Amazon Appstore is giving away 30 paid apps for free today and Friday

Amazon Appstore
By Rich Edmonds on 31 Jul 2014 09:58 am EDT

The Amazon Appstore is currently giving away 30 paid apps for free. Consumers with compatible BlackBerry devices will be able to take full advantage of this deal through Amazon's app store today and tomorrow. The 30 apps included mean you could well save over $100 by downloading them all.

At the time of this posting, we have not checked each app to see how they all run on BlackBerry 10, so be sure to test things out and drop a note in the comments with your results. And if you're not running the Amazon App Store on your phone, click here for a tutorial on how to install it Here is a list of affected apps:

  • My Alarm Clock ($1.99)
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing ($1.99)
  • To-Fu Fury ($1.99)
  • Photo Editor+ ($0.99)
  • Drawing Pad ($1.99)
  • Daily Workouts ($3.99)
  • Weather Live ($2.99)
  • WiFi File Explorer PRO ($0.99)
  • PDF Max ($7.99)
  • White Noise ($1.99)
  • CalenGoo ($5.99)
  • Carcassonne ($4.99)
  • Docs To Go Premium Key ($9.99)
  • Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro ($2.99)
  • Fraction Calculator Plus ($0.99)
  • Flightradar24 Pro ($2.99)
  • KAYAK PRO ($0.99)
  • Home Budget Manager ($2.99)
  • Convertor Pro ($0.99)
  • KeepTrack Pro ($1.99)
  • Bills Reminder ($3.99)
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools ($7.99)
  • Food Diary and Calorie Tracker PRO ($3.99)
  • List Master Pro ($1.99)
  • Little Piano (Pro) ($5.99)
  • Instapaper ($2.99)
  • Essential Anatomy 3 ($24)
  • Language Coach ($9.99)
  • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th edition ($29.99)
  • MathsApp Graphing Calculator ($4.99)

A total of 20 apps are available for free on the UK store, worth up to £100. Be sure to give the collections a look through and let us know what you've picked up through this offer.

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Reader comments

Amazon Appstore is giving away 30 paid apps for free today and Friday


To do that,
just log into your Amazon account and add them all as purchases, that way you get them all free for later use without actually downloading them onto you phone. Done that the first time they did a promotion that was advertised on CB.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

My thoughts exactly -- until I saw the list of crap that's free. None of it appeals to me in the least, so I won't bother.

@Prem...if I backup using BBlink and wipe my Z10 and give it to my parents when I get a passport will They be able to recover those I downloaded later?

The apps are linked to the Amazon account you use to buy them for free. So if you want that, log in the Amazon Appstore with your parents' account to get them.

If you do it with your own account, then when you give them the passport you will have to also log in with your own Amazon account.


That being said, please check carefully that any of those apps can be interesting for your parents.

Posted via CB10

Didn't find many in this list that would actually be useful, except for essential anatomy 3. That just looks cool, and is regularly 24 dollars. It's huge though.

Posted via CB10

I like Amazon on my BB I'm always getting notifications about a special deal and I don't mind at all.nice to be part of a great company.

Unfortunately Essential Anatomy 3 did not run on my Z30. I tried posting a review saying so, Amazon rejected that.

Converter Pro and Fraction Calculator Plus were good downloads.

White Noise is a nice app as well.

Posted via CB10

Essential Anatomy 3 also doesn't run on my Z10 - loads the main page but won't progress from there. Have yet to let Amazon know, but I won't hold my breath (considering your own response from them). Pity.

Posted via CB10

Not showing up in Canada either. Installing the free version via Snap is no help since the app doesn't on my Z30STA100-5/

Posted via CB10

Flightradar does not work on my z10 (belgium).
Opens and freezes...
Same with the anatomy one...

Is there any difference between docs to go premium for android and the regular docs to go for BlackBerry?

Posted via CB10

Came here to ask the same thing. I downloaded the Premium android version anyways but I won't have a chance to play with it until tonight, after work.

I'm thinking my Z10 is running premium already...I have all the features listed I think.

BPWiebe on the super smooth Z10.

Funyy thing is BlackBerry now owns datawiz but docs2go on every platform is better then BlackBerrys

Posted via CB10

The docs to go is useless when I click the app it opens up and says to download the latest version so I click download and it just takes me to amazon app store via Web browser and there's no option to choose from there!

Posted via CB10

Tried two. The anatomy one won't open up and the weather app one very lame. Z10. Not impressed

Posted via CB10

where can I download the amazon appstore from for my z10?

if u know the answer tweet me @JoyeabAhmed please send me link

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately I could not get Essential Anatomy 3 to work on my Z10. I saw another similar comment. If anyone has better luck let us know! It's a 191mb download but happy to have made the "purchase" in case 10.3 brings additional functionality.

Posted via CB10

Anatomy Z30 blah blah not worky work. 15 minutes of my life down the pan, ho hum!!
Pretty picture though.

Posted via the Magic that is Z30

Would it be an idea to actually test the give away apps work on BlackBerry devices prior to giving them away? Just a thought.

Posted via the Magic that is Z30

No, these are intended for Android devices. If is a bonus if any work on BlackBerries. Read the comments and check the BB10-Android Compatibility forum if you want to have an idea about compatibility before downloading.

The drawing pad, fraction calc and maths app work. The OALD works as well, but it downloads 440Mb on first start up. Checking out the language coach.. it wants to download 132Mb on start up as well.
Like others have mentioned Anatomy 3 doesn't get past the initial screen.

No real pressing use of any of these, but doesn't hurt to have; esp when they are $0

Well Amazon is now partnered with BlackBerry, so maybe we'll see more of this sort of thing in the future.

Docs 2 Go is awesome. Don't understand why the Android port has the Google Drive option but the native app doesn't.
Either way, I'll use the Android version because of this.

Frosty white Q10/

So, when can we expect the BlackBerry/Trends Micro 'Guardian' system to take effect? Now that folks are D/L apps from Amazon, how can we be assured that they are safe for us?

The last thing we need to see in the headlines now is that BlackBerry phones are now as vulnerable as Android phones.

PS - Am I the only one who has tried a bunch of Android apps, only to be disappointed by the fact that they are so quirky and ugly? I am comparing a true Cascades coded app for BlackBerry, vs. a typical Android app. Perhaps it's just the ugly UI of Android.

... No, it is also the way the 'flow' of the UI is set up. BlackBerry UI is so much cleaner and easy to use.

Totally depends on the particular app.

Apps like Netflix, Feedly (RSS reader), Pocket (awesome web page storage) , DI Radio (techno music radio app), and BeyondPod (podcast/vodcast app) work great, and (except for maybe BeyondPod) all look pretty amazing.

On the other hand, some apps run SUPER slow for some reason.

Posted via CB10

Gotta grab 'em and keep them listed. :D

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Wow along making a lot of moves and promos lately. Almost like they want people to forget the fire phone even existed...

"I love when people boast about their its a pissing contest"

Because FR24 only has the Kindle Edition in the Amazon Store.

You can buy it for free via the web, but you won't see it in the Amazon App on the Z30.

Anyone tried to get the APK and install it on a Z30?

Great app choices IF you were using an android phone.

The docts to go premium key was nice, as was the anatomy app.

Of course that's moot for BlackBerry as the native docs to go is great as is.

Too bad the anatomy app doesn't run on BlackBerry though, it's naiice.

Posted via CB10 Right on Cue

Apps not to be found in the store :
Flightradar24 Pro

Apps found in the store but not free :
Food diary and calorie tracker pro
oxford advanced dictionary no 8

I really wanted to try "Food diary and calorie tracker pro" , darn .

Cant seem to edit the above post so I make a new post .

What I also see is that the prices for the apps that are not free are not the same prices as shown in the beginpost . Yet they are the right apps .

Apps that i can download show exactly the same prices as shown in the beginpost .

So happy that I installed the Amazon App Store on my Z10! I'll take an official Made For BlackBerry app over these any day, but it's so nice to have access to apps I otherwise could not get through BlackBerry World.

This was my first Android app, btw!

Posted via CB10