All around protection with the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 2 Apr 2013 11:58 am EDT

While I'm a big fan of simple skin cases on my BlackBerry Z10, I have taken a liking to the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case as well. It offers a good amount of protection for the Z10 without adding a lot of bulk or weight to the device itself.

It's a plain and simple case with a two-piece snap-on design that holds tight with no worries of anything coming apart.

If you're looking to step up your case to something solid that won't let you down, look no further than the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10.

At first glance this case doesn't seem like much, but once it's locked onto your Z10 it's as solid as they come.

It has two interlocking pieces (front and back) that snap on around you Z10. They hold together to the point that it's actually a real pain to get them apart. There is a dedicated slot on the side for prying them off, but even with that I had trouble getting the case off at first - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

When on the device the Mobi Products Hard Shell holds amazingly tight and wraps around all the corners and edges so you know your Z10 is tucked safely inside. I did a few mini drop tests because I was worried the case would actually pop open on impact, but it held strong through it all only showing a few small scratches on the case itself. 

There are openings all around for the camera, lock button, side buttons and ports so everything is easily accessible. 

As I said earlier, the only real issue I had was when I tried to actually remove the case. It locks on so well that it was a big pain to pry it off the first time (subsequent times I found it easier) so keep that in mind. On the flip side, at least you know the case won't be popping off unexpectedly.

Overall I find the Mobi Products Hard Shell case to be a top choice for the BlackBerry Z10. It has a great feel to it and keeps the Z10 safe and sound. It should stand up to most daily drops and even some bigger falls, so you can rest assured it's money well spent.

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All around protection with the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10


As a person new to touch screen, do cases make it harder to reach things close to the edge? I ask because I know some cases have raised fronts so when face down, the device doesn't actually touch the ground or table.

Posted via CB10

Ok AZeis....I'm getting jealous because of the Blaq app on your Z10. Seen it in your previous posts also. :(

Thanks for the review, Adam.

What's the material, and more importantly the texture of the finish?

This is how you CB10, son!

The material is pretty much just a hard plastic I guess. The finish is somewhat "grippy". It's not too rough, not too smooth and has a good hold to it. 

Curious as to of this is your top pick for a case. I like the minimal approach and preciously have never used cases as such. With my z10 I feel I need extra protection but enjoy the overall feel of the phone.

Posted via CB10

I've been using the Otter box case for a month and it makes it easier to hold and use, however it covers up to much of the bezel and makes gestures difficult to use, not to mention those flaps to cover the ports are a pain to use. This case looks like it would be much better and would love to take one for a test drive for a month.

Adam, do you think that this case is of the same quality as the Otterbox Commuter Case? I know Otterbox isn't making the Commuter for the Z10 so I am looking for an equivalent. I currently have the Case Mate Rosewood but I find it slippery.


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Love my Outterbox case but it does cover much of the bezel making gestures challenging to utilize on my Z10. Wouldn't mind trying this case out though!

Posted via CB10

I just ordered the Z10 Seidio Surface Case (with kickstand) / Holster (with sleeper magnet) Combo from CB (HOP13!!!).

I have been using the Surface Case for my 9900 that is part of the "Convert Combo" (Surface Case for everyday use then a "rubbery/soft" case that goes over the Surface which is then covered by a harder plastic "skeleton"). I only did the full suit up when I knew I was going to be in a rough area/environment (industrial sales/outdoors/etc), usually just rocking the Surface Case alone. If you use them, you will need 2 holsters for this set-up: one for Surface (special offer thru CB as a combo), then when Seidio releases it, the Convert upgrade kit adds the 2 additional layers and a slightly larger holster. Can't say enough good things about the touch/feel , quality, fit, toughness, etc of these Seidio cases. The Surface Case is easy to take off and put on (for using docks/in-car mounts/etc).

CAN'T speak to the cases on the Z10 until next week - ordered late last night and CB shipped this morning. Seriously - the "feel" of these are awesome.

P.S. On my 9900, Seidio made a dock/charger base that could be used with the Surface Case still on, or with the phone naked - I MISS THOSE CHARGING CONTACTS (Hey BB - give 'em back!)

Right Adam, you're rocking Blaq and I'm not. *sulks*
On a serious note, that looks like a good case, I have the OtterBox Defender, minus the in-built screen protector. Using a Skinomi full body protector with the Defender. Cos you never know...

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KaysCase Turtlebox for the Z10 is another case that's similar to the Otterbox commuter. What makes it slightly better is having the ability to see the BB logo on the back and the price.

Two alternatives to the Otterbox Commuter are the i-Blason Armadillo and Ballistic SG. Both offer an inner soft shell and an outer hard shell (similar to Otterbox Commuter), and both are cheaper than Commuter. Currently, I am using the i-Blason Armadillo case and like it a lot. The Ballistic SG case arrives today (I hope).

Of course, if Otterbox released a Commuter case for the Z10, I'd buy it in a second; my Commuter cases have saved my 9900 and 9700 on many occasions.

This case just arrived and I love it! It's very minimal but is enough space that protects the case and does not hinder the bezel. I now can rip about and am confident about if I drop this gem, it is safe.

Posted via CB10

Nice case but dnt u ppl kno u'all make more money from ur cases only if u make a cut out showin the blackberry sign in the back! Or on ur cases! DUH!

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