Alltel Turns on MMS...Kinda?

By Bla1ze on 10 Oct 2008 09:36 am EDT
Alltel Chad

Do you have MMS on your Alltel BlackBerry? Users of Alltel are now reporting in the forums and other places on the interwebs that  their devices now have the MMS option in the menu and have been able to successfully send and recieve MMS just fine. This however does not seem applicable to everyone and their has also been some news about the possibility that Alltel and RIM jumped the gun with enabling that services and will soon be pulling the plug just as fast as they enabled them.

The services of course are enabled by getting the new MMS service books on your device, in order to get them you can do the following.

  • Go to Applications (Menu Key)
  • Options
  • Advanced Options
  • Host Routing Table
  • Menu Key
  • Choose "Register Now"
Once that process is completed, you will get a device registration message and the new MMS service books at which point the options should show in your menus, also a battery pull may be required. Once again though, this seems like it may have been a boo boo on Alltel and/or RIMs part so don't shoot the messenger if it stops working. If it's working for ya let us know in the comments. In meantime Chad's checking on it for us ;)

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Alltel Turns on MMS...Kinda?


well this is really annoying, i don't know why Alltel/RIM have to keep teasing us with this. mine was working, now it's not. this is really annoying and kinda unprofessional.

I have a Pearl 8130 on Alltel and my MMS has never worked (options never even existed in the menu). I did what you said, rebooted the device, the options now exist but when I compose and try send a new MMS it fails every time. I still haven't tried receiving one, but I was unable to get them before as well. It's quite annoying, such a simple thing that very simple phones could do before, I can't do on my sophisticated Blackberry. I guess it isn't too much of a wait now until I get a Storm in my hands on Verizon and it should work, though, they are the same company soon, so who knows?

It is an oops. I work for alltel and it's not supposed to be an option just yet. and btw, verizon and alltel are not the same company...yet

I read around where people didn't have MMS on their Blackberry. I don't know if I just didn't notice or have always had it. At present it is working for me, can send and receive my picture jokes just fine. I have upgraded the OS to 4.5, and I am awaiting the official release now.

Since I got my Pearl back on September 4th, I have noted Alltel's webpage specifically indicated that MMS (picture messaging, video messaging) was not available on the Pearl. Well, today I visited the same page and it has gotten a complete overhaul, and along with that it specifically indicates that the Pearl DOES have picture and video messaging capability.

Mine's still working, by the way...since very early this morning.

The page:

RIM did jump the gun on this one. The update IS coming no matter what with the release of their 4.5 builds for the Pearl (and the Curve but that's already MMS enabled). It's just RIM sent out the service books, and enabled it, for anyone and that caused the PEARL 4.3 versions to get it.

The 4.3 will get inconsistant sending/recieving, but the 4.5 release is just around the corner. The info was sent to RIM to bundle to get ready for it, and they accidently activated it.

As nice as this would be if they would just update the OS, but I did notice the MMS showd up but mine still doesnt work at this point it just red X's it

I have had my ALLTEL Blackberry 8330 since June 2008 and have had MMS from the beginning--This is nothing new. In case this is a factor, I live in north Florida.

I agree, I have had my curve since June and my MMS has worked since the get go. Both before and after i installed 4.5. Curious as to why it works for some and not others. Strange.

so i have had my 8130 since the beginning of march (and for those of you that keep coming in here that are on alltel with the curve saying youve had mms since the beginning it is only the pearl that hasnt had mms capabilities!)

i tried the process that was posted that i read on another website which is the same as the one posted in this blog and to no avail i didnt get anything no service books nothing! so i dont know if its more based on your location or when you did it but i have tried several times a day since i read about it on oct 7th. but i was informed (and dont hold your breath alltel is bad about giving dates for real) that it was accidentally released but that the plug was getting pulled cuz they are still testing it but said that it would be out SOMETIME this month! nothing specific and i will believe it when i see it!!! and for those of you with an alltel pearl that has working mms.... lucky you! unlike me i just have to wait till its actually released because everything i have tried has gotten me nowhere!

The Blackberry Pearl is the only Alltel device that does not support MMS. The Curve did from launch. I'm gonna try to re-send service books on the demo phones to test them out!

I upgraded to the Beta OS4.5 a while back and when I heard it was good to go on Tuesday night I did as the instructions stated and have been able to send and recieve MMS flawessly ever since. It will not work on OS4.3 from what I'm aware of you had to have had OS 4.5 installed. They have also stop the service book from being sent I believe but at least it's right around the corner for those of you who might have lucked out.

I have the MMS option, randomly appeared the other night. However, if I try to send anything I just get a big red X :( it's a horrible tease!

Yeah Mine is working GREAT!!! it has been on the phone since I went to Alltel from sprint at the first of this month!

I have a BlackBerry 8830 from Alltel and I have never had MMS. Is it because it isn't a camera phone? I'm not sure I understand. Someone tried to send me a picture message before and it wouldn't work. Could someone please explain?

I have been able to send and receive pictures but not been able to send and receive video or sound I have tired the update and nothing still only able to send and receive pictures nothing else :( !

I just got my Pearl 8130 this past Thursday and did the os 4.5 upgrade right away. I was able to send and receive mms immediately afterward and so far I haven't had any problems.

ive got a pearl 8130 and this is not working for me..anyone else with this issue to??? it seems to not be working with my bros either..and hes got the same phone

Showed up at random on my Pearl last week but doesn't work. However the option isn't even available on hubby's and we share a plan. Just sucks!

Showed up at random on my Pearl last week but doesn't work. However the option isn't even available on hubby's and we share a plan. Just sucks!

I work for Alltel. I would not use the MMS unless you have OS 4.5. Otherwise, it could crash your phone due to the small amount of memory. After you put 4.5 on it, MMS should work fine.

upgraded to today and MMS is now an option under messaging menu; have sent several to photos to friends (blackberry confirms sent) but they did not receive them. I was able to receive MMS from them though. What to do to get my photos to them.

Okay guys, I work for Alltel, and I understand everyone's frustration, I myself have been using a Pearl for months and wanted MMS messaging just as much as the next guy. We as wireless consultants have been told since the beginning of this year that we were getting the MMS update for the Pearls, and everytime we were told a launch date, that date would come and go with no results. We passed on the information to customers as it was made available to us. There was no telling the customer what they wanted to hear just to get them out of the store. If I lie to a customer to appease them temporarily, all that means is that I just damaged a business relationship with that customer that could've possibly made me some commission at some point in the future. Not to mention that the customer is just going to keep coming in the store again and again. If anyone has been given the wrong information on when this was supposed to be available, it is only because that's what we've been told the whole time.
Now, as of this past Monday MMS IS for sure available for the Alltel Pearl. You have to go to (no WWW. in front), pick your PC's operating system, choose "phone", and then "Blackberry 8130 Pearl" from the drop-downs. Then hit "download". It will take you to a screen with two options for software downloads, you want to pick the second option (OS 4.5), and then enter your phone number at the bottom of the page, then hit "next". It will come up with the software uploader and will prompt you to enter your device PIN and password. If you haven't already connected your Pearl to your PC using the USB cable, do this now. It will automatically populate your PIN, and most people don't have to enter a password if you've never set one, so just continue from there, It will ask if you'd like e-mail updates, pick either yes or no, it will then give you a screen where you can customize the applications that are included with your new 4.5 OS ( I just left mine the way it was and chose to have all the recommended stuff downloaded), once you click "finish" from there, it will start uploading your software to your phone. The whole process seems to take between 30 - 45 mins. I didn't have to back up my contacts and things beforehand, but it might not hurt to do that before you attempt this, just in case. My MMS has been working perfectly since doing this. Hope this helps everyone!!!!

If you upgrade to the newest OS, your phone will work...That was my case when i upgraded to 4.5 back in October