Alltel Releases OS For The BlackBerry Tour

By Bla1ze on 6 Feb 2010 10:13 am EST
Alltel Releases OS For The BlackBerry Tour

Alright, this is kinda getting out of hand now. Alltel has finally released OS for the BlackBerry Tour and while people are grabbing that up, Verizon users are still waiting to get their official release. I suppose we could all take it as a good sign that the Verizon-acquired company has got the release but really? Why not just roll it out across both carriers?

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Alltel Releases OS For The BlackBerry Tour


Boost is the bastard child of Sprint/Nextel and they launched the 8330 with OS 5.0 on it while Sprint users are still pissing into the wind waiting for their update.

Although Sprint has not been faithful; Crackberry has been with continual OS updates via leaks and other carriers officials which are a piece of cake to install via the instructions provided here on in the how-to section of the forums. Keep waiting your only making your own hair turn gray. Oh well and the hair of those around you as well. So be nice to yourself and your neighbors co-workers and friends by updating your Blackberry's OS at once! Don't delay you won't regret it.

Come on Verizon you would think that boasting being the nations best carrier you would release the best stuff I've had 5.0on my tour for weeks now. I'm nothing but pleased. Verizon what are you waiting for?????

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna jump off the vzw ship when my contract is expired. My Tour is unlocked, I see no reason to stay. My expierience with their CS has been less than stellar, and this withholding of the OS isn't helping. With their well funded and huge testing and dev dept size, I'm sure they finished certifying 419 long ago. This is just silly now.

Unless they Didn't certify it for some reason, and have another build up their sleeve. They'll look pretty silly if they don't, but they've been there before too.

Why does this site constantly comment about Verizon as if Sprint dosen't exist? Somebody in Verizons pocket? We're waiting too.

as of Jan 9th the purchase was completed. But per an LA Times article I read (link below), VZW will keep using the Alltel name for next few months, and start the re-branding process from Alltel to VZW in the 2nd quarter of this year.

So essentially what it amounts to is similar to a subsidiary getting the upgrade before the parent company. Kind of bassackwards, and a tidbit that makes it newsworthy.

Sprint Navigation and Sprint TV are working fine... Strange I saw so many people saying Sprint TV doesn't work with .419. Its working great for me better than ever before. Oh and if your on the dreadful 4.7 you should definitely upgrade without giving it a second thought. That goes for all Tour 9630 owners! Upgrade Now! Or else! =)

I talked to somebody from sprint last week and I told him about boost 8330 with 5.0 he said boost can't have a blackberry called that its sprint branded I told you know sprint owns boost right he was like I have to look in to that I was trying to find out when is the tour getting the update they don't know anything where do they find people like this its crazy

What's really crazy is trying to figure out what you posted. It's not making any sense due to a severe lack of punctuations. Come on, buddy. Try it again.

i worked for sprint up till a few months ago, and i am confused as how they would call the Boost phone an 8330 as well, but upon doing some research it does indeed look like a phone that is to be coming out(originally slated looked like for january 14th, but nothing yet). so everything makes sense, as im sure Sprint will release their 5.0 software for their blackberries before/when boost comes out with their version of the blackberry. Boost is a pre-paid divison of Nextel, therefore it is only logical Sprint would not fall behind their own pre-paid section for updates. --and on a sidenote, i am personally ticked off at the fact that 5.0 has yet to be released. my main thing im looking forward to is TRUE threaded text messaging. and as I got a taste of a beta version of 5.0(threaded texting seems to go just as BBM is), there were too many small glitches here and there that made me revert back to the legit 4.7.. please, RIM, Sprint, PLEASE release 5.0, im sick of having to scroll through a million texts, or constantly use the search function to isolate a persons texts :P

Verizon has the best network and I've been a BB customer for 11 years...but they ALWAYS rollout their updates late...ALWAYS!!! Why would this one be any different?

I won't hold my breath, Verizon seems to be behind the 8 ball on a lot of things. I will give them credit for a stable fast network with good service in my area, but other then that they always seem to be the last to get what was new 6 months ago both hardware and software wise.

Any news on when sprint will release the update? There is really no excuse fro Sprint or Verizon to be so late in releasing this

While the description is correct that this is the 419, the link states 416... small detail. Probably just a typo?

This official Alltel release actually fixes the pic resizing problem that Alltel users were experiencing with all the 5.0 beta releases.

Didnt Verizon do this with the Storms. Once Storm 2 was released they also released the 5.0 for the Storm 1. Effectively diminishing some of the "reliability" advantages of upgrading to the Storm 2.

First they said the BB Tour 9650 was going to be released on Feb.3 ...NO this...Why is RIM playing these games and WTH is VZW waiting for?!!!!

I'm still optimisticly waiting for the 9650.

Who is this "they" that said it was coming February 3rd? Verizon hasn't ever said it was coming February 3rd, let alone acknowledge the device even exists.

Verizon didn't buy all the Alltel stores, just most of them. There are some stores that stayed Alltel, and, in my area of South Georgia anyway, their commercials are still pretty prevalent on TV (with Chad, ugh). The remaining Alltel stores were supposed to be purchased by another company, and the brand gone for good, but apparently the sale didn't go through, or it hasn't yet.

This update is probably for the customers who are still separate Alltel, not Verizon/Alltel.

It's a divested market as per regulated by the FCC..technically, VZW could own them but the FCC mandated it was too much for VZW to control. So seperate as they may be, they still have a controlling interest and could oversee something as dumb as an OS release. Considering it's network sharing capabilities one OS on the other could clearly be approved.

What? This is wrong on so many levels. Technically, no; VZW couldn't own them because in divested areas (like mine) VZW would have had a monopoly with Alltel being the only other carrier. VZW also does NOT have a controlling interest in the divested markets. These markets were placed in a trust and must operate as a separate company. By law, VZW can have nothing to do with the divested markets. The only thing they could do is decide who to sell the markets to; which they already have.

That doesn't surprise me that verizon is taking forever on releasing the 5.0 for the tour beause they have always been for the best coverage and suppport not much else. let's see if they release it this year

If I recall, Sprint TV doesn't work properly on this build... so we Sprint customers will probably have to wait until a new build is released. Hopefully it will have a better radio than .419, too.

it doesnt make sense that the 2 biggest carriers are BSin...they have to be next though because I don't think there are anymore carriers

You need to get your SH*T together, I'm getting sick of waiting for you be the last carrier to release an official 5.0 OS for the Tour. A relatively small company you own released it before you did? WTF?

Well, if it ever gets to Verizon- sorry for asking, but what will 5.0 get me? What are the upgrades?

If you want 419 or 5.0 in general, just install one of these! Its not going to be ANY different than if your carrier releases it. If your not running 5.0 its not your carriers fault at this point, its not RIMs its yours.


I installed this release to my VZW 9630 via App Loader & everything is A-OK.

Only one minor issue - BB Messenger was lost somehow. No biggie, just downloaded from the BBM OTA site and all is good!!

Not sure there is any reason to wait for VZW to release....

If you are a VZW customer and want to do this - be sure to delete the Vendor.XML file after running the .exe

- - jnn

for all of you waiting for official carrier releases. it's probably gonna be a cold day in hell if it ever happens. LOL

just grab what's out there. it really don't matter what carrier releases. it's ALL the same stuff.

if your not running it by now. the only person to blame is yourself.

RIMM released 5.0 back in june.

some carriers probably have no desire of releasing it. they're in the bussiness of selling phones. not software.

This may be true but it would be in the best interest of the carrier to give the customer the most up to date software possible for their devices so that customer doesn't get pissed off and move to a different carrier. It doesn't matter how many phones a rep tries to sell me, if I'm not happy with my device, service or CS then I'm gone. And not releasing OS updates isn't good CS...I understand that VZW has probably got something up their sleeves and are not going to release .419 but damn.

Downloaded the file and installed. Removed the vendor files. It shows up in desktop manager with a star next to it. But when I select the upgrade it checks and says no update need. I need some help on how to get it installed. Thanks

I had this same problem myself...downloaded, installed, removed vendol XML file and I couldn't install to my Tour...had a star beside it saying only registered BB users could install and when I tried to, it said no update was needed. Anyone else seen this? Where the heck did that come from?

Verizon didn't release an official update at the same time as Alltel becasuse they are not the same company...

For those having trouble, I didn't use Desktop Manager to install...just click the loader.exe that is in the same file where you deleted the vendor file and it will run through everything for you. Took about 15 minutes to install on mine.
And yes, my BB Messenger was also gone so I had to dl it from the App World. Make sure and do a BBM backup to an email address and then when you run BBM for the first time after reinstalling it, it will automatically re-do your contacts, etc.
Also, if you have Where installed, it doesn't seem to work either. I jsut deleted it and installed Poynt. I personally liked Where just a bit better, but Poynt seems to be smaller in size and it definitely looks more polished than Where...I think I was just used to using Where on my Droid so automatically installed it when I got my Tour.

using a Verizon Tour 9630. I downloaded the 5.0 altel upgrade, finally found where my brothers windows based laptop put it and deleted the vendor.xml or whatever the hell its called. I used the loader.exe within that same folder but nothing happened. all it did was back up my information then restore my information. My phone was plugged in for about 45mins and all that happened was my BBM statuses were deleted. =| oh and I turned the wifi off so I was NOT connected to the internet during any of this. help help help.**EDIT** I tried using desktop manager while offline also, the update didn't even come up. It just said 'no updates available'

I downloaded the desktop version and the handheld version and have to say, it's great. I have had no problems with it and the new features are fabulous! I got tired of waiting too and figured if I didn't like it, would downgrade (since saving is definitely recommended). Its easy to load and gives directions. If you have a Tour, I definitely recommend trying it!!

I've installed os 5.0 a few months back and have minimal issues. The only issues I've noticed are the constant blackberry registration messages after I do a battery pull and my quick pull app isn't working. I also receive some sort off uncaught exception message after my phone is done re-bootting. Idk. I hope Sprint fixes these issues with their official release. I think it is troubling that Sprint and Verizon are this far behind. Well what can you do!?

go to the steelhorn site and download the beta 2 version. once it's installed, set all permissions to "deny", then save, then set all the app's permissions back to "allow" and do a battery pull. i did that on my tour yesterday and QPPro is FINALLY working again.

Thanks for the info on QuickPull...I went into permissions and they were set on Custom. I changed them to Allow and did a reboot. Quick Pull then asked for my Activation Code and now appears to be working again.

Many users have reported a .419 SMS bug that includes SMS being sent to the wrong person. That's a serious problem. If the delay results in that bug being resolved before a VZ release, I am fine with the delay.

There is no reason for any 9630 users to be on 5.0 yet.


All are "official" releases...not leaks...none are betas/hybrids...they are all the real deal. There are still users who think that if VzW releases 419...that it will be different...when in fact it will be exactly the SAME.

I understand the frustration being a VzW customer myself (9530)...but we all know how long it takes them to drop do yourself a it already.

I bet VzW will drop this or something incrementally "higher" like .425...and if they do...just install again. It only takes 10 minutes...

Oh come on people if your not running a 5.0 on your Tour it is YOUR OWN FAULT. It's out there for the taking stop bitching for an official release and go get your 5.0. it isn't that hard to upgrade your Tour and there is enough information on the internet if you brick it. ENOUGH of the complaining already shut up and grow some balls people...

OS 5.0 isn't out yet cause they're waiting til the "tour2" is release. If they give it out now, then what will be so special about the "Tour2" when it releases besides the track pad? It's business to sell. i go on "Anroids" blogs and I see the same crys about the "Droid" not having 2.1,if you think the V is are slow at things, then why are y'all still on it? Grow up and learn that Big Red don't care to hear your bitching as long as pay them the $$$

I downloaded the 5.0 altel upgrade, finally found where my brothers windows based laptop put it and deleted the vendor.xml or whatever the hell its called. I used the loader.exe within that same folder but nothing happened. all it did was back up my information then it restored my information. My phone was plugged in for about 45mins and all that happened was my BBM statuses were deleted. =| oh and I turned the wifi off so I was NOT connected to the internet during any of this. help help help.I tried using desktop manager while offline also, the update didn't even come up. It just said 'no updates available' Please before you bitch at me I've for the most part followed all the instructions even down to disconnecting from the internet bc I'm not an Altel subscriber(and if you read my post yes I deleted the vendor file). I just need help, not wise comments. thanks.

took me awhile to DM to recognize it but once it did it took about 45 minutes to install...Can anybody tell me about the Gears option in the browser?

Why not just roll it out across both carriers?

Well, because there are some of us Alltel customers that thankfully are NOT getting acquired by big red. So, we ARE still two separate companies. That could be why...

Crybabies, that's what you all are!

If you don't know by now how to install another vendor's version of the OS, you DON'T need to own a crackberry. For the person who stated that they are ALL IDENTICAL, I beg to differ, with or without service books pushed, the OSs are tweaked BY the individual carrier per their specific data packages push, hence the reason why it's released to the CARRIERS first then out to the users. If your statement was in fact true, then RIM would do a direct push to your equipment and bypass the carriers all together.

So to all you people out there bitching and crying about VZW not releasing 5.0, .419 for the Tour get over yourselves. I've had the Tour for about 3 months now and i've been using a hybrid 5.0 OS since the day it got brought home, if I can do it, you can do it do. There's absolutely NO REASON you can't upgrade your own phones to 5.0 unless you are just that inept and can't follow simple directions/instructions to save your own damn life. If that is the case, seriously, take the damn crackberry back to the store and get a much less complicated phone because you don't need the damn thing to begin with.

I Could not stand the Threaded SMS for one thing. The Battery life plunge was the biggest reason that I didn't stick with 5.0. I'm looking now at followin' the hybrids to see what's best out... Any suggestions wouold greatly appreciated.

I bought the tour because it had an unlocked GPSr. My wife has the same phone and I thought it was the best Alltel offered at the time. My GPS worked until I upgraded the OS. After two phone exchanges and way too much time talking to tech support, I reloaded the previous version of the OS and the GPS started to work again.