XIMAD having a huge sale on BlackBerry PlayBook games!

By Bla1ze on 17 May 2012 11:52 pm EDT

Looking to load up your BlackBerry PlayBook with some games? If so, XIMAD is currently having a massive sale right now on all their greatest hits for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Yup, someone at the XIMAD office went a little nutty and dropped all prices down to the low, low cost of $.99 cents. Go getchoo some while the sale lasts!

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XIMAD having a huge sale on BlackBerry PlayBook games!


Sometimes when you remove an app that came with the OS, like pressreader, it recognizes you are missing part of the operating system, but its just an app like press reader or maybe the video or music store. Could be something else but probably along the same lines, nothing to be really worried about :)

I had that too when I went from Canada to the USA. It added the video store app which isn't available in Canada.

Can somebody please inform the XIMAD games company that their games on sale for 0.99$ were a prank. I have tried to buy their games yesterday and today. But the prices are not 0.99$ at all. All are still at full price. Need help! Thanks

PayPal usually takes 2-24 hours to adjust prices (up or down) which makes this a back end issue. The Dev has no control over this.

Disappointing! Poor form!!! Is this an issue with XIMAD or RIM? Because people are starting to give the apps low ratings because of being ripped-off. Besides, these apps are free on the iPhone. I also have checked App World a number of times. No apps are $0.99 - all are indeed full price! Crackberry: Should you not update this article to highlight the fraud?

I am not going to get into the "Apple has it for free" crap. Basic ecomonics and business sense will set those that argue about it free.

But, just went on AppWorld and indeed the apps are showing $.99 cents (as the above picture shows) and when I click purchase the PayPal end also shows $1.08 including tax. It did the same for the first 3 apps that I clicked on so there's no need for me to continue. The pattern proves that most (if not all) are at the sale price.