All Elecite Premium Themes Now 50% Off For A Limited Time

Elecite Fall Sale
By Bla1ze on 2 Sep 2009 12:51 pm EDT

Elecite is having a sweet sale for all of you who have held off on buying themes due their cost. Right now until September 5th, all Elecite themes are on sale for 50% off the original price. When purchasing just use the coupon code 0909 at checkout and you are set to go. 

* A note for all Storm .151 users - Elecite has been able to make some of their themes compatible with the OS, so be sure when purchasing to review the compatible OS in the bottom of the themes description to ensure the one you will be purchasing will work *

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All Elecite Premium Themes Now 50% Off For A Limited Time


I downloaded the Urban theme and it ended up giving me a 523 app error everytime i clicked on the home screen to open up the extended view. Had to run app loader to get it off.

Do any of Elecite's themes which have rotating wallpaper chew up your battery quickly or use a lot of CPU?

Which of their themes do you recommend for a Bold?

Thanks for your comments.


Just got the Analog theme for my 8900. VERY cool home screen. However, I think some of the icons are a bit lacking. Would say worth the $3.50 for the coolness factor. If you want a cool FREE theme, has a couple of really good ones for the 8900.

I had the Bliss one for my curve and yes it looks pretty, but functionally, it's very flawed. Screen would lock up, navigation between icons would be funky. Even the ringtones included the sound was not normalized meaning some ringtones were very loud and some were so quiet, you could barely hear it.

Garbage if you ask me. I removed it after a month.

Well its good I waited. I wanted to try out Analog for the Tour but didn't want to pay $7. $3.50 is fine so even if I don't like it I won't feel as bad.

If I install a theme, can I use only the icons and continue using my photos as wallpapers?


really bad memory leak since downloading. anyone else have an problems. how do you get in contact with elicite?