All those 'App for' apps in BlackBerry World have 48 hours to change their name

By Bla1ze on 31 Jul 2014 06:52 pm EDT

You've all seen them. Those apps that appear in BlackBerry World that are all named 'App For' whatever, be it App For Instagram, App for Candy Crush Saga and countless other things. Well, it seems BlackBerry is finally taking a bit of a stand against them now and has begun sending out notifications letting those who submitted such apps they have 48 hours to change the name of the app or it will be removed from BlackBerry World.

Review of your Vendor account has brought to our attention that one or more of your applications violate our Application Naming policy. Please rename or remove any applications with the "App For " naming format, where is the name of a third party brand/company/application/etc. Once completed and approved, no further action will be required, but updating any icons or screenshots is highly recommended. Any new releases will require this name change as well (as it appears on the device). Failure to comply within 48 hours will result in removal of the application from BlackBerry World.

Is it ideal? Not really. Preferably, most of the apps should never have been allowed in the first place as most of them are just there to trick people, but having those who submitted them rename them is a start. Realistically, I doubt many of them will actually get renamed and will removed from BlackBerry World because you know, changing the name actually takes more effort than firing up BlackBerry App Generator.

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All those 'App for' apps in BlackBerry World have 48 hours to change their name


Those bogus apps brought down the quality of BlackBerry World in general. Making it hard to find quality apps without having to go over them. Great move BlackBerry!

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Couldn't agree more. They served to only damage the BlackBerry World store and trick people. Good riddance.

Here's a crazy idea. Why not just can the stupid app generator so that such things don't happen again in the future? And then send an email to the "devs" of these "apps" that they are going to remove their "apps" unless they reply stating why it shouldn't be removed. Problem solved. And BlackBerry World becomes legit again.

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There is a Wiki app that works better for me than the Search for wiki app. I least that's what it seemed to me

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Just checked Beta Zone and "search for" apps are still in there. I don't mind these like the imdb one is handy.

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The search for amazon one is pretty nice. I actually like it as opposed to the browser in this case.

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Yeah I never support those developer... those "search for" are all from the same developer.. always support the native and good 3rd party such as iGrann, Whine or snap2chat those..

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Am I the only one getting excited by the activity and just plain brashness that BBRY has been displaying under the helm of Mr. Chen! I keep telling my wife, "No one can take it to the Chen"

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Hopefully they also get to the other similar app titles too, "Info for...", etc.

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And also those "maps for" apps. Consolidate them into a section or something.

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I don't know. It would be better when you could buy: maps for all capitals instead for every city, but it's still usable...

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Hopefully they remove the dead/ money grabbing /generated apps. Hopefully the people that generated the app fors dont see this and get removed

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Appnic cleansing???

I support that, but not the shameful human variant. Thanks, BlackBerry!

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"where is the name of a third party brand/company/application/etc."

Good Move!
I think they may be covering for all possible variations if they can't include what the app is riding on. It has to be original...

App for-
Application for-
Search for-
Dev for-

Those apps feed off the originals, so they can't just leave the description blank...

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About time BlackBerry started doing something about this, hopefully next it will be the stupid amount of maps!

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And add some regional settings. I should never be exposed to driving/radio/news apps from Africa, South America or Eastern Europe unless specifically searched for. A big reason why I don't scroll through 'New Releases' much anymore....

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While they're at it, give us the ability to search out android crap.

I want to go through a list of apps built for BlackBerry only.

My guess is this purge, and the ability to sort out android would leave a huge crater of "nothing".


Or a small treasure chest of well-written, performant native BB10 apps like ClipMan, Supertube, Neutron Player, Video Shrinker, MockIt, etc...


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Seeing those "App for..." apps always made me think I was browsing another platform's app selections....more junk than good apps.

Cheers. :)

Now they're in a position to kick the fake ones out due to their partnership with Amazon...
Anyways a welcome move! :)

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Great move! Sounds diplomatic - a chance to rename the apps - but if these crapp authors can't use the name of the big-name app in the name, I can't imagine what they could call them.

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Spotify = Spo2fy is one way.
Another way imo, they can add the names as tags so that they appear in searches. Hope so.

What I find funny is many have been there for well over a year and a half and some going back to the launch of bb10. And only NOW does BlackBerry seem to concern itself with this issue. Guess the deal with amazon is more than likely the culprit oh well.

"I love when people boast about their its a pissing contest"

@alternator... last couple of years it was all about apps, now it's all about security,watch BB ,going to the moon!!! If they were smart they would make a Tri_color Passport ,red,white and blue for the States,why not? Canada could have Red and White and Quebec could have Blue and White,hahaha I think that's actually a stroke of Genius.every country that the Passport is sold in would have the back cover in that nations colors,Brillant,yes? do I get an employee discount?hahaha

Better still, offer BlackBerry could offer Passport models in the country's actual passport (the document) colour...

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I wish it was a case of BlackBerry listening to its users, but it probably is just a legal thing to do with Amazon. Still a good thing, but I do wish BlackBerry was a little more responsive and open to what a lot of its fans have been saying for awhile.

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So now they can be named something else that easier to blend with other apps?

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They won't bother.

Your cannot simply create a new name for the app that's easy to search for if you can't use the original brand name....

Either some creativity required or go down another avenue to scam and spam an appstore...

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Counter it with Quality vs Quantity

I wish to see some words, publicly, from BBRY before this goes in to negative spin AND BBRY issuing factcheck.

That what everyone forgets, there are over 50 flashlight apps many with unnecessary permission and the list goes on.

Finally! Thank you BlackBerry! These fake apps are very annoying and trick people from their money. They should be completely removed since they aren't real apps.

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So what the fuck will happen with music and movies and tv shows?! Will the Amazon deal include access to their catalogue of BlackBerry going to come up with another solution or what?!

BlackBerry is surely trying everyone's patience!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

7digital added their own app to BBWorld, it's an Android port but it gets the job done I suppose. They should have made it native though, especially if they want to stay BlackBerry's primary music store...


You know... I hope this is their new strategy with the Amazon app store. Hopefully they will/can get rid of all the crummy apps and force them over to the Amazon app store. Screw the BB World app count, it's supplemented by Amazon. BB World - only professional high quality apps. If that's what this is all about that would be great.

They can't delete these apps as they make >50% of BlackBerry world. The BBW servers will get shocked and crash due to a massive removal of data.

On another serious note, these gimmicky apps are made by gimmicky coders and will just replace "app" for "link" as I have just done. -)


The admins will have some fun grep'ping the whole lot and piping it to rm via xargs....

... hit enter and watch the fireworks...

(... maybe they should really use shred or wipe instead... )

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Well I guess even more apps will now be unavailable on BlackBerry World. This is getting depressing. Fewer and fewer native BlackBerry apps and mostly Android ports replacing whatever there was.

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Why not just delete them? Changing names won't help much if all they are for is just to trick people for their monies! BlackBerry should really just ban the developers of such apps!

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Ban the developers? What the.... Do you not realize that it is BlackBerry who accepted the garbage apps in the first place? It was BlackBerry who came up with the spam app generator as well. Heck, BlackBerry was so desperate for a big app number that they even gave out LEZ10s for those app generator apps. BlackBerry had absolutely no standards whatsoever when it came to what they let in their store. As long as it wasn't a virus and it raised their app total, it was good enough for them. The result of that desperation for a big number to brag about, no matter what the quality was like, is what you see today.

About time to get rid of those pieces of shit. :)

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I, for one is indeed happy with this move... Thanks BB for this stand & a great +1 to BB...

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Great news, wonder what took them so long. We have been complaining about this for ages.

Just one thing is too bad: most of those devs are not using "App for" anymore, the new flavor of the day is "Help " or "Info". I sure hope those are included as well.

As far as maps and radio apps go, at least those can be ignored pretty easily. They don't pretend to offer something they can't.

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For me, more than the app for or search for apps, the problem is the cross review. Fake review with different account to trick the common user. Mainly the app from S4BB are useful but all these apps for maps, apps for, etc should me removed without warning. I prefer less good app than a full of nothing like Google market...

Great move, get amazon on board to bolster app selection then rebuild blackberry world- starting with cleaning out the crap! Next step will be only good apps allowed into the store I hope.

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I knew that a problem like this would arise and its our Blackberry's fault for allowing this in the first place.

Now we have all these changes to do, and I presume some of those developers with their dud apps are going to try their best to make it hard to make the changes.
When we are supposed to be working, we are going to be spending time cleaning up apps.

Am glad that BlackBerry has looked into this problem, considering I had plans to take some of these developers to court.


I posted about it in the forum a few weeks ago and you don't know how happy I feel BlackBerry is taking actions on those pathetic apps which the only purpose was stealing money and resting BlackBerry App World quality and credibility.
Excellent move!

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Where is the article on the new update adding the 10.3 icon? Or have I missed it?

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Take every fugly apps and developers down...
Bring good genuine apps and developers....!!!
BB ship is floating gooD...Chen is one good sailor indeed !!

Once  BLACK  never back !!

I really hope the app Neatly will remove the "For Twitter" naming before it gets removed itself. :-/ Same goes to "Tweetian for Twitter", "Alien Flow for reddit" or the new "Messender for Facebook" by Nemory Studios.

A good action, but it hits always also the wrong ones. I would have prefered to see those wrongly named apps would have been blocked from the beginning.

Personally I would see to have all the "Map for SmallCity" apps removed or at least bundled into a single category.

Those aren't the same thing tho.
Those apps have initial names first, this is talking about apps made by the app generator and the actual name of the app is "App for whatever" eg. App for instagram or App for Bitstrips or App for snap chat

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Anbody could help me?, I recently updated blackberry world but it keeps crashing saying ' An error has occurred and try again in a few minutes.'
I have a Q10 with the latest OS update.

Why the hell isn't there an option for us to report bogus apps from BlackBerry World? Why can't bogus apps be removed instead of "warned to change their name"?

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And the old app for are renamed in *help for ....* too with always the same fake reviewer MCxxxxx.

BlackBerry must do something against them.

And it continues with *News for...*. and always the same fake reviewers MC**** and Deus***

Don't buy something from these reviews. ALL FAKES

Bla1ze... you should write and article on these guys.

BlackBerry should remove all the "Apps for", " info for", "help for" and "Maps for" apps. Really get things cleaned up. Then they should focus on the apps that haven't been updated in a long time, like any app that hasn't been upgraded in over a year, which has basically been abandoned by the developer, needs to go! Then they need to look at the apps with low ratings. If an app is less than 3 stars we don't need it!

Make it happen Chen! Take out the trash of app world. Sure, if you do do all of the things I and others have suggested, there will be approximately 17 apps left in app world, but who cares! Take the trash out! :)

So I suppose you are one of them who did useless app.
The problem is not the app world. The problem is 3% of BlackBerry device in the World.

Past 48 hours and "App for Kik" is still there. Come one Blackberry, simply take them down and ban the scammers.

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And more than48 hours later, now we see th BlackBerry World poluted by "Help For..." "Info for..." :'(

Of course I never intended nor intend to buy one of those crapy "apps" but nevertheles, when you want to see the latest new applications, you have to navigate through all those shit...:(