Amazon GameCircle will be supported on the BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime

By Bla1ze on 30 Aug 2014 02:11 pm EDT

When it comes to the BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime, there's been plenty of debate about whether or not it's good enough to fill the 'app gap' on BlackBerry 10. When the Amazon Appstore deal was announced I was rather skeptical about it all because right now, on official BlackBerry 10 releases the Android Runtime still has what I consider to be a few issues of concern.

One of them being the fact Amazon GameCircle doesn't work. If you're not familiar with Amazon GameCircle, it's essentially a system like the soon to be retired Games on BlackBerry 10, GameCenter on iOS and Google Play Games. It allows for cloud saving of games, achievements, leaderboards, and time played in a game.

When you install a game from the Amazon Appstore, if it includes GameCircle integration it pops up and asks whether or not you want to log in. If you agree, it will launch your browser and ask you to log into Amazon. From there, it will raise a browser intent and attempt to redirect you back to the game. Problem is, on current BlackBerry 10.2.1 builds and even earlier 10.3 builds it almost always causes the game to crash or otherwise refuses to log you in.

On the recent BlackBerry OS and even the later BlackBerry OS Android Runtime from the BlackBerry Passport, that's no longer the case and instead it allows you to log in and gain access to everything GameCircle offers. I've tested this on several different games now that previously crashed and wouldn't log my game progress or achievements and it worked as expected.

Although it's not official confirmation, it's clear there's been some further optimization to the Android Runtime on BlackBerry 10 from previous releases and this could just be a happy coincidence. In any case, this is great to see because it removes yet another barrier of entry. There's nothing worse than picking something up and expecting it to work one way, only to realize it doesn't work that way at all.

This is actually only one of several improvements made to Android Runtime spotted so far, there's actually more such as apps now recognizing SD Cards better, local wireless network support in some apps and better handling of download caching but we'll be taking a look at all of it once it becomes official on the BlackBerry Passport as that's when it will matter most.

I realize some folks might have never even noticed this as being a problem but it's the little things that matter and they add up if they're not addressed.

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Amazon GameCircle will be supported on the BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime


Tomorrow. 7AM. Globally. I'm also releasing the BlackBerry Passport, Classic and the never before seen BlackBerry Z50 with 64-bit support and a 6Ghz processor with 32GB of RAM and 2TB of internal storage.

The time travel ability will be added in 10.3.2

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

42 mega pixels is so last year. I want a 4 giga pixel camera. With photos realistic holographic capability and a micro fusion reactor to power it instead of the twentieth century Li pol rubbish they have now.

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Sheeit, I want something with 20 GHZ 20 cores, 6TB of RAM and 20XB of space!

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Unless it has octacore processor it's going to flop. Like why even release it with all these ancient specs???

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Octacore? Why would u need that? As a Qualcomm exec explained it, the other cores come in only if u r playing a very resource intensive game or app or very resource intensive browsing which is only a small portion of the time. Cheers!

I was hoping for 128 bit support, I guess I will buy an iPhone 12S in Platinum with this futuristic thing called NFC.

Will I be able to obliterate my enemies with the push of a single button? I really need to cut down on the number of enemies I have. It's interrupting my time on Candy Crush.

Posted via my super duper ultra mega Z10 with death ray

I'll take 2 one for me and one for bla1ze just for that comment. ROTFL

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

It's crazy. TO THIS DAY, I still see people on BlackBerry World reviewing apps from EA, Bloomberg, the New York Times etc... saying "Thanks for making this app BlackBerry!".

Some people STILL believe that BlackBerry makes every app in BBW.

I guess it only makes sense that they think you are responsible for all of BlackBerry's global launches then! LOL

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Lol it's a question to crackberry? We know crackberry has that kind of pull to release new OS's lol

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Are you craving release? ;-)

You should rather be a good example and pull yourself together a bit longer...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I believe it was a direct message to BlackBerry knowing they probably read the comments :)

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That game seems to have issues all around on my Z30, which is kind of odd considering how simple of a game it really is in terms of design.

Works here :) You have to tap to change your direction. 1 tap= left. Tap again=right... is very smooth on my Z10 (downloaded through snap)

Posted with my awesome Z10 :)

I am amazed how mental crazy these Crackberry bloggers are? Feeding the audience with a lot of craps about BlackBerry and so how Amazon app store is going to change things. Amazon apps store sucks and it's not going to help BlackBerry at all.
You know of it and stop writing crap.

You have a very good point and you have some excellent proof to back up your statement


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You of sound mind should not get yourself tangle with the crazies. Otherwise you will become one. Leave or run now before it's too late.

sad_old_man is on his way to get him... ;-)

(haven't adopted the jargon yet,.... LOL)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I agree that the Amazon appstore isn't great but it has some (definitely not close to all) of the apps people are missing out on for bb10. BlackBerry World is mostly games already and I never use the preloaded games app on bb10 so not sure if this helps but it can't hurt to have options.

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I downloaded Xbox One smartglass from Google play and the app took forever to load and took forever load new pages or sections of the app. After amazon store was introduced to BlackBerry I went and downloaded the same app and for some reason the app is 50% faster and is a lot more responsive. I have no issues with the amazon store

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

Fully agree with you. Amazon App Store is just as bad as Blackberry App World. Also many of the apps in Amazon App Store run, but don't fully work. Many of the apps are also older versions.

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There is always someone that has to be the devils advocate but to truly be the wise one in opposition you must have the facts and use them. The words suck and crap may help to lift your spirits and bring to your mind the thought of marching bands, but to others it just makes us shake our head and rebut your personally biased comment like this. Cheers

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I am wondering...

Why so many "articles" starting with phrase "When it comes to X, ..."?

English isn't my native language so I don't know all phrases etc. but this seems to me like tabloid. Can anybody please clarify me this?

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Just a figure of speech designed to grab your attention and focus it right away on the main item the article is about. Not slowly making it's way to your mind through the article. Bam, it's in our face.

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Release the passport already!!! Or give us a release date at least. Monday is the 1st. Release date please.

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This is great hear. Gives the impression that Amazon really is committed to their deal with BlackBerry.

Frosty White Q10/

How's that? The Android runtime is BlackBerry's work. All Amazon had to do was provide access to some API's. I guess it's BlackBerry who's truly serious about the Android compatability. Good work BlackBerry! But like other poster(s) here, I'm not impressed by Amazon's app store.

Have a nice day

Maybe since Amazon has more experience with Android (and building their own Android version for years now) BlackBerry could benefit/learn from them when building the runtime.

Frosty White Q10/

True, and not be sucked into the Google bloatware/spyware trap. All I hear about for months is the disappointment that there is no apps. Then disappointment in the lack of compatibility to run android. Now BlackBerry has addressed all these complaints and even joined with the least worrisome of Android app suppliers and all we hear now is bitching and whining over the quality of apps available through Amazon. You people need to put on your big boy shorts and either get with the bloody game or get lost. Go buy your Android and stop getting the page wet with your pathetic crying. Cheers

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I'm kinda getting sad about bbs own game center going away. Does this mean I can't challenge people in "toss alley" soon?

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There should be more competitors with cross-plarform gaming eventually.

Gamecircle will be a great addition and it will be nice to take my Kindle apps with me.

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Lol. I never challenged anyone unless I had a super high score. And never ever accept someone's challenge; it was way too hard to ensure a consistent score. But I was super addicted to that game for a bit. Have not been back in a whole.

With Scoreloop shutting down, will all those games, or just the ability to log scores and challenge others?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I'm among a dying breed that would like to see meaningful apps in BlackBerry World.. :( will we see the end of that too? ( yes I'm being melodramatic.)

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Yeah its been months (possibly a year or longer) since I installed a great native app, sorry to any devs still making apps. I don't even get updates anymore, maybe a few a month and mostly BlackBerry developed apps. It's pretty safe to say BlackBerry World going away is a valid concern.

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secure anti virus pro has been updating a lot lately and super tube / fast tube respectively as well.

Ironic you mention anti-virus software.

Without android crap infecting out BlackBerry devices, we would not need anti-virus.

And CB (should be AB) failed to give us the ability to edit... even though we got a new update recently. (more irony?)

Lots of updates for me, but I do have a lot of apps. I've downloaded at least a dozen new ( to me) apps this past couple of months and many updates.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

You are not dying but BlackBerry is. Sort of.....So until the company is out of intensive care, there a lot of things the company cannot do.

I agree; I still want to see BlackBerry World succeed with amazing native apps. But I must admit, I want it to succeed as evidence to Android, and Apple, users of BlackBerry's growing success and that we don't need their stupid Android apps.

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

I understand why they support Android and it's kinda cool to have both Android and native support but I guarantee if you ask a dev now for a native BB10 app all they'll have to say is, "Why?".

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The answer will always be that it gives the best experience to the user of your app. It's easier to code and you'll be able to build in the most functionality. If they care about the BlackBerry user base, they will care about these points. If they don't, then they won't.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

When you realize it's 94 days till BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 launches for all devices... ah CHEN that too long :( please make something special happen.

BlackBerry 10 Wallpapers (BBM Channel)

DAMN you!!! Now I'm going to start counting down the days till BlackBerry releases it

Still stuck on T-Mobile USA :(

So will these improvements to the Android runtime help other issues in other Android apps? I am using an Android app called Hammermill. It is a print app and it works flawlessly except for when I try to print out a PDF, Excel or Word document. In the app it asks you to download a rendering library so the documents will print out properly but when I try to download it keeps giving me an internal error and says to try again later but it never works because I have tried many times. I really like this app and hope that the improvements to the Android runtime will fix this issue and other small issues in other apps. What do you think? Do you think it will help with other issues besides gaming issues?

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You need to keep in mind apps from Google Play who offer additional assets downloads or apps who use Google to offer those additional assets will likely never work. Most folks who run into those issues, are actually using Google Play versions of said apps and really, they ignore the idea that that's the root of the problem.

Have you tried the Amazon version of Hammermill or only the Google Play version? Not saying either or will work, just pointing out there is a difference between the two Appstores and the Amazon Appstore requires developers to NOT use Google to offer additional asset downloads, although some still do which causes problems.

Thanks for the reply. The Amazon app store is where I got it but I don't believe it is linked to Google Play in any way since this isn't an app that would need to be linked to a financial institution or a personal account somewhere but I don't know that for sure. I have never downloaded anything from Google Play since that is the official Android app store and I didn't even think that was an option. I use the Amazon app store and 1Mobile Market for my Android apps. I have downloaded one or two Android apps from just a web search but that was when I first started using BlackBerry 10 and now only use the prior two for all my Android apps. I guess I will find out for sure when 10.3 is released. Thanks again.

I'm just hoping that we would be able to install apps onto sd cards soon instead of taking up room in the system storage...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I dunno about installing apps BUT apps that never worked before or took up space on your device such as Rdio, can now make use of the SD Card instead of being forced to use the internal device memory. Not all apps mind you but it has become better at recognizing a lot of the ones that previously wouldn't allow for it.

Yep. I simply moved all my apps to SD card, and it seems to send updates there as well. I simply delete the older file after an update. And the apps run fine.


Thanks, I'm currently in the market for print apps....

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I use printhead it is a good app and does a good job of printing all types of documents.

I do not do a lot of heavy duty printing but does real well for printing to printers on wireless networks. It does a good job of recognizing printers and of connecting to the network.

+1 on Printhand. I just installed it a few days ago and works great. It is an Android port but as such it takes advantage of the excellent BB10 sharing function to print anything from any app that interacts with share. You can also print all kinds of document types from within the app.

I haven't fully tested it yet but it claims to work with any wifi printers as well as Widows domain and shared printers. I have not verified the latter yet.

Posted via CB10

Also looking for a virtual printer, like "Print to PDF" the style of PDF Creator by pdfforge on the PC or the built-in functionality in Ubuntu Linux.

Print a website on the device to a PDF for archival purposes...
Should be doable via the Share button or so.

$4.99 for this app!
$9.99 for a Pro version with extended formatting options!

Or BBRY, bake it into the OS. This is pretty much standard on PC / Linux now...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

The fate of the PPort is if it can capture more than the business customers. The giant market is from people who play games
The gamer's are the critical nitch market

Why can't Blackberry have a fully android device and one strictly for BB10. Those who like Android will choose Android, those who don't will choose BB10

Snow White Z10

So why would you want Android, just so it runs on hardware with a BB logo on it? What would be the benefit?

Serious question. :-)

People would still complain, because Google services / apps would most likely not be included...

(BlackBerry would need to join the Android Handset Alliance and forfeit their rights to the Android runtime, which would seriously cripple BB10 devices... ... or maybe they could spin off a separate company as a startup and do it that way... probably not worth it... )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Many key features still not supported. One thing I'm baffled by is that they still have not been able to substitute for the Google Services hooks. That makes a lot of applications behave funny or not work properly. Also, there is still not adequate support for Wi-Fi Multicast, which prevents applications that rely in Wi-Fi direct from working properly.

Posted via CB10

Yup, this is why I hope they continue to improve it. It's great for some stuff but it's not 100% as of yet.

It may be 94 days until BlackBerry releases it. It's probably another 2 years for VZW. Those bastages

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Lol. Well, I'm not waiting for them, I'm grateful for my crackberry family here to provide me with an autoloader. ;)

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Please tell me they are going to start supporting Clash of Clans. I live in constant fear of losing all progress if I drop or lose my z30.

Posted via CB10

That'll need Google Framework :( However, you can actually backup your app data using Link. Also, if you restore data from one device to another (In my case Z10 to Z30) it'll actually bring your CoC progress and you can play seamlessly on both devices. For example if you upgrade your town hall on your Z30 and go to your Z10, it'll be upgrading/ upgraded :D

Re-he-heaaaally... I guess I should have put a little more effort into it when I upgraded from Z10 to Z30... Didn't work on my first restore so I called it a lost cause and got back to building.

Good deal, I'll have to find and try a GameCircle-complaint app - anyone have any recommendations?

If I remember correctly, the one single app that supports Xbox Games (Wordament) actually worked and I was able to log into my Microsoft account. Way cool to score Achievements on my BlackBerry =)

It's great that they are making it easier to sign into GameCircle. For me, it works perfectly fine. However I did have to download Dolphin Mini browser (I've shoved it into my "Unused" app folder). Whenever I want to sign in it'll ask me which browser and I chose Dolphin. You sign in and it takes you back to the app. It's also good that most of the games I play have Facebook backup which always works. The Dolphin browser thing works with signing into the Playstation app as well :D

I agree about the poor quality of the Amazon store. Reply from the support when I ask why app from the store are not *up to date* (example for a free app announced here).... our store is not connected to the official google store so you can't benefit the same update if the developer doesn't send the update... and worse the store asks you to update an app out of date... (means with previous version that the same app updated by the google store).... conclusion. Buy and download from google store and install to the BlackBerry phone..

Don't care about games or much about Amazon App store. However, does allow PayPal Here use the PayPal card reader. So if you sell stuff outside of a shop, you can easily take credit card payments on your BlackBerry now. That is something I have needed for a while.

Hey Jro...
Would you be able to see if you can successfully run Microsoft OneNote on your device running 10.3?

Posted via CB10

On Q10SQN100-3/ Microsoft onenote from Amazon appstore closes once you click login. So no go on this runetime atleast.

Posted via CB10

This is all great stuff, any improvement to the android runtime is a step forward, I do not understand as to why so many people are anti amazon store, installing apk's expands the software on our bb10 devices and the amazon store is constantly giving away free apps. If you want paid apps you can always use certain websites to get the paid apk's (but thats a different topic) :)

iPhone# best selling overrated MP3 player ;)

Would Amazon consider naming it GameSquircle instead?

" I do not think that word means what you think it means. "

A lot of people forget BlackBerry are essentially in the business of building high end tools for productivity, not consumer market tech toys.Basically i think the effort BlackBerry have put into allowing android apps to run and doing deals with Amazon is over and above what they should be expected to do and are grateful for it but at this moment in time they really need to concentrate on their main strength which is at the core of their business! If gaming on a tiny handset that isn't ideal way to game is your thing then BlackBerry may not be for you. BlackBerry are rebuilding under Mr Chen and are currently ticking all the right boxes. BlackBerry 10 is mine and many others phone of choice because they are the top productive phone and the wonder keeps on coming. Toys are for boys BlackBerry's are for men!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Yes, and now that this has finally been brought up... what about MS OneNote? Has anyone with the 10.3 leak attempted to install and run it. Till now, it always gets stuck on its attempt to access the internet when going through the preliminary startup screens.

Posted via CB10

wait. they're gonna retire BlackBerry games?? :( that sux. it could've been awesome if everyone got on board and maybe integrated it into BBM for all somehow

Posted via CB10

Blackberry is headed in the wrong direction on this issue. Effort should be made to encourage development of native games.

Does clash of clans use game circle at all? If it doesn't then who gives a shiiiiiit about game circle.

Posted via CB10

Being honest my Q10 is not a gaming phone. I tried hooking it up to the TV for a bigger screen but that wasn't an ideal situation so it was back to the old trusty Playbook.

The Z phones are the way to go if you want a gaming device. What I am looking for from the collaboration with Amazon are the android apps for banking, medical, home monitoring, Hulu, Netflix, newspapers and the like.


when I read this article, I feel like Android apps will be able to connect to Amazon's GameCircle, but not Native games. Am I correct?

Nice addition. I do think that we are still going to have issues with the lack of Google services as I don't believe Amazon filters for Google services on app submissions. I hope that we see success with the releases later this year as it might give team BlackBerry ammunition for a play store deal with Google.

Posted via CB10

Yes they do. When you install an Android app from the Amazon AppStore, you know it doesn't require the Google Services, and you also know that the source is known.

That is why many people prefer it to Snap or 1Mobile.

Posted via CB10

Sorry to disagree.

I wouldn't want any Android apps with Google hooks in there, so I'm glad Amazon store apps are available without them...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Can people stop with the stupid Google services this or that or a deal with blackberry it ain't going to happen go!!!! Sorry I just hate when people are dependent on Google services it's quite sad...

Posted via CB10

I'll probably never leave BlackBerry, but the partnership with Amazon has me seeing no future for BB10. Using Android apps in an emulator on your device does not narrow the "app gap," it doesn't address the app gap at all. These Android apps will always perform much, much better on a dedicated Android device. Meanwhile, BlackBerry isn't sufficiently building a developer community. It needs a couple dozen envy-worthy exclusives that serve it's market niche, not hundreds of thousands of apps that make the case to buy an Android from Samsung or HTC every time you use them.

On top of it all, the Amazon App Store sucks. The whole thing makes me think that BlackBerry is getting out of the mobile device business or moving to Android like Jim B. suggested.

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Need some exclusive killer native CRM / Invoicing that is not available on other platforms...

The small business OOTB (out-of-the-box) preloaded ready-to-go superphone... with standard data format export options (Quicken/Quickbooks/MYOB, etc.), and a desktop app (Blend Pro SMB Edition...?)

I'd easily pay another $100 extra for the phone.
As a package it's worth thousands to me...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

One good set of apps
replace a thousand cr....s :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

These conversations are becoming boring.. too much hype creation and not getting the actual product/update in the market..!!! I guess this is what is killing BlackBerry.

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Hope wit this amazon app store we get the kindle version of real racing 3. EA has been screwing BlackBerry wit zero updates

Posted via CB10

GameCircle works just fine for me. A few games crash, but not because of GameCircle. It's usually a memory issue. If you look into it, those games crash on non-flagship Android devices, too.

I have more friends because I do drugs!!

That hasn't been my experience for the apps I have installed from the Amazon App store. I have far more problems with Google Play store apps and not those using Google Service.

It's not that I'm saying that there aren't crappy apps there, just that you can't judge the whole store for a few bad apps. If so then all mobile app stores are crap. For me, the Amazon app store has filled in a few app gaps. I can also say the since the agreement with BBRY and things have improved dramatically but there was also improvement with Even the amazon App Store app is more reliable and stable along with app updates.

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I don't know why all people are awaiting for app store from amazon .. can you say which app should I get from amazon app store.. which is not in blackberry world. I'm so satisfied with the BlackBerry World.... but the os 10.3 is great tough... waiting for passport

Posted via CB10

Bank apps and other productivity apps... which is the main reason for the Amazon app store addition to the OS

Posted via CB10

I really don't get how, on the one hand Blackberry is finally pushing out kick-ass hardware (the kind if hardware they should have made about 3 years ago) while on the other hand Blackberry is removing any reason anyone would want to buy a Blackberry in the first place. It seems that Chen just doesn't "get" what Blackberry World is and why it would be important to a consumer. I really want Blackberry to make a comeback but removing all support for native apps really makes me feel doubtful that that can happen.

Name one good LG app, or a Sony appstore... the all use android apps. so to help the handset section of BlackBerry profitable, one of their choices was to stop fighting the lost battle (wooing Google a$$ kissing developers) and move on.

My point is that is a business man needs Chase app or some other app and can't get it on a BlackBerry they he will Buy an android phone, whether he's a BlackBerry fan or not.

After we get critical mass on the handset, then we look to requesting developers to make native apps for BlackBerry World. It's an easier fight then.

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Just wait for the update and see what happens. But BlackBerry should offer its user more freedom, they are policing there users like FB.

Posted via CB10

Shit, I meant that's very very good. Damn wrong window. XD

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.