Search multiple websites at a time with All In One Search App

By Alicia Erlich on 18 Sep 2013 12:40 pm EDT

I probably spend more time searching the internet than I should. Whether it be shopping, searching items on Google, or looking up entries on Wikipedia, I tend to get carried away and have multiple tabs open on my browser. That is why an application like this is so practical. It eliminates the need for multiple sources and all the extra tabs on your browser. Anything that saves time and increases productivity is a plus in my book. 

As the name implies, this application is your one stop shop for retrieving information from various search engines. Many of the popular ones have already been pre-populated by the developer who also provides instructions on adding your own to the list. 

Searches may be broken down by category such as movies and shopping which in turn narrows down the websites to the ones designated within the application. For example, Amazon and eBay were categorized as shopping in their respective settings. When this option is chosen from the dropdown only those two sites are displayed and utilized for the search. Users may create their own categories and label them accordingly with sites they add to the list as well.

To initiate a request, simply tap on the search icon and enter in the term(s) you wish to search for. Prior inquiries are saved in the space below. Results are neatly organized by scrolling down to each thumbnail which have the ability to scroll, pinch and zoom to further view the information. In case you prefer side by side results the view can be changed from the default list to a grid style. Finally, for those of us who cannot always read the fine print, tapping on the search engine name in list view opens the results directly in the BlackBerry browser.  

For $0.99, this natively coded application you can't go wrong with trying it out as it gives you access to search most sites. It makes things easier when exploring the internet as you don't have to open each site individually. All In One Search supports all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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Search multiple websites at a time with All In One Search App


I wouldn't risk even paying a dollar on any app for BlackBerry platform. The platform is dead and the developers will stop updating...etc.

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where is your source of proof about the dead platform, please let us know

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Proof, haven't you read the head lines? I know you're really hoping... but reality will sink in soon enough. BlackBerry as you know is waiting to die. I'm predicting by November.

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come back to the forum again when apple or samsung created something like QNX
every decent carmaker or company is already working with it,don't forget trains,planes,nuclear plants,...working with it,inform you first, otherwise we think you are a paid basher,don't forget bbry has 3 billion cash,...

I wouldn't pay a dollar for this app either... sorry not interested, regardless of who is promoting it...

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This is a great idea! I will wait for some reviews and then see if iI will purchase!

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Just use an alternative search engine such as Duck Duck Go which sources its results from Google and Bing.

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