Tafasa BlackBerry Apps on Sale for 99 cents until May 31st!

Tafasa BlackBerry Apps on Sale!
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 May 2009 08:57 am EDT

Over the past few months we've covered several of Tafasa's BlackBerry apps here on the blogs, including PatternLock, Flight Path and Doodle. Until May 31st, Tafasa has reduced the price on all of their paid apps to that magical 99 cent price point. No coupon code is required, so if you want to get in the savings just click the image above to jump over to the CrackBerry App Store, take a browse, and let the app fun begin.

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This is what you get when you click it. "Your search has not returned any results, so please try again. Or may we suggest our browse by categories?"


Tafasa makes some pretty cool games. I may pick up one or two...

Kevin Michaluk

That's the proper link - Within the App store set your Device selector tool to blank (don't pick a device). That way you get all the results shown for that developer. If you pick a device it's filtering out the results.

We'll add in some direct linkage on the post to each app to avoid this.


Please note that all our applications are designed specifically for the BlackBerry Storm and will only work on the Storm.


Bought 5 - thanks for the sale!! :)


how do you change the settings on pattern lock


From the product page: "To change any option (including resetting your pattern) after setting it the first time, please go to the BlackBerry global options screen (where you change settings for Screen/Keyboard etc.) and enter the new PatternLock page there."


I got excited and ready to spend $$ till I realized they're all for the Storm only. Bummer!