.

I agree. It'll make them aware that there is a market for them on the BB platform. How could that be bad?

As for Amazon, what did you really expect them to say? No surprise here at all.

They could have said they don't authorize BB phones on their store.

I mean, many developers went nuts when people put their free apps on BlackBerry World (like the Dolphin browser). Packaging an APK into a bar is just a matter of putting the APK into a zip file -- it doesn't alter the code at all. Why wouldn't they want a larger user base for their products? More money for them from ad revenue (if they use embedded ads). Do they have a distaste for money that comes from BlackBerry users? And why have so many devs not ported their apps for BlackBerry World themselves? I can port an APK to a bar in 25 seconds. No one can say it's not worth the effort.

Point is: Amazon could have easily said something that doesn't make any sense to us. So it's a relief to finally hear a response that makes sense.

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Well obviously they could of said anything but why would they turn away adding millions of new customers with no effort on their part. It's a no brainer response

If you read my post, my point was that if companies always made the smart, money-making choice, we'd already have BlackBerry World filled with easily-ported (less than a single minute) Android apps.

Apparently, for the vast majority of Android software companies, 25 seconds is too long to spend to get millions of additional users.

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I think BlackBerry is very close to breaking into amazon. Once all the BlackBerry users in the future get easy access to the android apps on Mobile1, Amazon will want a pc of the new pie. Side loading Android apps is not a viable solution for most consumers. Direct downloading and installing is. BlackBerry is so close!

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Basically, Amazon is saying, Android apps are built for Android devices but if you want to download them and use them on another device that is fine with us. We just don't guarantee that they will work optimally. It seems perfectly logical.

If you purchase an App, then you own it. The seller has a limited say in how you plan to use it. It's sort of like purchasing a book and using it to stabilize a chair leg. The book police don't come by and slap a pair of handcuffs on you. Having said that, the seller is under no obligation to support a product that isn't used in its defined context.

In a weird wacky sense I hope we have some issues using non BBRY apps and that people do contact the app dev so they end up, BBRY peeps do want my app, maybe I should develop for it.

The on other hand......we'll get this same people who insist on blaming BBRY for a bad app rather than the app dev.

From my Vader Zed

Considering that Amazon uses a forked version of Android for their tablets, and is not a member of the Open Handset Alliance, I don't see why they would discourage use. I see BB10 and the Kindle products as devices that are capable of running Android apps.

Doesn't work on my z10. Loads but them crashes within 5 seconds. Using 1mobil with success though and planning to try out Snap tonight

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Theres an APK grabber too, if you dont want to have to sideload snap. You just insert the link of the google play store app, and it gives you a download link for the apk. Its in the original BerryLeaks Presents Android Stores thread. Ive found I like it better than snap.

It's still too "flimsy" for my liking. Would love to see a formal agreement between Amazon and BB.

No obligation but I think it will put the negativity and speculation to rest, if nothing else.

Amazon: "We don't have to do any work and people are going to buy our apps and make us money? Sure!"

Why would amazon not be happy for people to enjoy the app store. Eventually when they see a million BlackBerry users download it they will support it and probably develop a native app. Amazon is all abouts sales and customer support. They are an excellent company, in fact they could buy or heavily invest in BlackBerry and use the power of their vast servers and computing in conjuction with BlackBerry's network to create a powerful juggernaut.

Amazon sucks these days ;)

Posted via the best BlackBerry 10 device (BTW I really enjoy it, I mean my brand new Z10 not amazon lol

this whole 10.2.1 apk is a game changer. if they came out with this fully baked then there'd never be the "why didn't they just go android and skin it?" rhetoric.

I've been using the hell out of the Amazon and Mobil1 app stores.

BB10 is the best of all worlds as far as I'm concerned.

Can we Download apk apps from browser without using any market....i mean apkmania site for example... visit it....and download any app in apk you want and then install it from app we used in android..any one tried it ?.....

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Analogy: you want to run windoze apps on Linux...gotta take your chances. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Directing eventual issues to the developer...hmmm...kinda useless I think...if the developer ever intended to support BlackBerry, he would've made an app for BlackBerry.
But Amazon is playing it really nice, much appreciation to them.

BlackBerry excels in security and privacy. People know this. They should leverage this by creating there own android app store where the vet and certify the app file. This would bring a new revenue stream and expand their ecosystem.

Z30. " I'm back in black. Yes I'm back in black!!! "

Most of my Amazon downloaded apps don't work so I moved to Snap. All apps from there (Google Play) work great.

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I hope that special attention is now moved toward the Amazon linkage. Potentially a huge win win partner for both. Think about it! Early days but now build BlackBerry bridge of kindle and we have a new ball game...

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I just took a look at Amazon's App Distribution and Services Agreement; full disclosure, I am not a lawyer. I find both their definition of a Mobile App interesting and how they are entitled to distribute it once on their store:
The terms of this Schedule apply if you submit any App for sale, distribution, or promotion through the Program.

1.Basic Terms.
a.Types of Apps. Our Program supports the sale, distribution, and promotion of Apps for multiple platforms. A “Mobile App” is an App that is designed to operate on Android or another mobile operating system or in a mobile browser. A “PC Game” is a video game or video game related App that is designed to operate on Windows, OSX, or another personal computer operating system or in a desktop browser. “PC Software” is an App that is designed to operate on Windows, OSX, or another personal computer operating system or in a desktop browser and is not a PC Game. An "In-App Product” is an App intended to be accessed or used within a software application or game (such as additional or enhanced functionality, in-app tools, data, subscriptions, or media content), but that is made available for sale through the Program as a separate item from the software application or game in which it is intended to be used. If you submit an App to us for sale, distribution, or promotion, you authorize us to sell, distribute, and promote that App and related Content as provided in this Schedule, including through regional Amazon marketplaces (each, an “Amazon Marketplace”) and via Amazon websites or any other web page real estate, online point of presence, application, mobile interface, service, or user interface that allows for the discovery, download or purchase of Apps from us, including the Amazon Associates program and similar programs.

Now here is an opportunity to generate revenue without much effort. Amazon should cease this and welcome BlackBerry 10 users by making the APK available and posting it in the CB forums with no promises and a use at own risk statement (just like leaks).

Okay, first my sarcastic jab . . . of course Amazon doesn't mind. After copying the Playbook to make the Kindle Fire, they fully support Blackberry users on their stuff :-)

Onto a serious note, it's too bad they don't have some sort of official release that actually uses the rules of grammar to sound less "foreign support"-y, especially with all those commercials with the nice redhead american girl who magically appears on their Kindle to help you. I frankly have no issue with foreign support if it's good, but love when companies pretend it's not foreign by telling Ranjiv to call himself Frank when people phone in.

Honestly amazon says that BlackBerry doesn't support amazon app store. That could mean that amazon is willing if BlackBerry approaches them. I am positive about these developments.

Have a nice day

My favourite one is black market alpha it is impeccable I have not had a single app fail yet.....!

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Works great for me... pretty much every app I've tried has worked (except for a few tablet only apps). I have a bunch (have a Kindle fire). Don't forget about amazon's free app of the day!

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Well, fortunately my phone doesn't need or want Google apps. Matter of fact, I got Blackberry to get away from Android.

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Maybe I'm confused here - did CB or anyone else contact the AMAZON LEGAL DEPARTMENT?

Or has CB just posted something a cs agent said?

We doing that now?

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Works for me.

Installed several free apps.

Also purchased Antair Notes which I like on my PlayBook. Installed fine and runs but crashes after typing a few words (probably because it is designed for tablet screen vs phone screen).

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This puts a huge onus on BB. If they don't want the Android developers getting calls they better make sure their Android runtime is rock solid and I mean rock solid across all devices. Basically if it can run on Android it has to run on BB10

I hope so too. Right now there is still much lag in many Android apps and weird errors. Even on official ports.

Flipboard is crazy laggy in some cases. Same with SoundCloud and PicsArt. They all work great for the most part, but on my Z10, certain things take 5-10 times longer than on an pure Android phone even much lower specs (like the Galaxy Nexus).

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Is anybody able to get the Amazon Prime app installed and stream movies in HD using Amazon Prime?

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I mean no doucheyness whatsoever, but can't you just use the browser for this? I'm a prime member and have no problems streaming thru the browser. However, maybe I'm not getting HD...I'll have to check on that

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Seriously you can't expect thousands of average people doing this. It just doesn't work like that. You need things that just work.

You are now in my Bingo Book

Advantage of contacting app developer directly let's them know BlackBerry customers want their app. Maybe help convince a few to make a native app.

i don't see how contacting the developer is a bad thing, if they get more and more e mails from BB users about their app not working they may say "hey maybe i can make more money if i build a BB app since all these people are interested in my app"

As a developer (but not an Android one) I can say this.

1. Porting an Android app to BB10 is easy however that isn't the issue. The issue is the investment necessary to support your app on BB10. This is why so many Android apps have not been ported and listed on BBW.

2. While I am sure that BBRY has appropriate tooling, does anyone know if it is even possible to debug your ported Android app when running on BB10?

3. For many Android apps the test matrix must be pretty large; given the different hardware specs and vendors. Adding BB10 is likely a considerable effort.

Still all that said - if you do inform the Dev that you are running their app on BB10 it will at least tell them there is a market. To that end we should all send an email to each Dev for Android apps we use to let them know we are out here!

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^^^This^^^ Makes plenty of sense to me. I'm still under the impression that many people out there, Devs or otherwise, don't know the capabilities of BB10. By letting them know we're using their apps, maybe they'll take a closer look at what BlackBerry can do and in turn, start developing for the BB10 OS.

I'm constantly shocking people with my Z10. My reply to them is, "This isn't your mother’s BlackBerry."

As a developer, i would not have any problems for anyone using my app on different platform. Moreover, that would strike me to investigate even further and learn more about the technology my app is running - and I would try running it myself.

From the BlackBerry stand point, guiding users directly to developers is the best thing that could have happened.

+1 for Amazon