All EA titles free in BlackBerry World through February 28th

By Adam Zeis on 20 Feb 2014 11:19 am EST

BlackBerry has just announced that starting today, all EA titles in BlackBerry World are free to download. This of course varies by your region and device, but you should be able to snag at least a few items at no charge. You have between now and February 28th to get in on the fun. 

The discount should be reflected very soon for most users, and then you can grab up all the EA goodies you can handle at no charge. Including Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled, Tetris, Boggle, Battleship, Monopoly, Dead Space, Need for Speed Undercover and more.

Hit up the link below to check them out, and if you are seeing the free goods, be sure to let us know what region you're in.

Check out the free EA Titles in BlackBerry World

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Reader comments

All EA titles free in BlackBerry World through February 28th


Yeah you are right, the image explains it all. No love for other BlackBerry users, I am lucky to have a z10. :P

They are all probably not going to work with 10.2.1 so they are now free because you can't play them. Sorry, that's how it works.

Posted via CB10

What are you hater? Obviously you haven't download anything yet.
I have downloaded all of them before and all of them works.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

But you can't install apps to the SD card, only the internal storage.

We need a device with 64GB on board storage that isn't from Porsche Design.

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But who don´t have SD card save pictures, music, videos and downloads in the internal memory, they can move that data to a micro-SD card to make free space...

Or just download it then delete it. It will always be associated with your BlackBerry id. Then play it when you want, when you have the space. That's what I do.

Z10... next Ontario!

I have always wondered about this:

If I play a game, get 75% progress, then delete it to save space. Will it start me back at 0% if I reinstall it? This fear is preventing me from Uninstalling games that I don't need right now, but would play later and would prefer to have all the weapons I have unlocked etc. Obviously, I haven't the courage to take the chance.

Posted via CB10

It depends.

Most games today offer an option for you to save your game progress to the cloud in conjunction with having a local save. In mist instances, your game progress will be saved locally and to the cloud (if you utilize the option)

So, in short, you should be fine if you uninstall/reinstall a game as far as your game progress is concerned.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Give something new, that's also free, these games are now like 2-3 years old, plus I've paid for all of em as they were released, what a crappy promo with some (now) crappy games

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I have said before that the whining and complaining on this website has gotten out of control. People complained during the entire 28 days of free apps and games too. I don't understand how you can even complain about something that's free lol

It's people's nature. Unfortunately people are much more likely to spread a bad word & whine. It's the same reason BlackBerry has such a tough job of selling phones... people love to hate on something that everyone else is hating on. Anyhow, I think this promotion is likely a thank you to EA games for loading BBW with a ton of games.

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Some of these aren't coming up for the Z30, I'm assuming they're not compatible. Is the PlayBook included in this promotion?

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Last time I looked, EA only had 6 titles for Z30, 2-3 of which are already free.

Still, free is free!

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Only 4 of the games work on z30. Plants, nba jam, bejeweled and mass effect. All work on z10, some work on q10. None work on q5. No playbook games included, BlackBerry 10 only

Posted via CB10 on the BlackBerry Z30

Yes! And I'm so glad to have my Z10. Not that it's huge but after being left out of the miracast and FM Radio options. It's nice to know these games all run in Z10 :D

Posted via CB10

They need to make available the following games for the Z30

Mass Effect: Infiltrator
Need for Speed™ Undercover

How come they are available for the Z10 and not the Z30

I already emailed EA regarding this. Everyone should do the same, so the Z30 owners can get them as well, I mean, isn't the Z30 a little more powerful than the Z10?

By default, BlackBerry made all Z10 apps available to Z30 owners. Devs had to manually remove the Z30 from their offering. I have no idea why EA chose to do this.

It doesn't sound very logical to me either. A group of Z10 users switched over to the Z30 when it was released, so it would make sense to make them available as well

I tried emailing them and they just sent an automated response back to me telling me to visit their website,which I did. unfortunately it got me no where because it didn't show Monopoly for BB10 in the list of their games.

Wow ... I have a bunch of them too, but it is still a great gesture. Didn't realize they had so many games. We definitely need more storage space!!! :) :D

Why are some Ea titles not available for the Z30 and they are for the Z10? Screen resolution?

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I already downloaded, Bejeweled 2, Dead Space and Plants vs. Zombies™ for my Z30. Dead Space is the one that has me excited the most but it sucks that the others are not available for my device. It also shows NBA Jam available in my region

Downloaded to my Z30 from Costa Rica using the Claro network

You should do what I did, I emailed EA games ( about this. It might help if several people email them but very unlikely as this offer only goes on for 8 days and it could take longer to modify them for the Z30

I did the same but just got an auto reply with a link to a site that's apparently broken

Posted via CB10

How about going to EA, logging in with your Origin account (assuming you have one) and contact support via email/chat/phone? Someone should be able to get this request routed to the right person

BlackBerry tweeted this out and I would suggest we all respond to them and EA via twitter on this one.

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Only 4 titles are available for the Z30. Any chance that the CrackBerry guys can get them to flick the switch on for Z30 availability?

Posted via CB10

I don't think I have enough internal memory!
I wish there was a way to backup individual .bar files. :-(
We could then keep all these freebies on our SD cards and install/uninstall as needed. ;-)

I'm with ya!! Curse these 16 gigs!! We need more dammit!! Lol

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

I didn't I install it
Maybe I didn't explain myself clear enough. I have all my information (Music, pictures, etc...) saved on my SD Card. I'm aware apps will be saved to my internal device memory, reason why I got the SD Card, so I use my internal memory the least possible

I'm sorry if I sounded sarcastic. I didn't mean to be.
Thank you for the links! I like Amazon!
I wish I lived in Costa Rica. The winter is kicking my butt up here! Thank you again.

Your "Let us know how you'll install to the 32GB SD Card in lieu of internal memory" comment made me reply somewhat defensive but no problem man!
It is way too hot in here (80 F), I am more of a cold weather person, I wish we could swap locations...

So yeah, I use my Z30 internal memory as a "secondary" memory, it is very unlikely for me to fill the 14GB left of my SD Card, the other 13GB belong to all my music library, then pictures and some videos

Swapping locations sound good go me! Haha! I would LOVE 80 degrees!

There are some Android apps that really do allow you to install some apps to the SD card. I was hoping you had something up your sleeves with BB. :-)

I think with my installing and uninstalling so many apps...and some large ones at that, there are some old data files that did not get uninstalled. My free internal memory can't be right, but I can't find a way to clean that area up any further. B1aze recommended that I wipe my device and start again. He's probably right, but I have so many customizations, I would hate to start from scratch...again.

I am going to get a 32GB SD Card though and will look at the links you posted. Thank you!

I delete the .apks once I'm done downloading and installing them, so it doesn't take up space on either memory but to be honest, I don't know which apps can be installed on an SD Card completely, that's something worth looking into... Wish BlackBerry Link had an option of "Selective backup" like Desktop Software, so then the wipe option wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Man, an SD card is a good option and for me, a must, depending if you use your BlackBerry as a media device or not, and they are not that expensive. Z30 can handle up to 64GB

Also, here at work, have a few devices to mess around with, so I grabbed a Z10, entered my BlackBerry ID and downloaded the games that BlackBerry World does not have available for the Z30. If EA eventually makes them available for the Z30 after Feb 28, I'll be able to have them for free! Wish everyone could do that

Z30 STA100-5/ 2B6DE7D0


@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

I would suggest tweeting @EAmobile to get them to make the games available for the Z30

Posted via CB10

I wonder if apps will still be free once it's over ( after downloading them, like the 25 days gift)

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version

If you have downloaded the app then it's gonna be free after the promo. Because it's listed as paid in your bbid except if they pull it from bbworld then push it back again.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

I have them before, they all works.
I hope pvz2 makes it way to bb10.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

Finally, it's free in my country Bahrain!!! Thanks to BlackBerry and ea, and who don't have spare just downloaded the game and delete them at least you can keep them in your account!!!

Posted via CB10

Wish more of these were available for Z30. When I upgraded from Z10 I lost more than one EA game. :(

Posted via CB10

Only seeing Bejeweled 2, Plants vs Zombies, NBA Jam, and Dead Space on my Z30 here (Toronto). Still miss Need for Speed.

When this first showed up none of the apps were on sale most were $2.99+ now at least all apps are $.99. I'll check again later to see if they're free yet.

z10 on AT&T

Only 4 Games available for my Z30 :( and I've already purchased them.

I NEED Tetris optimization for my Z30. The only game I need.

Posted via CB10

I wish I had more memory or could load these on my SD card. So many games so little space!

Thanks EA and BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Thanks EA! I'm pretty excited to have Bejeweled 2 back on my phone! No complaints from me! Free is great!

OS on Verizon Z10

Got tetris, battleship, monopoly millionaire and yatzee for free here in the USA. I already got NFS and regular monopoly during the 25 days of gifts. So I want to say THANKS to both EA and BBRY for showing the BB10 love.

Posted via CB10

In my country (Romania) nothing is for Free in blackberry world and never was. I can't understand how in some country the games app etc exist and is for Free and în other country not.

Posted via CB10

Looks like 10.2.1 is coming shortly!! If you remember EA did this for Europe right before 10.2.1 dropped for them. I think it's because they are incompatible.

Posted via CB10

I searched and I didn't find anything :/
Need for speed
Plants vs zombies
Monopoly -.- help me please

Posted via CB10 - Q5

Stupid question... If I download the games and erase some due to storage problems, will I be able to download them again for free later?

Thank you EA, love the games. Bought most of them on my iPod, happy to have them also for my BlackBerry :)

Posted via CB10

I got the other ones I wanted. This is great I add to the phone when I have the Godkids around.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Thank you very much BlackBerry. Truly appreciate it. It's the little things that count! And to EA, for making these games available for the BB10 OS.

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It says free, but then asks me to pay once I click on the "free" button.

*sad face*

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.


Just ensure you have a payment option tied to BB World.

I tried both my PayPal accounts (one with nothing in it & the other with not very much in it) & neither was charged.


I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Yup, free in Vancouver. Thanks EA, now how's aboot getting a version of Titanfall on BB10?

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Is there any way I can "buy for free" games that are available on the Z10 but not on my Q10? I'd really like to get Dead Space, but the problem is I only have a Q10. I plan on getting the Z30 when it gets a little less expansive, so I'd really like to get the games now.
Does one of my fellow CrackBerrians know?

wait.. didn't they made all the EA Games free for BB10 devices a couple of weeks ago? i noticed the change in the promotion picture, but essentially, it's the exact same promotion, just extended (end date)..

Well, more free crap that nobody needs instead of discounting productivity and functional apps.

There isn't a single functional app in BBW that doesn't cost $2-3.

Posted via CB10 for BB10

They are now, try again, I'm in the UK too and have downloaded them for free.

Posted via CB10

Just noticed your username, if you're using a 9900 you will miss out as it is only for BB10 devices.

Posted via CB10

As of 4:18 PM on 2/21/2014, all four Tetris games are $3.99, all three Monopoly games are $3.99, Connect 4 Battleship is also $3.99, shall I continue (?) to download on my 9810 Torch.

That's because it's for BB10 only.

Looks like you are gonna miss out on this one.

Posted via CB10

Thanks, that's what I was hoping wasn't going to be the answer, but it wasn't stated in the article except to say it varied by region and device.
I would have a Z10 now if I hadn't had to upgrade before they were released by AT&T, so I went with another Torch. Seriously thinking about adding a line to get a Z10 for free, except for the phone number change and everything.

Thank you BB and EA!
The games that top at 400MB have some really intense graphics! (Mediacast these on the big screen!) :)
But still love the classics like Tetris ... downloaded this first!
Double Thumbs Up! ( I would give three, but i had that one surgically removed) ;-)