Amazon Kindle Fire

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2011 12:47 pm EDT

Amazon Kindle Fire or BlackBerry PlayBook - Which would you rather?

Amazon Kindle Fire

A new entry into the tablet space has just been unveiled by Amazon. The Amazon Kindle Fire, as it is known, has quite a few people interested in it already given its low buy in cost which is set for only $199. When looking at the specs, and the device one could almost mistake them for the BlackBerry PlayBook and we're guessing that some folks in Waterloo might be a little upset right now for quite a few reasons aside from the price point Amazon is able to offer the Kindle Fire at.

Lets start from the beginning -- Amazon has been working on building their eco-system for quite some time now. They've come to agreements with content providers to offer music, movies, tv shows and most recently Android apps. It was rumored long ago this was all in an effort to strike up their Kindle brand by eventually offering a tablet to the masses and all this effort is what we saw unleashed today.

If you're looking at the Amazon Kindle Fire and thinking to yourself that it looks like a BlackBerry PlayBook -- there is good reason for it. It's been suggested that Quanta has made the Amazon Kindle Fire for Amazon and they are also the original design manufacturer (ODM) that built the BlackBerry PlayBook. When it comes to specs those are pretty similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a 1GHz TI OMAP4 dual-core processor, 1024 x 600 multitouch-capable IPS display made of Gorilla Glass, 8GB of built-in storage and is rated for 8 hrs of usage for reading -- 7.5 hrs for video playback. You'll not find any 3G connectivity here either, only WiFi is on board for connection options. When it comes to the OS the Amazon Kindle Fire is running a forked version of Android which has been customized and is of course capable of running Android Apps from the Amazon App Store but not from the Android Market though, there has been talk that apps may be able to be sideloaded.

Taking everything into account here, how do you all feel about the Amazon Kindle Fire vs. BlackBerry PlayBook? I love my BlackBerry PlayBook, it's a beautiful piece of hardware but for now it feels unfinished. That may change when BlackBerry Tablet OS v2.0 comes out but, I can't help but think RIM just got played by Amazon pretty much with their own equipment. Amazon has a huge eco-system which includes plenty of movies, music, apps, books and it's all packaged up and ready to go in similar looking hardware for $199 with a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime. Even with price cuts, RIM isn't matching that and I didn't even mention, it has email built in.

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Amazon Kindle Fire


What about apps that do some actual work?
The other day my laptop died during a long flight, and I was able to quickly transfer word files to my playbook. I edited them easily. Life saver!
I vote for the playbook!

Haven't looked in the Amazon App Market.. or even the Android Market have you? Only about 430 other apps you could have used. vs documents to go on the PlayBook which btw -- also has an android version. :)

Sounds like you are a droid boy :)

I'll say this. If RIM pumps out 2.0 after DevCon I will stick with PB. If they pull an "it's coming" Smile Grin and begin to be vague about the actual date I WILL get the Kindle Fire.

And I really fear I will be doing the latter. I have no faith that RIM will release 2.0 after Dev Con.

Kiddo, if somebody can talk like that, it is Bla1ze... He's been known for using all the platforms and so far, his testmony is a honest one.

Point taken, it is an Android tablet, it will have by default a heck of more apps than the PlayBook.

I'd still want a PlayBook over it thou... Even if OS2 is not the bomb we expect it to be, the app Android AppPlayer will run will be enough to stop the "no apps" complaints.

Its not that he's a droid boy... Its incredible how sometimes this blackberry fanboys take it to a level only seen by jehova's witnesses... I love my PB, I'm feeling left out from a whole world of apps and media in a tablet form factor. I have an ipod touch that kind of helps me get my fix of entertainment, but hell, we don't even have decent apps for playbook. I'm getting tired of having to settle. My torch I have no complaints, the pros are way more than cons, but hell, RIM did a number on us with the PB. Just cus he said the truth doesn't make him a "droid boy", he just has an internet connection and some geek friends as well. Stop harassing everybody who realizes that RIM has fucked us over with the PB.

Sheesh, don't be so touchy didn't you see the :) and what I wrote?

I said I would buy the Fire, so I'm hardly a big Anit-droid troll. Now Apple, that's another matter I owned everything that company produced for a period of 3 years and left when their horse shit finally got up to my neck.

I could not agree more. RIM needs to be sued for all their broken promises. People bought based on the promises from RIM's management team. LIARS!!

I agree. I am so sick and tired of RIM's "its coming soon" BS! Jim Balsillie should be fired by the company board. I bought the PB in April after that idiot said that an email client would be here in "about 60 days". Its frickin October and still nothing! I truly hope RIM gets exactly what they deserve. So far though, only their customers and shareholders have suffered. Its time for complete management shakeup. How much longer can these morons hang on?

I'd rather have the Kindle Fire, I think it will have a stronger eco system than the Playbook.

However it isn't comming to the UK, and if it does I expect they will slap us with the price if the pricing for the new Amazon Kindle is anything to go by. USD79 GBP89.... errrr thats and extra 80% on the USD Cost (I know the USD Price doesn't include taxes but our sales tax is only 20%)

Let's not forget that Amazon makes money each time they sell a book, song, video, etc for the device so they're able to reduce the initial cost and make it back later.

You aren't comparing like with like with the kindle prices, they publicised the ad-supported prices and the UK version is the equivalent of the $109 model.

Really? Exactly what can you do with it besides surfing the web? I own one too. How can you not feel used by RIM?

The playbook has never had a problem in the specs department but it lacks apps especially from the big guns, this is a problem that Amazon wont have the big app makers will support this because amazon is seen as a company going somewhere while R.I.M looks more like a has been company. It looks like Amazon has bent R.I.M over the chair without lube. I wonder if any lawsuits will come out of this.

i'm pissed that Amazon never bothered to produce Kindle app for the Playbook. Now we all understand why. That is really rotten.

i also smell lawsuit... probably (i think) it will be the first time rim would have sued a competitor. (RIM has been sued many times but they generally do not sue any of their competitors unless they were first sued)

I'm familiar, but there's more to it than the design of the shell in that situation (which is all I'm seeing similar between the Fire and the PlayBook). Besides, what about all the other 7" Android tablets? They all look the same to the casual observer, don't they? Why wasn't there talk of a lawsuit before the Fire hit the streets?

Amazon bent RIM over like RIM bent over its customers.But there's a BIG difference. Amazon does not lie like RIM management. Every time I see that asshole Balsillie I feel like punching him in the face. He's a lying sack of shit.

I don't have a need for a tablet right now. But I would jump on the Fire for my wife in a heartbeat. You just can't beat a price point like that for what you get.

More importantly also, I think in general Amazon made a huuuuuuuge splash today with the Fire and the new Kindles (and the various price points). Get in on a Kindle for $79 (with ads)......tremendous.

Now there is no reason to not get one for every member of the family.....

I bought my PlayBook for 299$ two weeks ago. For a 100$ more than the Kindle Fire, I still prefer to have dual cameras, microphone, QNX and bridge (I didn't notice any cameras/microphone from the Kindle Fire pre-order page). RIM can't just continue selling it at 499$ even if it's capable of bridging to access data on the go, a 300$ premium is too high.

I have no regret at all buying my PlayBook, it's a great tablet and the arrival of the Kindle Fire with the same form factor and specs don't change anything. If I were buying a tablet to read books during travel and vacations only, I'd seriously consider the Kindle, but this is not the case.

the first thing I thought about when I saw the Fire and it's price tag was "hello massive Playbook discounts".

They have to.

Ya there is not reason not to really. PB has 8 more MB ram, that must be as cheap as hell. I supposed the camera add a bit but If I were RIM I would price the 16GB playbook pretty close to the kindle and view the lower price as an advertising cost. Get more PB out there and let others see how it works.

Dude, what world are you living in? PB at the price of Kindle Fire? Only if RIM plans on going bankrupt. Amazon did it right while RIM tries to screw its customer base with one bogus promise after another.

The Kindle Fire will win on price since so many things seem to be equal. The only thing the Fire has that the Playbook doesn't is the Blackberry name. Dual cameras really aren't that big a deal for people who want a consumption device.

As much as I love my BB, people aren't going to pay that much for a name unless it's Apple.

$199 will beat $499 (or $449) any day of the week, month or year.

Speaking of the iPad, you could buy a new Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, and Kindle for less than an iPad.

If RIM had any imagination these days they'd have partnered with Amazon years ago.

If Amazon had run BlackBerry App World it might even have worked.

Not really.. I live in Canada and can access all of of that. All you need is an Amazon accnt, and a US address to fill in.. you can use a pre paid debit card to verify and you're in. They don't IP block at the core.

The integration with Kindle, Amazon Video, and Amazon Music pushes me towards the Fire. I really don't need the camera or mic sitting on my couch browsing, reading, etc.

Probably that the Fire is the right choice for him. He's not saying it has to be the right choice for you. Take a breath, relax...

2 years in development?
it's hard to believe that no leaked pics of the "fire" made their way to the web?
I think they manufactured it in the can come & help build but we won't let you

kindle fire may be a huge success in US, but not in other countries. even the tablet from amazon is available in other countries, it won't have some many advantages except for the price, since i think the eco-system of amazon is strong enough only in US.

People will trust Amazon far more than they do BB/RIM. RIM has fallen behind so far in the smartphone and tablet world that they aren't even mentioned in the same breath with Apple or Android anymore. Luckily for them, numerous Android tablets have failed miserably. It's almost hard to imagine that BB will even be around in 7 or 10 years in its current form. Amazon will market this thing to the millions of customers who visit their page daily and at $199 you really have no reason not to buy one.

Another issue with this new Kindle Fire is that it has half the memory of the lowest playbook. That is equal to about 7 movies on your device. True, the cloud based streaming works in wi-fi but if that is the case you are problably home and why not watch it on TV. Or stream the amazon video on the playbook.
If you want to watch something as far as movies go, you can stream movies from the amazon website right now. Kobo has the books and is working on the magazines (that will be good) but no cameras and no microphone really was a mistake.

The Playbook video chat is something I love using with my wife. If my kids is at a football game I can film and get audio on the game. With the Kindle Fire you need another device. Not ideal.

The Playbook does need more content and that will be even better. But the Kindle Fire is aimed at the Nook Color (and will cause serious damage there) and hurt Apple as well. Because content is the focus there.
Why would you buy something that leaves cameras out and audio input out when currently you can get the Playbook on Staples for 249.00 or 50 bucks more. I think those people will regret it every time they see something they want to film or just take a picture of.
This gives RIM a year before they are a threat. Hopefully, RIM will move next month and release the BB Movie player, BB Music Player (though the current music player on PB is awesome) and Kobo will offer magazines. After this, everyone will focus on the specs and the Playbook is at least 10% better than the iPad2.

+1 I totally agree with everything you just said.

The only thing is that RIM and all of their products have a negative vibe affixed to them. Everyone that uses my PlayBook always ends up telling me "wow, this is the most underrated tablet, I'd buy this over an iPad." RIM doesn't know how to market and that's where they fail at. So instead of them marketing, you get sites like BGR that essentially "markets" for them. And with all the negativity BGR gives to RIM and all the praise they give to Apple, Apple ends up winning every single time.

I really hope that OS 2.0 is the turnaround point for RIM, not just for the PlayBook, but for the company as a whole. This could put them back in the game as a heavy hitter.

With that said: PlayBook all day!

I just got of the phone with staples and they said the playbook is $300. Am I missing something?

Also you mentioned that you can watch steaming content from Amazon on Playbook? How about Netflix?

Amazon services do work in Canada if you know what you're doing. Want it bad enough, and you'll learn fairly quickly.

The problem is that the average customer wouldn't go through all the hassle of finding a workaround. They would see this as a limitation around the world. Not to mention the uncertainty that one day Amazon could start IP blocking. I think this could be a hit in the US but only in the US unless amazon starts taking more of their services international.

With that being said, the US is a make or break market so they have a chance at steeling some good market share from everyone

Not much hassle, takes two seconds to read and 2 mins to set up. I agree avg consumers won't bother doing it but like I said..Want it bad enough, it won't matter. Aside from that, it'll be rooted and made wipe open anyway in which case it becomes a pretty affordable Android tablet.

Imagining employees at RIM HQ had to sit down as the blood drained out of their heads during Amazon's announcement.

PB is somewhat competitive at a discounted price of $299, but not at the original price of $499. RIM will never be able to charge that much again -- which makes me wonder if they'll still be willing to devote significant R&D funds to the PB.

We'll get a PB 2.0, but don't hold your breath for 3.0.

I think if you look at the strategic value of QNX the tablet will be supported forever.

Don't worry about that. If I was apple or B&N I would be concerned.

I bet we will see version 3.0,4.0,5.0 blah blah blah. The current playbook will be phased out eventually thats a given...the day RIM gives up on QNX will be the day they close the doors forever. QNX has to be their savior.

I have a playbook, and I would rather have this Kindle Fire. It does almost everything I use my playbook for (web, video, music). I like the bezel gesture UI on the playbook better. Also, the fire is missing HDMI out which is something I use fairly often on my playbook. Having said that, overall, I think the Fire is a better value, especially at $200. I say this mostly because of the Amazon eco system behind it. If I had this, I would drop my netflix account and get amazon prime for $80/yr.

Amazon has nailed it. $200 is the perfect price for a device like this. If it had HDMI out, I would actually consider going out any buying one.

P.S. Wait, I just realized amazon instant video will work on the playbook... I still would prefer the fire, but an amazon prime subscription just got that much more appealing to me.

The HDMI is a redudant factor when you have apps that are installable that allow you to stream content.

Depnds on your set up and which apps you ultimately go with, some of the streaming server clients in the Android Market work with Linux out of the box so to speak. That's a use case scenario you'd have to look at more in depth.

Take for example one sceanrio I makes of: I have a PS3, I install iMediaShare on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.. everything on my Tab then shows up on my PS3 to stream.

Apple has it's own eco system consisting of apps, books, movies, and music. Amazon has this as well, even adding consumer goods. RIM only has apps. RIM needs to add music, movies, TV, books, and magazines to their 1st party eco system if they are going to compete effectively in the tablet space.

Alternatively, they could go the Nintendo route and bring companies like Kobo and 7digital in as 2nd parties. As demonstrated by Torch Mobile, QNX, and TAT, RIM seems to do this well.

Fundamentally RIM has itself to blame. The throughput at RIM is so slow. BBM Music has been coming for ages, so has video, so has V2.0 with Android Player. If those were up and running and the Kindle dropped they would be having a bit of a head start and likely have shifted more units. That said I'm not sold onto the Kindle but millions will likely be. With RIM we rarely top the specs rankings but we also rarely come as low as this thing is right now. Especially with the ipad3 due soon and widespread talk of quadcores. The computing power is just not there and for me that is a deal breaker. Video on such a processor? That said this is Amazon, watch the end of years sales figures.

In response to this, I would say that RIM seems to understand this. They have developed BBM Music, partnered with KOBO, we have heard about BB TV coming soon...I think RIM has definitely gotten the message that building an ecosystem is the way to 'win the future'. You can see that in all their new acquisitions.

The main advantage to the Amazon tablet will be the ecosystem, as it is for Apple.

Honestly, I just prefer the Blackberry brand. Its hard going for them right now as RIM has not been consumer focused before but I will give them another year for their plans to shape up.

Frankly I'm just not that impressed with the competition.

Can I get my BES email on it or utilize the data connection on my BB for free? Otherwise its just an Android clone that has the convenience of the PlayBooks size.

Seems more like a competitor for the iStuff. Hence the reason I think RIM should keep their focus on Business/Government and leave the rest of them to fight for the consumers..

My decision factor is the platform. I think that QNX is the best platform on the market in regards to performance and integration but is missing what consumers are looking for, CONTENT (Content is the King) and Application (Goes back to content since this is what we consume). Amazon has solution for both. I am planning to buy a tablet for Christmas so I am hopping that PBOS2.0 is ready to offer what I as consumer am looking for :)

With only a cursory understanding of the specs of the Fire, the PB at $299 is still good value.

For the extra $100 you get pics/video recording, MS Docs editor, more memory, tethering/bridging to a Blackberry device plus all the pending features of 2.0.

I do think its a good basic consumer device for those who just want access to content and don't care about the on-board non-content related features. I do think Fire users will eventually evolve and start looking for more "PC" functions that this device will never offer and will lead to "feature frustration" down the road. With the Kindle, I constantly hear..."if only it would do this one little thing"....

Now, if only RIM could get its act together.......

I assume they didn't breathe a word of the 9 inch version with a little more capacity, which has also been rumored? I would like to hold out for that if it's coming. I wonder if this device will lead to any drops in price for other Android tablets?

There is absolutely no way that I'm trusting Amazon to predict (and learn) my web browsing decisions and habits! I just bought a 32gb PlayBook in the Staples sale and still feel I'm much better off. 8gb of onboard storage? Really?????

How long will it be before someone loads the OS on a PlayBook?

I suspect the day of, or day after, launch.

RIM is going to have to make sure that 2.0 is something very well done and will set the PB apart from the Amazon offering.

If they release this while the PB is still stumbling along with the current OS the PB will once again take a real beating in the press and in the stores.

RIMs choice of waiting this long to release 2.0 until "thereafter Devcon" is to late. They need to step this up.
With Apple unleashing it products in October and now this Amazon item RIM needs to step up their game and step it up now!

RIM had to know this was coming. (but than Jim and Mike are in denial with their heads in the sand). If they did not than its one more nail in their coffens. (as it should be)

Amazon is not a company that can be messed with. RIM must take this as a great threat to the PB and RIM as a whole.

FYI, RIMM stock is now down 1.81% at 13:47. Lets see what kind of hit it takes as this news moves its way around the stock market.


Huh, compare this to the Playbook. The Fire wins hands down, atleast market share wise. The kindle itself is amazing, but if they see something of a second version at IPad like specs with those prices!?! Oh yeah, this sucker will definitely be a big hit next year for its field.
I like my Playbook, but I really do think I rushed in to early... $200 discount after 6 months is a big difference for me. Especially when a tablet with similar specs shows up with a $300 difference! The app ecosystem will be a major gap between the 2 too... only thing I can think of being happy about at the moment is the BB Bridge. I hope DevCon doesn't disappoint.
P.S. I have AT&T, so yeah about BB Bridge...

I would like to play around with it first in store before buying it. In saying that i would go with Fire. Come on, $ 199.00, free shipping plus the cloud service. I see a Christmas gift coming for the wifey.

The idea of having a QNX device that, might someday, connect with my car, is reason enough for me to choose the PlayBook.

This is only going to cut into the Ipad profits. There is no way its a playbook competitor. For mainstream media it has the resources but I doubt that its built with the same horse power. It may look like a Playbook but no way. When RIM finally desides to spend some money it will not be an Ipad killer but the Playbook will be known.

You mean Amazon waited til they had a complete product before they released it? Rim's poor reputation is nobody's fault but their own. That 2.0 update better be special.

RIM should make a "Bold" move and buy-out rights for Kindle and a good stake in Amazon, next integrate some of that tech for Blackberry units. Watch sales and interest in their products rise.

I am still undecided about tablets, however, the Amazon Fire (IMO) is totally different than the playbook and the two can only be judged, when the the playbook is a finished product. Lets hope OS 2.0 delivers.

Just ordered my 16GB PB through for $304.98 (taxes included) I got tired of using a pen and paper (or my 9780, which makes me look unprofessional) when going out on pre-bid walk-throughs with potential clients. The PB will make things much simpler for me. Don't really need the "extra" stuff that the iJobsPad2fire has :o)

Can't belive that no one has mentioned that the Kindle plays angry birds!!! Playbook all the way!

I don't see this as Kindle vs PB. Let me put it another way:

Kindle + PB = $199 + $299 = $498
iPad2 = $499

Which would you rather?

Hint: 2 > 1

I would get the Kindle for my kids to practice on and learn a tablet environment. Once they prove they are PlayBook responsible enough, then they would graduate to the PlayBook.

Wow. I took a look at the commercial preview on Engadget for this and I have to imagine lots of people who were on the fence about getting an iPad will jump at the $199 price. I still see more of the regular Kindle out in the wild than I see of iPad, so I suspect Amazon will have a hit here.

However, here's the kicker in all this. Supposedly this was delayed, and Amazon already have an updated version slated for release early next year. Processor and memory upgrades are expected.

So now that I waited to see this released prior to making a decision, I find it tough to argue in favor of getting a PlayBook. The release date on the Kindle Fire is 15 November. Two things would get me to buy a PlayBook over this: 1. release calendar, e-mail, and Android player updates and 2. drop the price close to $250 without rebates nor gift cards.

If you guys do a survey I hope you include a choice for lower priced PlayBook, because on retail price alone the PlayBook's pricing closer to iPad than Kindle Fire is just going to kill sales. Hope you do a survey, though my target to get a PlayBook is $250 without jumping through hoops.

I don't need a camera or a, since the specs are so similar, would it be feasible to buy one of these and then load PB OS2 when it comes out? Just blue skying here....

I have a Playbook and 3 Kindles. I don't use my Playbook for music, movies, games. I use it for email, browsing, document review, etc. I have tried out the Playbook for music, movies, games, etc., and it does those things fine already (better, hopefully, once the 2.0 update comes out). Its just that I don't want that small a screen to watch movies or tv, and I don't want that big a device to listen to music, when I can already do it on my phone. The Fire looks like a very nice, well-priced media player.

How are the early results impressive? At 4:17 PM EST, I see:

1. Apple iPad (51%, 300 Votes)
2. Samsung Galaxy (19%, 112 Votes)
3. I don’t need a tablet (16%, 95 Votes)
4. Blackberry Playbook (5%, 27 Votes)
5. HP TouchPad (5%, 27 Votes)
6. Motorola Zoom (2%, 12 Votes)
7. Sony Tablet S (2%, 10 Votes)

Note that the PlayBook is tied with the TouchPad, a tablet that has been discontinued, and the PlayBook shows up in the list AFTER the more popular "I don't need a tablet." Not so good, if you ask me.

This survey is very new, and only reflects a very small look at the Kindle Fire, yet already we can see some splitting of perceptions. TouchPad is indeed gone, but the Sony Tablet just got released. If you look at street pricing for the Samsung Galaxy, then I think that is why the interest is so high.

It might sound a little crazy, but RiM are sitting on a huge inventory (per their last conference call) that is costing them money. Rather than continuing to sit on PlayBooks why not drop the price and get them moving? More PlayBooks in the wild will function as ambassadors for future QNX phones. They should sell them near break-even, or perhaps even as loss leaders to move excess inventory and boost brand awareness.

Remember this is Reuters and not some tech website. The average person knows price point, screen size, and not much else. Bad reviews indicate to many average people that the PlayBook is unfinished and costs as much as an iPad, but has a smaller screen. Personally I like the smaller screen size, but I have never understood the pricing. If/when the PlayBook 16GB hits $250, I will buy one, and I'll show it off to many people.

I had a PlayBook and got rid of it. I'm still watching it (and more specifically OS 2), but I'm no longer holding my breath. My breath is currently being held for the AT&T 9900.

Pretty amazing how much publicity their products are getting today...very Appleish. RIM on the other hand leaks out stuff for months and when they announce you still have to wait months. They also never get the same kind of exposure as these other companies.
I really hope RIM releases their new OS2.0 before the Fire goes on sale since people will grab it for the already included email client. Plus RIM will definitely have to lower their price to sub $300 for the 16GB.

Well, i was just on to order the Playbook ($299) and they show all 3 models as "discontinued" when I tried putting it in my cart. That said, I may just wait for the Fire...

The form-factor of either one (playbook or fire) is the sweet spot for me but I'm very interested in seeing how the whole amazon ecosystem would work for me and my life/work style and that's what has me leaning towards the Fire.

Right now, I have a Kindle (the one with the little keyboard), and iPod Touch, my netbook, a Nokia N8 and my (unfortunately) banged up BB9700 -- too many devices really but I've found a niche for each of them.

I can use the N8 anywhere in the world (like here in Afghanistan) and when I'm back home, I can use it as my own little hotspot so I don't necessarily need the bridge thingy. plus, it makes for a helluva point and shoot.

With my 9700, I was using Tetherberry to link up my netbook and the kids would watch Netflix on our many roadtrips (or me on my business trips) and I was using it out here too until it experienced a "screen malfunction". (Looking to replace it when I get back stateside with maybe a 9900 but UMA is a big deal for me so...but that's for another rambling post...)

My kindle is awesome and the battery goes forever -- great when i'm stuck somewhere (and out here it could be anywhere) without a ready power source.

My iPod Touch is the perfect pocketable device that I can use to Facetime and Skype with loved ones back home. (if you haven't figured out, i'm kind of a gadget junkie...)

Based on my needs/wants, I really wanted to have a playbook but I also wanted to have the ecosystem around it. That is/was my hope when I learned that the Android player would be included in the future software update. What couldn't be provided through the BB App World, I'm sure I could get with the Android player -- and that would hopefully include the Kindle app. If it did, money! and I'd be sold.

Otherwise...we'll see. (I still may hunt around for a Playbook and buy it today. I just don't want to have to deal with a mail-in rebate. Kind of a pain to have to deal with that hassle when I'm over here...) does not say anywhere that the PlayBook is discontinued. I checked. I added one to my cart. Nothing popped up and screamed "firesale!" It does say "While supplies last," however, which means that there is a limited supply of the heavily discounted PlayBooks. That does not mean that the PlayBook is being scrapped.

you're right. turns out it's for my zip code. if i enter the zip code for the apo address i'm using over here in afghanistan (even thought officemax does ship to apo/fpo addresses), it shows it as discontinued. but when i put in my zip code for my house back in the states, it comes right up.


The issue for me has always been price. Get the 16 GB version around $200, and I'd buy one in a heart beat.

Age old problem... Need users for apps, need apps for users.

At the price point it is hard to pass the Kindle Fire. It does so much and costs so little, I wonder what the book reading experience will be on it? I Iove my PlayBook but the Kindle Fire will find its way into my home. For $300 you can get a media device and a great e-reader (Kindle Fire & Kindle Touch), for an extra $50 you can have 3G delivery to the Kindle Touch. This will hurt other Android tablets the most, followed by the iPad and PlayBook. Now if you want a tablet to do business on, the Kindle Fire will not cut it. For class work, if it has a decent office suite, this could do well also. Time will tell, but I think the tablet divisions of Apple, HTC, RIM, Samsung, and several others are feeling ill at the moment.

Well i just placed my order for the Amazon tablet, what was the name of the thing again o well $200. Unless i can find a Playbook for no more than $250 I will stick with what I ordered.

I've been waiting for PB to drop below $200 to purchase one. But now, I may just get the Kindle Fire. As far as phones are concerned though, I'm BlackBerry for life!

Not seeing any advantage for me over my Playbook and current Kindle. I can already stream Amazon Prime videos. I prefer to read books with my e-ink Kindle because it's very light and doesn't have a backlight. Storing things in "the cloud" isn't really a feature for me. More like a fancy way of saying "it's hard to store thing on it" or "you'd better have wifi access."

As a stand-alone device, "got played" is a fair description.
But I waited for the PlayBook -- skipped right over on the iPad and the Galaxy and the whatever else -- because of the BB bridge and the BB apps I need. Now, if Amazon can sell me a great cellphone with a real keyboard like my Torch and a bridge like my PlayBook, I might be willing to reconsider.
For now, I think Kindle to PlayBook is an apples-to-oranges comparison.

I have an iPad but if I had to choose between the playbook or an android tablet I would take the playbook hands down. Android is a crqppy choppy Linux distro running on a monolithic kernel while qnx runs on micro kernel along with iOS. This means qnx>android.

I think its pretty sa that I consider the Fire as a possible buy instead of the Playbook. I have more faith in Amazon than Rim.

I would much rather have my Playbook from what I've read. The playbook is perfectly rounded with much much more potential. I use the Bridge often and it is my favorite feature out of any tablet. This Playbook is a quality unit with more to come.

the reason why i bought my playbook is because of OS, so there's no way that i will like this new tablet.

Same question I ask people who ask me whether to get an iPhone or BB: What do you use it for? I primarily use the bridge on my PB to read emails and attached documents. Amazon video streams well and the browser is great. So, for me, it does everything I need. I can see other users having other priorities, but as an accessory to a BB, there is no comparison to the PB.

At $299 - RIM wins.

That said, to sell to the masses at Walmart - RIM better get the 2.0 and the video store up and running ASAP if it wants to compete this Christmas!!

LOL!!! Under no situation does RIM win. At this point, they can put it up for $99 and people will still buy the Kindle Fire. Its too late for RIM. They blew it.

Amazing how much RIMs marketing sucks, I just learned via this thread that Amazon video works. Funny thing is I use it at home through my Roku box and it never occured to me to try it on the PB, I just assumed it didn't work like the rest of the sites. Love my PB again! Thanks Crack! RIM fight fire with fire! unleash the Android apps!

I'm a BlackBerry fanboy so of course I'd choose a PlayBook but there's no other reason. The Kindle Fire is a media consumption device with email. And Amazon meets all the media needs (at least for the USA). And it has a web browser, right?

The PlayBook is a web browser (with a lot of real internet, but NOT all) and ... Half assed media consumption? (No flac, no mkv)...

I was pretty excited about the Kindle Fire, (better price, more apps) but there is no HDMI output, so my thoughts of streaming movies on the Fire and watching them on the TV were dashed. Better OS, PB, Cameras, PB, better gesture controls, PB, more onboard storage, etc. At $299 for a PB, it beats the Kindle Fire in most areas, like the camera --- but what good is a front facing camera with no Skype (or did Skype get released on PB?). And BB ain't gonna stay in the PB business if the price point for a 16GB PB STAYS $299. They would have to sell it online themselves like Amazon to have razor thin margins.

Guys (and gals), do not forget that Kindle is NOT a computer!
PlayBook is!
Most of the comments somehow missed this point !?

Okay. The tablets look similar. Is this not what the problem is with Samsung and Apple (granted that the dispute is more about how they operate than looks there). Lets think about this in two ways:
1. A friend of mine stated he owned a baby Mercedes when Chrysler was owned by the Big M. (LOL).
2. If you were in a hard fight, who would you prefer. Darth Vader (Playbook) or Luke Skywalker (Kindle Fire).
Darth Vader (Playbook) or Luke Skywalker (Kindle Fire) both have the force (similar manufacturer) and we all root for Luke of course, but if I needed help and Darth was available...well you know who we all would choose....

I live in the SF Bay area and I am now really interested in what BB has to say at their Devcon show. So much so that I am actually thinking about going.

I come home turn on the local news and what do I see a news spot for the new Kindle Fire. I don't recall seeing one for the Blackberry Playbook. Ordered my Playbook and it should be here in a few days. I am looking forward to using it.

Really love my playbook. but can see the fire selling well at that price. 8gig seems a bit small tho.

the fire pre-order page is impressive looking.
wish rim would do more to market playbook well. focus on all the great things it can do.

I use my playbook daily. The bridge feature is the main reason I bought it....and the latest updates to the bridge being able to use other playbook features with it has been great. But I have to be's really hard to look at Android's and Ipad's App selection without getting overly jealous and a little depressed. 85% of my playbook use is couch surfing at home. I may have to pick up the competitions product for that. I've lost faith in RIM with releasing the android player. When it does eventually come I have a feeling it's going to be disappointing. I'll still use my playbook ..but it will probably only get used when I'm somewhere and have no choice but to use the bridge feature.

what a dumb comparison, the BB Playbook has GPS, front and rear facing cameras 16 GB of flash memory, mini HDMI connection can not be tethered to a cell phone so is of no use when not in a WiFi area absolutely not comparable to the Amazon Fire from a spec point of view. I am actually not even sure why you would want to own a Amazon Fire if you now can buy a BB Playbook for $299 with all the additional specs and a major OS upgrade just around the corner.
I hate how the media takes it hook line and sinker without even one critical comment as to the specs of this mediocre tablet. Suddenly the 7 inch screen is cool whereas the PB screen was deemed to be a looser by all Apple friends.

I guess it is all in the marketing and I hope RIM learns something from Apple and Amazon on how to introduce a new device and get marketing hype.

Well, it is like $400 cheaper... I don't get why the Playbook is so expensive, I'm sure more sales would go through if it was 3/4 of the price of the lowest end iPad 2.

The fact that so many of us are waiting (begging) for Android support says a lot about how 'great' PB is... Imagine that the PB is not going to get any Android crutches... then what? Is it a good buy? or good bye?

Also, I don't think it's a good idea to pin all our hopes on QNX. Agreed, its a good OS and all that but seeing how RIM fumbles things, don't be surprised if they manage to do something stupid with it!

i feel like a fool for having paid $499 for my Playbook. Still think playbook is better than the Kindle Fire. Plus I already have a Kindle e-reader, so i'm covered from all angles.

RIM is a joke. Period. They did it to themselves. Unbelievably poor management. They cannot execute a game plan. Still no email app or contact mgmt app. Apple and Amazon ..... they are making a mockery of RIM.