Amazon purportedly looked into RIM purchase, RIM rejected

By Bla1ze on 20 Dec 2011 06:27 pm EST

With RIM's stock now hitting a 52 week low, new information is suggesting that RIM may have cut short buyout talks that were happening earlier this summer. The ones to come knocking, and showing interest? Amazon. As reported by Reuters, Amazon allegedly hired an investment bank to get the negotiations started, but how far along they got during those discussions remains a mystery. The talks were called off by RIM CoCEOS, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, who seem more open to licensing out QNX and BlackBerry services than selling to any one company. One source for Reuters noted:

”Selling the company or an economic joint venture is probably not in the cards right now,”

One shining piece of information to come out of this news is that while others seem to be showing interest in a RIM purchase, the RIM board of directors would rather have the company complete the transition they started by ensuring the release of new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, better use of assets such as BlackBerry Messaging, and restructuring. These were all things were mentioned on the last RIM earnings call, that in retreospect -- seems to match up with the information, but more importantly, shows the board still has faith in the company and that they will see this time of doom and gloom pass.

While both RIM and Amazon have thus far declined to comment on the information, it was also noted that the two companies are continuing talks regarding how they may better help each other. With Amazon being a content provider of digital media such as movies, TV shows and music -- there is ample room there to work together. Such a partnership would not only be great for RIM, but Amazon as well, given the fact RIM currently has a fragmented ecosystem for such things.

Source: Reuters

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Amazon purportedly looked into RIM purchase, RIM rejected


Somebody throw out an offer they can't the neighborhood of $100/share! (A man can dream)

Way to go RIM, keep doing your thing, and don't sell out. I am staying with ya. Just got a new and shinny 9930, so I can wait. Just put my name on one of your BB10 Bold, once you have it all sorted out. Don't worry, there will be *no* iphone or google or windows phone for me.

Got Kindle for Blackberry on my Torch...have had it for about a year & have bought several books. Don't see it available, though, for the newer BB's & Playbook....

If the companies are actually planning on working together you would think that Amazon would have released a Kindle app for the Playbook.

Hmmm... very interesting, I sold 240 shares of another company's stock last week, received the proceeds yesterday, if RIM's stock drops below $10.00 (US) I'll pick up a few shares of it, I'm certain RIM's stock will increase in value in 2012.

IMO Amazon is the best match for Rim. Should be a win-win marriage for both companies combining media content+reach plus smartphone+unmatched security.

Microsoft is a better match than Amazon. MS+RIM = total corporate ownership - leveraging the existing infrastructure in place for Office 365 Cloud services. For media, between BBMM and XBLive Services, you've got the complete package.

MS+RIM would work well for MS, but for RIM the better fit would be Amazon as it would be adding to Blackberry in the areas where it was weak such as the content ecosystem. Rim would be a good fit for Amazon too since their tablet is about an amazon experience rather than an android one.

Maybe this thing falling through is why we haven't seen Kindle apps for os7 or playbook, amazon failed to do the merger so will now sit back and try again later.

A partnership with Amazon would be so sweet. Media content, cloud services, a place to advertise, and sell BlackBerrys. Maybe we'll see a Kindle app for the PlayBook or an Amazon app.

i don't think there can be any doubt that amazon views mobile as its future. can rim leverage those assets without amazon?

With tax selling almost done and maximum pessimism now hitting, time to buy. Cheap cheap stock. Good for at least a $5 bounce in the new year.

I saw this and breathed a huge sigh of relief! Being held captive by Amazon's control of what you can buy? No thanks. A friendlier association with Amazon? Sure. It would open up what we can get. I am curious how Amazon views the PlayBook in relation to the Kindle Fire, though. Especially since the cases are made by the same manufacturer.

I think closing the talks shows optimism on RIM's part.. Intelligence and open-mindedness that they at least considered options; optimism that they ended the talks. Come on 2012! Let PB OS2 set the world on fire and BB10 be inspirational! It has to happen or I will start writing a poetic obit for RIM.

I love the idea of RIM and Amazon joining forces! I've recently become an avid Amazon shopper and I'm soooooo rooting for someone to come and bring some life back into our beloved RIM. I really believe some sort of merger between two of the biggest innovators of the 21st century would be EPIC!

Honestly couldn't careless anymore, this company is failing, and It's not surprising, It's as if they have a team of monkey's involved..

I don't understand why Apple seems to be the only company that innovates, I know It's not the case every single time, but they seem to be setting the trends..

Hahahahaha! RIMs stock price was rising all through the period when nothing was happening.

As reported today Apple's share of smartphone market is falling. The share of the tablet market is going nowhere but down esp when windows 8 tablets hit the market. Add to these two that Jobs is gone and now justify the stock price....

It's funny there's not much of criticism when Apple kept delaying its iPhone5 and came out with the lame 4s. People even drank Apple's marketing koolaid on Siri. The irony is both Apple and Rim are being held back by bad battery life on LTE until the next gen chip sets become available.

Stop bashing the co-CEOs as they do have the vision, strategies and the pieces in place (e.g. acquisition of QNX). There are things we do not know that affect how the plans are executed by management and staff. Obviously, the board know more and understand the best long term interests for Rim. For the record, I'd actually start to worry if we lose Mike at the helm.

...."shows the board still has faith in the company and that they will see this time of doom and gloom pass".....

Actually, it shows the board still has failed to see just how much RIM is self-destructing and is in danger of slipping away into the annuals of history as another technology company that couldnt adapt to nor understand nor keep up with the times.

Not that I want Amazon to purchase RIM - oh yeah where's the Kindle app that was promised/lied about - but the fact that the board has yet to fire the CEO's along with everyone else who is out of touch with reality at this company, just highlights the problems with RIM.

Maybe when shares hit $4.00 - and dont say it wont happen - then things will change.

WSJ now reporting that Microsoft and Nokia in recent months flirted with the idea of making a joint bid for Research In Motion.

If it's true that Research In Motion has more than one potential suitor that's nothing but good news for this dying company.

If amazon was really to buy Rim i think thats a good thing...Right??
As long as it keeps the phone Ad-Free of amazon Ad's. I Be happy.

Help each other? So RIM didn't let Amazon buy them, and then Amazon turns around and refuses to release a PlayBook app like they said they would, and then released the Kindle Fire, which looks nearly identical to the PlayBook?? From what I've seen so far between RIM and Amazon, I'm fine with Amazon having no part in my phones or tablet.

That ecosystem would be huuugggee especially with bb10 devices but the uncertainty of what amazon would do would have scared me.

THe Bold 9900 should cost 99 $ with contract. that's old technology.. The reason why they're losing is because the price is f**king expensive for old crap!

I sent back a Playbook because I want to read my Kindle books there & I am holding off getting the 9900 for the same reason. I have the Kindle app on my Bold 9000 & i use it all the time. (But I am hungering for the 9900). I don't see competition with Fire & PB as they would have a cheaper & more expensive version for different markets. I do think the 2 companies would be helpful to one another. you could shop on Amazon from your 9900 which would increase their base.. makes sense to me.

So instead of using the kindle cloud player on your playbook, which allows you to not only read book online but off line as well, you sent the playbook back? Sounds like you did not ask the right questions or the right person.

And as far everyone here that keeps saying the same dumb thing about the kindle app, do some reseach becausae Amazon has not updated the kidle app for any dveice in months. They want you to use the kindle cloud player because it is more useful and they don't have to use resouces to keep an app on a single platform.

"... Amazon has not updated the kidle app for any dveice in months."


Change log for Kindle for Android:

Dec 8, 2011 Update Version
Dec 5, 2011 Update Version
Oct 7, 2011 Update Version
Sep 2, 2011 Update Version
May 4, 2011 Update Version
Apr 21, 2011 Update Version
Jan 31, 2011 Update Version
Dec 24, 2010 Update Version
Dec 23, 2010 Update Version

As screwed up as RIM is the board is right to resist until the BB10 phones come out. When the transition is made two things will happen. RIM hangs on as independent (best case) or a stronger RIM is acquired worst case but both better than selling out now.

Too bad RIMM didn't say yes. Amazon is a huge company and with Amazon purchasing RIMM then blackberry would be around allot longer.

Screw everyone saying they're disapointed that Amazon didn't buy RIM. If you want media etc just put down your BlackBerry and go buy another phone, that's it, step away from the BlackBerry. BlackBerry is about kick ass communication - get it, communication! I'm sorry you only get 5 spam emails a day and feel you have to fill your time wishing you had Angry Birds, but those of us who actually need have life and value how our BB make it easier couldn't give a damn. As Kevin has said in the most recent BB or Mobile Nations pod - RIM has a niche, it's the ultimate communication app, it might need to find another niche, but that sure isn't as a Kindle Fire buddy. Get over it.

I'm glad RIM didn't sell to Amazon. Amazon is a great company and all, but I feel optimistic about RIM making a comeback. I've had a blackberry since 07 and I am perfectly fine with the devices they are putting out.

By he time RIM is done "wishing for OS 10" to happen, the company assets are going to consist of desks and lamps they auction on eBay. They won't even be able to sell the tooling they don't own. Hoping for a comeback? Seriously? Did we not learn anything from the Palm debacle?

your comment is full of ignorance. Before you spout off on something make sure you are fully informed. RIM's financial strength is 100 X greater than Palm ever was. RIM is very fortunate that they are financial strong otherwise this transition to BBX could very perilous if they don't succeed.

Ha ha ha. Amazon is probably just going to wait until the next Black Friday sale. Bet there won't be a line for that one though. LOL

To me amazon and RIM would make an ideal partnership, RIM has good hardware and basic software and amazon has all the rich media content- I'd like to see it personally.

I was wondering why Microsoft would hold Nokia's hand as they walked to the negotiating table. In addition to gaining some much-needed security and user-friendly management features for Windows Phone 7.5 like Desktop Manager (to which Zune doesn't hold a candle) the biggest gain for them would be in the tablet market. Nokia is the only mobile player yet to release a tablet. Considering their partnership with MS on the software front, they could combine the best features of QNX 2.0 and Windows 8 mobile to release a tablet that hits the ground running.

Because Microsoft is not in the hardware manufacturing business (except for Xbox) they could use all of BlackBerry's strengths in hardware and software to jump into 3rd place from a distant fourth.

Stupid Amazon! They not only are trying to put small stores out of business, but they want a monopoly on everything. Shame on them.

None of the rumored partners is perfect.
Amazon would provide access to a huge media portfolio, but has no reputation as a security oriented tech company.
Nokia has too much overlap. Both come with their history of bad OS design. I therefore doubt that Nokia is eager to support another legacy platform.
MS would double or triple the marketshare immediatly but it would be unlikely that customers would follow a potential MS roadmap.
I could imagin that Google might jump into the race.

Currently, I see only a few assests:
- the push communication platform. RIM could open it to other platforms.
- the patent portfolio
- QNX (NOT BB10!)

The rest (incl. HW design) will not gain a lot of money. The longer RIM has to sell phones with the crappy BB7, the more RIM looses market value.

RIM is one of the typical examples where the management sits in the ivory tower and tell stories about how good they were in the past. They are even worse than Nokia!
It is very surprising how forgiving the board is. Mike and Jim did got nothing right in the past 12 to 18 month and they are still in their jobs.