Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2007 03:29 pm
Aliph's Jawbone

This surfaced in the CrackBerry forums late last week, but if you haven't it seen it yet, what you are now looking at is Aliph's new "Jawbone" bluetooth headset. It is VERY cool (unless of course you're a hater of bluetooth headsets in general - then they'll always look strange to you and you'll nevre see the beauty!).

Lots of pictures and a review of the Jawbone can be found at

I've been working on a review of Motorola's H700 headset, which I bought a month ago. The H700 is a slick, smooth operating device, but seeing this almost makes me want to trade up!

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...I like it but if you are going to consider this then look at the Nokia BH700


I agree with tmag2005. This Jawbone is ugly and huge (at least in proportion to the ear as shown in photo). I have the Nokia BH-800 though and is one of my favorite bluetooth headset. The BH700 too is cute as well. I had the white version and it looks like an iPod nano when you have it attached to the lanyard that comes with it.


i have that one sitting on top of my computer right now lol my bro bought it.