Amazon offers up the Verizon BlackBerry Z30 for $99

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2013 03:18 pm EST

If you're a Verizon customer and have yet to pull the trigger on a BlackBerry Z30, Amazon is now offering up a great deal. You can grab a brand new Verizon branded Z30 for just $99 on-contract. The same model direct from Verizon will still run you $199 so it's an easy way to save yourself $100 if you don't mind going through Amazon instead.

Sadly the Z30 is still exclusive to Verizon in the US, so if you're looking to use one on any other carrier you'll have to opt for the much more expensive unlocked model from any number of retailers. 

Buy a Verizon Z30 at Amazon for $99

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Amazon offers up the Verizon BlackBerry Z30 for $99


Certainly because of 100 bucks. And the returned unit would not be sold to another customer as new; it would be treated as a return/refurbished/reconditioned unit for distribution as a replacement for those who initially received faulty units.

BB will suffer because of $100 Does he owe BB something. Are you even half-way serious? BB has much bigger things to stress over than his $100 bucks. Do you even hear yourself?

BB should make devices that a consumer will not regret buying when the price drops rapidly.

haha it's not just $100 when a lot of people will be doing it. There is no denying that BB suffers from it. The question is how much they will suffer. When an item gets returned it's marked as used/refurnished. And those phones are even harder to sell when BB is already struggling to sell new phones.

So not only they have given out a new phone at a loss to that person who returned it, they have another phone in the inventory which is even harder to sell. Like I said, it won't be good for BB if many people do this.

"haha it's not just $100 when a lot of people will be doing it."

Hahaha... You are spitting in the wind. Are you a socialist or something? If it's 1 person or 1 million it's their money and they can do whatever they want or don't want with it. If they don't want to spend the extra $100 that's their choice. Who are you to decide otherwise???

People should be worried about doing what's good for them not BB.

dude. Again you can't seem to comprehend my point. People can spend money the way they want. I AM SAYING that company will suffer because of it. THAT IS ALL. You cannot argue with that. I don't care if people do it or not. It's up to them but company WILL lose money because of it. I never tried to stop anyone from doing it. I just stated the consequence. small amount or large amount, they will lose money.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ethics comes to mind as well as consideration. For those who think that it's "just" $100 bucks, it's the principle that not the principal that counts. In this world we have people with varying degrees of integrity, ethics, honesty, fairness, morals and values. Someone who thinks more of others rather than themselves might have made a different choice. Always remember it's the choice of people to do good rather than evil that makes this world still a good place to live. Do right because it's the right thing to do. Not because you possess a right means you are going to abuse it. Some look only at what affects themselves and not what affects the whole and everyone else around in the long term. Change starts with me. Each one teach one.

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What are rambling on about? You lost me after the confusing principle un-principle thing.

But, to your statement about ethics and tad a yard. Put your money where your mouth is.

Send him a check to cover the $100 he's lost.

No one here knows what anyone's situation is. It might be $100 to you, but could "feel" like a $1000 to him.

Anyone here complaining should put up or shut up.

Sry, I know we have still a crisis...
But pls... just f*ing 100 bucks?!?
At least talk with your carrier maybe there is a way to still benefit without changing devices...

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$100 - $35(restocking fee) = 65$
And don't lie later on and say they don't, wont or didnt charge you for that, some people get lucky with that, and some people dont, wont and didn't.

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If you tell Verizon that the phone is faulty they will take it back. No restock fee. The heart strings aren't pulled for billion dollar companies. They should have sold it for $99 on contract up front. The "carrier/mfgr" shell game is a bunch of BS. This phone should already be available with every US carrier. Apple started that exclusivity trash that consumers now value phones not for how good they are but by who has the latest or newest. Don't even get me started on the app platform BS either.

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I hate carrier exclusivity as well, but this time I think it is more a case of Verizon being the only carrier willing to sell the phone than BBRY wanting to be exclusive. I'm tempted to get it, but it is hard to decide when I can get a z10 for $200 off of ebay. Is the z30 really that much of an improvement?

I'm waiting for BlackBerry to sell it direct on their website as it doesn't look my carrier AT&T will be carrying it at all SMH

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I fear you'll be waiting a long time; in many if not most markets, BB does not sell directly to consumers.

He said AT&T. That's an American carrier. BlackBerry sells directly in US.

That being said, I don't think they will sell the AT&T Z30 directly. I suspect it hasn't been manufactured, and won't be until AT&T decides to carry it.

I called BlackBerry direct and the rep told me they would have it for sale on their website but couldn't give me a date. Which is ok with me as long as it's available

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Let's hope for that. But in BBRY's model, the carrier is the primary customer and buyer/seller. I have seen multiple posts in the forums saying there's a December 15th for AT&T rumor, but I don't know.

Yes BBRY does look at the site just started a few months back.

Flicked with my Zed 10 running

Pretty sure whoever cut this ridiculous "VZ exclusive deal for Z30 in the US" is now gone or going....

Come on Chen - Z30 to ATT and or TMob...

I am trying to make this "as simple as possible" for you...

Pick on and "get er done"....

Unfortunately there was no "exclusive deal" with Verizon. The sad truth is that Verizon was the only US carrier that picked up the Z30. All the carriers were offered it, but -- other than Verizon -- every US carrier passed on it. :($200/57609653

"It's with that uncertainty that the Z30 makes its debut. It appears as if Verizon's "exclusive" arrangement is less about having locked up a deal with BlackBerry, and more about the lack of interest from rival carriers. Sprint, for instance, was previously slated to offer a touch-screen BlackBerry, but has since backed off from those plans.

Bhardwaj declined to comment about getting the Z30 on other carriers, but noted that BlackBerry was ready to ship phones to other carriers if they requested it. He said there was nothing in the deal with Verizon that would prevent BlackBerry from offering an AT&T or T-Mobile version of the phone.

"We're not solely tied to Verizon," Bhardwaj said. "

Posted via CB10$200/57609653

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It's true. Don't believe it if you want. But BB should start selling on their website. How stupid can they be not to understand this. They're dying and still expecting help from carriers. Stupid fcks.

BlackBerry should have been selling the BlackBerry 10 smartphones directly to end-users from the outset and unlocked them while providing an universal radio stack.

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And a logical extension of that would be that it makes sense that Verizon ONLY picked it up because no other carriers did, allowing them to advertise exclusivity.

There was a pretty sweet deal on amazon today "cyber Monday"
Was it just in Germany/Austria or in US/CA too?
440€ instead of 520€

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Cyber Monday isn't officially until next Monday. Guess the market analysts' claims that these sales are drifting forward across the entire month of November might be true.

Great deal. I got my Q (on a verizon contract) through Amazon and had no problems. Saved me $130 over Verizon's price.

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Gah!!! I already got mine. But there's 14 days to return it, right? Return it, pay the restocking fee and get an Amazon one and still be ahead 70-80bucks

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I got mine price matched for $49. Telus was offering this to some clients I called Rogers and they price matched.

Swiped via Z30

I'm on a personal corporate rate plan as I'm a federal employee. Not sure if it made a difference. But look into it. I traded my z10 in with the trade in program and got 200 for it.

Swiped via Z30

It will be priced for 50 bucks in a couple weeks and a dollar online soon so I would hold out a little longer :)

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I'd agree that Amazon will likely drop their price to $50 sometime in Q1;perhaps as early as February. $1.00? Not until at least 2015, if then.

I'm very tempted by the offer but don't know if it would be better to wait for Mr Chen and his new direction/vision to take into place... Because a two year contract is a long way to go :-/

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In Puerto Rico we don't have Verizon (they left us a long time ago) , does BBZ30 is going to be available with other carriers?

AT&T USA perhaps??

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

I was just about to pull the trigger on the Amazon Z30, but noted a couple of things. When I purchased my Z10 a few weeks ago (had it for 13 days but returned it in favor of waiting for the Z30) from the Costco kiosk, I gave up my unlimited plan and signed up for the Verizon Max 6GB for $30. Through Amazon one can only get 2GB for $30. Perhaps the Verizon Maxx 6GB was a limited-time offer.

There was no mention of my current unlimited text plan or my long-standing Talk & Text Plus Data $20 Discount. Only a couple of optional text plans.

Thanks, Adam!

I just upgraded to receive mine, and it will be here on 11/27! I appreciate the heads-up on that $99.00 deal, my friend!

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I have 3 phones on an ATT account.... I am waiting to see which will carry the Z30 first... ATT or TMob... whichever one does first gets my business.

Been with ATT since 2005.... pretty good customer...

I saw the Z30 at VZ, last week. Great phone..... that "Natural Sound" is as promised and amazing... Blaize dis a nice write up of this feature a couple of weeks ago....

I've gone to 4 vzw stores 2 knew of the phone but advised their store doesn't carry it. One store the lady had no idea what I was talking about and was positive the only blackberry phones they carried were the Z10 & the Q10. The last store I went to had them in stock but their display unit was in the back and hadn't been set up yet. To make things worse their Z10 still hadn't been updated to 10.1 yet. I so wished they still had BlackBerry stores, that way I could get my hands on this device.

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They don't have any in the stores. Not even in the city that Verizon Wireless is headquartered.

Poetry in Motion

So what about Verizon's phone plans? Their plans seem expensive but appear to have the best network coverage.

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I have to agree with you Wolf35Nine. Big $$ Red is the most expensive with ATT closely following. However, VZW does have the best coverage. It could be a case of you get what you overpay for.

I bought a Verizon z30 direct from Verizon at full price and no contract or phone number (just the phone). I'm using my Z30 on T-Mobile. The tech dept. at Verizon, before I bought the phone, told me all the Z30s are unlocked. Mine works just fine.

I don't know how to tell which band is currently connected. But in system settings, Network connections, it shows T-Mobile 4D-Voice data, and network mode 4g LTE & 4G/3G & 2G.

It runs faster than my Z10 which was a Verizon BB10. I have much stronger signal at home when I didn't used to with my T-Mobile Z10. I've not taken the phone to Europe as I did with my Z10 (T-mobile has free service in Europe). I'm concerned that because all the bands which Verizon uses don't match all the ones from Verizon, that it may not work as well as a Deutsche Telecom phone. I wanted to buy a Rogers phone (because their bands match exactly what TMobile has). But after 6 attempts to pay full price for a phone, they would not sell me a phone. I love the Z30. I wish I had the patience not to have bought the Z10. I have far fewer typos with the Z30 than Z10. I like the hub where all your messages are displayed and that you can see what messages came in from the home screen. The battery does last much longer (I carried two Z10 batteries with me on business trips). I wish I could figure out how to get 10.2 loaded on my Tmobile z10 (my honey is now using it, and my work Z10 ATT. 10.2 was rumored to be pushed out in October. No longer do we hear any rumors of when it is coming. All we read about is people using beta software.

Thanks a Bunch!!!!! I have wondered about how the service would work out as I have a verizon Q10 and it states that it is unlocked when I look in the settings, security and privacy, sim card. It all says unlocked but, I haven't had anyone actually confirm 4g svc on a verizon branded device using another carriers svc (Boost, TMO, ATT). I'm switching tomorrow!!!!!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Verizon's Z30 does not work on T-Mobile unless you're ok with no LTE or 4G. Don't fall for it. T-Mobile Users need STA 100-5.

Poetry in Motion

I'd be happy to email you a screen shot of my network connection from the settings screen using T-mobile network with an unlocked Verizon Z30

The screen displays my Network Mode as 4G LTE & 4G / 3G & 2G

The last section, at the bottom of the screen, shows "T-Mobile 4G - Voice Data"
e mail me @ cyclezib

I wish I could post a picture, but I can't. Still, this is no bullshit, no gimmick. My VZW Q10 is now running on TMO; 4G too! With NO problems!! So, if U have one like I do, U can actually save yourselves $600/yr on phone bill costs. TMO $50/mo. OOLONG Out!! I will Post to my BBM CHANNEL for those who would like proof. ;)

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

I just added my brother to my account, but he took my unused Z10. So I can still get a discount, this might tempt me to get the Z30, but I am afraid to leave the Q10 keyboard. Anyone made the switch?

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Good news for everyone....many on these forums were not too happy about the $700 price tag!

I'm with you jcraig about switching to Big $$ Red.

I am looking to upgrade my BB BOLD 9650J I originally saw Z10 And was interested in it, But then BB Rim was selling Corp & I wasn't sure how it would affect service? Then I read and saw Video of Z30; IT LOOKS GREAT! I am in US & have Verizon as provider; When asked about the Z30 BB, Verizon "Never Heard of it"!? I am orig from NJ/NYC area & now in Jacksonville, NC! They are somewhat "SLOWER Here"! Plus, Most Providers don't stock or have many BB devices; EVERY ONE IS "ANDROID"! I HAD 1 & ended up w/Federal Litigation in 2011 due to "Tracking, Pricy Violation & Exploitation,etc!! No More "ANDROIDS FOR ME!" So Amazon has Verizon BBZ30? In US? More info Please!