Amazon drops Verizon devices down to only a single penny, BlackBerry devices included

By Jared DiPane on 14 Oct 2011 08:40 am EDT


Been eyeing a new BlackBerry device for your Verizon contract, but your pockets don't quite allow for a new phone as of right now? Well, Amazon has dropped the price of Verizon devices down to only one penny -- yes those golden things you usually throw on the street -- and it includes all the new devices. So whether you want to snag a new 9930, or you would like a back up 9330, 9650, or even 9550, they are all available for purchase through Amazon.

Of course you will need to be elligible for an upgrade, or adding a new line, but a small restriction for such a great deal. Unfortunately the BlackBerry Torch 9850 (or the Torch 9930 as Amazon seems to think it is) is not included in this deal, probably because they show it on back-order with up to a two week delay. Thanks, Raginv!

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Amazon drops Verizon devices down to only a single penny, BlackBerry devices included


I looked at this yesterday for a buddy, and it looks like it's only for new line activations. When you click on the "Upgrade Contract" circle, the price changes from $.01 to $199.99.

Hell... open a new contract then cancel and pay the $350 cancellation fee... Boom... you have a new BB for $350

The problem with thst is that you have to keep the device active for 180 days or Amazon will charge you $250 on top of the ETF.

Doesn't have to be active, you can use another phone, (I've confirmed this with Amazon), you just cannot sell or give it to anyone to activate during that time.

That is not bad after 6 months if you terminate your contract you have only payed 350. Or for those who saved the $200 already it would only $150. That is something for me to think about when At&t cOmes out with the 9900 I will be able to upgrAde for a penny on amazon (amazon regularly has phones for a penny all the time. I upgraded/renewed my contract to an 8900 two years ago) . I love the new bold and I reAlly want an the gsm phone to use overseas. So if I get a 9900 for a penny I can get it a unlocked bold for 350 instead of 600. I have a feeling next summer there is going to be another signigicant improvement in phones. I am not quite ready for a non touch screen but know I don't want this 9900 for 2 years. So that may be a plan.

This a great deal, but I can't justify leaving Sprint. Unlimited Everything for less than 80 p/m is more beneficial than a new BB. Though I did crunch some numbers before I reached my conclusion. :-)

Hey, I'm with Sprint and I like it but Amazon has the Sprint phone for 109.00 that is a good deal. I got mine on day one and love the Bold 9930.

I have mine on the way. VZW bold 9930 finally!!! Screww att I made the switch... Not a big cancelation fee I was almost done with them anyway.

Even if your cancellation fee is small, be sure to call Verizon and ask for the new account transfer discount. When we moved from ATT they credited our account 150 bucks per new line. But you have to ask for it. It seems intended to allow people to switch if the want to. It basically covers most people to switch.

Did you really get it for a penny? Wow.

Did you do this at the time of your switching over, or after you made the switch?

The reason I ask, is that I am currently with Sprint but want to take advantage of this deal. Since the transaction is being done online through Amazon, would VZW still credit my account after the fact?

I ordered 2 Bolds yesterday. Making the switch from iPhones and AT@T. Just could not pass up the deal plus I can't wait to use the bridge feature with my playbook.

Sadly the bridge feature doesn't work as well as one would believe/hope for.

Hopes are that OS 2 will make it more fast/usable...

I have to disagree with your statement about bridge. I have had it since day one and mine works perfectly. Messages pop right up I can use sheetsto go etc. I started with a tour and now have a 9930. I must be the luckiest guy on earth. I have had absolutly no problems with Playbook, bridge, or the 9930. You will enjoy the bridge feature as it is now.

I also had an iPhone and I have the Playbook. I just want to forewarn you, you will NOT be able to download movies directly to your phone. Other than that, I don't miss the app advantage and do love the grand piano like keyboard of my Bold 9930.

The Bridge Browser is awesome. To have something like that with an iPad it would cost you 50 bucks per month. That is one new tablet every year. It just makes sense. Again the Bridge Browser is NOT one to use to try to stream a movie from Amazon but you can check your e-mail, surf the web, check your facebook, etc. Really pretty awesome and BB not getting the credit for saving clients so much money.

This Crackberry website is pretty cool and people seem more than willing to just help and support each other out.

Enjoy your device combo. It is the best out there in my view.

Thanks for the advice! I can't wait to get the two together!!! It's going to be a long weekend watching tracking numbers LOL

Yep. I did the same almost two weeks ago as well. Eh... it is what it is. At least I'm off AT&T and have the 9930 going strong on Verizon.

This probably explains why Verizon called me a few days ago to offer an amazing deal -- a new Bold 9930 or Torch 9950 for $200.00.

Extend my contract with Verizon. (2 years.)
Evaluate the phone for 14 days after delivery with no obligation.
Return phone within 14 days and pay $35.00 return fee.
Ship the phone now. Pay for the phone later.

Sounds great -- I get to play with a new OS7 device for two weeks and pay a small fee. Then in a few months when my contract expires, I can get the Bold Touch with my "New Every Two Years" discount....Where is my FedEx delivery person? I can hardly wait.

My only regret is that with lines in all the stores for the iPhone 4S, AT&T won't notice me cancelling my contract. Thanks Verizon and Amazon, for giving me the extra push I needed.

damn that's some BS! .1 cent for new customers. 199 for upgrades? It's also sad that my upgrade price with new every two is 199 which is already the same price you pay on amazon. If i didn't have the new every two discount it would be 220 or 230 for the phone. I don't get it Verizon!

I'm confused. The post says if you're eligible for upgrade (which I am) it's $.01. But when I clicked update existing family plan, it jumps to $200. So just for new VZW customers...?

The Torch 9810 is showing for a penny also on the Amazon site. Haven't tried to see what happens with upgrades on that price.

This "promo" is NOT for current customers. The trick here is for current customers to trade in their existing "unlimited data plan" for a tiered data plan in exchange for a brand new phone. If you are on an unlimited plan, you would be a SUCKER to go for this penny phone. The only way this makes sense is to get the phone as an extra line and activate it. And if you live in NYC, expect that 9.99 for an extra line to really cost you 25-30 bucks a month when all the fees/taxes are tacked on.

Not worth the move if you ask me, especially if you're an unlimited subscriber like I am.

It would be a good thing if the drone who put this blog up, knew what he was talking about. You cannot buy the 9550 Storm2 from ANY links. Amazon does NOT sell the device and clicking on the 9550 link brings up the Storm2 info and a link to buy it. One problem, though....clicking on the link just brings back. Could it possibly be a contibuting reason market share of RIM products are dive-bombing into oblivion? I guess the blogs are as dependable as the POS BB devices.....