Alpha Memory - a learning game for young children

By DJ Reyes on 22 Aug 2013 06:47 am EDT

For the most part, apps reviewed here on CrackBerry are selected by the reviewer but every so often we'll get requests - one of which is Alpha Memory. A game developed with young children in mind, to help with learning the alphabet. What's more, it's an open source native game made for the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10.

As the name suggests, Alpha Memory is a memory-based game where you select tiles from the grid and you have to match the letters. There are 9 levels to choose from and the higher up you go the more tiles there are to choose from. You can also play solo or or choose two players, useful for a parent and child, to help get things going.

There's nothing more to the game and it has a simple UI, look and feel, since it is aimed at the young. There are no fancy colors or effects, so that there are no distractions. There isn't even much text, mostly icon based - though it does have simple animations and sounds when picking tiles and when correctly matching letters. It's a cute little learning game looking to teach youngsters the alphabet and enhance memory skills.

In addition to the developer wanting to create something educational, he also wanted learn the GamePlay framework. BlackBerry's cross platform 3D game engine that is free and open source. So, the developer has gone ahead and made Alpha Memory open source too. You can check out the code over on GitHub.

While Alpha Memory is available for BlackBerry 10, I see it playing better on the PlayBook due to its screen real estate but the more the merrier I say, and the Z10 is a nice size for playing too. You can check out the video above for quick game play.

I think it's a very useful game, even if you're child knows the alphabet, it can be a great memory game too. Alpha Memory is free too, so there's no excuse no to try it out.

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Reader comments

Alpha Memory - a learning game for young children


As an alphabet learning app it is no good. When the letters are tapped there needs to be a voice saying the letter.

Posted via CB10

I did mention that as a possible enhancement in the README with the source code. I also mentioned that the faces should smile and frown accordingly. Those are all left as the proverbial "exercise for the reader," as I work on a more ambitious new game, that's the beauty of open source. Cheers.

-- @marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze

I am not smarter than a fifth grader back to sleep I go. Wake me up when it's all over. I'll be wiser and older.

Posted via CB10

Want to save BlackBerry be a beta user. Grab the abb. Support the user. Write positive comments. Buy BlackBerry. Steal your friends phones and crush them then they can be sold on BlackBerry also thus you saved BlackBerry. What a thought!

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Thanks for the review, i will download it for my son. There are so many useless kids games out there and I do not have the time to review them myself. I read crackberry all the time and count on your reviews before installing an app for myself. My kid has his own playbook but does not read blogs so I need to help him pick out the apps. It would be helpful to have more reviews for kids apps. After all, many readers have kids and want the best thing for them. That is why I chose blackberry over the other platforms.

Posted via CB10

Great game for my two and a half year old son. Clean and simple. Good for memory training and simple eye hand coordination. Don't mind there's no spoken voice when you turn the cards so we can practice in dutch!

Rocking my Zeee

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, and to CrackBerry DJ for the informative review.

The game did have more colour at one point, but removed it in favour of a cleaner, more iconic design. That's intentional. Nonetheless, if anyone wants more bells and whistles, just go to github, fork the repo, and start coding. The world needs better software for children (and I don't mean simply more licensed characters begging for in-app purchases).

-- @marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze

Thank you for making the app and sharing your code. It shows you are not just a nice guy but also an educator.

Posted via CB10

Just dropping a quick note that Alpha Memory has today achieved Built for BlackBerry designation. Thanks again everyone for checking out the app.

@marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze