Alltel Wireless CDMA Pearl Flip 8230 in "Early May"

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2009 12:52 pm EDT


We've been waiting to see some CDMA Pearl Flip in the USA news for a while now, and today Alltel finally announced that they will be releasing the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 in "Early May".  Most bets were on Verizon and/or Sprint getting the device first, so maybe they aren't far behind. It has been nearly 8 months since we saw the GSM Flip hit T-Mobile, and we could see the 8230 as early as next week. The Pearl Flip will be available in Alltel retail stores as well as online for $79.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate. 

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Alltel Wireless CDMA Pearl Flip 8230 in "Early May"


I work for Qwest, and we were told that Verizon will be getting this within the next 90 days. It will also be an option of a free phone for those customers who are migrating from Qwest wireless to VZW.

yes hopefully someone can clarify, if Verizon bought out Alltel (and I understand they're in the process of integrating their celltowers and systems), if this phone will be exclusive to Alltel for now (and then verizon in the future?).

In rural areas the only two providers are alltell and verizon. Even though verizon owns alltell the FCC will not let them merge entirely into one company so the end user still has a choice in service.

The remaining Alltel areas that had to be divested are not under Verizon. They are more than likely managed by a trust until they are bought by another company or merge with another company. Neither Verizon nor "Merged" Alltel has any say in what the divested markets do. So if this is going to the divested markets this is just going to be available to the 2 million Alltel customers that are left over from the merger.

Edit: I was just told by a friend at Alltel that it is just going to the divested markets.

Think of Alltel as 2 Alltels now. Alltel A (Divested) and Alltel b (non-divested). Alltel B is being migrated into Verizon and will become Verizon. Alltel A will not become Verizon. So when articles say Alltel is doing this and Alltel is doing that, for example, when they announced Alltel was upping there My Circle to 15 and 25, Alltel is getting the Pearl Flip, etc. they are refering to Alltel A, not Alltel B. Even though Alltel B has the Alltel branding still, they are now Verizon where Alltel A is not Verizon, they are still Alltel until someone buys them. Then depending who buys them, the name will either change, if a big company like AT&T or US Cellular bought them for instance, or change if another private equity firm bought them.

I for one am in favor of the name staying. If AT&T or US Cellular buys them, they should change over there name to Alltel! lol