Allstate Mobile for BlackBerry - Access Your Policy, Claim Information and Accident Support

By Adam Zeis on 10 May 2010 03:13 pm EDT
Allstate Mobile for BlackBerryAllstate Mobile for BlackBerry

The Allstate Mobile app has been available for a few months now, but I didn't catch it in BlackBerry App World until this past weekend. I've been in search of new, useful apps as of late and being an Allstate customer, this one fit the bill. With Allstate Mobile, you can quickly access all of your account information, including policy details and claim information. Everything is quick and easy to navigate, and will save you some phone calls should you need to get at your account on the go. If you are in an accident, the app provides support allowing you to take the proper steps, including gathering info that can be emailed to yourself and your Allstate agent. Hopefully this isn't an app you'll need to use every day, but it can very handy should the need arise. Allstate Mobile is available in BlackBerry App World as a free download. 



Are you in good hands?


Just how often do people get into car accident that they would need to have this on their BlackBerry??


to me if you cant pay your bill with it then its not that great


I guess since Geico has an iPhone app, Allstate felt the need to follow suit? As long as customers don't have to hear that emotionless, almost robotic dude from the commercials I guess it's OK. Without the option to pay your bill, the app is not as useful as it could be though.


Dozen of carriers already released their apps over a year. Ago for example:

Farmers Insurance iPhone app: itms://

Farmers Insurance Blackberry app:


This app is very basic, a small waste of space. You can't pay your bill online and you have to log on every time you use the app, no "remember login" option. Doesn't provide you with any details of your policy, I.e. Liability amounts. This app has a ways to go.