All SmrtApps 50% Through January 3rd

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jan 2010 11:06 am EST


*UPDATE- All fixed up, add any item $4.99+ then add SmrtMonitor and then apply code*

The folks at SmrtGuard are celebrating the New Year with a BIG sale. From now until January 3rd you can get ALL of their applications at 50% off - no coupons needed. This includes SmrtGuard (all plans), SmrtAlerts (aka PeeKaWho), SmrtPhotos, SmrtTweak, SmrtZodiac, and more! There are a total of 12 applications to choose from. This is a great opportunity to pick up some very cool apps at a great price. For more information, check out the entire SmrtApps prouct listing.

As an added bonus, if your total purchase is over $4.99, you can use the coupon code 'THANKYOU!' to get the new SmrtMonitor app totally free!

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All SmrtApps 50% Through January 3rd


For those who are having issues using the promotion code to get SmrtMonitor for free, you must meet the following criteria:

1) The promotion code is only valid when you have a subtotal of 4.99 or more in your shopping cart.

2) You must have SmrtMonitor added in the shopping cart to use the promotion code.

In terms of the 50% off SmrtApps, mobihand already has every app of ours listed as 50%, so there is no need to use the coupon to get that discount.

Let me know if you have questions or if this doesn't work for you.

Didn't get far enough to try the code. No 50% discount reflected anywhere (as of yet). Too bad. I like my SmrtGuard service and was looking to renew prior to expiry (which isn't until June 2010!).

Ah, well!

Silver lining... Potential for other developers to mimic/dupe this app's functionality (and others similar to it) for us CB'ers to try if they show-up before renewal day! (Not sniping ya, SmrtGuard guys! It may likely be a CB/Mobihand issue.) Hopefully they'll extend the sale accordingly.

Awesome thanks! Glad I grabbed the goods yesterday... I snagged the smrtcontacts/smrtalerts/smrtclipboard/smrttweak/smrtguard 6month(awesome only like 10bux n change for that for the smrtguard!)all were indeed %50 off as mention n I also got the smrtmonitor as mentioned for free after adding it in n using the THANKYOU! coupon code it knocked of $4.99(the cost of smrtmonitor)..not sure if the sale is over now as looks as though everything reflects regular pricing now.
Thanks CrackBerry n the folks @ SMRT

Come on, "normally" have more class than this. I've been trying to purchase SmrtGuart at 50% during this period and it is NOT 50% off. What a ripoff...and by the time you get things fixed it will be past the Jan 3rd deadline.

I went through mobihand because CB store wouldn't let me enter coupon code (mobihand web site did, tho).

I entered coupon code THANKYOU! and got SmrtMonitor price deducted. But not sure I'm getting 50% off the other two in my cart?

Is $9.99 50% off price for SmrtAlerts? (So normally $19.98?)
Is $3.95 50% off price for SmrtFollowUp? (Normally $7.90?)

I don't want to check out till I get this confirmed, so I'd be grateful if anyone knows the answer. Thanks!


I would remove all items in the cart and then re-add them in >>i had that issue yesterday before I placed the order...after removing and adding all the items back in the correct figures calculated... the smrtalerts is normally 9.99
and smrtfollowup is $3.95 normally

hope it works out!


I'll keep an eye out to see if anything changes, but for now I've tried all I can. Emptying and refilling cart (several times) at CB App store, Mobihand, and by following link in article above to SmrtGuard. I'm not able to get the 50% off price, and sometimes the promo code works and deducts SmrtMonitor price, sometimes not.

Tho disappointed, won't complain. It's a generous offer & no doubt the developers and CB didn't wish for glitches. ;-)

Is this going to be fixed in time to purchase the smart guard. Link takes you to smart guards own page and all I see is a wopping 4% and 6% off....Not sure where the ball was dropped at, but makes ya think twice about what you are purchasing.

Tried to purchase at mobihand as stated above and code does not work and it is full price...guess e-gps is the way to go...doesn't look like anything here is what it says.....waste of time...get it together people1

does anyone know the regular pricing for these smrtapps?

i don't get the 50% off either... lame.

Looks like either CB got the end date wrong or the MobiHand store is messed up. I was taking SmrtSudoku out for a test spin and decided to buy it prior to the deadline but it is back to full price :(.


this was a gift gesture, not an obligatory mark down. So we can't get 'taken' on something we weren't really entitled to in the first place.

Put ourselves in SGs & CBs shoes. Nobody wants to do a good thing and have it go haywire. ;) So maybe if we're accommodating and make allowances that glitches happen, perhaps they'll rerun the offer when the kinks get worked out. But if we register too many complaints (& look a gift horse in the mouth), they can just as easily say forget it.

All of course, only my two pennies worth...

I'm sure they may run again in future sometime...I for one did get the 6months SmartGuard @ the %50 off price..ended up being $10 bux n change :)

I sure wish I knew how you did it. I tried every day from the time they put this post up until the end of the day on Jan 3rd and it just wouldn't work. I wanted to buy it for a year for two we're talking significant $ here. As it is, they won't get any of my $ so SmrtGuard loses the sale and CrackBerry loses their tiny affiliate marketing percentage.

Here's what I got in my inbox a few minutes ago and it worked just great! I'm not sure it's because I tried the service for a month and it recently expired or if it will work for anyone...but I'm betting it works for anyone since the link they send you to has nothing to do with renewing. After you pay it also give you a download link to the product, so you don't have to be a customer first.

We hope everyone had a great holiday season! Come back to SmrtGuard and save 50% off the annual subscription to enjoy the benefits of SmrtGuard at an incredibly low price! Don't miss out on this special offer! Valid through 1/12/10.

Here is how to take advantage of this deal:
1) Go to
2) Click on the Annual Service plan sold by Mobihand (NOT Paypal)
3) During the Mobihand checkout use the secondary email associated with your SmrtGuard account. Also apply coupon code SG1YR