Amazon drops BlackBerry Z10 price to $99

Grab a new Z10 for just $99. If you already purchased one from Amazon you should be able to get $50 credit. 

By Adam Zeis on 10 Apr 2013 12:02 pm EDT

Amazon is now offering up the BlackBerry Z10 on both AT&T and Verizon for just $99. The AT&T model is available in black while the Verizon variant comes in both black and white. You can grab a Z10 as a new activation - the $99 price tag goes along with a 2-year contract. 

If you're looking to grab the device sans-contract you can do so for $529.99 on AT&T or $599.99 on Verizon.

The good news for those of you who already purchased a Z10 from Amazon is that should be able to snag a $50 credit with a quick call to customer service. If you play nice they should help you out without too much hassle.

A $99 tag for a brand new Z10 isn't too shabby if you ask me. If you've been thinking about checking it out, it's definitely worth picking up at this price.

Purchase the BlackBerry Z10 now at Amazon

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Amazon drops BlackBerry Z10 price to $99


But sales are sluggish, aren't they? I mean when the iphone 5 ( a dated and prehistoric phone might I add) is outselling the z10 ( a brand new experience) 3 to 1, then I dont see how this is translating into the success everyone thought it would be. Sales are slow man, thats the truth. I'm gonna beat a dead horse, but it needs to be said WHERE ARE THE APPS? The good ones? Instagram? Where are you? And please people, dont give me that "oh so what you took a pic of your cheeseburger for lunch" crap. Its a social network, the best one out there at that! Blackberry needs to have it. Then maybe sales can improve. Until then? Slow sales will continue

I don't think it anyone believed the Z10 was going to out sell the prehistoric IPhone just yet but give it a couple years and I think if IPhone does improve they will be gone. BlackBerry has a place their entrenched in business all the talk that samsung rejects preach about having better security than blackberry is just a joke. Blackberries been in the security space for ten years or more there nit going any where. Especially with the uncertain times every thing going mobile security will be more important than any one app could ever hope to be.

You must be kidding, right? In fact, if iPhone is just outselling Z10 3 to 1, that would be a huge success for z10 as almost 50 million iPhones were sold last quarter and that would mean 15 mliion Z10. That will be a huge success. The apps will come. We, supporters need to do our job of supporting the platform.

If the iphone was outselling the Z10 10 to 1 we would be HAPPY unfortunately is worst than that.

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i dont know how sales were or are in the states but a price drop doesnt automatically mean bad or sluggish sales, there are numerous different reasons for a price drop. one reason is, bb feels they arent satisfied with current sales (doesnt mean bad sales). another is, a new only touch bb phone might release soon. another, they want to get as many sales before new phones get announced or released.

if you want to know if its selling well or bad just look up the numbers but dont compare them to iphones sales or android because selling similar or more isnt the only thing that means successful sales. just as an example, the difference could be 7767667567576 to 1 and the z10 could still be selling well and bb could be having a lot of success.

I wouldn't view this is as a bad thing at all for the Z10. It's a good thing. Great price for a great phone. People who try to twist it into a story otherwise are dumb. :)

I'm sure some wanna be tech sites will twist it but, if it were selling good at the original price point, they wouldn't have dropped it. I pass along every good review I find to my BB bashing friends & I'm rooting for them but a price drop does NOT look good

I think this is impact of aggresive price plans from T-Mobile. They were selling these phones $99 down payment and with attractive monthly rates.

HI Kevin and friends. I'm pro BlackBerry and CrackBerry to the fullest but I'd like to hear your explanation on how a phone dropping its price earlier even though it was releases later is a good thing. The Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3 are still for 149.99 on the same conditions. Why haven't they gone down to 99 aswell?

Both of these phones were available many times recently for free also and Amazon was selling them for $99 also for a month or so. These are all promotional strategies which Amazon use from time to time to attract customer base to use their site.

Kevin, I respect your opinion and this site very much. It is very informed and usually un-biased despite being a "fan" site.
However, I do belive the price drop / sale may be indicitive of sales. Not to say they are bad by any means, but it doesn't behoove any company (Amazon, or anyone else) to DROP the price of an item people are willing to pay more for. It just wouldn't be good business for those companies / stores.

Yes, dropping the price may influence some who are on the fence or need more of a value to buy a Z10, but I do believe that is such strong demand existed the price is somewhat irrelevent.

And while not directly related to sales, I did peak at today and read the reviews of the z10, as most have been, they have been EXTREMELY positive. However what I was noting is the number of folks who switched from iOS or an Android device. It's a decent number, and I presume its consistent from the folks who dont choose to leave a review as well.

I think that sales in the US may not be "great" ( I use the term loosely considering BBRYs dismal current sales of BB's) BUT I believe they will have a decent number of new US customers which is extremely good news.

People are loyal to BB. I only wish Sprint would get the z10, not that I dislike the qwerty but I have come accoustomed to the full touch, and in my brief use of the keyboard it was unreal.

Heres to hoping the Best for BB.

Amazon Wireless has great deals on many different phones actually--deals you may not find anywhere else. But here we are only interested in BB so the others are not worth mentioning... :)

Everyone pays a higher price for early adopting... then the price goes lower when production is steady and then they can offer better inducement or incentive for the product... no way does a lower price mean it's an inferior product. It's simply how it's done. New satellite receiver are the same, 2013 car sold at end model year, whatever but the prices get lower on some electronics post launch after the people that want bleeding edge new, get first...

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No one said anything about it being a bad item. Sales just may not be there to be charging 200 that's all.

Also, I feel that while even if phone selling great a price drop gives perception it is not a great product, doesnt sell well, or perhaps most damaging isnt the latest and greatest.

Its simple if bb/apple/Google could sell phones at a G they would.

The z10 will be free within 6 months on a 3 yr contract.

Most phones within 3 months or thereafter are dropped to around 99.99 sometimes less to entice people in to buying, give or take 6 months most phones are free with 3 year contract and the z10 would not be an exception. Perhaps only the iPhone is the exception to this rule even the 4s after iPhone 5 was release was still selling for 99.99 on a 3 year contract at Rogers while the iPhone 4 was free on a 3 yr contract. Its been 8 months since the iPhone 5 was released and it's still at 179.99 - that tells you that its still very much in demand more so than the z10.

People shouldn't expect the z10 (even the q10 combine) to outsell the iPhone 5 or SIII - not gonna happen just different devices for different audience.

It's different here in the states, while almost every android device gets a price slashed by either Best Buy or Amazon or even Walmart within the first few months, the Apple iPhone usually keeps its original sales price for at least 6-8 months. I'm sure the Z10 from how it is selling (modest sales at best here in the US) will indeed have a price slash on all carriers within the next month.

I went to Amazon to look and it says my price would be $139.99. Still a better deal, but wondering why my price would be higher? Based on location?

Oh - I'm upgrading. It doesn't say that anywhere here...maybe I missed it on Amazon. Will go back and look again. I'm a month away from upgrading, hope the price is still there as it still beats Verizon's $200.

Yes I think CrackBerry should edit their post to reflect that it's only for new customers. I just tried to get an adjustment on my order because I upgraded when it dropped to $149.99 but they wouldn't allow it because I upgraded and this price is for new customers only.

"You can grab a Z10 as a new activation or upgrade an existing line - the $99 price tag goes along with a 2-year contract."

OR upgrade. That's what the article says....unless it is mistaken. If that is the case, it should be edited to reflect that it is only for new activations.

I just tried it also, and when I choose any option on "New Verizon Wireless Customers" list, it shows as $99. If I choose either option under "Existing Verizon Wireless Customers" and "Upgrade My Phone (contract extension)" it shows as $139. Under "Existing Verizon Wireless Customers" and "Add a line (new contract)", it's $99. Screwing existing customers wanting to extend their contract doesn't seem like a good way to keep customers, Verizon...

The white one is priced at $139.99 while the black one is $99.99 IF you are upgrading with your carrier.

always thought in order for the Z10 to sell well the price must be much lower than the 99$ is definitely the good price to attract more buyers. lets hope people do not think its a bad device tho. do NOT knock it until you try it. love mine and yes i do have the iphone as well. typing on the z10 is hands own much better

why buy it when you can get it for free in a few more months? I'm not saying its a bad device but this is just the way mobile phones are being sold to consumers these days except for iPhone.

Great deal. No need for pessimism. All is well BlackBerry enthusiasts.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10

But you probably don't have to sign a contract(although $1000 USD is still way too high), here in the US we have to sign a 2-year contract and be locked down to that carrier to receive that price of $99. why the price drop then? I don't see Apple dropping the price on much of anything until a newer item comes out.

Help me to understand the REAL advantage to this and its appearance.

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This has ALWAYS been how it is for every device other than the iPhone. Different retailers will drop the price on various flag ship devices for a limited time to try and get as many people to go through them instead of other retailers. Best Buy does this as well. It has always been this way, if you can wait a few weeks after a flag ship device has been released(not iPhone, but any android flag ship or windows phone) then you will be able to find either Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sams or Wal-Mart offering that phone at a lower price temporarily to try and get customers.

Nothing new. Please calm down. I have always done this, when a new device comes out that I want, I simply wait a few weeks and just like clock work, one of those retailers will have a temporary promotion that I can take advantage of. Usually it's Best Buy but looks like Amazon beat them this time.

Thank you. This price drop has nothing to do with the Z10 not selling well. I was also going to wait for the usual promo price from Amazon wireless, but T-Mobile's new "Un-plans" persuaded me to switch from big blue.

And fyi CrackBerry, at least for AT&T, I haven't checked Verizon but this promotion is only for new customers. I upgraded this past weekend when it dropped down to $149.99 and just called to get a price adjustment but the rep said that this most recent price drop is for new customers only not upgrades.

It is obviously not a great thing, but I also would not put it in the negative camp either. If Blackberry wants to move phones in the US, it is hard to do it if you are selling it for the same price as the top end Samsung or IPhone. More problematic is that the SIII and iPhone can be had for $99 from alot of places now given new versions coming for those phones, so you certainly do not want to be the highest priced phone on the market. A person I know who is not a phone junkie and not tied to any brand had her BB9700 crap out on her a few weeks back, so she needed to replace it. When she called Rogers she wanted the Q10 but it wasn't out yet, so she needed to go with an all touch phone and the Z10 was $149 and the iPhone was $99, so she went with iPhone. Bottomline, these $50 differences do matter, and so I think if it helps them to sell more phones, that is a good thing. And I don't think it is necessarily a reflection of poor sales to date because if you look at Amazon, the Z10 is the second best seller for AT&T behind a few different SIII models, and top 5 on Verizon after the SIII models and some $0 on contract Droids. Bottomline, its selling, maybe not gangbusters, but I think sufficient that this is not a sale to move product that is not moving.

Could get a new on on another line if I so choose. Wifey may be mad though. Need to refrain from buying just to be buying!

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Finally! I posted this deal from Amazon Wireless yesterday and was trying to get everyone's attention. Great that this is being promoted today! $149 is still a great price for the Z10.

I still don't get it why these companies won't offer you discount for those who upgrade if you are willing to sign for another 2 or 3 year contract with them as is usually the case when you get an upgrade to a new phone. The profit they get from the 2 or 3 year contract will cover for this measly $50 discount and they can snare you for another 2 or 3 years.

I just ordered Z10 for my son from Amazon; it cost me $149.00 instead of $99.00 since I am an existing ATT customer. I need to reward him for the good grade he got in college. Amazon says I should have it by 4-12-2013.

Nice! it's all about getting devices in people's hands. that's one way to spur companies to make apps, invest in the eco-system and all of the other great things that come with consumer adoption rates.
That'd be a nice price for a Q10 too. :)

Please will anyone clear some of my doubts:

When it says "sans-contract" - does it mean, I do not have to pay for any subscription?

So, if I to order this online and carry this to any other country shall I be liable to any subscription charges? Is it carrier locked or free?

it means you're not bound to a 2-year contract with AT&T or Verizon. it also means if you're subscribed to Verizon and grandfathered with an unlimited data plan, you won't get rooked and get tied into a 2GB cap which is what happens when you renew your contract. So... I'll be buying my Q10 full priced.

"sans" means "without". But I'm not sure whether you will be expected to sign up for a prepaid account with a specific carrier. If it said "Unlocked" then you have no obligation to any carrier.

Sweet. Just in time. I was about to order a second Z10 for the wife when I saw this. Saved me $90 off the Verizon price ($139.99 vs. $229.99 on Verizon) I just hope it arrives on Friday so it'll be here for her birthday.

BTW, no bad feelings about paying the $229.99 for my Z10 from Verizon. Just a great deal.

I just received mine from Amazon last week. Love this phone. My wife love's her as well. Going to try to get the extra $50 off.

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I think it has more to do with competition with T-Mobile and the $99 price they charge. I mean why go with Amazon if the other guy is cheaper.

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OMG so not fair my 14 day window is up on the 11th and it would take ATT 5 days to reset my account so I can get this phone for $99. That means 5 plus days with no phone. That is not going to happen

Several points to consider here:
1: While I would agree that Z10 sales could be MUCH better than they are and still not be considered shooting the lights out, no-one knows how many Z10s Amazon (or the carriers) has actually sold vs. how many they want/ed to sell ... and what their product-specific strategy was/is.

2: Think "loss-leader:" In the past, hasn't Amazon also dropped $$s by 50% on other devices (iP4 - ?) 'relatively soon' after launch?
What better way to grab headlines, get people talking & visiting THEIR Website and - hint, hint!! - make "ancillary an purchase" ...???

3: Maybe they want to just clear out the shelves/last 1000 units ahead of the Q10 launch - or the announcement of another device ...

4: Maybe Verizon & other carriers are out-selling AT&T who doesn't want to get into a direct & visible price war with them, so they incented Amazon to take the sale-price hit in order to re/gain subscribers.

5: let's not overlook that Amazon have a stake in creating a negative image for ALL platforms other than their Kindle name. Yes, I know that the Kindle is not a direct competitor to BBRY & Z10, but creating the possibility of negative Brand perception for ALL BlackBerry products by dropping the price by 50% (i.e. to insinuate that Z10 sales are poor) further reinforces the now-ancient image that BlackBerry aren't good, aren't competitive and aren't wanted by consumers.
Next time "brands" are thought of - whether for tables, readers or even phones - it's 1 less competitor to worry about, regardless of whether Amazon will ever have a phone of its own.

Fact is, no-one knows for sure "why" there'sa $$-drop now/already, but the fact we're all talking about Amazon and - to some degree - even questioning whether Z10 and/or BlackBerry will 'make it' leads me to speculate that there's more at work here than "we" can see. Either way, IF I could (I'm in Canada, so I can't) I'd pick up 2 or 3 of those deals for my own use & family ...

Amazon would sell their grandmother at a loss to gain market share. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a negative margin on the devices with some sort of back end deal with the carriers, but Amazon is not the only online retailer to run promo deals on phones. Its the Z10 for a penny or dollar I would watch for, that's the shelf clearing move.

This is why Amazon is killing the competition. It is not afraid to cut prices and squeeze its own profit margins if it will lead to higher sales volumes. For a great price you can have the future of mobile computing in your pocket.

Well, hate to say this 'cos it is normally the UK that gets ripped off here, but on a 2 year plan that works out at $56 a month (37 UK pounds) you can get the Z10 (white or black) for a big fat zero dollars over here in Britain. So if you can get it cheaper than what your phone providers are charging you then I don't see anything wrong in that. Lap it up whilst you can! : )

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They reduce price in US and raise the price in indonesia by $50 :(
lucky me, i purchased it $100 cheaper than the new price :)

Z10 is facing an extinction here in indonesia, finding one is really hard because most of them were already sold out. (Not counting the imported Z10 though)

This is good. Undercut the competition to get your foot back in the door. They should have brought in the Playbook cheaper than the other tablets at launch. the Playbook was just too expensive at product launch.

Rogers had offered this two weeks ago. The HTC one and the s4 is around the corner so they to clear inventory, and don't forget the q10.

Typically around the 3 month timeframe with the exception of iPhone and galaxy most phones are drop to 99.99

Soon the z10 will be free on a 3 year contract. Which could be interpreted as poor sales or consumer adoption, however the q10 is what most blackberry users are waiting for, those that still needs a qwerty kb.

The blackberry will never outsell the iPhone or galaxy if that's what people are expecting but I would agree that part of that reason is the slow bb10 apps that people are wanting to have from the other platform. Don't get me started on side loading.

Without those apps or a competitive ecosystem, BlackBerry is in a fight for third place and Microsoft has the war chest to fight it out which doesn't bold well for bb. Don't get me wrong, as a Canadian I'm rooting for them but unfortunately they may just serve a niche market catering to governments and some consumer.

There's room for 4 players in this space, I just don't see BlackBerry being in the top 2 but even 3rd place will be hard to accomplish. Nokia with their partnership with MS is pushing at emerging markets, Asia and of course Europe. I won't be surprise if Nokia's comeback comes to fruition is solidify by end of next year but north America will still be a rough market for them.

Just saying, cheers.

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The US is iPhone junkies. The carriers/websites will move any phone to make room for iPhone. I just upgraded to Z10 from an iPhone 3 weeks ago and I'm so happy I did. To upgrade at amazon the Z10 is $149 with ATT. I don't think it's BB. It's amazon to get better sells. I enjoy my Z10 tremendously.

Watch ....... the media will say that they made too many, and they are now dumping them ....

When you upgrade with a third party like Amazon, Walmart, or Costco, you have to change your plan to the carriers current offerings right?

I just upgraded an additional line on Verizon and paid the 199, but I was under the impression I couldnt keep my plan (the unlimited data on my main line, and lower priced family plan) if I went through these other retailers since they dont offer them?

Well, I see the retail price, without a contract, is $599 in amazon AND in the verizon website. Was it higher than that?? The funny thing is that on the amazon site is says "was $599" is crossed out and "now $599" when you choose without contract. NOT a whole lot of savings without a contract if you ask me.

Refering to all the nonsense comments, that it's a sign of poor sales: You can get an iphone 5 with a 2 year contract at vodafone germany for 1Euro. Why isn't anyone bitching around at apple here?! BBRY is doing great so far and there are still 5 more phones to hit the markets soon this year. BB10 is a truly competetive, innovative and FAR superior OS compared to droid/iOS. Just calm down and give it some time. BBRY don't need to OUTNUMBER others in sales to be successful. Noone calls Ferrari a ,,FAIL'', just because they're selling less cars than toyota, right?!

In the US, there’s nothing positive about the Z10 being reduced in price. It can be argued that the initial launch price was a bit high when trying to make a comeback but that’s water under the bridge now.

I can’t imagine the price reduction for new contracts being all that big of a hook for BBRY fans. If you were planning on getting one, the same price as the top end Apple and Samsung devices isn’t going to stop you. It may get a few incremental sales but not open the floodgates.

The reason why the price reduction is bad is more optical than anything else. People see a reduction shortly after launch and they begin to think that something is wrong with the product. What’s worse, is when the media (who seem to take pride in bashing BBRY at every turn) pick up on the story and run with it. This morning while watching Bloomberg TV, the host mentioned that the Z10 is marked lower on Amazon... then they played the doom and gloom sound.

Throw in the recent smear campaign of 80+ % not aware of the Z10 launch and recent news today that US retail partners seeing “significant” increase in returns exceeding sales and stuff starts to crystallize in people’s minds.

I’ve seen more BBRY commercials since the last earnings call but I’ve yet to see on one commercial (outside of the fan stuff) that really highlights what the Z10 is.

Seems like the states is pretty expensive. For us brits I got my z10 for nothing on a 2 year contract. I'm paying the same as I was with my bb torch. So the fact that amazon is selling for $100 still seems pretty expensive and therefore an amazing phone. Iphone seems overpriced but I suppose you have to pay a lot of money for glass and the apple brand.

With relation to iPhone sales being still very high, there is an obvious explanation. Once you buy into the apple brand then it's very difficult to leave. It's a big investment having a mac and an I pad and an iPhone. This is the reason a lot of people won't leave apple. However as phones become more advanced the need to have seamless connectivity between devices becomes less. I own a PlayBook and am running a Dell pc on windows xp. Never synced my z10 with my pc and don't feel like I'm missing out.

Best way to increase sales is through word of mouth. I showed my dad and brother my phone and both thought it was amazing. They had never seen one. Wenever people see my BlackBerry I just let them have a go. It's obviously the best phone on the market. It's the keyboard and hub that make it.

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we always get raped when it comes to phone service. It is a bigger area to handle though, cell towers and ta bigger grid , but still with such a monopoly and high monthly bill we should be given a phone for a 2 year contract.

“The U.S. launch of the Z10 started poorly and weakened significantly as the days passed,” Joseph Fersedi, an analyst at ITG Investment Research, said today in a note, citing information from independent dealers. Some U.S. retailers are seeing a significant increase in customers returning their Z10s because they find the interface unintuitive, Detwiler Fenton & Co. said today.
“In several cases, returns are now exceeding sales, a phenomenon we have never seen before,” Detwiler Fenton said.
BB doesn't comment on rumor or speculation nor does it have an effective marketing strategy in the US.

Maybe this would explain the sudden price slash of the Z10. I just hope the Q10 is a better quality device than the Z10' otherwise it's going to be a long lag before the Aristo is released.

People find the interface unintuitive because they are not willing to learn and don't have patience, and because it's completely different than anything out there. When I was at an AT&T store on the day the phone came out, I witnessed someone playing around with the demo model and he was clearly confused. However, after learning the UI and gestures, I find myself flying through tasks at alarming record rates. I think it's harder for some people to grasp the gesture concept.

I think that and 90 $ pricing at T mobile may be the resoan some people will return At&T and Verizon and go for them... I had checked multiple T mobile stores and they are selling very Well... Checked Verizon stores as well and they were selling decently well. None of the stores said that they saw any returns...

OMG, BB can't win. Posts all over months ago complaining of the price, that to promote sales the Z should be sold at $99 to get it in the hands of consumers and here we now have that price point offered to NEW contracts, NOT renewals, and the predictions of eminent doom come out. No hypocrisy here!

I'm sure those of you who just a mere few weeks ago in the US plunked down $199.99 for a Z10 must be a little peeved. That's why it's better to hold off the initial desire to grab it at day one. I wonder if the sudden price slash is due to lagging US sales?

Not a good sign, you really can't spin this in any way. Blackberry is doomed because they are playing catch up, seems like they could learn from mistakes and get a leg up but they choose to stay at a snails pace.

Where is the HTC One, version of the Blackberry that would have turned heads.

This phone is just another slab with a boring UI and no APPS....RIP Blackberry

I'm surprised by the people in this post that don't understand business. Dropping the price to contracted individuals is not a bad sign, it's called recruitment. Better known as divide and conquer. Didnt they notice that the retail price didn't drop one cent? This is smart and calculating.

It is not the apps that make the Z10 a failure. It won't sync with outlook for the general business user who wants to sync with his PC. It will sync pictures, music, and other crap, but none of that competes with the IPhone. I returned my Z10 and went back to my 9900 which will sync beautifully! If Blackberry wants to stay in business, they need to fix the business user requirements and quit trying to make a toy. If they don't take care of their business base, they will be gone and we all lose.

I dont think the price drop reflects any negativity at all. For example: Samsung Galaxy S111 can be had for 399.00, however, if you go thru net 10 to get it you can have it for 29.95. Its all marketing to continue to improve. Just my 2 cents.