Jawbone Headset Now Available in CrackBerry.com Store

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jun 2007 02:32 am EDT

Aliph Jawbone I'm happy to announce Aliph's Jawbone headset is now available in the CrackBerry.com store.

We have been stress testing one of these units for the past three weeks and have an in-depth review on the way (read Part 1 - Jawbone Initial Impressions).

The Jawbone retails for $139.95 and I can honestly say it is worth every cent. Aliph actually sent us out a free demo unit for reviewing purposes (along with the device they also sent a prepaid envelope for us to send it back to them in when we were done), but instead of shipping it back I sent them an email yesterday saying "I'm not returning the demo, I'll buy it!"

The Jawbone has definitely set the new standard by which all bluetooth headsets will be measured against.

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Jawbone Headset Now Available in CrackBerry.com Store


I have been using a Jawbone for a couple of months and it is terrific. The noise cancellation actually works. I bought a package of Jabra ear gels (they might be the mini ear gels) which fit on the Jawbone and can be used instead of he Jawbone ear buds. I find the Jabra's more comfortable. Also, with the Jabra ear gels, you can actually wear the headset without the ear piece looped around your ear.


Nice Tip! I'm definitely going to give the Jabra ear gels a try. Being able to wear the headset without the ear piece looped is an accomplishment!

Prior to the Jawbone I have been using a Motorola H700 for the past three months (and a 850 for the 12 months prior to that!).

It took me a few days to get used to the Jawbone, that's for sure! The switch from a flip boom to non-flip boom was a big change for me. There's tremendous simplicity to a flip boom - open it's on, close it's off.

I found the Jawbone very difficult to "put on" at first too. I couldn't get the ear piece looped over my ear. After a few days I figured out the error in my technique and got the proper method mastered. With the H700 I always slid the ear piece on from the top down straight down over my ear. With the Jawbone, you sort of have to take the tip of the ear piece (rubber end), place it against your temple/front of ear and then sort of twist and pierce your hair and it guides/slides nicely into place around your ear (maybe I'll do up a video of this!).

I've actually compared it with a race - take my Jawbone on/off 10 times as fast as I can, and then do it with the H700. Jawbone wins everytime!

BIGGEST difference with the Jawbone is for sure the sound quality for the person you are talking to on the other end. You can be driving in your car, windows/sunroof open doing 60mph with the radio on, and the person you're talking to has no idea you're on a cell phone. Try that with the H700 (and most other headsets I've sampled) and that would not be the case!