aMail brings email to the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 28 Apr 2011 09:48 am EDT

While there is still no sign of a native email client on the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM, third party developers are busy working on alternative solutions. The latest (but not yet released) is that of aMail. The app is an IMAP and POP3 email client for the PlayBook that should solve many problems with native email. aMail lets you access up to 10 email accounts and uses SSL and TSL authentication. Use gestures to navigate the app and even compose messages offline. aMail looks to be a great app and should solve the email woes of some users. It has been submitted to BlackBerry App World and is pending approval. We'll be sure to bring more when it's available for download.

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Reader comments

aMail brings email to the BlackBerry PlayBook


No real need for me since I have the bridge but I can see that a lot of people will like this. SInce you get it in App World I wonder if RIM is holding up approval. Any info on this from the creators?

I wonder what the BlackBerry Java "player" will be like (when RIM finally gets around to releasing it). I'd love to port LogicMail to the PlayBook, but I really don't have the time or motivation to completely rewrite a complex Java app in Adobe Air. I wish AiFlex the best of luck, and am curious to see how their app does once it gets battle-tested against the real world. (From my own experience, they may be up for a rude awakening once that happens.)

I was saying the same thing, RIM may not approve this app because it conflicts with their coming soon native email client.

i dont see why RIM wouldnt approve this app. its not like rim is going to sell their native email app. it'll come built into the OS. i wouldnt mind havin an app like this for my other emails saturated with junk and spam. no notifications necessary just easier to check at my convenience. native app for personal emails - notifications and security.

is there an address book? I dont see it in the video.

RIM hasn't even release the native email client yet so there is no conflict. in any case there is no restriction on competing apps

At this point I am very disappointed with the app selection within appworld I dont think an app like this will put anyone at ease. Does anyone have an idea when we can leverage the useful apps that ipad and android devices have access to? I understand the repackage and submit to appworld for approval but come on already. I am having a tough enough time waiting for my company to test and enable bridge to go with it no apps to make tablet usage more productive.