Space shooter AlphaWave gets updated for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Dec 2013 02:39 am

We first took a hands on look at AlphaWave for BlackBerry 10 back in April 2013 and for fans of the shoot 'em up game you'll be pleased to hear an update is rolling out - the third so far. 

The game is action packed - you control your craft at the bottom of the screen and using the two tabs on the left and right you have to shoot down asteroids and a selection of bad dudes. You can pick up extra weapons which can be activated by a tab on the right of the screen and likewise on the left there is one for a bomb which will destroy everything in the game

New in this latest version:

  • A whole new survival level which combines all enemies from the first two levels and then bombards the player in a hardcore, non stop barrage. The player is given 150% health and full speed powerup at start up and that's it! Very fast paced, fun and VERY challenging! 
  • A kill streak tracker that tracks how many objects were killed in a row. Resets after a second or when the player is hit.Score multiplier that increases scores the better one plays. It gets reset when the player is hit.
  • 24 unlockable achievements
  • Random wave variation. Certain waves have different variants that are picked before they start so the player gets a slightly different experience each time!
  • More visual effects all throughout

With a free demo version you can test out the game before deciding whether to purchase. Mind you - it's only priced at £0.75/$0.99 anyway. Give it a try and see what you think. All touch BlackBerry 10 devices only again I'm afraid. 

More information/Download AlphaWave free demo for BlackBerry 10


jojo beaconsfield

here we go more good stuff!!


Old good stuff. Not new good stuff.

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True. Just played the demo. Beautiful graphics, boring and dated concept. (Plus I think the directional soft keys are slow. )Deleting.

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They also updated the Playbook version of Alphawave. Thanks, Hardline!


Alpha wave is awesome, highly recomend.

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I like it. The new features sound nice.

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I believe it is about time that Crackberry started doing one of two things. Either start reviewing apps and games that work equally well on "ALL" BlackBerry 10 devices, whether touch or keypad. Leaving the segregating apps and games to their own devices. (pardon the pun) or. Reviewing two apps or games. One for either format of device. I am tired of reading a review through to find that the amazing game I just wasted my time reading on is not for my device. At least if either of the aforementioned ideas were in place all of the community would be serviced by Crackberry and not just a certain demographic.

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