Amazon giving away 30 paid apps for free today and Saturday!

Amazon App Store Sale
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jun 2014 10:15 am EDT

It looks like Bla1ze — CrackBerry's new Editor in Chief — is sleeping in this morning (he's still getting the hang of this whole waking up early to blog thing), so here's a little FYI for all of you running the Amazon App Store on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

For today and Saturday, Amazon is giving away 30 paid Android apps for free!

At the time of this posting, I have not checked each app to see how it runs on BlackBerry 10, so be sure to test things out and drop a note in the comments with your results. And if you're not running the Amazon App Store on your phone, click here for a tutorial on how to install it. It looks like US, India, Australia and the UK are all supported regions for this sale. That said, it may also show up in other regions, so if you find the apps are on sale for you be sure to spread the word. And keep in mind, the Amazon App Store will soon be officially supported by BlackBerry, so you can consider loading it up as a head start.

Here's a full list of apps and games covered by the Amazon App Store giveaway, which are temporarily available for free (31 in the US):

  • 2Do: Todo List | Task List (£4.41 / $6.99)
  • acalendar+ (£2.49 / $3.99)
  • AccuWeather Platinum (£1.95 / $2.99)
  • Business Calendar (£3.99 / $4.99)
  • Card Wars – Adventure Time (£2.38 / $3.99)
  • CLARC (£2.99 / $4.99)
  • CrossMe (£3.15 / $4.95)
  • Dr. Panda's Bus Driver (£1.79 / $2.99)
  • Dungeon Village (£2.80 / $4.41)
  • Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (£0.99 / $2.99)
  • EZ Money Manager (£6.34 / $9.95)
  • Informant 3 ($9.99)
  • Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC – £6.37 / $9.99)
  • League of Heroes Premium (£1.98 / $2.99)
  • Loco Motors (£1.19 / $1.99)
  • MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish (£6.37 / $9.99)
  • MyBackup Pro (£3.01 / $4.99)
  • Notepad+ (£0.99 / $0.99)
  • OfficeSuite Professional 7 (£9.36)
  • Lab PRO (£1.91 / $2.99)
  • Pinball Deluxe Premium (£1.87 / $2.99)
  • Plex (£2.98 / $4.99)
  • Pocket Informant 3 (£5.95)
  • PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition – £9.32 / $4.99)
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands (£4.25 / $6.99)
  • Real Shanghai Mahjong ($2.20)
  • The Room Two (Kindle Tablet Edition – £1.98 / $2.99)
  • Root Explorer (£3.00 / $3.99)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (£1.83 / $2.99)
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop HD (£5.56 / $8.99)
  • Sudoku 10'000 Plus ($2.49)
  • Travel Interpreter (£5.99 / $9.99)
  • Wedding Dash Deluxe (£0.62 / $0.99)

Be sure to check out the deals through the Amazon Appstore on your phone or via the online store (US link; UK link). Cheap is good. Free is better. Enjoy the giveaway!

Reader comments

Amazon giving away 30 paid apps for free today and Saturday!


AccuWeather Platinum! Nice. If I install these apps and delete them, will I be able to get them for free again? (Like stuff from BlackBerry world history)

Reading the comments below...this has been a fail...

buggy Android apps running sluggishly...BlackBerry doesn't need this at this point...

Have someone side load Snap for you if you want to, actually enjoy Android apps on a BB10 phone.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

You don't even have to install them. Just buy them in your PC web browser and they populate your "my apps" section of the Amazon App Store on your phone. Get them now, maybe install them later. Not even sure I will install any of them, until the kids find out I have Card Wars on the phone...

Yeah I just downloaded that one too. Looks like sale is for Canada too. App seems to work good. Nice update from previous accuweather version.

Posted via CB10

This version of Accuweather has additional features, but downloads slower than BeWeather and the other Accuweather built for BlackBerry....

I still think Android apps via snap work better than these via Amazon app store - hopefully their performance will improve with 10.3 launch

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Help me understand what would cause any difference in the performances of apps downloaded from Amazon vs. Snap?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Android apps from Amazon need to have the Amazon app store installed to function. If you remove it, they quit.

They aren't 1:1 identical to the APKS one gets from Google, whatever it does/however it does things in the way of talking to Amazon's app has got to be related to the slight difference in performance.

Posted via CB10

Doesn't seem to be in the list.... go figure the only app I would dload is not available.

Posted via CB10

He was referred to Crackberry by the guy, Jezebel, who worked for Crackberry for a cup of coffee and went over to N4BB...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I think, I heard from someone reliable source that he is the president of some sort of condo club... and from unreliable source that he is hunting hottie members...

Posted via CB10

I'm going to take a look now:) I haven't done much app loading lately. I spend close to 100 just on blackberry apps, but the 16g of internal storage wasn't enough for all of my text/contacts/apps etc!

Posted via CB10

You must have other stuff on your built-in memory than just apps. That's why you have an SD card slot for all your other stuff. I have at least half a dozen 100mb apps and lots of others and haven't filled it yet.

Posted via CB10

And these are the types of things that we as consumers will benefit from with this Amazon deal. When 10.3 is released, maybe they also offer "special" promotions for BlackBerry tested and optimized Android apps.

Frosty White Q10/

I hope so as well.
A unique opportunity for devs to get themselves known to the BB10 crowd who has never tried an Android.

Just checked and yes they are!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Yep, was just about to comment that one isn't available. Pity, was one of the ones most interesting to me.

Posted from my Z10/Q10/Z30

I would totally move to Germany! I even have a native app that will teach me to speak "obviously a tourist" German. XD

Posted via CB10

I deleted Amazon App store because I found it running in the background non-stop. I found it using Taskmanager. Also found other android things running that I wasn't able to identify, that are no longer there after deleting Amazon.

Fat kid grown up to be a fat man.

Some apps from Amazon won't run I've discovered after deleting the Amazon app.

Posted from my Tab 3 via Android CrackBerry App!

Deal applies to Canadian residents too it seems. Showing up in the store front anyways.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

@ Kevin:
Bla1ze has been putting out so many blog posts over the last week, you should get him a personal assistant already!
Cannot blame the guy for sleeping in once per week (no more than once though!). ;)

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Agreed especially as he was up all night including the wee hours of this morning posting articles, though I understand Kevins point as well. Being EIC isn't an easy job you have to stay on top of things 24/7

Posted via CB10

That's cool...and "Club Z30" is coming up on a year anniversary as well...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Finally able to get Dungeon Village again yay!!
Worked no problem on my STL100-3

Posted on the go with the CB10 app

I had deleted the Amazon Appstore long ago because I was never able to find an app I was interested in that would actually install. Although the Mobilearn multilingual phrasebook is free right now, it wouldn't install. Hopefully I'll be able to get it going once 10.3 rolls out.

Posted via CB10

I deleted it only yesterday because I couldn't get it to stop running in the background, thus chewing up my battery life on my Z10...

@DoryGuy, download Ghost Commander in BlackBerry World and go into android apps and make your adjustments. This worked perfectly for me.

Posted on my Zed30!

What are the steps once you get commander and go into App store?

Publicado con Zeta Diez

Exactly what I have been doing, i'm just downloading what i might use and wait for 10.3.1

also thanks for the post Kevin!

Exactly what I have been doing, i'm just downloading what i might use and wait for 10.3.1

also thanks for the post Kevin!

Kevin, please be informed that Bla 1ze has been doing an outstanding job as the new EIC. :)
Thanks for sharing the freebies info.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the heads up Kevin....but you gotta give Bla1ze some slack- he put out more blogs this week than the whole Crackberry team has in a month. I was wondering when it would catch up with him. Pace yourself Bla1ze! While we appeciate all the info, you will burn yourself out! lol

Bla1ze insomniac blogging has been great. Plenty of new article first thing when I check CB has been awesome.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded a number of amazon apps previously. Either didn't work or had ridiculous permission requirements. Happy with BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

I have found myself having to check Crackberry more often due to the fact that Bla1ze posted 5 more posts since I last checked in.


I cant find these in search:
Ravensword: Shadowlands (£4.25 / $6.99)
Real Shanghai Mahjong ($2.20)
The Room Two (Kindle Tablet Edition – £1.98 / $2.99)


Q10, running

There's a banner on the top for the sake. Just scroll the top banner to the right until you see it.

Dominate the MCAT C0012A8A6

The app is kind of laggy, compared to the Accu.... app that's native to BlackBerry, then again this is the full version, with a lot more going on.

Posted via CB10

Ravensword won't load up on my T-mobile Z10. I tried rebooting my phone and etc.

Waiting on the Z50 with 32gb of internal memory

Appears to be available in Germany too, although I didn't test it on my beloved Q10!
But on my Nexus 7 Tablet the free Apps are available from the Amazon App Store!
Unfortunately I'm not interested in any of those Android Apps, and I really don't dig the buzz about this Android Stuff!
It's probably because I'm OLD :-)))
Or because I'm not that App junkie! There's a maximum of 5-6 Apps I can't live without, but who the hell needs a Facebook App on a BlackBerry? It's total crap, while the browser works perfectly well!?
Maybe I'll give it a try when 10.3 rolls out, and until then please correct me anybody if I'm wrong, and please excuse my bad English!

Posted via CB10

Watch out as some of these apps are in older versions than those on Google Play. You get what you pay for.

Posted via CrackBerry App

MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish (£6.37 / $9.99)

Will not install on Z10 w/ STL100-3 BELL MOBILITY

Error with the purchase anyone experiencing this?

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

Thanks. Not too much I would want to keep on my device, but the following seem to work on my Q10:
- Accuweather Platinum. It has some nice features and I'll add it to my suite of weather apps.
- Business Calendar Pro. Works well, at least with a local calendar, but I didn't try (if one can) to sync it with my Google calendar. Won't keep it.
- Sonic Hedgehog 2. A nice throwback, but I won't keep it.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

Grabbed travel interpreter, but seems to hang on downloading the illustrations and won't let me progress any further on my Z30. Any else experiencing this, or has it working?

Posted via CB10

If you minimize the Active Frame to do something else or let the lock screen appear, it'll stall. You need to let it finish the illustration download completely before doing anything else.

Holy Batman! For the first time in my blackberry life I don't feel like I'm missing key apps...not the crappy games, but the apps I need to stay organized and on top of my business game. Financial calculator apps, travel apps, banking apps, etc...

Posted via CB10

THANKS for the info. I "bought" them all with the exception of the Kindle Tablet app.

Great. I had paid for League of Heroes Premium on PlayBook and was pretty annoyed that they didn't bring it to BB10. This giveaway fixes that problem somewhat.

Posted via CB10

Why does UK get office suite pro 7 for free but US no go tried to get off UK and it said cannot due to geographical location

Posted via CB10

Just one of those things. Bear in mind half the time you get things we don't instead. We never even got the PlayBook video store.

Posted via CB10

Has been working for the apps I have tried to download. Loads a little slow and seems to use up battery quickly.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, your backhanded compliments make me not want to click your posts ever. I got one sentence into this and had to stop and post. Hurry up and take the back seat already.

Posted via CB10

A dude isn't allowed to sleep in when he's up all night working? Gerzes hell, it's like a sweatshop over there at crackberry. Relax a little, it's all regular traffic around here anyhow!

Hallelujah! This post got me interested in the Apple Appstore, and now I see how easy it is to get Android apps! I have been envious of my Android friends, but now when they can see what all I can do with my Z10 it will be THEM drooling. Thanks, Crackberry!!!

Posted via CB10

Oh dear! How can free apps be a bad thing?
Downloaded, Notepad, office suite, accuweather platinum and a couple of others last night. Any thing that involved writing text just stopped working when I started typing, those that didn't just run painfully slow. And the battery drains just like a real Android phone. Have now deleted Amazon app store and all the apps. Half an hour of my life I will never get back.
Please tell me 10.3 will deal with these sort of Micky Mouse offerings.

Posted via the Magic that is Z30

Im sorry but amazon store app sucks :( cant even stop a download and runs super slow on z10. At least make a native amazon app first.

Posted via My Awesome Z10 | Follow me on Twitter @angelesrobby

The more I try to use Android apps the more I like BlackBerry ones. I certainly won't be downloading any more Android ports, pointlessly complicated and not at all intuitive in the main. BlackBerry build for me all the way.

Posted via the Magic that is Z30

Downloaded Family fued. --> crashes
Downloaded ez money --> freezes and takes forever to load.
Went to open the amazon store again for a third try and the amazon store is frozen on a black screen.

This Amazon experience SUCKS BAD!!!!!

Going back to snap where everything works amazing.

Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2

Seems like most of these are older apps that don't get updated and suffer from developer abandonment .

Posted via CB10

Yes BlackBerry is a lot faster should let blackberry into tune their system up. It's still ok though!

Posted via CB10

In that whole list there isn't one "must have" app which interests me enough to install the Amazon app store. If the native BlackBerry Maps ever gets updated enough to include local transit and businesses, I'd be able to remove Android from my phone entirely.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio