Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10 gets a sweet update with new features introduced

Alpha Browser
By James Richardson on 9 Apr 2014 05:10 am EDT

It was only a week ago that we introduced you to Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10 with a quick video review. The developer was straight onto the feedback you all gave and has already implemented an array of changes and improvements to make the experience even better. 

Although many users will be more than happy with the native browser we have with BlackBerry 10 - Alpha Browser has some nice additional touches if you missed our initial review. Such as just swiping along the base of the screen to switch open tabs - something simple, but feels so right.

As you'll see from the following list there are some nice tweaks to the latest version. Great to see a BlackBerry 10 developer implementing them so quickly after the app only being recently released. 

New features: 

  • Icons instead of number on every open tab.
  • Save homepage and option to load on start.
  • Redesigned Active Frame.
  • More search options added (duckduckgo/Twitter/YouTube). 
  • Fix for Gmail.
  • Lock scrolling (for Google Maps etc).
  • Tilt to go fullscreen - shake for normal view.
  • Manually adjust bing's image of the day to set it as wallpaper. 
  • Delete cache option in history tab.
  • Google suggestions options on/off.

Alpha Browser is priced at $0.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices - including the soon to release Z3

More information/Download Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10


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Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10 gets a sweet update with new features introduced

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Good to see developers respond so quickly to requests, really considering this purchase even more now. Thanks James!

Posted via CB10

I tried downloading a file (mp3) didn't see anything happening, then opened blackberry browser and went downloads and whalla

So I am lost here


This will need access to shared files. It will come with the next update. App will still work if you don't grant access. But you won't be able to save files on the device.

Posted via CB10

For basic browsing this is awesome, glad I purchased, I also love the fact that the Dev. Is busy with future updates


Bit of a tinfoil hatter? ;-)

I'd love to see and use that stuff, too. Don't mind using the BlackBerry browser, I'd just like one real anti-tracking enabled browser on my phone. Hope we get that soon.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Me too, imagine if it could also pop up settings, or we could toggle up between opening settings and firing up address bar


If I switch the user agent, say to opera, or chrome. Or IE, will it have the same effect? Please explain


This app is build with cascades. It uses webview element. This was not supposed to be used as a browser. So there are some limitations against the native one. For example gmail sometimes doesn't render. If you change the user agent to Chrome Mobile, it will. Another example. Default user agent opens mobile editions of sites. Switching to Chrome /explorer desktop will load the desktop versions.

Posted via CB10

One feature that no browser has but would be neat is the ability to save a browsing session.

When I'm doing research or multitasking between websites I have 2 or more tabs open but if I have to go or whatever, I can't leave the browser open for a long time on the battery deficient z10. So it would be great to be able to come back later and load up all the tabs I had open in the same order without having to manually type urls and open tabs.

Just a suggestion. Don't know if anyone else feels it would be useful.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Web Splitter has this option. But we will introduce it here as well as soon as we get it to work properly. :)

Posted via CB10

Doesn't the current browser allow you to save for offline viewing.
It's called the save page option.

If you click on the ... expand button it's there

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Yeah, you are right, but it's not the same as saving a browsing session. Of course, you can dig up your previously visited sites out of the browsing history, but it's a hassle.

I am always a bit worried when at the end of the day my battery is low, and I might lose my open tabs, because the phone might shut down.

Definitely no wall hugging for me, I'd like to keep my battery healthy, also no random partial recharges in the car or on the desk during the day.

Oh, Q10 is qool, but Z30 has even more zest apparently...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Is there any way or chance that this app will store login info (password and login name) for a secure website for quick access without having type everything out every time??

Posted via CB10

No, I don't. It was only a dollar and I wish the dev all the best, but I can't get onto using it at all.

Posted via CB10

Using this over the stock browser. Navigation seems easier. Dev is very responsive. .when I contacted him about cache clearing and explained what was happening it gets sorted on the next update. If only all devs were as interested.

Still looking for a browser with word flow, you know, when I expand the text area, the words reformat automatically.

My Z30 is hired, my iPhone retired. BlackBerry rules the lot. Cause it's the best phone I've ever got.

This browser sucks. It's a lot slower than stock for one, and it's terribly overcomplicated compared to stock as well. Not worth the $1, in my opinion. Sorry.