Alien Flow brings Reddit to BlackBerry 10

Alien Flow for Reddit for BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 19 Mar 2013 10:16 am EDT

Looking through BlackBerry World there are plenty of third party apps for Reddit users. If you're a big Reddit user, one app you should check out is Alien Flow for BlackBerry 10. Built using cascades, it packs a bunch of features Reddit fans will love. From multiple account support to voting posts up or down.

If you haven't heard of Reddit before, it's a website where users can submit content in the form of links or text, then other users give those submissions an upvote or a downvote depending on whether they think it's newsworthy enough. This determine's whether or not the link stays on the frontpage. The frontpage is composed of the top stories from the subreddits you subscribe to. It's the place to find the top news of the day. You can customize your own personal frontpage too. Subreddits are basically mini-communities where submitted links follow a particular theme, for example, BlackBerry.

Alien Flow Features:

  • Fully native built in cascades user interface, this includes peek and flow between pages.
  • Login to Reddit accounts (multiple accounts supported)
  • View frontpage of Reddit (note: login is not required to use the app)
  • Infinite scrolling through Reddit posts
  • Viewed posts are marked as "read"
  • Optimized view for image posts
  • View web content
  • Change the view "type" ie. hot/new/controversial/top
  • View comments
  • Posting comments on posts and replying to other comments
  • Upvote, downvote, save, hide, and report posts
  • Night and day modes

There are a couple of other features available though these require an in-app purchase. These features include: entering an arbitrary subreddit to view and adding subreddits to your favorites.

The developer has many more features planned, including the ability to submit posts. The app is free with in-app purchases to get more features, though the free version does a good job on its own. Certainly an app to try out if you're a Reddit fan.

Download Alien Flow for Reddit from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Alien Flow brings Reddit to BlackBerry 10


Yup, it is missing some things, like a proper name for one. "Alien Flow" really? I mean really?! Good product, terrible marketing. May as well be called "Yo' mammas Reddit client." It would be a better name.

Posted via CB10

I had two previous ideas for the name, "BReddit" which violates reddit's trademark and "Alien Berry" which violates BlackBerry's trademark. Honestly I just got to the point where I couldn't think of a good name and picked the first thing I thought of.

Agreed on the name, and the icon is terrible. However the app itself is quite good, and I'm pretty happy with it considering the price!

Posted via CB10

I was thinking of buying the "reddit is fun" app, wanted to know if any of you have that app and how it compares to this one.

Posted via CB10

Reddit is a forum frequented by child pornographers and rape apologists. They justify abhorrent behaviors with the right to be anonymous. Truly a site designed for trolls.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

OK, this is a blanket statement you could apply to anything and it would be true. Let's try this one.

The Internet is a platform frequented by child pornographers and rape apologists. They justify abhorrent behaviors with the right to be anonymous. Truly a platform designed for trolls.

Maybe BB and CB should not promote the Internet either?

Same as ANY open and non singular focused forum/community on the net. Reddit is for the most part a great community. The /r/NASCAR is an example. There are a few BlackBerry areas as well that have a good community. Yes, there are "bad" parts of it; for the most part clearly marked. The community as a whole is also good about not putting up anything illegal. Such things generally get reported and removed.

Don't know anything about Reddit, but if Hedobum is at all correct in what he says, then CB should not be announcing it's availability and this entire post should be removed.

Reddit is a public forum. You find only what you look for. Same with the internet, and you know, real life.

Hedoburn, reddit is a forum composed of millions of people. Like any cross section of society it has representatives from all walks of life.

I like the app and will throw some money at it when I work out how! I like the way it uses BB10 features. However, in it's present form there are a few lags and I actually find it quicker to just use the mobile reddit site in the browser.

Posted via CB10

Also, Hedoburn, people with bad attitudes on reddit tend to get downvoted into oblivion.

The majority of reddit is people posting interesting news and putting up pictures of their cute dogs!

Posted via CB10

After the Reddit alien and BlackBerry Flow design. Or maybe the developer was "Inspired" by Alien Blue, a popular Reddit app on iOS.

Posted via CB10

The application was renamed from "Alien Berry" to "Alien Flow" due to having the word "Berry" in your application name being against the App World TOS. I must have missed one instance of the application name when I was updating the app.

Alien Flow is a good app. Snooby is another good native Reddit app. Will be interesting to see where both these apps go over the course of their development, right now they're both pretty equal.

Posted via CB10

Sure reddit has its deviants but if it's a good enough place for Obama during the election its good enough for me

Posted via CB10

Reddit in a nutshell : cats, Nutella, bacon, cats, naked women, cats, and some memes.

I like this app over Reddit is Fun, and Snooby.

Posted via CB10

For those curious about the name, IIRC you have to pay a certain fee or percentage or something to be able to use the Reddit name for your app or to use the picture of the Reddit alien in your app icon. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's why the weird name and icon.

Posted via CB10

Yep! Reddit takes 25% of your gross revenue if you want to use either the alien logo or the word "reddit" which are both trademarks of reddit inc. I contemplated entering a licensing agreement with them, but on top of that they closely review your application and your usage of their trademarks. It would be very likely that application updates and reviews would have to go through them, and the process would be quite tedious. At least, when I contacted them about licensing, this is how they made it sound to me. Thus, I decided to avoid their trademarks. Here's some actual info on reddit about licensing: