Amazon now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook arriving June 1

BlackBerry PlayBook On Amazon
By Bla1ze on 19 May 2011 03:44 pm EDT

Although the BlackBerry PlayBook has popped up on Amazon before, that was through third part retailers -- often times charging a pretty high markup cost on the total price. Now though, Amazon themselves are taking pre-orders for all currently available models with an expected shipment date of June 1. This is the first time online sales have taken place aside from your local brick and mortar stores so it'll be interesting to see how many people opt to go with Amazon. As expected, pricing remains the same across the board but you'll get free shipping, which is always a bonus. Thanks, rbenjamin!

Pre-order your BlackBerry PlayBook On Amazon

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Amazon now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook arriving June 1


Free shipping but I'd get slammed with NY taxes. I opted to order my 32GB from tax and $9 shipping FTW!

When this first came out I was looking forward to ordering it on Amazon, now months later an no Amazon App, I've moved on. I'm buying all my books from Kobo and purchasing nothing from Amazon.

Bravo and thank you. Every Blackberry user should do the same. We are clearly being slighted by Amazon. If every Blackberry user wrote Amazon and told them that they would buy nothing from them until Kindle were available for the Playbook, would the app be coming out in a week, two or in minutes?

Mmmm interesting.... I checked and they're available now. AND there's a little savings... 16gb for $496.98, 32gb for $596.98 and the 64gb.... no savings for this one!

Ha ha ha I'm just laughing at one of the items for sale on the same page. Blackberry Playbook for Dummies!

Will Amazon ship it preloaded with a Kindle app? Oh, that's right... I love Amazon, but they're dragging their feet too much on this one.

It's an encouraging sign, both for enhanced sales for RIM, which should encourage developers generally, and for the speedy release (counting from today) of the Kindle app for Playbook.

You folks all know that even if you don't pay the tax at the time of purchase you have to declare it in April and pay tax then. Right? You know that. You also must know how stupid it is to post in a public forum that you cheat on your taxes. You must know that too. Right? If you didn't know that. I'm telling you. I'm also going to mention that the IRS now has some pretty great whistleblower rewards. I'm just saying. Sometimes it makes sense to insert a filter between your thoughts and your fingertips hovering over that "post comment" button.

You do realize they are talking about state sales tax and not income tax, right? And that the IRS has nothing to do with state sales tax, right? And that each state has different laws on what is taxable and what is not taxable, and whether or not something purchased by mailorder is taxable in that particular state, right? I'm just saying.

States are going after these guys pretty heavily for sales tax. Here in NH we don't have sales tax, so we get alot of Massachusetts people coming up to buy big ticket items. MA tax revenue folks have been known to be sitting in parking lots recording license plates of MA people and going after the stores for the lost taxes.