All Toysoft Apps $0.99 Today Only!

Toysoft $0.99
By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2009 11:49 am EDT

I just got word from Danny at Toysoft that he is running a one day sale.  All of Toysoft's BlackBerry software applications are only $0.99 all day.  You can choose from a huge selection with great apps like Location Profilier, Ballz for the Storm, DemoMaker and PictureDial.  There are 18 in all apps to choose from, so if you've been wanting to grab a few new titles today is the day. Head on over to to check out the entire selection

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hmm.. cant use paypal?


Anyway to import all your contacts at once, and maybe have it use the existing photos and ring tones.
It seems like a bit of a pain to go through and re-setup every contact.


no. but you can do a look up. the reason we didnt put in a export feature is because export all your contacts doesnt make sense. you only want pic id for people that call you.
also pictures in the Contact app is small and therefore by exporting them they would like really bad when resized.