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Web browsing just got a bit more funky with Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 2 Apr 2014 10:53 am EDT

If you're looking to spice things up a bit when it comes to web browsing on your BlackBerry 10 device then Alpha Browser is a fine place to start. The 'Built for BlackBerry' browser offers some nice features that the native one doesn't, although I suspect many folks will be more than happy with the default one from BlackBerry.

But choices are always good and Alpha Browser is packed full of neat features. Most are detailed in the above video but if you're not able to watch that right now I'll highlight a few of my favorite parts.

First up is switching between open tabs. This is achieved simply by swiping left or right at the base of the screen - something that is easier than with the native BB10 browser and certainly feels a lot more sleek.

From the homepage you'll also get a different background every day. This is as the app pulls in Bing's image of the day which is a nice touch. Within the settings there's also plenty of stuff you can customize. This even includes the main tab icon color at the base of the browser which by default will be blue, but you can switch it to red or black if you prefer.

And there's plenty more coming to Alpha Browser in the future - this is just the beginning. I'm pretty impressed to be honest and for the price it's a worthy download if you ask me.

Give it a go and let us know your thoughts?

Features include:

  • 100% Native cascades application
  • Tabs support
  • Bookmarks
  • Home page with search function
  • Bing image of the day background
  • Use swipe gestures to switch tabs
  • Ad blocker - Privacy settings
  • BBM Connected
  • Active Frame
  • Share
  • Invokable
  • Use this browser as the default browser
  • User agents -Instant share webpage screenshot
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for BlackBerry Q10/ BlackBerry Q5
  • Custom clock

Alpha Browser is currently priced at $0.99 for a limited time so if you fancy giving it a try you had better get in quick.

Download Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10


Stephen Hollowood

The HOLY SQUIRCLE IS BACK unfortunately not officially :'(

Posted via CB10 via My Q10


I am not sure what to do. Although is not priced high at all I can't decide weather I want to give it a try or not since I already have my browser... does it come with reading mode also? I use that a lot!

Posted via CB10


looks cool!

My Top Apps: 1.Crackberry 2.Gasbuddy 3.USA Today 4. Word of the Day PLUS 5. Super Hexagon


Shows "unavailable for this device " from my Q10

Post by 9of13's Q


Shows available for my Q.

Are you blocked by location maybe?



I don't know how. I'm in NY state.

Post by 9of13's Q


10.2+ needed.

Posted via CB10


I'm pretty happy with the lightning speed of BlackBerry browser so I'll stick with that!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


^this. I mean, independent tests showed the native BlackBerry browser murder everything, even desktop Chrome. It was like 4x faster than the next one.

Why are people even wasting time on anything else?

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry


Same here. Happy with the stock browser.

Posted via CB10


Tough decision.
Can't decide between this and the evolution browser. Both look great and I want an ad blocker.

Posted via CB10


This might help you out

I bought evolution browser probably 6 months ago, and I've probably just used it a handful of times. The reviews are good and it does what it says it does pretty well. But I kept going back to simply using the default browser. Could be the lousy implementation of the copy/paste while trying to overwrite an existing URL, and I generally don't use the extras like scrolling whilst using the volume keys. It was good for the first couple days, then I went 'meh' lol

Check out the current reviews though, there might be updates that could suit you now :]

Posted via CB10


Same here... stock browser does the trick most of the time.

Posted via CB10



Plus these other browsers don't seem to run flash, so what is the point really.

Posted via CB10


That's a big minus. I had no idea that thy couldn't run flash.
Are you sure about that?
That would keep me on the native Brower, no matter how much I want that ad-blocker.
I use my handy Hdmi cable and flash video sites often.

Posted via CB10


I've had problems with flash on Evolution Browser as well. Don't know why. I got it when it was either free or on sale - I wanna say free. I'm open to other browsers because there are still things the stock browser can't handle - websites with drop down boxes and calendar popups that don't work properly for example.

However, I am not willing to pay even. 99 cents to try out another one. I would want to demo it first since I can always use the PlayBook to accommodate the short comings of the BB10 browser - I can handle some of those types of pages on the PB better than on the BB10 handsets.

Posted via CB10


Whoa whoah whoah!! People, please don't compare *Alpha* browser with the horrible *Evolution* browser.

Alpha browser DOES run Flash.

Alpha browser DOES autoselect the url

Not all browsers are as crappy as Evolution. Aloha much much better.

Posted via CB10

BB Adict


Blackberry always.....


I just gave this a try just to compare to the evolution browser that I use daily. I must admit that I was impressed with its features and especially the browser speed, this thing flat out flies!! Besides, it only cost a buck to try out.

crackbrry fan

Agreed, I was pleased. It is super fast and opens multiple "browsers " at the same time very interesting, can't go wrong at 99 cents.

Posted via CB10


Thanks guys. More features are on the way.

Posted via CB10

Shisheen H

I personally would like to see dolphin mini on os7 or a browser that boosts the html5 we have now sitting at score point 275 out of 555 at My old droid bionic was at 278 so, with that being said, blackberry low end devices are doing great. We just need something other than UC and, Opera because their poor in html5 suppport.


Some thing with your phone my Zed10 and Zed30 both range are around 493 bonus 11.

Posted via CB10


This would be a perfect app to have a free trial.

Via CBZ10 baby


Is it still running the same rendering engine as the native browser or did it take something else?

Michele Guzzini

Not interested. I pass too.

via my super Z10


Hey James - the word funky doesn't mean what it did in the 70's anymore LOL.


When I first read the headline, I thought "wow, Crackberry is getting aggressive" lol

Posted via CB10


Evolution Browser vs Alpha Browser comparison NOOOOW!!! :)

Posted via CB10


Stock browser + ad block and we would have a winner

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

Prem WatsApp


"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Considering my native blackberry browser is temperamental and useless I'm willing to give it a go.

Posted via CB10


I didn't like it ( but I purchase it :@

Posted via BlackBerry Q5

Donald Blue

Why is it that the newer BlackBerry apps won't or can't be downloaded on a Z10 phone!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


I don't know what you mean... I'm on a Z10 and have no trouble. Are you running 10.2.1? Maybe that is your problem... you may need to update your OS.


But if you want to go back to a specific tab, do you have to keep swiping till you get to it?

Posted via CB10


Double tap on the action bar to see all open tabs and go to the one you want. Improvment on this is coming on the next version.

Posted via CB10


Native browser is so awesome that I don't feel like paying for some other browser. But its good that nice apps are coming to BlackBerry world.


There a way to go back to previous page while in full screen mode?

Also cant view bottom of websites without going into full screen mode.

Q10, running


There is a fix on this coming really soon.

Posted via CB10


489 out of 555 on the html5 test site with native browser.

Posted via CB10


Only feature I miss the most is to sync my bookmarks from my PC chrome browser.
I wish there is a way.

Posted via CB10


The ironic thing is that the BB10 browser gives me the missing plug-in on the youtube clip. I wonder if paying for this browser it will help. Anyone else having issues with Adobe Flash in the native browser?


We both had flash turned off. Maybe you do too.


Yes, I can't get the native browser's Flash to work on since upgrading to 10.2.1, and I do have Flash enabled

Posted via CB10


Do you have to be on 10.2 to use this?

Post by 9of13's Q


Tried it. Stock browser is far better.

Posted via CB10


Easter egg: double tap on the bing image of the day at home page to set is as a wallpaper. A new wall paper every day. :)

Posted via CB10


I went ahead and downloaded this only because I have been using 'Web Splitter' just as often as the native browser om my bb10. Although I am pleased with 'Alpha Browser;, I still prefer 'Web Splitter' for all that you can do with the double screen. Alpha is still worth the download. Dev does a super job with updates.


TZapps fan of the year! Thanks Alfred. Web splitter update coming soon too.


We need google chrome browser :(

Posted via CB10


Are there issues with running the Android version of Chrome? (I don't know, as I've never tried it.)


We need to be able to select our own search engines such as

Posted via CB10


Does it support Flash?

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779



And how does it handle sites with ads (sport streaming sites).


Posted via CB10


It doesn't support flash.

Posted via CB10


I gave it a shot. Not quite as fast as the BlackBerry browser and the address bar seems to be slightly bigger. That's a bit of a deal breaker on the Q5. Sticking with the stock browser.

Posted via CB10


That's nice but most importantly, for a browser to replace the very good BlackBerry 10 browser it needs to be fast and to render most websites correctly.

I can do without swipes for tabs as I don't find switching in the default browser that hard.

None of these points seem to be mentioned above
It was all about aesthetics.

The default browser looks and works fine to me


"Search" in BlackBerry World can't find it if you enter "browser". Lame. Not the first time a word from an app name doesn't get "found".

On-device App Discovery Search needs to be improved!

So I went back to James' link above and bought it.

It's nice to have a 2nd multi-tabbed browser that can be configured to be a little safer - keep cookies and Javascript off, etc.

Thanks, James!

Posted via CB10


This is really a solid browser. It's still missing some things but hopefully they will be addressed soon.

Posted from my awesome Z30


BLACKBERRY pls give us adblock and we good I like the way tab is stock Browser is the way to go

Posted via CB10


I'm not getting any apps that are recommended from certain people at CrackBerry anymore!

Alicia and DJ know good apps but I'll leave all other recommendations alone and save my money.

 BlackBerry Q10 


I'll stick to default browser at no charge thanks
It already does everything I need

Posted via CB10


I've been using Opera Mini and love the compression it uses. now I am not always reaching my data limit after a week


I've been reading everywhere trying to find out if the browser supports flash like the native browser and noone seems to be answering. DOES THIS BROWSER SUPPORT FLASH? I would pay 10 dollars not 1 for adblock+flash support.


I purchased it and a few problems, which hopefully are addressed:

The bar is too big and the screen on the BlackBerry Q10 is too cluttered.

The browser is slower than the native browser.

I could not open thumbnails. No matter how much I clicked on them for a photo thumbnail nothing opened.

More of my own ignorance but I could not figure out how to bookmark something. I don't think the tutorial covered it.

Posted via CB10


you forgot to mention: is the browser flash enabled



Posted via CB10


Guys about flash. Flash is supported. But not all components are supported. So for example a site with a fixed size video will most probably show a flash error. Videos go auto-full screen. If they can't, you get error. It is not a matter of flash support, rather than cascades elements support. And as it said in the description of the app, "suitable for basic browsing". Basic is not streaming movies and Google maps finding routes. But nevertheless we are trying to improve. In all aspects. Thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated.

Posted via CB10


thanks for the info much appreciated!


A very good beginning,some nice features well worth continuing with especially for less than the price of a cup of coffee. You people want native apps and platform development then support the devs.


I bought this. It definitely is more funky looking than the standard browser. Despite the tutorial I still am finding ways to learn how to use this browser properly.

But does have potential, and I am buying on that.

Posted via CB on BB10


I'll buy it if it has one touch/swipe access to toggle image display :D

Posted via CB10


Funky as in funky smell? Ha ha ha back to the subject tho, funky is not an appropriate word to use for browsing activity. Funky and fun is kinda similar in spelling except for the 'ky' but different meaning.

Posted via CB10


The stock browser is just amazing from BlackBerry have no reason to change

Posted via CB10


nice to see quick updates. contacted dev about a clear cache button and 5 days later it appears on the update. if only the crackberry app could do the same.


The video review said something about there being text reflow, which isn't in the stock browser. But reflow wasn't demonstrated, so it's not clear whether it's really supported. Is it?

What happens with double-tap in a text field? Does it just zoom to screen width or does it reflow to show the text without scrolling, at a specified size?

Donald Blue

How come BlackBerry apps can't be loaded on a BlackBerry phone?

Posted via CB10

Sridhara syama dasa

One thing I find lacking in the native browser is the ability to fix the mode to portrait or landscape. Other than if there is a way to save browser shortcuts and download - that will help when upgrading OS or changing device.

Hare Krishna
Sridhara-syama dasa


Unfortunately for my z10 native browse r running on bing...

Posted via CB10